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Balearic Islands Buildings : Architecture

Key Buildings in the Balearic Islands, Spain – Islas Baleares Arquitectura, España

post updated 6 May 2024

Spanish Architecture Designs – chronological list

Balearic Islands Architecture – Latest Buildings

Key Balearic Islands Building News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

26 Apr 2023
B11 House, Son Vida, Palma
Design: Negre Studio
B11 House Son Vida Mallorca
photo : Carlos Terra Photo
B11 House, Son Vida, Mallorca
B11 House is situated in Son Vida, one of the most privileged neighbourhood of Palma. The property’s spectacular location is perfectly enhanced through its architecture.⁠

6 Feb 2023
54 Public Protection Housing, neighbourhood of El Terreno, Palma
Design: Joan Josep Fortuny Giró / Alventosa Morell Arquitectes
Public Protection Housing Inca Balearic Islands
photo © José Hevia
Public Protection Housing, Inca
The plot owned by IBAVI has a rectangular shape with an approximate area of 3,266 sqm. The proposed proposal attends to two fundamental aspects, the correct insertion of the building in the urban and physical environment as well as a solution that is a synthesis of the functional aspects of the program.

Balearic Islands Propertyes – 2021 – 2022

21 Dec 2022
Project Gomila, El Terreno, Palma, Balearic Islands
Design: MVRDV with GRAS Reynés Arquitectos
Project Gomila, Palma de Mallorca
photo © Daria Scagliola
Project Gomila, Palma de Mallorca Buildings
The construction of the first five out of the seven buildings that make up Project Gomila in Palma de Mallorca is complete. Designed by MVRDV and GRAS Reynés Arquitectos, Project Gomila is a collection of buildings, each with their own individual character derived from their colours, materials, and rooflines, that is transforming the area around Plaza Gomila in the neighbourhood of El Terreno.

21 Nov 2022
Son Fogueró Retreat, Palma, Mallorca
Design: David Jofra
Son Fogueró Retreat Mallorca Spain
photo : Mauricio Fuertes
Son Fogueró Retreat, Mallorca
Empathy, Harmony, Serenity, Friendliness, Flow, Fulfilment, Love, Relaxation, Enjoyment, Calm, Gratitude, and Kindness – the 12 names assigned to the Son Fogueró Retreat hotel bedrooms as a declaration of intent for this holistic health retreat in Mallorca, Spain.

13 May 2022
Virgin Limited Edition, Son Bunyola Estate, Tramuntana region, Mallorca
Virgin Limited Edition Mallorca Son Bunyola Estate
photo courtesy of article provider
Virgin Limited Edition Mallorca Son Bunyola Estate
Virgin Limited Edition, Sir Richard Branson’s luxury collection of award-winning hotels and retreats, is delighted to announce the development of a brand-new small luxury 28-bedroom hotel on its Son Bunyola Estate in the stunning Tramuntana region of Mallorca.

17 Mar 2022
Project Gomila, Palma, Mallorca
Architect: MVRDV and GRAS Reynés Arquitectos
Gomila Mixed-Use Masterplan Mallorca - Balearic Islands Buildings
images © MVRDV + GRAS
Project Gomila, Palma, Mallorca
MVRDV and Spanish co-architects GRAS Reynés Arquitectos are transforming the neighbourhood of El Terreno in Palma, Mallorca. The plan renovates four existing buildings and adds three new ones to reinvigorate El Terreno as a vibrant, green, sustainable residential neighbourhood.

17 Dec 2021
Toni Catany International Photography Centre, Llucmajor, Mallorca
Architect: Josep Lluís Mateo – mateoarquitectura
Toni Catany International Photography Centre Llucmajor architecture
photograph : Aldo Amoretti
Toni Catany International Photography Centre Llucmajor Building
In the old town of Llucmajor (Mallorca), occupying part of the house where the photographer Toni Catany was born, Josep Lluís Mateo – mateoarquitectura built the International Photography Centre, based on the work and the collection of this great artist. The place, the history, the remains, the scale, the classic typology of houses closed to the outside and open onto courtyards.

9 Oct 2021
Siau Ibiza Hotel, Carrer de ses Oliveres, Puerto de San Miguel
Design: AIA (Activitats Instal.lacions Arquitectòniques)
Siau Ibiza Hotel, Puerto de San Miguel - Balearic Islands Buildings
photograph © Simon Garcia |
Siau Ibiza Hotel, Puerto de San Miguel
This proposal stands out for its clear intention of creating a sustainable building suited to its surroundings, generating a minimum impact on the landscape and adapting the architecture to an Ibizan style: white plaster walls, ceramic floors, lattices, cane pergolas – all recovering the memory of traditional construction traditions.

