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Spanish Architectural Designs – chronological list

Valencia Architecture News

Valencia Architecture News in 2023 – chronological:

26 Feb 2023
The Empty House
Design: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
The Empty House Valencia Spain
photo : Fernando Guerra
The Empty House
Located on the main street of a town near Valencia, the house is part of a fragment of 20th century history. The existing façade and building footprint are protected, but the volume exceeds the needs of the new Empty House project.

20 Jan 2023
The Parchis House
Design: Studio La Caseta
The Parchis House Valencia Spain
photo : German Cabo
The Parchis House
The Parchis House arose from working on a project where we had so much fun that it ended up becoming a game. In this case, we learned to play with space and its finishes. We started by devising versatile solutions that would increase the use of every corner and we ended up combining colours to fill them with vitality, hence our Parchís House was born.

Valencia Building Designs

Spanish Architecture News in 2022 – Valencia Arquitectura, España, arranged chronologically:

16 June 2022
Opening of Agora Valencia, the main square of design
Agora Valencia, World Design Capital Pavilion 2022
photo : David Zarzoso
Agora Valencia, World Design Capital Pavilion 2022
Agora Valencia, the pavilion of World Design Capital Valencia 2022, opens its doors to the public in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and undertakes its own program of activities as the nerve center of the design capital.

26 Apr 2022
WDC Valencia 2022 Pavilion, Plaça de l’Ajuntament
Design: Miguel Arraiz + Arqueha
Àgora València, Plaça de l'Ajuntament
image courtesy of architects practice
Àgora València, Plaça de l’Ajuntament
The Valencian design goes to the heart of the Mediterranean city and it does so from a sustainable, participative and inclusive architectural space that will open doors in June and will remain alive after the completion of the WDC 2022 celebration, going towards La Marina de València premises. As a means and catalyst for the democratization of design, the building will become the nerve centre of WDC Valencia 2022.

More Valencia Architecture online soon

Valencia Architecture 2021

27 Oct 2021
BBVA Bank Headquarters Valencia Refurbishment
Design: Miriam Castells Studio
BBVA Bank Headquarters Valencia refurbishment
photo : David Zarzoso
BBVA Bank Headquarters Valencia Refurbishment
Integral refurbishment of BBVA‘s bank headquarters in Valencia by Miriam Castells Studio. This is an emblematic building in a central area of the city, built in 1965, which has required a comprehensive reform of the facade, reception desk and interior floors.

29 Aug 2021
Morella Castle, Morella, province of Castellón, Valencian Community, eastern Spain
Design: Carquero Arquitectura
Morella Castle Building, Castellón, Spain
photo : Joan Roig
Morella Castle
The general criterion for intervention has been to restore and consolidate the existing masonry, maintaining their ruinous physiognomy, mainly in their crowns, hollows and surfaces, avoiding reinterpretation of the original state.

18 Feb 2021
Power Electronics Factory, Valencia

12 Feb 2021
House of Sand, Valencia

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Valencia Architecture 2020

6 Nov 2020
House of The Silence, Valencia, eastern Spain
Design: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
House of the Silence Valencia
photo : Fernando Guerra, FG + SG
House of The Silence, Valencia

5 Aug 2020
La Caseta Ribarroja del Turia, Valencia

2 Aug 2020
La Caseta in Ribarroja del Turia
Design: Alberto Facundo Arquitectura
La Caseta Ribarroja del Turia, Valencia
photo : German Cabo
La Caseta Ribarroja del Turia
The enclave is the starting point for this project, where the aim is to promote a traditional lifestyle of mediterranean area.

23 Feb 2020
La Pobla de Vallbona Social Center, Valencian Community, eastern Spain
Architect: Alberto Facundo
La Pobla de Vallbona Social Center Valencia
photograph : German Cabo
La Pobla de Vallbona Social Center in Valencia
This project came from the need to creating a space that covers the neighbourhood’s demands of the private residential area of Pobla de Vallbona, Valencia.

