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Key Contemporary Residential Properties in Australia – New Homes design updates

post updated 13 May 2024

New Australian Houses

e-architect select key new Australian Houses. We cover both completed properties and proposed residential building designs across Australia. Our focus is on contemporary homes.


Latest Australian House Designs

New Property in Australia – major additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

4 April 2024
Hidden House, Victoria
Architects: Eliza Blair Architecture and studio mkn
Hidden House Victoria Australia
photo : Shannon McGrath
Hidden House Victoria, Australia property
Nestled at the back of a Victorian-era residence, Hidden House is a contemporary structure crafted from glass and concrete, seamlessly integrated into a lush garden. Utilizing the natural slope of the site and the grand presence of the original home, this modem extension remains discreetly concealed from street view.

29 March 2024
Patanga Cabin, Patanga Estate, New South Wales
Design: Fabric Architecture Studio
Patanga Cabin New South Wales Australia
photo : Alex McIntyre
Patanga Cabin, New South Wales, Australia
Driven by the project philosophy of seeking harmony and balance between human habitation with ecological preservation, Patanga Cabin is at one with its site. Its simple form and shadowy exterior blend into the landscape, while framed views amplify the beauty and immediacy of the natural environment.

8 March 2024
Six Summerhouses, Mesa Aldinga Beach, Adelaide, South Australia
Architecture: Architects Ink
Six Summerhouses Mesa Aldinga Beach South Australia
photo : Sam Noonan
Six Summerhouses, Mesa Aldinga Beach, South Australia
The Six Summerhouses located along the Aldinga Esplanade have stepped frontages, like birds in flight, each house is given their own identity.

22 February 2024
The Seat, Tuerong, Victoria
Architecture: Atlas Architects
The Seat Tuerong Victoria house
photo : Tess Kelly
The Seat, Tuerong, Victoria house
The Seat was not just affected by the global pandemic, it was born of it. Our clients, a semi-retired couple who bought the property on a whim, were seeking a weekender on the coast with room to breathe – a safe place for their grown family to escape, gather and relax.

16 February 2024
Island Point Residence, Queensland
Design: TPG Architects
Island Point Residence Queensland Australia
photo : TPG Architects
Island Point Residence, Queensland, Australia
Island Point Residence is sighted on many levels, using each space to present an opportunity for a view without compromising privacy. Two main ‘tree house’ like volumes and an outdoor with a multitude of spaces and uses are the main themes for the composition of the residence.

11 February 2024
Native Dog Cabin, Bremer Bay, Western Australia
Design: Chindarsi Architects
Native Dog Cabin Bremer Bay Western Australia
photo : Photographica
Native Dog Cabin, Bremer Bay, Western Australia
The site for this WA property sits on a spur of land jutting out into the Southern Ocean between Bremer Bay and Dillon Bay. Enjoying ocean views to the east, south and west, it is surrounded by beaches and wild places.

4 February 2024
Marcus Beach House, Marcus Beach, Queensland
Design: Alexandra Buchanan Architecture
Marcus Beach House Shire of Noosa Queensland
photo : Cathy Schusler
Marcus Beach House, Shire of Noosa, Queensland
Marcus Beach House is a contemporary alteration and addition to an existing beachside home with a convoluted plan arrangement. The brief was to provide privacy to the street frontage whilst creating an expansive open plan living space that connected these areas to front and rear gardens.

Courtside House, Mount Martha, Victoria

Robin Hill, Hobart, Tasmania house

3 January 2024
Caulfield North Residences, Caulfield North, Victoria
Architecture: Davidov Architects
Caulfield North Residences Victoria Australia
photo : Enceladus Studio
Caulfield North Residences
Located in a tightly held inner-city neighbourhood, the Caulfield North Residences are a collection of 4 generously-appointed apartments set amongst lush gardens. Each home has been conceived with consideration to aspect, amenity and materiality.

27 November 2023
MH House, Saint Peters, Adelaide, South Australia
Architects: Architects Ink
MH House Saint Peters South Australia
photo : Sam Noonan Photography
MH House, Saint Peters, South Australia
MH House consists of a pavilion-style addition and the refurbishment of a dilapidated Victorian bluestone villa. The clients wished for a simple open-plan design, yet intimate in scale, for a new family living space with plenty of natural light and a strong connection to the outdoors.

13 November 2023
M House, Clareville Beach, New South Wales
Design: Rama Architects
M House Clareville Beach New South Wales
photo : Anson Smart
M House, Clareville Beach, New South Wales
On the leafy shoreline of Clareville Beach, this new residential dwelling recedes behind a green canopy cascading from the rooftop down and growing up from below blurring the lines between outside and in. M House hints of Brazilian Modernism are seen in the concrete form with deep drawn-out eaves, voids and openness.

2 November 2023
Federal House, Federal, New South Wales
Design: Edition Office
Federal House New South Wales Australia
photo : Ben Hosking
Federal House, New South Wales
Edition Office is an architecture studio encompassing cultural, social and technological research, enabling exploration of material expression, form and spatial practice. The experiential qualities of our work enable projects which re-articulate relationships between communities and place. Our buildings enhance and enable connections and interfaces which provoke, question and enrich both occupants and the public realm.