23 July 2020
Portixol I Home, Mallorca
Architect: PMA Studio
House in Portixol, Palma de Mallorca - Balearic Islands Buildings
photo : Pernilla Danielsson
Portixol Home
The holiday home subtly mixes Scandinavian and Mediterranean aesthetics.

Casa Bauzà, Mallorca
Design: Miquel Àngel Lacomba
House Bauzà Mallorca - Balearic Islands Buildings
photo : Miquel Lacomba
Casa Bauzà

28 Feb 2018
Bora Headquarters, Mallorca, Illes Balears
Architects & Interior Architects: SAOTA
Bora Headquarters on Mallorca - Balearic Islands Buildings
photograph : Adam Letch
Bora Headquarters Mallorca
This relaxed resort-style home and work environment, a short flight from Germany, blends into its surrounding bucolic landscape through its use of form and locally inspired materials.

28 Aug 2017
Senior Housing in Pórtol, Marratxí, Mallorca
Design: Santiago Vives, Tomas Montis, Adrià Clapés
Senior Housing in Pórtol, Marratxí, Mallorca - Balearic Islands Buildings
image from architect
Senior Housing in Pórtol, Marratxí
The proposal, consisted of implementing a compact building structured around four landscaped courtyards. The site confines with an archaeological protection.

17 Jan 2017
Cultural Center Casal Balaguer, Palma, Majorca
Design: Flores & Prats Architects + Duch-Pizá
Cultural Center Casal Balaguer - Balearic Islands Buildings
image : José Hevia
Cultural Center Casal Balaguer in Palma de Mallorca
The new Cultural Center Casal Balaguer, designed by flores & Prats with duch-Pizá, is completed. the project is a renovation of a historical house in the center of Palma de Mallorca. After a two-decade long process that had architects Ricardo Flores, Eva Prats, Duch Navarro and Xisco Pizá Alabern confront themselves with the physicality of history, a new surprising life has been given to the building.

4 Feb 2015
Studio Weil, Port d’Andratx Mallorca

20 May 2013
House in Sa Rapita, Islas Baleares
Architect: CMV architects
Villa in Sa Rapita - Mallorca Residence - Balearic Islands Buildings
photograph from architects
Villa in Sa Rapita
The project involves the construction of a detached house with two floors, garage and swimming pool. The living area is located on the ground floor.

3 Sep 2013
Consell Kindergarten, Mallorca
Architect: RipollTizon Estudio de arquitectura
Mallorca Kindergarten Building - Balearic Islands Buildings
photo : José Hevia
Consell Kindergarten
This nursery is the extension of the School Complex “Bartomeu Ordines” in Consell, Mallorca. The new building is composed of six classrooms (for children between 3 and 5 years old), one psychomotor classroom and a dining area including kitchen.

16 Nov 2012
Hotel Castell dels Hams, Porto Cristo, Majorca – pool & spa
Architect: A2arquitectos
Hotel Castell dels Hams - Porto Cristo Building
photograph : Laura Torres Roa / Antonio Benito Amengual
Balearic Islands Hotel
n 1967, a small hotel, Hotel Castell dels Hams, was established on the island of Majorca amid the Mediterranean vegetation. Over time, and through subtle improvements and extensions, it has become one of the most distinctive hotels on the eastern part of the island. The last of the alterations, meant to celebrate the Mediterranean light and the location’s idyllic bond with nature, turned the hotel into much more than just a holiday destination.

16 Nov 2012
Bar in a Cave, Porto Cristo, Mallorca, Balearic Islands
Architect: A2arquitectos
Porto Cristo Building - Balearic Islands Buildings
photograph : Sergio Vico
Balearic Islands Bar
The great natural entrance to the Caves of Hams in Mallorca houses a lush botanic garden. It is in this entrance that the bar is situated and made up of a piece of backlit glass of 10 metres in length. The counter of the bar, the most important element of the project, is fitted into a concrete cavity made up of straight lines, designed to contrast with the organic forms of the cave and can be closed under a transparent cover.

9 Nov 2012
Establiments Cultural Center, Palma, Mallorca
Design: Jordi Herrero
Establiments Cultural Center Building
photo from architect
Establiments Cultural Center
The main facade is oriented to the west. A system of solar glass slats in various shades of green allows us to enjoy the views, protects us from radiation and simultaneously gives a clear and recognizable image of the building.

18 Sep 2012
Sports Center Sa Indiotería, Palma de Mallorca
Architect: Jordi Herrero – Arquitecto
Sports Center Building Mallorca
photograph : Jaime Sicilia
Sports Center Sa Indiotería
Instead of the image of an hermetic pavilion, here the intention is to give continuity from the inside space to the outside one. The building is implemented to bury the court and the locker rooms.