18 Jan 2020
Alma Hotel at the Porcelanosa HQ near Valencia

15 Oct 2019
Piur Pizza Restaurant
Design: Masquespacio
Piur Pizza Restaurant Valencia
photography: Luis Beltran
Piur Pizza Restaurant in Valencia
The developed project starts with the previous investigation of Piur’s brand strategy and the values expressed by the client from which honesty, the use of a fresh product and a concept inspired by the Valencian origin of its founders can be highlighted.

23 Sep 2019
Casa En Santa Pola, Baix Vinalopó, Valencian Community, Spain
Design: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
House in Santa Pola luxury Valencia home
photo : Fernando Guerra, FG + SG
Casa En Santa Pola
Tthe project seeks to define a level at which the day and pool areas are located. This main space of the house comes up as the gap between the basement area that emerges from the land and the day area that is deposited on top of this base.

4 May 2019
The Quarry House in Valencia

25 Feb 2019
The Blue Garden House
Architect: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
The Blue Garden House in Valencia
picture from architects office
The Blue Garden House in Valencia
This new resdiential project consists of updating a house with 400 square meters of living and 400 square meters of terrace space in the heart of the city, with a characteristic distribution of the Valencian expansion district.

15 Jan 2019
Pewter Store in Gandía
Architect: CuldeSac
Pewter Store in Gandía, Valencia shop
photo courtesy of architects
Pewter Store in Gandía, Valencia
Urban and technological sensations merge in the latest retail work designed by CuldeSacTM Custom. Pewter Store opens its doors in the heart of Gandía (Valencia) to respond to the high demand of generations Y and Z.

15 May 2018
Casa Madrigal, Comunidad Valenciana
Architect: Ramon Esteve Estudio
Madrigal House Valencia home
photo courtesy of architects
Casa Madrigal, Comunidad Valenciana
The development of the project was based on a set of program-containing boxes and sunlight-capturing courtyards, sewn together between two horizontal platforms that enclose the space.

29 Jun 2018
House in Rubielos de Mora, Gudar-Javalambre, Teruel, Aragon
Architect: Ramon Esteve Estudio
House in Rubielos de Mora, Teruel, Aragon
photograph : Mariela Apollonio
Rubielos de Mora Property
The essence of this project is a revision of a stately house, the traditional rural house that forms the old quarter of Rubielos de Mora and so the surroundings of our building.

12 Jun 2018
Vinyard Cottage, Fontanars dels Aforins
Architect: Ramon Esteve Estudio
Vinyard Cottage in Fontanars
photograph : Mariela Apollonio
Fontanars dels Aforins Building
This cottage is sited in the municipality of Fontanars, on the outskirts of the village surrounded by large acreages. The project seeks the maximum environmental and landscape integration because of its border location between a zone of pine forests and the grapevine fields, being diluted practically in the vegetation.

11 May 2018
Housing between Homes, Ribarroja
Architects: Alberto Facundo
New Housing in Ribarroja
photograph : German Cabo
Contemporary Ribarroja Housing
This housing between homes is the result of the needs of a young man with worries for life with family and friends, enjoying an open space focused on the views, his concern for order is translated into a modulation of clean lines, sharp edges and neutral tones.

7 Apr 2018
Bombas Gens Valencia
Architect: Ramon Esteve Estudio
Bombas Gens Centre in Valencia
image © Frank Gomez
Bombas Gens Centre in Valencia

18 Mar 2018
Casa Patio, Loriguilla
Architects: Alberto Facundo
Casa Patio in Loriguilla
photograph : German Cabo
Casa Patio in Loriguilla, Valencia
The yard house born of the place, the reflection and the search of a typological purification. The form is the result of these premises, the creation of two volumes that respond to the simplification of the original home of the village.

21 Feb 2018
Bvalve Office Building
Architects: Ramon Esteve Estudio
Bvalve Office Building in Valencia
image : Ramon Esteve Estudio
Office Building in Valencia
The complete building is composed of three parts with different uses: offices, showroom + labs, and factory building, linked and connected by a wide courtyard.