5 November 2023
Fenwick St Residence, Kew, Victoria
Architecture: Edition Office
Fenwick St Residence Victoria Australia
photo : Rory Gardiner
Fenwick St Residence, Victoria
Edition Office is an architecture studio encompassing cultural, social and technological research, enabling exploration of material expression, form and spatial practice. The experiential qualities of our work enable projects which re-articulate relationships between communities and place.

5 November 2023
Wings Way House, Skenes Creek North, Victoria
Architecture: MRTN Architects
Wings Way House Victoria Australia
photo : Tom Blachford
Wings Way House, Victoria
Resilience and endurance were at the forefront of the minds of the family at Wings Way in Skene’s Creek. Having lost their original, much loved, family home to fire they needed the replacement design to provide a sense of safety and permanence that was missing from the fibre cement clad seventies home that preceded it.

5 November 2023
Mossy Point House, Mossy Point, New South Wales
Design: Edition Office
Mossy Point House New South Wales
photo : Rory Gardiner
Mossy Point House, New South Wales

30 October 2023
Lyons House, Ballarat, Central Highlands, Victoria
Architecture: Moloney Architects
Lyons St House Ballarat Victoria
photo : Ben Hosking
Lyons St House, Ballarat, Victoria
Lyons House is a contemporary alterations and additions project for a down-sizing couple who wanted to create a home with ample sunlight, ease of access, and a close connection to the garden.

24 October 2023
Music Room House, Glebe, Sydney, New South Wales
Architects: Alexander Symes Architects
Music Room House Australia
photo : Barton Taylor
Music Room House, New South Wales
After their previous architect terminated the project wishing to no longer work on single dwelling projects, the clients approached ASA with an approved DA and a desire to create a sustainable, healthy home that could meet their complex brief. The home is sited next to the “Sze Yup Temple” where burning of ink printed pray papers affects the local air quality at particular prevailing winds.

26 September 2023
Iron Chef Residence, Millswood, South Australia
Architects: Das Studio
Iron Chef Residence South Australia
photo : Anthony Basheer
Iron Chef Residence, South Australia
When a steel fabricator, a chef and their artistically driven daughters speculate a forever home, it begins to resemble a warehouse conversion, with grand steel gestures and areas for creative incubation. But when heritage conservation constraints and two beautiful, but frightfully situated river red gums suggest a different home entirely, a true collaboration between client and Architect emerge.

26 September 2023
Bike House, Melbourne, Victoria
Architecture: FMD Architects
Bike House Melbourne property
photo : John Gollings
Bike House, Melbourne property
The site is a small 300m2 suburban block in southeast Melbourne. The brief was to design a new dwelling to accommodate a family of 4 while also including flexible spaces which can change as the children grow and the needs change. A collection of bikes also needed to be accommodated internally and externally as these are a major form of transport for the family.

22 September 2023
Winter Creek House, Trentham, Shire of Hepburn, Victoria
Architects: sense of space [SOS Architects] Architecture ; Interior Design: Studio Tom
Winter Creek House Trentham Victoria
photo : Nicole England
Winter Creek House, Trentham, Victoria
Winter Creek is a new residence on a truffle and cattle farm in Trentham, Victoria. The house is in a field surrounded by mature pine trees that create a striking context for the home. A large floating roof covers an open living area that feels very connected to the site, whilst intersecting with a shorter black box like form that provides a more intimate bedroom wing.

22 September 2023
Ramsgate Avenue, Bondi Beach, New South Wales
Design: MHN Design Union
Ramsgate Avenue New South Wales
photo : Martin Mischkulnig
Ramsgate Avenue, New South Wales Apartments
Defined by its innovative design, sculptural boldness and tactile materiality, Ramsgate Avenue represents a dynamic yet naturalised addition to its tightly-held Bondi locale.

18 September 2023
Dulwich Hill Duo, Dulwich Hill, New South Wales
Design and Project Architect: Blake Letnic Architects
Dulwich Hill Duo New South Wales House
photo : Katherine Lu
Dulwich Hill Duo, New South Wales House
Dulwich Hill Duo is a new semi-detached dual occupancy located in Sydney’s Inner-West that maximises efficiency of space and elevates everyday living within a small footprint. With housing affordability becoming an increasingly prevalent issue, the project offered an opportunity to not only provide a cost-effective outcome for our clients but contribute to improving housing density and diversity within the suburban fringes.

17 September 2023
Hughesdale Extension, Hughesdale, Victoria
Design: Block Architecture Studio
Hughesdale Extension Victoria Australia
photo : Sarah Godenzi Photography
Hughesdale Extension, Victoria
The extension to this 1920’s era red clinker brick original dwelling removed the previous lean-to addition, while lightly touching the existing fabric of the building. The extension sensitively opens the spaces out to a beautiful garden while creating a comfortable interior for the residents to enjoy.

17 September 2023
Jay Esplanade House, Port Melbourne, Victoria
Design: Eckersley Architects
Jay Esplanade House Victoria Australia
photo : Pier Carthew
Jay Esplanade House, Victoria
Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Port Melbourne, Esplanade House is designed to create a bold statement amongst its natural surroundings. Its perfect location on a corner site adjacent to Edwards Park, allows uninterrupted botanical views whilst creating the sense of security and privacy of an intimate home.

