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post updated 13 February 2023

Chinese Architecture Design News, chronological:

China Architecture Design

Chengdu Architecture News 2023

13 Feb 2023
Zhima Health
Interior design and facade renovation: WUUX Architecture Design Studio
Zhima Health Store Chengdu China
photo : Zheng Yan
Zhima Health Store, Chengdu

Chengdu Buildings – Latest Designs

Contemporary Chengdu Architecture, chronological:

25 Nov 2022
Idyll Moment Farm
Architecture: More Design Office
Idyll Moment Farm Chengdu China
photos : Zifeng Shi from Pianfang Studio
Idyll Moment Farm, Chengdu
MDO’s new projec in this Chinese city known for leisure, surrounded by pastoral landscapes of fertile fields and dense forests. We take design inspiration from nature – the space is constitutive of landscape and the natural, soft and simple building materials are chosen to encourage visitors to return to the rustic and poetic life.

21 Nov 2022
BEN MOO Brand Exhibition Hall, Fusen-Noble House, 99 Duhui Road, Wuhou District
Architecture: HDC Design
BEN MOO Exhibition Hall Chengdu City China
photo : Chuan He from Here Space
BEN MOO Exhibition Hall, Chengdu City
The BEN MOO Brand Exhibition Hall, located on the fifth floor of Fusen-Noble House in Nanmen, is one of the latest works carefully planned and designed by Rene Liu and Jiajun Tang, the design directors of HDC Design.

21 Nov 2022
Stillfun Café G1, 1 Chunyangguan Street, Jinjiang District
Architecture: a9a rchitects
Stillfun Café G1 Chengdu City China
photo : Chuan He from Here Space
Stillfun Café G1, Chengdu City
This new café building in Chunyangguan street, where the Chunyang market project is located. It is located in the middle of huaxing main street and Zitongqiao west street. It is the key node connecting the market life and the tourist attractions.

19 Aug 2022
Haisco Plaza Headquarters Development, Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park
Architecture: 10 Design
Haisco Plaza Chengdu, Headquarters Development
photo : Arch-Exist Photography
Haisco Plaza Chengdu Headquarters Development
Designed by international architecture practice 10 Design (part of Egis Group), Haisco Plaza is officially open, welcoming leading tech-firm tenants in Chengdu. Situated in the Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park, a 1,034ha innovation platform jointly invested by Singapore and Sichuan Province of China, the Haisco Plaza development presents a unique opportunity to create a new commercial and retail community for the TMT (technology, media, telecom) industry.

25 July 2022
BMW Experience Center, Pidu District
Architecture: ARCHIHOPE Ltd.
BMW Experience Center Chengdu China
photo : Vincent Wu
BMW Experience Center
Located beside the Gaodian Road, Pidu District, Chengdu, the original building with a total floor space of more than 10,000 square meters had been abandoned for years, whose exterior wall bricks were seriously ageing and partially had peeled off, and flues were exposed. So the renovation actually faced many challenges.

18 July 2022
Apede Pop-up Store, New York Avenue, Taikoo Li
Architecture: say architects
Apede Pop-up Store Chengdu China
photo : HereSapce
Apede Pop-up Store
Say was entrusted to design a pop-up store in Taikoo Li, Chengdu, namely, a modern city brand space special for the atmosphere of Chengdu. Starting from urban architecture, the store for a designer brand from New York City was conceived to interpret the brand-new design concept.

24 May 2022
Tiantou Intelligent Harbour Concept, Western Science City, Tianfu New Area – near the Xinglong Lake
Design: Aedas with China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute
Chengdu Tiantou Intelligent Harbour Project by Aedas
image courtesy of architects practice
Chengdu Tiantou Intelligent Harbour Project
Western (Chengdu) Science City is perched in the heart of Chengdu Tianfu New Area, designed as a forward-looking world-class innovation center in China. It is an ideal spot for a business park given its excellent ecological conditions near the famous Xinglong Lake.

14 Mar 2022
The Sloping Balance Space, Qinglianshanglu, Jinjiang District
Architecture: Fon Studio
The Sloping Balance Space Chengdu China
photo : Fon Studio
The Sloping Balance Space
People are nowadays amazed by the vitality and renewal speed of this Chinese city while walking through the communities. The “proper” site, including The Sloping Balance Space, is quite interesting because of densely distributed new & old Communities along lively Palladium Street.

