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post updated 11 February 2024

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This page contains a selection of major Austrian building designs – what we feel are the key Austrian Architecture. The focus is on contemporary Austrian buildings.

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Austria Architecture News, chronological:

22 Oct 2023
Roman Quarry, Sankt Margarethen, Burgenland
Architects: AllesWirdGut
Roman Quarry Burgenland Austria
photo : Hertha Hurnaus
Roman Quarry Burgenland, Austria landscape

1 Nov 2015
Sölden Ski Resort
Sölden, Tyrol Ski Resort, Austria
Sölden Ski Resort
For architects and those interested in spectacular contemporary architecture one of the highlights of the latest Bond film Spectre was the glassy mountain-top building used as a location for a high-class medical retreat, an Alpine wellness centre.

9 Sep 2013
Wohnen am Mühlgrund, Vienna, eastern Austria
Design: Architekt Krischanitz ZT GmbH
Mühlgrund Residential Building
photo : Katrin Bernsteiner
Wohnen am Mühlgrund
The overarching goal of the project is to make architectural provisions for versatile frameworks and for adaptations to them corresponding to life’s different stages. Allocating space solely on the basis of a potential tenant’s age (or generation) was deliberately avoided, because his or her way of living is not necessarily a function of age, but is determined on an individual basis.

21 Aug 2013
Villa S, Upper Austria
Design: TWO IN A BOX Architects
Villa S Upper Austria
photo : Simon Bauer
Villa S
The villa is L-shaped and aligned to the south-west featuring generous glazing to the porch in front of the house and a garden with water areas. The light hill-side location, the expanded ground floor facing the street and the carport form a generous forecourt and entrance hall.

20 Aug 2013
Villa Upper Austria
Design: TWO IN A BOX
House in Upper Austria
photo from architects
Villa Upper Austria
“Between lightness and gravity”
Due to the steep sloping terrain, the view and the direction of the sun special attention was required with regard to the alignment of living rooms and sleeping rooms. The villa has three levels adapted to the line of sight and staggered towards each other on top of a basement garage. The main living floor is west-aligned and built at the slope opening up onto a garden and summer kitchen.

12 Aug 2013
Mobile Art Pavilion White Noise, Salzburg, northwest Austria
Design: SOMA
Mobile Art Pavillon 'White Noise' Salzburg
photo : F Hafele
Mobile Art Pavilion White Noise
The temporary pavilion creates a unique venue for contemporary art productions in Salzburg, a city known predominantly for classical music. Its main user is the Salzburg Biennale, a contemporary music festival. During the next decade, it will be used for various events at different locations.

5 Aug 2013
ÖAMTC Service Centers, Upper Austria
Design: PAUAT Architects
ÖAMTC Service Centers Austria
photo : PAUAT / Luttenberger
ÖAMTC Service Centers
This is a building that demands attention, although not as extreme as say the SITE stores from the US back in the 1970s, the bold wraparound form and bright yellow colour make it instantly recognisable: “Tangible corporate identity in the form of facade filling headlines is part of the program as well as the ubiquity of the colour yellow. Due to intelligence and accuracy in the detailing process (spatial joints, material transitions, incidence of light) this competence centers differ pleasantly from the exclusive surface infatuation of comparable built contemporaries.”

Islamic Cemetery, Altach, western Austria
Design: Bernado Bader Architects
Altach Islamic Cemetery - Austrian Architecture
photo : Marc Lins
Islamic Cemetery Austria – 1 May 2013
The Cemetery serves Vorarlberg, the industrialised westernmost state of Austria, where over eight percent of the population is Muslim. It finds inspiration in the primordial garden, and is delineated by roseate concrete walls in an alpine setting, and consists of five staggered, rectangular grave-site enclosures, and a structure housing assembly and prayer rooms.