19 Feb 2018
Apartment Musico Iturbi
Design: Roberto Di Donato Architecture
Apartment Musico Iturbi
photography: Joao Morgado
Apartment Musico Iturbi
In 2017 Roberto Di Donato Architecture completed the challenging renovation of an apartment unit located in an early 20th century listed building in the heart of Valencia. After many years in state of abandon, the apartment was an empty shell when it was bought by the client, creating numerous opportunities but also challenges to the design team.

14 Feb 2018
Little Stories Concept Store, Calle Pintor Salvador Abril 30
Design: CLAP Studio
Little Stories Concept Store, Valencia Shoe Shop
photo : Daniel Rueda
Little Stories Concept Store, Valencia Shoe Shop
Two partners came to CLAP with the desire to create a Shoes Concept Store exclusively for children. They started with a name, “Little Stories”, and the need to create a strong corporate identity, graphically, to create an interior in accordance with it.

28 Dec 2017
The Quarry House: Mountain Climbing, Valencia, eastern Spain
Design: Ramón Esteve
The Quarry House in Valencia
photo : Mariela Apollonio
The Quarry House in Valencia
Located on the top of a hillside, in one of the most established housing states of Valencia, the House of the Quarry is based on the extreme conditions of the ground with the aim of climbing the slope to get views to the landscape.

19 Oct 2017
Restaurante Kento, Calle San Vicente Mártir 36
Design: Masquespacio
Restaurante Kento in Valencia
photography: Luis Beltran
Restaurante Kento in Valencia
Masquespacio presents Kento, their last project for an Oriental food chain in Valencia, focused mainly on sushi and other specialties from the Japanese kitchen. Founded by Eduardo Hijlkema the new chain counts on the consultancy of well-known chef and youtuber Taka Sasaki.

15 Sep 2017
Cottage in the Vineyard, Fontanars dels Aforins, Valencia, eastern Spain
Architects: Ramón Esteve
Cottage in the Vineyard
photo : Mariela Apollonio
Cottage in the Vineyard, Valencia
Cottage in Fontanars is located in the municipality of Fontanars, on the outskirts of the village surrounded by large acreages. The project seeks the maximum environmental and landscape integration because of its border location between a zone of pine forests and the grapevine fields, being diluted practically in the vegetation.

29 Mar 2017
La Manera
Design: Masquespacio
La Manera
photograph : Luis Beltran
La Manera in Valencia
The project for La Manera consists in seeking to create a hospitality concept that could work by day and by night, adaptable to each moment and requirement, starting with a brunch and coffee during the morning, converting itself in a restaurant during the evening and ending up as a cocktail bar.

27 Mar 2017
Benicassim House, Chiva, Valencia
Architects: Egue y Seta
Benicassim House
photograph : VICUGO FOTO
Benicassim House in Valencia
Removing unnecessary partitions, annexing circulation spaces to premises with a practical function and pursuing a direct visual connection with the exterior, are altogether strategies commonly employed when achieving a feeling of spaciousness is required within confined spaces.

12 Mar 2017
Bombas Gens Valencia: Fundació Per Amor a L’Art
Architect: Ramon Esteve Estudio
Bombas Gens Valencia Fundació Per Amor a L’Art
image © Ramon Esteve Estudio
Bombas Gens Valencia: Fundació Per Amor a L’Art
Bombas Gens is an old industrial building with an unquestionable social-historical value and one of the rare remaining examples of the industrial architecture of the thirties.

23 Jan 2017
Hikari Yakitori Bar
Design: Masquespacio Architects
Hikari Yakitori Bar in Valencia
image courtesy architecture office
Hikari Yakitori Bar in Valencia
Masquespacio presents its last design for Hikari Yakitori Bar, the second project from the founders of Nozomi Sushi Bar, located in the same district of Ruzafa in Valencia two steps ahead from their actual restaurant.