Polariod Pop-up Store

CIFI Chengdu Wansheng TOD Project

HyperLane Chengdu Development

Chengdu Future Science and Technology City

HyperLane Chengdu Development

SOHO 3Q Chengdu Co-working Space

Unicorn Island Masterplan in Chengdu

Dynamic Oasis Chengdu

Evergrande Huazhi Plaza, Chengdu

New Hope Central China Regional Headquarters

Sunac • Wuhan 1890 by Aedas

9 Mar 2022
ZHA Future Cites exhibition
ZHA Future Cites exhibition Chengdu, China
photo : Liang Xue
ZHA Future Cites exhibition Chengdu
Charting ZHA’s multi-disciplinary approach in developing new ideas and concepts to improve how the industry designs and constructs, the exhibition showcases the investigative spirit within their architecture.

15 Feb 2022
CIFI Chengdu Wansheng TOD Project, Wenjiang District Sub-center, western Chengdu
Architecture: 10 Design
CIFI Chengdu Wansheng TOD Project, China
visualisation : Frontop
CIFI Chengdu Wansheng TOD Project
International architecture practice, 10 Design (part of Egis Group), revealed plans for a 117,700sqm retail destination located within Wenjiang District Sub-center, an important node in the western part of Chengdu, China. CIFI Chengdu Wansheng TOD is 10 Design’s second on-site project for CIFI Group after CIFI Kunming Plaza, a retail mixed-use destination in Yunnan, China.

22 Jan 2022
Ahn Luh Guantang Resorts and Residence
Architecture: Sichuan HuataiZhongchengEngineering Design Co.,Ltd
Ahn Luh Guantang Resorts and Residence
photograph : Zhong Yonggang from TOPIA
Ahn Luh Guantang Resorts and Residence
As the first luxury hotel brand which is truly rooted in Chinese civilization, Ahn Luh Guantang Resorts and Residence is deeply rooted in the local architecture style and creating an original ancient charm that can be explored all year round while maintaining its official design style.

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Chengdu Buildings 2019 – 2020

3 Aug 2020
Sotkl – Sino Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu
Design: Elena Galli Giallini Ltd
Sotkl Sino Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu
photograph : Virgile Simone Bertrand
Sotkl – Sino Ocean Taikoo Li in Chengdu, Sichuan
This building is a lower ground Shopping arcade forming part of a mixed-use development which includes a luxury boutique hotel and Grade A office uses. It sits in a prime location in the city centre of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province located in southwest China.

11 Jun 2019
The Dessert Kitchen
Architects: Towodesign
The Dessert Kitchen in Chengdu
photography : Towodesign/span>
The Dessert Kitchen in Chengdu
A fun interior, refreshingly different! “Cheese, with its tiny holes and color of yellow, is comparable to the rich and mellow flavor of chocolate.”

27 May 2019
Canopy by Hilton in Chengdu, 5 Xiyu Street, Qingyang District
Architects: CCD / Cheng Chung Design (HK)
Canopy by Hilton Chengdu City Centre Hotel
photos by CCD
Canopy by Hilton Chengdu City Centre Hotel
The interaction of ancient and modern, the mutual penetration of art and life, the compatibility of local and world, all of these has created the rich texture and unique impression of Chengdu.

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Chengdu Buildings 2014 – 2018

23 Aug 2018
Valextra Flagship Store
Architects: Neri&Hu
The Library Valextra Flagship Store in Chengdu
photography : Pedro Pegenaute
Valextra Flagship Store
By demolishing the existing exterior within a mall of unified facades, Neri&Hu pursued the concept of a raised mass; making a tangible as a solid block of dark concrete.

24 Nov 2016
Chengdu City Music Hall Complex, Wuhou – wins World Architecture Festival Award
Architect: Andrew Bromberg at Aedas
Chengdu City Music Hall Building
image from architects
Chengdu City Music Hall Complex
Winner of the Competition Entries – Future Projects category at World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards 2016.