16 September 2023
Tietz House, Blackheath, New South Wales
Architects: Design King Company
Tietz House New South Wales Australia
photo : Luke Butterly Photography
Tietz House, New South Wales
The second stage of our Blackheath project is now largely complete. After the completion of the Studio some time ago, this remaking of the existing house makes sense of the site and context and the relationship between the two buildings.

15 September 2023
Indooroopilly Residence, Queensland
Indooroopilly Residence
photo : Christopher Fredrick Jones
Indooroopilly Residence, Queensland
The Indooroopilly residence is a contemporary home located on an inner-city suburban block with prospect onto a golf course. The architecture draws cues from modernist principles of heaviness and lightness with solid volumes that appear to float, creating an open and dynamic ground floor plane for living.

6 September 2023
Highlands House, Southern Highlands, New South Wales
Architects: Luke Moloney Architecture
Highlands House New South Wales Australia
photo : Tom Ferguson Photography
Highlands House, New South Wales
The Highlands House in the Southern Highlands was designed to sit discretely in the landscape. Its materials will grey off over time and take on the colours of its bushland setting.

Mt Buller Ski Lodge, Victoria

House in the Dry, Tamworth, NSW

The Pad in Western Australia property

Patterson Lake House, Melbourne

Bike Shed House, Melbourne property

Euroa House, Kelvin View, Victoria

Tunnel House, Brighton, Melbourne

Elanora Residence, Mooloolaba, Queensland

Hunter Residence, Adelaide, South Australia

EPSC Residence, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Australis House, Queensland

Black Betty House, Brisbane, Queensland

Hunters Hill House, New South Wales

Moonah Tree House, Barwon Head, Victoria

1 Jun 2023
Doyle Residence, Alexandra Avenue, Rose Park, Adelaide, South Australia
Architects: Glasshouse Projects
Doyle Residence Rose Park South Australia
photo : Aaron Citti
Doyle Residence, Rose Park, South Australia
Doyle Residence is an extension and partial restoration of a character villa located in a historical conservation zone, in one of Adelaide’s premier suburbs, Rose Park.

14 May 2023
Piermont, Ballarat, Central Highlands, Victoria
Architects: Rachcoff Vella Architecture
Piermont House Ballarat Central Victoria
photo : Lean Timms
Piermont House, Ballarat Central, Victoria
This ten-year retrospective of much-loved project investigates how architecture can continue to reward its occupants over time. Through the unique lens of Lean Timms and cleverly styled by Lynda Gardener this romantic view captures the life of a home within its beautiful environment.

10 May 2023
Moonah Tree House, Barwon Heads, Victoria
Architecture: Kirby Architects
Moonah Tree House Barwon Head Victoria
photo : Jacqui Henshaw
Moonah Tree House, Barwon Head, Victoria
The Moonah Tree House is an unassuming beauty, this coastal home is crafted from understated natural materials that have been worked in a master craftsman-like manner.

9 May 2023
Fernberg House, Paddington, QLD
Design: Tim Stewart Architects
Fernberg House Paddington QLD - Australian Houses
photo : Christopher Frederick Jones
Fernberg House, Paddington, QLD
Nestled atop an elevated site in Paddington, Fernberg is a contemporary family home aspiring to seek a balance between private retreat and outdoor living. Fernberg House is crafted from a robust and natural palette of materials, the home is warm and inviting with expansive openings to uninterrupted city views, and seamlessly integrated landscaping.

27 Apr 2023
Mermaid Quay House, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, southern Queensland
Design: Type Architecture
Mermaid Quay House Noosa Queensland
photo : Mitchell Kemp
Mermaid Quay House, Noosa, Queensland
The lines between private and public are clearly divided between the ground and upper floor. The ground floor features an expansive living, dining and kitchen area for friends and family to lounge and enjoy the river view.

3 May 2023
Buderim House, Queensland
Design: Alexandra Buchanan Architecture
Buderim House Sunshine Coast Queensland Home
photo : Toby Scott
Buderim House, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Home
Sitting on the edge of an escarpment the Buderim House is afforded majestic views North-East over the Sunshine Coast. Both, private and expansive, this dwelling was imagined as a sanctuary, for a couple with transient adult children, between a sprawling landscape to the north and a populated residential street to the south.

14 Apr 2023
Windsor Castle Seddon, Victoria
Architecture: Antarctica Architects
Windsor Castle Seddon Victoria - Australian Houses
photo : Field Carr
Windsor Castle, Seddon, Victoria
The existing single fronted weatherboard cottage on the ‘Windsor Castle’ site had undergone multiple alterations over the last 10 years and was stretched beyond its limits for the growing family of 5. Located in the middle of the site with poor orientation and 4 neighbours, the existing building offered little opportunity to expand.

27 Mar 2023
Night Sky, Blue Mountains, New South Wales
Architects: Peter Stutchbury Architecture
Night Sky House Blue Mountain New South Wales
photo : Brett Boardman Studio
Night Sky House, Blue Mountains, New South Wales
The Night Sky building stands on a long, narrow block overlooking Blackheath Golf Course. From the street, it has a quiet presence, in no hurry to reveal itself – there are no obvious clues that this is a house that is both raw and refined; that has strength and power but, at the same time, a delicacy that speaks of the human hand.