Forum Limbach, Burgenland, Austria – Architecture award winner – “Best House 2013”
Design: Looping Architecture
Forum Limbach Building
photo © Hertha Hurnaus
Forum Limbach – 26 Apr 2013
The building has an unusual typology – discussion forum + museum + private residence of the principal and collector. It convinced the jury with its “animated dialogue between outside and inside, old and new”. The new building, fitted into the historically grown farmyard structure, closes the rural square edifice and at the same time opens up the previously enclosed inner yard. On top sits the upper storey as “house on the house” with the principal’s private rooms.

1090 Rochus, Bauernfeldplatz, Vienna, north east Austria
Design: Söhne & Partner Architekten
1090 Rochus Vienna - Austrian Architecture
photo : Severin Wurnig
Rochus Wien – 24 Apr 2013
When planning this building the instructors made a great effort to include all different requirements in the project without, however, neglecting the idea of a unified architectural line. So when the general refurbishment on Bauernfeldplatz in 1090 Vienna started it was important to connect the different levels and to open up the restaurant towards the road space in the foreground.

Haus Walde, Tyrol
Design: GOGL Architekten
Haus Walde - Austrian Architecture
photo : Mario Webhofer
Tyrol Residence – 23 Apr 2013
The client requested an open, light-filled room with the garden and the beautiful backdrop of the Kitzbühl Alps integrated into the living space.

Haus Wiesenhof, Tyrol
Design: GOGL Architekten
Haus Wiesenhof Austria
photo : Mario Webhofer
Haus Wiesenhof – 23 Apr 2013
The house communicates with the dominant mountain range, with every view resembling a painting. The decision to utilise archaic materials was made quite consciously to quote the surrounding farmsteads. The client wanted an atmosphere that was light and airy, but also cosy.

Seeschanze Lochau Residences, Lochau
Design: Baumschlager Eberle
Seeschanze Lochau Austria
photo : Eduard Hueber
Seeschanze Lochau Residences – 16 Apr 2013
The better the location, the higher the density – such wishful thinking on the part of the real estate sector has had negative consequences for the location and the residents on more than one occasion. But that is far from being the case at the former Dornier site in Lochau with its much sought-after views of Lake Constance.

Wedding Rings, Puchenau
Design: x architekten
Wedding Rings Austria
photo : David Birgmann
Wedding Rings Austria – 15 Apr 2013
Rings have played an important role as a symbol for matrimony since antiquity. Rings are also the guiding theme with regards to the redesign of Puchenau’s wedding rooms. The white stuccoed rings, with their different diameters, seem to wander through the walls of the three rooms towards the wedding hall, seemingly freed from eternal life, to melt into two intertwined rings behind the wedding altar.

Laternser Valley Mountain Cabin, western Austria
Marte.Marte Architects
Austrian Mountain Building
photo : Marc Lins
Laternser Valley Mountain Cabin – 1 Apr 2013
At the edge of a wooded ravine, beneath the imposing wooden house of the Catholic Community of Sisters, the small tower building rises from the steep hillside. Fitting into the landscape as if it were a barn, the building, which is a fine example of the homogeneous use of materials, in this case, carefully hewn rough concrete, stands out against the meadow green and winter white.

Joanneum Museum Extension, Graz, south east Austria – photos added
Design: Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos + eep architekten
Joanneum Museum Building
photograph : Roland Halbe
Joanneum Museum Extension
The Joanneumsviertel of Graz is formed of three historical buildings that up to now gave their back to one another and towards a residual rear courtyard: the Museum of Natural History, the Library of Styria and the New Gallery of Contemporary Art. As organisms belonging to the same institution, the project set out the need to endow the complex with a common access, welcoming spaces, conference hall, reading areas and services, aside from a lower level for archives and storage.