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Chengdu Buildings 2006 – 2013

20 Feb 2013
‘Sliced Porosity Block’
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Sliced Porosity Block Building
photo © Iwan Baan
Chengdu building complex – new films
Steven Holl Architects celebrated the pre-opening of the Sliced Porosity Block-CapitaLand Raffles City in Chengdu, China with a visit of the Prime Minister of Singapore. The Sliced Porosity Block will be fully completed later this Fall.

21 Dec 2012
Chengdu Tianfu Cultural Centre
Design: Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
Chengdu Tianfu Cultural Centre
image © Studio Fuksas
Chengdu Tianfu Cultural Centre
Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas have won the international competition for the construction of the first cultural center in the city of Chengdu. This city is the capital of Sichuan province and was hit by a terrible earthquake in 2008.

24 Oct 2012
Chengdu Tianfu Great City
Design: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Chengdu Tianfu Great City China design
image courtesy Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Chengdu Tianfu Great City
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture announce that it has completed a master plan for Chengdu Tianfu District Great City, a self-sustaining, environmentally sensitive 1.3-square-kilometer satellite city scheduled to begin construction this fall on an approximately 3-square-kilometer site outside Chengdu, China.

30 Aug 2012
Pinnacle One Chéngdu
Design: Make Architects
Pinnacle One Chéngdu tower building design
picture © Make Architects
Pinnacle One Chengdu
Make, award-winning international architectural practice today unveiled their design for Pinnacle One, a new international Grade-A office tower in the heart of Chengdu, Sichuan province, China. The building forms part of the Chengdu Daci Temple Cultural and Commercial Complex, a mixed-use development by Sino-Ocean Land and Swire Properties.

9 Apr 2012
Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters
Design: Nikken Sekkei
Bank of Chéngdu HQ Building China
image from architects
Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters
For the Bank of Chengdu headquarter building an impressive 100m cube is created by connecting two highly flexible, 100m long office towers with a variety of common areas including an entrance lobby, a multi-purpose hall, a conference center, and a banker’s club for a total 1 Million square meters of built up floor area.

Silk Museum
Design: hpa, architects
Chengdu Silk Museum Building
image from hpa architects
Silk Museum Chengdu
The Chengdu Silk Museum design adopts the shape of a silkworm pupa and merges five pupae together in a configuration that will shape grand exhibition spaces. To promote and pay homage to the culture of Shudu (Sichuan) and to reflect the image of the Southern Silk Road, nine “town squares” will be linked along a “silk road”.

Chicony Plaza – department store + Grand Hyatt Hotel
Architect: Goettsch Partners
Chicony Plaza building
photo © 1st Image
Chicony Plaza Chengdu

Chengdu Architecture

Major Sichuan Province Projects, alphabetical:

Chengdu Museum building
Design: Sutherland Hussey Architects
Chengdu Museum building
image from architect
Chengdu Museum building : Architecture competition won by british architects to design a new museum for the Capital of Sechuan Province in China

Architects: Graft
Restaurant Chengdu
image from architect
Gingko Restaurant

Hyatt Regency Chengdu, Chicony Plaza
Design: Goettsch Partners

Technology and Science Enterprising Centre
Design: Paul Andreu Architects
Technology and Science Enterprising Centre Chengdu
image from Paul Andreu Architects
Chengdu building

More Chinese Architectural Developments online soon

Location: Chengdu, China

Architecture in China

China Architecture Designs – chronological list

Chinese Architect Studios

Chinese Buildings – Selection:

Bird’s Nest – Chinese National Stadium Building
Design: Arup, Herzog & De Meuron, China Architecture Design & Research Group
Birds Nest Beijing

Beijing Olympics – The Water Cube
Design: PTW with Arup
Water Cube Beijing

Chengdu Museum building architect : Sutherland Hussey Architects

Chengdu Museum building images:
Chengdu Museum building Chengdu Museum building Chengdu Museum building

Technology and Science Enterprising Centre images:
Technology and Science Enterprising Centre Technology and Science Enterprising Centre Technology and Science Enterprising Centre

‘Sliced Porosity Block’ images
Sliced Porosity Block Chengdu Sliced Porosity Block Chengdu Sliced Porosity Block Chengdu
images: Iwan Baan

Steven Holl Architects

Beijing Theatre China

Linked Hybrid China

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