27 Mar 2023
Residence 264, Adelaide, South Australia
Architects: Enzo Caroscio Architecture
Residence 264 Adelaide South Australia
render : Peter Fisher Photography
Residence 264

28 Feb 2023
House 9D, Gold Coast, Queensland
Architecture: Mi Design Studio
House 9D Palm Beach Queensland - Australian Houses
photography : Cam Murchison, May Photography and Villa Styling
House 9D, Gold Coast, Queensland

22 Feb 2023
Newport Houses, Redcliffe, Brisbane, Queensland, Northeast Australia
Architecture: Michael Bailey (Open Architecture Studio) + Jasper Brown (Jasper Brown Architects)
Newport Houses in Redcliffe, Brisbane QLD
photo : Cathy Schusler
Newport Houses in Redcliffe, Brisbane QLD

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Latest Australian Houses 2022

30 Oct 2022
Ghin Ghin House, Victoria
Architecture: Dion Keech Architects
Ghin Ghin House Victoria Australia
photo : Lyons Photography
Ghin Ghin House
Sitting on a hillside in the idyllic rural setting of Ghin Ghin in northeast Victoria, the U-shape Ghin Ghin House wraps around a generous central courtyard. Thick external walls enable storage opportunities internally and deep window reveals, which provide effective sun shading on all sides.

23 Oct 2022
McAnally Residence, Sunshine Beach, Queensland
Building + interior design: MADDOCK
McAnally Residence Sunshine Beach Queensland
photo : Scott Burrows
McAnally Residence, Sunshine Beach, Queensland
The stylishly designed McAnally Residence rises out of the sand dune, overlooking the ocean at Sunshine Beach, on the east coast of Australia, approximately 120km north of Brisbane.

7 Sep 2022
Oystercatcher House, Callala Beach, New South Wales
Design: MCK Architecture & Interiors
Oystercatcher House Callala Beach NSW
photo : Prue Ruscoe
Oystercatcher House, Callala Beach, NSW
For some years a Sydney based family had enjoyed their holidays in a tiny prefabricated house on the beachfront lot, but had finally outgrown it. They wanted to improve the accommodation and take better advantage of the opportunities of the location and aspect, while retaining a relaxed, simple pattern of inhabiting the site.

23 Aug 2022
Great Granny House, Coopers Shoot, New South Wales
Design: Harley Graham Architects
Great Granny House Coopers Shoot NSW
photo : Peter Tanevski
Great Granny House, Coopers Shoot NSW
Great Granny House was undertaken in partnership with Peter Carmichael, who’s office of Cocks Carmichael — a pioneer mid-century architectural practice — had closed some time before the inception of this project. The design of Great Granny House is a direct response to the specific site characteristics where the ocean views are to the South and the prime orientation is to the North.

18 Aug 2022
Carlyle Lane House, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Design: Harley Graham Architects
Carlyle Lane House, Byron Bay New South Wales
photo : Peter Tanevski
Carlyle Lane House, Byron Bay, New South Wales
This new Australian house sits on a small 500 sqm block in the middle of Byron Bay. The clients, originally from Brazil, had a long-standing penchant for Mid-century architecture.

18 Aug 2022
Port Willunga Residence, Adelaide, South Australia
Architecture: Urban Habitats
Port Willunga Residence South Australia
photo : Kate Bowman Photography
Port Willunga Residence, South Australia

16 Aug 2022
Portsea House, Victoria
Architecture: Hall Studio with Fender Katsalidis
Portsea House Victoria Australia
photo : Tom Blachford
Portsea House, Victoria
This new Australian residence has been a beloved family coastal home for the last thirty years, this art-collecting client needed a home to facilitate the upcoming thirty years, as an eventually less infrequent residence. Nestled into the coastline of Portsea, and overlooking incredible vistas to the ocean beyond, priority was around maximising the homes’ connection to its location, along with being the conduit for an expression of the client’s passion for the Arts.

14 Aug 2022
Mona Lane, Brunswick Heads, New South Wales
Design: Harley Graham Architects
Mona Lane Brunswick Heads New South Wales
photos : Anson Smart and Michael Nicholson
Mona Lane, Brunswick Heads New South Wales
This contemporary Australian property began in 2015 with our client’s vision for riverside retirement in the sleepy suburb of Brunswick Heads. The clients wished to age in place, without the need for onerous maintenance requirements – a future proof forever home.

12 Aug 2022
Wollumbin House, Byron Bay, New South Wales
Design: Harley Graham Architects
Wollumbin House Byron Bay New South Wales
photo : Andy MacPherson Studio
Wollumbin House, Byron Bay, New South Wales
Faced with the challenge of a highly constrained site, Wollumbin House is a project that embraces solitude and sanctuary in the confines of a suburban context. Anchored on a steep west facing site the project acts as a vantage point to enjoy views of the caldera and Wollumbin (Mount Warning) to the west and glimpses of the Pacific Ocean to the north.