24 Dec 2016
Horizon Apartment, Levante Coast
Design: BAREA + PARTNERS, architects
Horizon Apartment in Valencia
image courtesy architecture office
Horizon Apartment in Valencia
This property is located at the top of an apartment tower on the Levante coast, with the horizon as a canvas, and under the premise of creating a seductive space that invites one to meditation.

28 Nov 2016
Gnomo Lifestyle Shop, Calle Cuba 32
Design: Masquespacio
Gnomo Lifestyle Shop
photograph : Luis Beltran
Gnomo Lifestyle Shop in Valencia
Nozomi Sushi Bar in Valencia
Located in the quarter Ruzafa, the project has its departure from the store specialized in objects and decoration that decided to open in 2010 in Valencia as an ode to design and a particular lifestyle that seeks for originality and beautiful things as told by the owners.

30 Nov 2016
House of el Portet, Moraira, eastern Spain
Design: Ramon Esteve, architects
Casa El Portet in Moraira
photograph © Alfonso Calza
Casa El Portet in Moraira by Ramon Esteve
The House of el Portet, is located on a narrow and elongated plot in a residential area of Moraira. It has distant sea views, through a wooded area. The dimensions of the house are visually enlarged by the addition of the space of the garden, which serves as a big background stage.

2 Feb 2015
Nozomi Sushi Bar, Pedro Tercero el Grande 11
Design: Masquespacio
Nozomi Suhi Bar
photographs : David Rodríguez y Carlos Huecas
Sushi Bar in Valencia
Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio present their last project Nozomi Sushi Bar. The project realized in Valencia consists in the branding and interior design for the new sushi restaurant from José Miguel Herrera and Nuria Morell, both passionate by the Japanese culture and specialists in authentic traditional sushi.

27 Feb 2015
‘House in the Forest’ – Casa El Bosque, Chiva, Valencia, Spain
Design: Ramon Esteve architects
Casa El Bosque
photograph © Mariela Apollonio
Casa El Bosque by Ramon Esteve Architects

6 Mar 2013
Valencia Children’s Innovation Centre
Design: Foursquare Arquitectos
Valencia Technology Park Building
photograph © Javier Fuente
Valencia Technology Park Building
The increasing growth of the Technology Park on the outskirts of Valencia resulted in a pressing need for easily accessible day care facilities for employees’ children, thus Spanish firm Foursquare Arquitectos were commissioned to design a new Children’s Education and Innovation Centre within the grounds.

Multi-use space in Tinglado
Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
Multi-use space in Tinglado Building
picture from architect
Multi-use space in Tinglado

Valencia Buildings

Valencia Architecture Designs, alphabetical:

America’s Cup Pavilion Valencia : Edificio Veles e Vents
David Chipperfield Architects with b720 (architects, Barcelona)
America's Cup Pavilion Valencia
photo © Christian Richters
Valencia building
Pavilion for the 2007 America’s Cup
lower floors: restaurant, shops
second and third floors: Americas Cup organisers and sponsors, Louis Vuitton
This building’s powerful form has drawn much admiration, simple ‘slabs’ evoking Fallingwater by Wright but on a grander scale
America’s Cup Pavilion: Stirling Prize 2007 Shortlist

Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias
Santiago Calatrava Architects
City of Arts and Sciences
image © Paul Zanre
City of Arts and Science Valencia

Concert Hall and Music School, Medina del Campo

Ensamble Studio
Tower of Music Valencia, Berklee College of Music Building
image : Ensamble Studio
Berklee Tower of Music

Museum of Sciences
Rafael Moneo Architects

Valencia football stadium
Hamiltons Architects
for Valencia City Authority – 60,000 seats: architecture competition

Valencia Opera House
Santiago Calatrava Architects

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Rafael Moneo Architect

RIBA European Award 2007 – America’s Cup Building

Valencia Architecture by Vicente Guallart @ IVAM

Location: Valencia, eastern Spain, southwest Europe

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