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Telegraph Tower Oakland USA - Buildings Listed by City
photograph : Kassie Borreson

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We aim to select global building projects that are either of top quality or interesting or ideally both. We cover completed city buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and competitions across the globe.

Spire London Docklands Tower building designed by HOK, Architects:
Spire London Docklands skyscraper building
image from architecture office
Spire London Docklands Tower

Buildings can be traditional or contemporary. Architectural projects from all cultures are welcome. Projects can be searched by country, city, type or by architect. e-architect add new cities to the resource on a regular basis. We build the resource for each country and city around the news pages for each location. For example London projects can be viewed chronologically by visiting the London Architecture News page.

Due to the large amount of houses featured on the website – simply the most common typology shared on most architectural websites, not just ours – we tend to keep new houses off the city architecture news pages and have dedicated pages, e.g. Sydney houses.

Comments / photos for the Buildings Listed by City – World Architecture Resource page welcome