10 Aug 2022
116A Edward Residence, Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Architecture: Urban Habitats
116A Edward Residence South Australia
photo : Kate Bowman Photography
116A Edward Residence, South Australia
When designing the 116A Edward Residence Urban Habitats were excited to show case both the in-house design studio capabilities whilst also continuing to show that the construction team was highly efficient, detailed and quality focused.

29 July 2022
House on Haines, Adelaide, South Australia
Architecture: Studio Nine Architects
House on Haines Adelaide South Australia
photo : David Sievers
House on Haines, Adelaide

5 Jul 2022
Wombat House, Wombat, Young, Southwest Slopes region, New South Wales
Architects: Richard Cole Architecture
Wombat House Young New South Wales
photo : Rachel Lenehan Photography
Wombat House, New South Wales

3 Jul 2022
Bundeena House, New South Wales
Architects: RAAarchitects
Bundeena House Royal National Park NSW
photo : Michael Nicholson
Bundeena House, Royal National Park NSW

Updated 4 July 2022
Bluff Farm House, rural New South Wales, about four hours from Sydney
Design: Richard Cole Architecture
Bluff Farm House New South Wales Property
photograph : Brett Boardman
Bluff Farm House

2 July 2022
Foamcrest Apartments, Newport
Architects: Richard Cole Architecture
Foamcrest Apartments Newport NSW - Australian houses
photo : Simon Wood Photography
Foamcrest Apartments, Newport NSW

21 Jun 2022
Merindah Park House, Bellawongarah, New South Wales
Architects: Richard Cole Architecture
Merindah Park House Bellawongarah NSW
photograph : Simon Wood Photography
Merindah Park House, NSW
A new owner built farmhouse, Merindah Park House in Bellawongarah, on the tablelands above Kangaroo Valley, takes cues from traditional rural building materials and forms. The splayed plan opens to the landscape and generates a serene central courtyard around which circulation paths are placed.

8 Jun 2022
Whale Beach Villa, northern beachside suburb of Sydney, NSW
Architect and Interior Designer: Rama Architects
Whale Beach Villa New South Wales
photo : Simon Whitbread
Whale Beach Villa

6 Jun 2022
Nelson House, Hobart, Tasmania
Architects: Biotope Architecture + Interiors
Nelson House Hobart Tasmania - Australian houses
photo : Peter Mathew
Nelson House, Hobart, Tasmania

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Australian Houses Spring 2022

25 May 2022
Cockatoo Island, Woolwich, Sydney, New South Wales
Design: Breathe Architecture
Cockatoo Island Woolwich NSW
render : Mark Gerada
Cockatoo Island Property

19 Apr 2022
Dolphin Sands Studio, Tasmania
Design: Matt Williams Architects
Dolphin Sands Studio Australian houses
photo : Adam Gibson
Dolphin Sands Studio, Tasmania

11 Apr 2022
Kelvedon Park Club House, Tasmania
Design: AKA Architects
Kelvedon Park Club House Tasmania
photo : Natasha Mulhall
Kelvedon Park Club House

7 Apr 2022
Buchan Point, Palm Cove, Queensland
Architecture: TPG Architects
Buchan Point Residence Palm Cove Queensland
photo : Andrew Watson Photography
Buchan Point Residence, Palm Cove Queensland
Buchan Point is a luxury Palm Cove residence, cantilevered from a prime elevated block in the locality of Buchan Point, is designed to provide 270-degree ocean views from every room. Balconies and outdoor areas are provided for each of the four bedrooms.

8 Apr 2022
Studio Feels, Clontarf, NSW
Design: Hobbs Jamieson Architecture
Studio Feels Clontarf NSW Australian houses
photo : Luc Remond
Studio Feels, Clontarf, NSW
The Studio Feels project involved a studio extension to the existing detached double garage on a large suburban block, to create a multi-purpose space and lower-level sauna. The scope involved an addition consistent in scale with the lower-level footprint displaying an architectural aesthetic in line with the original period detailing of the main home, and future renovation aspirations of the owners for the site.

27 Mar 2022
Mt Eliza House, Victoria

24 Mar 2022
Somers Modular Home, Victoria

22 Mar 2022
Hide House, Venus Bay, Victoria

22 Mar 2022
Mt Eliza House, Victoria
Mt Eliza House, Victoria

21 Mar 2022
Origami House, Hobart, Tasmania
Design: Matt Williams Architects
Origami House Hobart Tasmania - Australian houses
photo : Adam Gibson
Origami House, Hobart Tasmania
Located on a remnant internal block in inner Hobart, Tasmania, surrounded by nine neighbours, Origami House folds it’s way across and down the site, creating private outside and inside spaces for clients that were as focused on the garden as they were on their new home.

17 Mar 2022
Somers Modular Home, Somers, Victoria
Design: Modscape
Somers Modular Home Victoria - Australian houses
photo : Emily Bartlett
Somers Modular Home, Victoria
Nestled in the south-eastern corner of the picturesque Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, this gorgeous beachside Somers Modular Home with stunning coastal views is all about luxury and natural light. The clients called on Modscape to design a knockdown rebuild project – a relaxing retreat they’d call home in the summer months.

