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Australian Residences

Key Contemporary Residential Properties in Australia

post updated 15 April 2022

New Australian Residences

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Australian Residences. We aim to include the best new homes projects that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

We cover completed properties, new home designs and architecture competitions across Australia. The focus is on contemporary residences but information on traditional residential buildings is also welcome.

We have 4 pages of Australian house selections with links to many individual project pages.

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Latest Australian Residence Designs

New Property in Australia – major additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

23 Jul 2012
Harold Street Residence, Melbourne, Victoria
Design: Jackson Clements Burrows Pty Ltd Architects
Harold Street Residence - Australian Residences
photo : John Gollings
Harold Street Residence
The Harold Street Residence is a new two storey dwelling located in a heritage overlay area of Middle Park. The brief called for a new residence for a couple with university age children that would accommodate their evolving family needs. The ground floor provides the primary residence for our clients, engaging both with the street and garden, whilst the upper level provides more flexible living areas and bedrooms for their children, visitors and grandchildren.

Contemporary Australian Residences

New Residences in Australia, alphabetical:

The Dome House, Hawthorn, suburb of Melbourne, Victoria
McBride Charles Ryan
Dome House, Hawthorn Home: Melbourne property
photograph © John Gollings
Adelaide house
This project is a home in Hawthorn designed to accommodate at the various stages of its life, a family, a single person, and a single person with large visiting family. The design concept of this home was to take a perfect shape, the copper sphere, and to remove parts.

Dunedin Street Residence, Perth,
Western Australia
Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects
Dunedin Street Residence
photo © Shannon McGrath
Dunedin Street Residence

Falvey House, Warburton, Victoria
BKK Architects
Falvey House
photo : Shannon McGrath
Falvey House
Situated on a small edge of city site this project explores the context of the specific house and neighbouring suburbia whilst responding to the requirements of a growing family. It is a relatively small extension with new parts manipulating and exaggerating existing qualities creating an appropriate and sympathetic dialogue between old and new whilst exploiting every part of the site.

Florida Beach House, Perth
Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects
Florida Beach Home
photo © Peter Bennetts
Florida Beach House, Western Australia

Gooseberry Hill house
Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects
Gooseberry Hill house
photo © Shannon McGrath
Gooseberry Hill house

Grandview Drive Residence
Deicke Richards
Grandview Drive Residence
photo : Jon Linkins
Grandview Drive Residence

Happy Haus
Donovan Hill
Happy Haus
image from architect
Happy Haus

Highgate Hill Residence, Brisbane
Richard Kirk Architect
Highgate Hill Residence
image from architect
Highgate Hill Residence, Queensland<-

More Australian Residence Designs online soon

New Australian Home Designs – No Images

Other Australian Homes – no images/links, alphabetical:

House by the sea, New South Wales

Walter & Cohen

James Robertson house, New South Wales
Dawson Brown Architecture

More Australian Residence Designs online soon

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