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post updated 29 June 2024

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Australian Architectural News

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Australian Architecture News 2024

Australian Architectural News in 2024

13 June 2024
The Milldam, Port Sorell, Tasmania
Architects: Starbox Architecture
The Milldam, Port Sorell, Tasmania house

23 April 2024
Spink Street, Brighton, Victoria
Architecture: Peter Ryan Architects
Spink Street Commercial Building Brighton
hoto © John Gollings
Spink Street Commercial Building, Brighton, Victoria
Spink Street is a speculative office development commissioned by Align Property Partners, located in the leafy bayside suburb of Brighton. Comprised of four storeys of office above a ground floor lobby and parking facilities, the triangular project site is nestled between Nepean Highway (east) and the Sandringham rail line (west).

4 April 2024
Hidden House, Victoria
Architects: Eliza Blair Architecture and studio mkn
Hidden House Victoria, Australia

1 April 2024
Carrickalinga Shed, Carrickalinga, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia
Architects: Architects Ink
Carrickalinga Shed Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia
photos : by Thurston Empson and Corey Roberts
Carrickalinga Shed, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia
The premise was an interpretation of an Australian Federation Farmhouse, sited on a hilltop in Carrickalinga. With extreme winds, we manipulated the traditional farmhouse, stretching the perimeter to a square, whilst removing the center for the courtyard. With the verandah on the ‘wrong’ side we inverted the roof.

29 March 2024
Patanga Cabin, Patanga Estate, New South Wales
Design: Fabric Architecture Studio
Patanga Cabin, New South Wales, Australia

8 March 2024
Six Summerhouses, Mesa Aldinga Beach, Adelaide, South Australia
Architecture: Architects Ink
Six Summerhouses, Mesa Aldinga Beach, South Australia

26 February 2024
Cocobrew Express, Yeppoon, Queensland
Architects: Design+Architecture
Cocobrew Express Drive Thru Yeppoon Queensland
photo : Cam Murchison
Cocobrew Express Drive Thru, Yeppoon, Queensland
Cocobrew Express is situated on the outskirts of Yeppoon, Queensland. The project seeks to subvert the traditional Drive Thru typology whilst enhancing amenity for motorists and pedestrians alike. The Drive Thru is a familiar building typology in Central Queensland.

22 February 2024
The Seat, Tuerong, Victoria
Architecture: Atlas Architects
The Seat Tuerong Victoria house
photo : Tess Kelly
The Seat, Tuerong, Victoria house

16 February 2024
Island Point Residence, Queensland
Design: TPG Architects
Island Point Residence, Queensland, Australia

11 February 2024
Native Dog Cabin, Bremer Bay, Western Australia
Design: Chindarsi Architects
Native Dog Cabin, Bremer Bay, Western Australia

22 January 2024
Cairns Hockey Park, Cairns, Queensland
Architecture: TPG Architects
Cairns Hockey Park North Queensland
photo : Andrew Watson Photography
Cairns Hockey Park, North Queensland
The Cairns Hockey Park was designed following a consultation-led masterplanning process, a centrally located bifurcated grandstand was identified as the linchpin. Linking the Reef and Rainforest hockey pitches, this facility is envisioned as a multipurpose hub for spectator seating, outdoor gathering, clubhouse bar and kiosk.

Marcus Beach House, Shire of Noosa, Queensland

Courtside House, Mount Martha, Victoria

Robin Hill, Hobart, Tasmania house

Australian Architecture News 2023

Australian Architectural News in 2023

27 November 2023
MH House, Saint Peters, Adelaide, South Australia
Architects: Architects Ink
MH House Saint Peters South Australia
photo : Sam Noonan Photography
MH House, Saint Peters, South Australia

5 November 2023
Fenwick St Residence, Kew, Victoria
Architecture: Edition Office
Fenwick St Residence, Victoria

5 November 2023
Wings Way House, Skenes Creek North, Victoria
Architecture: MRTN Architects
Wings Way House, Victoria

5 November 2023
Mossy Point House, Mossy Point, New South Wales
Design: Edition Office
Mossy Point House, New South Wales

2 November 2023
Federal House, Federal, New South Wales
Design: Edition Office
Federal House, New South Wales

30 October 2023
Lyons House, Ballarat, Central Highlands, Victoria
Architecture: Moloney Architects
Lyons St House, Ballarat, Victoria