15 Mar 2022
Hide House, Venus Bay Beach, South Gippsland, Victoria
Design: MRTN Architects
Hide House Venus Bay Victoria
photo : Dave Kulesza
Hide House, Venus Bay Victoria
Venus Bay is located in South Gippsland, a narrow peninsula of land with Bass Strait the southwest and Anderson’s Inlet to the northeast. The property is located on the crest of a sand dune amongst coastal Tea Tree, and enjoys views to the waterways of the inlet to the north and the grassy tidal plains to the east.

12 Mar 2022
Venus Bay Beach House, Venus Bay Beach, South Gippsland, Victoria
Design: MRTN Architects
Venus Bay Beach House Victoria Home - Australian houses
photo : Nic Granleese
Venus Bay Beach House, Victoria Home
A bach is a New Zealand term for a family summer house, usually fairly basic in form and simple in finish for when you are your bach you do your living outside, an appropriate starting point for this coastal house for a family of five originally from NZ.

9 Mar 2022
Number 14, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Design: Black Rabbit Architecture + Interiors
Number 14 Heathpool House
photo : Christopher Morrison
Number 14, Heathpool House

7 Mar 2022
Vaucluse Road, NSW
Architects: X.PACE
Vaucluse Road Residence NSW - Australian houses
photo : David Thompson
Vaucluse Road Residence, New South Wales
The view from Vaucluse Road is an iconic post card image. The form of the architecture suggests that the building is ‘looking’ at something significant, Sydney Harbour.

9 Mar 2022
Riverview House, Sandy Bay, Tasmania
Architects: Studio Ilk Architecture + Interiors
Riverview House Sandy Bay Tasmania
photo : Peter Mathew
Riverview House, Sandy Bay Tasmania

7 Mar 2022
Tempus, Canberra, ACT
Architects: Cox Architecture
Tempus Turner Townhouses Canberra - Australian houses
photo : Roderigo Vargas
Tempus Turner Townhouses, Canberra
The Tempus project represents the introduction of a terrace typology to the Canberra housing market akin to iconic terrace housing in major cities like London and New York. The philosophy underpinning the design was to create a single cohesive form, opposed to a collection of individual dwellings.

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Australian Houses Winter 2022

28 Feb 2022
Barangaroo House, Barangaroo South, Sydney, NSW
Design: H-E Architects
Barangaroo House Sydney New South Wales
photo : Felix Forest
Barangaroo House, Sydney

24 Feb 2022
Loftus Road Apartments, Darling Point, NSW
Design: X.PACE
Loftus Road Apartments Darling Point - Australian houses
photo : Tyrone Branigan
Loftus Road Apartments, Darling Point NSW
The Loftus Road Apartments project is an apartment building situated in one of the steepest streets in Sydney, New South Wales. The west facing orientation presents the views of water, city, Harbour Bridge.

21 Feb 2022
New Wave House, Warriewood, New South Wales
Design: Studio Gorman
New Wave House Warriewood NSW
photo : Prue Ruscoe
New Wave House, Warriewood NSW
This modern NSW residence is tucked away between Warriewood and Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, this idyllic Australian beachside home encompasses indoor / outdoor lifestyle through expansive glazing framing the unimpeded ocean views and free flowing navigation.

24 Feb 2022
Point Lonsdale II, Victoria Home

18 Feb 2022
New Wave House, Warriewood NSW

10 Feb 2022
Huon Barn House, Lucaston, Tasmania
Architects: Studio Ilk Architecture + Interiors
Huon Barn House Tasmanian buildings
photo : Thomas Ryan
Huon Barn House

24 Jan 2022
Coopworth, South Bruny, Tasmania
Architecture: FMD Architects
Coopworth House Tasmania - Australian Houses
photo : Dianna Snape
Coopworth House, South Bruny Tasmania
Nestled in the rural surrounds of Bruny Island, Tasmania, Coopworth is a contemporary interpretation of a country farmhouse. The site’s inhabitants of Coopworth sheep enjoy the wide-ranging views to the water and mountain ranges beyond, as well as the weathering red lead shacks dotted over the island provide an ever-changing landscape with which the house converses.

14 Jan 2022
McCrae Bush House, Horsham, Victoria
Architects: Chan Architecture Pty Ltd
McCrae Bush House Victoria - Australian Houses
photo : Tatjana Plitt
McCrae Bush House, Victoria
Located on a long and sloping site along the Mornington Peninsula, this new Australian home is a dwelling that was inspired by its unique surrounding context of native bushland and the close proximity of Port Phillip Bay. Located on the highest point of the site towards the rear so as to take advantage of the water and treetop views, the curved driveway approach to the building was carefully considered in the design of the building form.

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Australian Houses in 2021

5 Dec 2021
Memory House, Canberra, ACT
Architects: Thursday Architecture
Memory House Canberra
photo : Anne Stroud
Memory House, O’Connor North Canberra
This contemporary Canberra residence is situated among leafy heritage streets and close proximity to the city, O’Connor’s streetscape is a patchwork of original cottages and modern homes. Having grown up in the original home and later moving after her parents sold it in the early 90’s, it was serendipity, that with her own young family, they came to purchase the property to create a home to reflect their passion for minimalist living, art, and design.