Eduard Wallnoefer Platz, Innsbruck, Tyrol, western Austria
Design: LAAC Architects / Stiefel Kramer Architecture with artist Christopher Grüner
Innsbruck Public Realm - Austrian Architecture
photo : Guenter Richard Wett
Innsbruck Public Realm – 26 Mar 2013
This is the largest public square of Innsbruck, located in the city center. Before the transformation, the square was dominated by the facade of the province of Tyrol’s governmental building from the period of National Socialism, and by a large scale memorial that looks like a fascist monument.

Hotel Wiesergut, Tyrol, western Austria
Architects: Monika Gogl & Partner
Hotel Wiesergut Building Austria
photograph : Mario Webhofer / W9 Werbeagentur, Innsbruck
Hotel Wiesergut – 7 Mar 2013
In December 2012, Hotel Wiesergut in Hinterglemm/Salzburger Land was re-opened after a complex renovation and extension. The goal of the architectural concept was to upgrade the existing traditional structure with puristic architecture.

Major Recent Austrian Architecture

City Hall Kufstein, north west Austria
Design: Architekten Giner, Wucherer
City Hall Kufstein Building - Austrian Architecture
photo : Lukas Schaller
Rathaus Kufstein – 12 Feb 2013
The city of Kufstein, situated next to the green river “Inn“ is characterized by its mighty round fortress which looks upon the city. The city centre with its towers, church-roofs, domes and pediments is in a dialogue with this fortress structure.

Universität für angewandte Kunst – University of Applied Arts, Vienna
University of Applied Arts Vienna
University of Applied Arts Vienna – 23 Feb 2012

OASIS Pastoral care voestalpine, Linz, Upper Austria
Oasis voestalpine building - Austrian Architecture
picture : David Schreyer
OASIS Pastoral care voestalpine – 23 Feb 2012
The office for pastoral care in the diocese of Linz, to be located on the site of the steel company voestalpine, is to serve liturgical as well as secular purposes. The plot of land lies as a “no-man’s-land” between main roads and industrial estates and is in need of a new strong character.

Timmelsjoch Experience, southern Austria
Werner Tscholl
Timmelsjoch Experience Building
photo : Alexa Rainer
Timmelsjoch Experience – 11 Jan 2012
The concrete structure on the North Tyrolean side juts out like an erratic boulder into the South Tyrolean side, underlining the cross-border nature of the Timmelsjoch Experience. The “Ice Cave” inside the museum pays tribute to the pioneers of the High Alpine Road and their remarkable accomplishment.

Architecture in Austria

Austria Architecture, key projects:

Bergisel Ski Jump, Innsbruck, Tyrol
Zaha Hadid Architects
Bergisel Ski Jump
image : Hélène Binet
Bergisel Ski Jump

Cloudtower, Krems-Land, Lower Austria
the next ENTERprise
Grafenegg Pavilion - Austrian Architecture
photo : Lukas Schaller
Grafenegg Pavilion

DC Towers, Vienna
Dominique Perrault ; Hoffmann and Janz
DC Towers Vienna
image ©
Austrian Towers

Intercity Vienna
Intercity Vienna - Austrian Architecture
image from architects
Intercity Vienna

Martin Luther Kirche, eastern Austria
Martin Luther Kirche Hainburg
photo © Duccio Malagamba
Martin Luther Kirche Hainburg

Music Theatre, Graz, southeast Austria
UN Studio Architects
Music Theatre Graz
photograph : Christian Richters
Music Theatre Graz

Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom
Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom
image : Philippe Ruault
Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom

Town Town Office Tower, Vienna
Town Town Erdberg Tower - new Austrian Architecture
image ©, Vienna
Town Town Tower

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Vienna Building
DC Towers Vienna - contemporary Austrian Architecture
image ©

Graz Buildings
Mumuth Graz Building
photograph : Christian Richters

Iconic Austrian building

Kunsthaus, Graz, Styria, southwest Austria
SpaceLab – Peter Cook + Colin Fourier, with Architektur Consult
Kunsthaus Graz - new Austrian Architecture
photo : Maleen Diestel
Kunsthaus Graz

Location: Austria, central Europe

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