26 October 2023
The Foundry, Eveleigh, New South Wales
Architects: fjc studio
The Foundry, Eveleigh, New South Wales

24 October 2023
Music Room House, Glebe, Sydney, New South Wales
Architects: Alexander Symes Architects
Music Room House, New South Wales

26 September 2023
Iron Chef Residence, Millswood, South Australia
Architects: Das Studio
Iron Chef Residence South Australia
photo : Anthony Basheer
Iron Chef Residence, South Australia

26 September 2023
Bike House, Melbourne, Victoria
Architecture: FMD Architects
Bike House Melbourne property
photo : John Gollings
Bike House, Melbourne property

22 September 2023
Winter Creek House, Trentham, Shire of Hepburn, Victoria
Architects: sense of space [SOS Architects] Architecture ; Interior Design: Studio Tom
Winter Creek House Trentham Victoria
photo : Nicole England
Winter Creek House, Trentham, Victoria

22 Sep 2023
Ramsgate Avenue, Bondi Beach, New South Wales
Design: MHN Design Union
Ramsgate Avenue, New South Wales Apartments

18 Sep 2023
Dulwich Hill Duo, Dulwich Hill, New South Wales
Design and Project Architect: Blake Letnic Architects
Dulwich Hill Duo New South Wales House
photo : Katherine Lu
Dulwich Hill Duo, New South Wales House

17 September 2023
Hughesdale Extension, Hughesdale, Victoria
Design: Block Architecture Studio
Hughesdale Extension, Victoria

17 September 2023
Jay Esplanade House, Port Melbourne, Victoria
Design: Eckersley Architects
Jay Esplanade House, Victoria

16 Sep 2023
Tietz House, Blackheath, New South Wales
Architects: Design King Company
Tietz House, New South Wales

15 September 2023
Indooroopilly Residence, Queensland
Indooroopilly Residence
photo : Christopher Fredrick Jones
Indooroopilly Residence, Queensland

6 Sep 2023
Highlands House, Southern Highlands, New South Wales
Architects: Luke Moloney Architecture
Highlands House New South Wales Australia
photo : Tom Ferguson Photography
Highlands House, New South Wales

Mt Buller Ski Lodge, Victoria

Trentham Opposite The Station, Victoria

House in the Dry, Tamworth, NSW

The Pad in Western Australia property

Patterson Lake House, Melbourne

TLC Healthcare, Mordialloc, Victoria building

Bike Shed House, Melbourne property

Euroa House, Kelvin View, Victoria

Tunnel House, Brighton, Melbourne

Elanora Residence, Mooloolaba, Queensland

Hunter Residence, Adelaide, South Australia

EPSC Residence, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Australis House, Queensland

Black Betty House, Brisbane, Queensland

Hunters Hill House, New South Wales

Moonah Tree House, Barwon Head, Victoria

1 Jun 2023
Doyle Residence, Rose Park, Adelaide, South Australia
Architects: Glasshouse Projects
Doyle Residence Rose Park South Australia
photo : Aaron Citti
Doyle Residence, Rose Park, South Australia

14 May 2023
Piermont, Ballarat, Central Highlands, Victoria
Architects: Rachcoff Vella Architecture
Piermont House Ballarat Central Victoria
photo : Lean Timms
Piermont House, Ballarat Central, Victoria

11 May 2023
Horsham Riverfront Upgrade, Horsham, Victoria
Architecture: Chris Elliott Architects
Horsham Riverfront Upgrade Victoria Australia
photo : Chris Elliott Architects
Horsham Riverfront Upgrade, Victoria, Australia
In the heart of the Wimmera wheat belt in Victoria lies the small country town of Horsham. Late last year Chris Elliott Architects won the commission to design a number of structures along the riverfront to help with its revitalization.