29 Nov 2021
Gawthorne’s Hut, Mudgee, NSW
Design: Cameron Anderson Architects
Gawthorne's Hut Mudgee New South Wales
photo : Martin Mischkulnig
Gawthorne’s Hut, Mudgee New South Wales
This New South Wales property s a luxury, 2 person, off grid, tourism experience within a working rural property 10 minutes from the centre of Mudgee. The project intends to create a unique and sustainable tourism experience that responds directly to the history and context of the property.

4 Nov 2021
House Acute, Killcare, New South Wales
Design: MCK Architecture & Interiors
House Acute Central Coast Region NSW
photography : Brett Boardman
House Acute, Central Coast Region NSW
This New South Wales weekender home was built for a family of 6 on a site abutting the edge of the NSW coastline. The site is exposed to the ocean elements and also sits adjacent to a severe bush-fire prone coastal bluff.

11 Oct 2021
Carina Heights, Brisbane, Queensland
Architects: dion seminara architecture
Carrina Heights Property Brisbane
photograph : Mark Cranitch
Carrina Heights Property, Brisbane

29 Sep 2021
Koonwarra House, Koonwarra, South Gippsland, Victoria
Design: Grant Amon Architects P/L
Koonwarra House South Gippsland - Australian Houses
photograph : John Gollings
Koonwarra House, South Gippsland
The Koonwarra House is a modest weekend home on a small country lot for a retiring couple and family. Inspired by Australia’s mid-century architectural modernist legacy, this simple dwelling provides a calm rural escape amongst the gum trees, koalas and kangaroos.

3 Sep 2021
Anne Street Garden Villas, Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland
Architects: Anna O’Gorman Architect
Anne Street Garden Villas Southport Qld - Australian Houses
photograph : Christopher Frederick Jones
Anne Street Garden Villas, Southport Qld

13 Aug 2021
Number 6, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Design: Black Rabbit Architecture + Interiors
Number 6 Adelaide Hills House
photo : Aaron Citti
Number 6, Adelaide Hills House

12 Aug 2021
Bones House, Bells Beach, Victoria
Architecture: Lachlan Shepherd Architects
Bones House Bells Beach Victoria - Australian Houses
photo : Nic Stephens Photography
Bones House, Bells Beach Victoria Property
Positioned on a hilltop overlooking the iconic Bells Beach Surfing Reserve, this property involved alterations and additions to the existing dilapidated 3-bedroom residence on site.

17 Aug 2021
The Storehouse, Burnie, Tasmania
Architects: Starbox Architecture
The Storehouse Burnie Tasmania - Australian Houses
photo : Aaron Jones
The Storehouse, Burnie Tasmania
The brief for The Storehouse tried to answer ‘How can we live with our loved ones as well as our most treasured possessions under the same roof’? The home looks to blend a typical dwelling with offsite storage into one.

13 Aug 2021
Wagstaffe House, Wagstaffe, New South Wales
Design: buck&simple: doers of stuff
Wagstaffe House Central Coast Region NSW
photo : Simon Whitbread
Wagstaffe House, Central Coast Region NSW
Wagstaffe House is the realisation of a dream to live in the trees overlooking the water. The layout consists of public and private wings that create a raised courtyard, open on one side to frame the view and create a place of refuge from the elements.

31 Jul 2021
Noosa Nest, Doonan, Sunshine Coast, Eastern Australia
Design: Tim Ditchfield Architects
Noosa Nest Sunshine Coast - Australian Houses
photo : Andrew Manson
Noosa Nest, Sunshine Coast Home
The Noosa Nest project comprises the renovation alteration and extension to a three storey 1970’s building which was originally designed as a duplex and later converted to a holiday house. The steep semi-rainforest site sits at the end of Laguna Bay.

24 Jul 2021
Bimbadeen House, Fairhaven, Victoria
Architecture: Lachlan Shepherd Architects
Bimbadeen House Victoria - Australian Houses
photo : Nic Stephens Photography
Bimbadeen House Fairhaven, Victoria Home
This Australian house is designed to compliment surrounding bush by nestling into the sloping site. The simple, low-lying, protective external form contrasts its light-filled, open planned interior.

15 Jul 2021
Off Grid House, Megalong Valley, New South Wales
Design: Anderson Architecture
Off Grid House Megalong Valley NSW
photography : Simon Anderson and Nick Bowers
Off Grid House, Megalong Valley NSW
Nestled in Sydney’s dense Blue Mountains bushland, this Australian home acts as a premium benchmark for sustainable living under extreme conditions while coexisting with nature. The modest, highly durable home is net zero emissions and BAL-FZ rated; self-sufficient in power, water and sewage.

26 Jun 2021
Callinthe House, Doonan, Sunshine Coast
Design: Tim Ditchfield Architects
Callinthe House Doonan Sunshine Coast - Australian Houses
photo : Scott Burrows
Callinthe House, Doonan, Sunshine Coast
This new property has been designed to closely connect with its semi-rural context. It is positioned to the rear of the site to ensure privacy from Calanthe Avenue and to be able to take advantage of fantastic views south to a mature eucalypt conservation forest and to look north over landscaped open space.