18 Sep 2012
Firehouse of Palma de Mallorca
Architect: Jordi Herrero – Arquitecto
Mallorca Fire station Building
photograph : Jaime Sicilia
Firehouse of Palma de Mallorca

4 Sep 2012
Villa Zamora + Villa Bonanova, Mallorca
Design: CMV Architects
Villa Zamora Mallorca, Balearic Islands
photograph : Jaime Sicilia
Villas Isla de Mallorca
The construction consists of a cubic volume that is placed in the plot in order to release surface in the south zone where the swimming pool is located. Open spaces are designed, with great openings to the outside based on the orientation to the sun. This way, the relation between the interior and the outside is present from any point of the dwelling.

20 Jun 2012
Hotel Ushuaïa Ibiza
architects Estudio Vila 13
Ushuaïa Beach Hotel Ibiza
photo : Fiesta Hotel Group, all rights reserved
Balearic Islands Beach Hotel
The Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel welcomed the famous island’s season with a memorable opening party – and participating dynamically in the celebrations was a new façade and design features made from Corian. The high-tech solid surface was specified to revitalise several key areas of this popular young holiday venue.

6 Jun 2012
Cala Mandia, Mallorca
Design: CMV architects
Villas Mallorca
photograph from architects
Cala Mandia
Due to the geometry and topography of the parcel, with unevenness of over 10 meters of fall from the street, it is chosen to construct two different typologies to better adjust to the land. Also, is distinguished the intervention through a little amassed volumetry.

6 Jun 2012
Psychogeriatrical Hospital, Mallorca
Design: CMV architects
Hospital Psicogeriatría
photograph from architects
Conversion of the “Casa grande” Pavilion of Psychiatric Hospital into a Psychogeriatrical Pavilion. 2002. 1st prize (Finalized work) Constructed surface:4.437 m².

Balearic Islands Architecture – Recent Buildings

1 Apr 2012
Villa Gonzalo, Valldemossa, Mallorca
Architect: CMV architects
Mallorca Property
photograph from architects
The main objective for the project is given by the wish of the client to facilitate the access to the house to his best friend, a handicapped friend. The approach ramp, the open and luminous spaces and the maximum use of the sights towards the mountain decide the volumetry of the design.

1 Apr 2012
Villa London, Llucmajor, Mallorca
Architect: CMV architects
Llucmajor Villa
photograph from architects
The construction is set out as a set of independent bodies: separate pavilions placed, one next to the other, along the axis of the cliff, each one of it keeping its own privacy and independence.
Villas in Mallorca

Balearic Islands Buildings

Key Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

8×8 House, Estany des Peix, Formentera, Illes balears

marià castelló, arquitecte
8x8 House
photograph : Lourdes Grivé + Marià Castelló
8×8 House

Can Lis – house, Porto Pietro, Mallorca
Jorn Utzon

Can Feliz – house, Mallorca
Jorn Utzon

Can Simon, Marià Castelló, Formentera, Illes balears

marià castelló, arquitecte
Can Simon Spain
photograph : Lourdes Grivé + Marià Castelló
Can Simon Formentera

Es Pujol de s’era, Camí Vell de la Mola, Formentera, Illes balears
marià castelló, arquitecte
Es Pujol de s’era
photograph : Jaime Sicilia, Lourdes Grivé + Marià Castelló
Es Pujol de s’era : Home – Office in Formentera island

Torre de la Gavina, Punta de la Gavina, Can Marroig, Formentera, Illes balears

marià castelló, arquitecte
Torre de la Gavina
photograph : Marià Castelló
Torre de la Gavina Formentera

Country House, Morna Valley, Balearics
DeBlacam & Meagher
Ibiza Country House
photograph : Peter Cook
Ibiza Country House

Ibiza Masterplan, Ibiza

Eric Owen Moss

Pilar & Joan Miró Foundation, Palma de Mallorca
Rafael Moneo Architects

Studio Weil Private gallery for Barbara Weil, Port d’Andratx, Mallorca
Architect: Studio Libeskind

More projects online soon

Jørn Utzon moved to Majorca in the early 1970s, following the stress of the Sydney Opera House debacle, living in a house designed by himself.

With his wife Lis & family he later moved to another house designed by himself, Can Feliz. The architecture is very solid and simple. A small window allows light to funnel in to the living space at a certain time of year and time of day. The views over the Mediterranean are fantastic and the exterior space uses beautiful chunky stone benches by the architect. This second home on Majorca has been described as a miniature acropolis.

Canary Islands Building : San Cristóbal church Tenerife

Title References:
Catalan: Illes Balears
Spanish: Islas Baleares
Main Island: Mallorca
Other islands: Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera

Mallorca is Majorca in English
Menorca is Minorca in English

Location: Balearic Islands, Spain, southwest Europe

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