27 Jul 2021
LA Cool Pool House, Newport, New South Wales
Architecture: Carter Williamson Architects
LA Cool Pool House Newport NSW
photo : Ben Guthrie
LA Cool Pool House, Newport NSW
LA Cool is an outdoor living space addition to realise the original vision of our 2015 project, Newport House. Perched above Newport Beach in Sydney’s spectacular Northern Beaches, LA Cool embraces the beautiful views of Newport Beach and Pittwater, the infinity pool, pavilion and living spaces equally ideal vantage point to soak in the views.

5 Jul 2021
Stealth House, Hunters Hill
Architects: Bijl Architecture
Stealth House Hunters Hill - Australian Houses
photo © Tom Ferguson
Stealth House Hunters Hill

17 Jun 2021
The Bird Cage, Noosa, Queensland
Design: Tim Ditchfield Architects
The Bird Cage Noosa
photo © Scott Burrows
The Bird Cage, Noosa Queensland

22 June 2021
Jacka Crescent Townhouses, Campbell, Canberra, ACT
Architects: CO-AP
Jacka Crescent Townhouses Canberra Properties
photo : Ross Honeysett
Jacka Crescent Townhouses, Canberra
Jacka Crescent Townhouses consists of three new townhouses traverse across a sloping site in the inner-eastern suburb of Campbell, Canberra. The attached dwellings stagger across and up the steep topography, with rooms and circulation spaces stretching and hinging around courtyard gardens which frame borrowed landscapes.

27 Jun 2021
Sea Deck House, Noosa Heads, Queensland
Design: Tim Ditchfield Architects
Sea Deck House Noosa Heads
photo : Scott Burrows
Sea Deck House, Noosa Heads Queensland

22 Jun 2021
Kyneton House, Macedon Ranges region, Victoria
Architecture: MRTN Architects
Kyneton House Macedon Ranges Region
photo : Dave Kulesza
Kyneton House, Macedon Ranges Region
Kyneton House is an addition to a seventies brick home located on an elevated acre site with established gardens and mature exotic trees. Simply described the addition is a main bedroom suite with associated deck for entertaining with a cover carport and workshop under. The ambition for the design however was more complex than merely the usable spaces created.

13 May 2021
Ballarat East House, Ballarat, Central Highlands, Victoria
Architecture: Porter Architects
Ballarat East House Victoria
photograph : Derek Swalwell
Ballarat East House, Victoria Property
On the fringe of Ballarat on a native treed half-acre plot looking over the regional city, this new Australian house sits in its environment engaging every element of its site. A seasonal and 24-hour experience, it engages the winter months with beautiful natural light and views out to changing weather patterns.

17 Apr 2021
Barwon Heads, Barwon Heads, Victoria
Architecture: Adam Kane Architects
Barwon Heads House Victoria
photo : Timothy Kaye
Barwon Heads House, Victoria
Adam Kane Architects has given new life to a run-down weatherboard cottage in coastal Barwon Heads, Victoria, transforming it into a contemporary home through the careful use of textural tones and deep understanding of the sense of space. Breaking free from its local label as “the dump”, the black façade of the rejuvenated cottage subtly blends into its sleepy coastal street.

23 Mar 2021
Shoreham House, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
Architects: Borland Architecture
Shoreham House Mornington Peninsula
photo : Fraser Marsden
Shoreham House, Mornington Peninsula
Built overlooking the Bass Strait in Shoreham on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia the Shoreham House by Borland Architecture is designed to soak up the ocean views. This new residential project is all about the water view – the clients wanted a home as close to the water as the planning rules would allow.

22 Feb 2021
SL House, Aranda, Canberra, ACT
Design: Ben Walker Architects
SL House Canberra
photo : Ben Guthrie
SL House, Canberra
This contemporary Australian house is located within one of Canberra’s most strongly landscape suburbs – Aranda. The suburb is characterized by mature native Eucalypts and Acacias which are prevalent as street trees, parkland plantings and adjacent public reserve.

9 Mar 2021
Black Ribbon House, Brisbane, Queensland
Architecture: Studio 15b
Black Ribbon House Brisbane
photo : Angus Martin
Black Ribbon House, Brisbane Property

4 Jan 2021
South Coast House, Illawarra Escarpment, NSW
Architects: Indyk Architects
South Coast House Illawarra Escarpment
photo : Murray Fredericks
South Coast House, Illawarra Escarpment
The South Coast House grew out of its formidable site, inspired by the Illawarra Escarpment to the far west and north, and to its east the tidal ocean rock shelf and ocean beyond. Indyk Architects’ aim was to create a ‘safe harbour’ for living; to borrow and imbed the ocean-scape within the house views and to make a home of beauty and craftsmanship.

2 Jan 2021
AB House, Hackett, Canberra, ACT
Design: Ben Walker Architects
AB House Canberra
photo : Ben Guthrie
AB House, Canberra
The AB House includes 3 bedrooms, kitchen & living spaces, 2 storey study, rumpus, garage and wet areas. The project was designed and developed with careful consideration of site, and the nuances of the client brief. The block was a “Mr Fluffy” site with a previous house demolished prior to the commencement of the project.

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