10 May 2023
Moonah Tree House, Barwon Heads, Victoria
Architecture: Kirby Architects
Moonah Tree House Barwon Head Victoria
photo : Jacqui Henshaw
Moonah Tree House, Barwon Head, Victoria

9 May 2023
Fernberg House, Paddington, QLD
Design: Tim Stewart Architects
Fernberg House Paddington QLD
photo : Christopher Frederick Jones
Fernberg House, Paddington, QLD

27 Apr 2023
Mermaid Quay House, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, southern Queensland
Design: Type Architecture
Mermaid Quay House Noosa Queensland
photo : Mitchell Kemp
Mermaid Quay House, Noosa, Queensland

3 May 2023
Buderim House, Queensland
Design: Alexandra Buchanan Architecture
Buderim House Sunshine Coast Queensland Home
photo : Toby Scott
Buderim House, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Home

14 Apr 2023
Windsor Castle, Seddon, Victoria
Architecture: Antarctica Architects
Windsor Castle Seddon Victoria
photo : Field Carr
Windsor Castle, Seddon, Victoria

6 April 2023
Holy Trinity Lutheran College, Horsham, Victoria
Architecture: Brand Architects
Holy Trinity Lutheran College Horsham Victoria
photo : Rachael Dere
Holy Trinity Lutheran College, Horsham, Victoria
Brand Architects was engaged in 2013 to prepare a masterplan to expand Holy Trinity Lutheran College, located in Horsham, from Primary only to a full P-12 college.

27 Mar 2023
Residence 264, Adelaide, South Australia
Architects: Enzo Caroscio Architecture
Residence 264 Adelaide South Australia
render : Peter Fisher Photography
Residence 264

27 Mar 2023
Night Sky, Blue Mountains, New South Wales
Architects: Peter Stutchbury Architecture
Night Sky House Blue Mountain New South Wales
photo : Brett Boardman Studio
Night Sky House, Blue Mountains, NSW

Australian Architecture News 2022

Australian Architectural News 2022

30 Oct 2022
Ghin Ghin House, Victoria
Architecture: Dion Keech Architects
Ghin Ghin House Victoria Australia
photo : Lyons Photography
Ghin Ghin House

23 Oct 2022
McAnally Residence, Sunshine Beach, Queensland
Building + interior design: MADDOCK
McAnally Residence Sunshine Beach Queensland
photo : Scott Burrows
McAnally Residence, Sunshine Beach, Queensland

7 Sep 2022
Oystercatcher House, Callala Beach, New South Wales
Design: MCK Architecture & Interiors
Oystercatcher House, Callala Beach, NSW

23 Aug 2022
Great Granny House, Coopers Shoot, New South Wales
Design: Harley Graham Architects
Great Granny House, Coopers Shoot NSW

19 Aug 2022
Stone and Wood Brewery, Byron Bay, New South Wales
Design: Harley Graham Architects
Stone and Wood Brewery Byron Bay NSW
photos : Toby Scott and Andy MacPherson Studio
Stone and Wood Brewery, Byron Bay, NSW

18 Aug 2022
Carlyle Lane House, Byron Bay, NSW
Design: Harley Graham Architects
Carlyle Lane House, Byron Bay, New South Wales

18 Aug 2022
Port Willunga Residence, Adelaide, South Australia
Architecture: Urban Habitats
Port Willunga Residence, South Australia

16 Aug 2022
Portsea House, Victoria
Architecture: Hall Studio with Fender Katsalidis
Portsea House, Victoria

14 Aug 2022
Mona Lane, Brunswick Heads, New South Wales
Design: Harley Graham Architects
Mona Lane, Brunswick Heads New South Wales

12 Aug 2022
Wollumbin House, Byron Bay, NSW
Design: Harley Graham Architects
Wollumbin House, Byron Bay, New South Wales

11 Aug 2022
Glenroy Community Hub, Victoria
Architecture: DesignInc
Glenroy Community Hub Victoria Australia
photo : Dianna Snape Photography
Glenroy Community Hub, Victoria
Glenroy Community Hub’s centrepiece is a new contemporary library. Framing the Hub as a ‘social connector’ was a key strategy to build community resilience while bringing together diverse groups and encouraging community regeneration and inter-generational connection.

10 Aug 2022
116A Edward Residence, Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Architecture: Urban Habitats
116A Edward Residence, South Australia

4 Aug 2022
Forrest Terraces, Australian Capital Territory
Architecture: Collins Pennington Architects
Forrest Terraces Australian Capital Territory Homes
photograph : Felix Mooneeram
Forrest Terraces, Australian Capital Territory Homes
For Collins Pennington Architects’ clients, the Forrest Terraces project which led to him and his wife becoming mini developers was by chance rather than design. Being forced from their family home through the Mr Fluffy asbestos scheme, the couple embraced the moment as a positive life changing event and bought a foundering house on a leafy Forrest street.

29 July 2022
House on Haines, Adelaide, South Australia
Architecture: Studio Nine Architects
House on Haines, Adelaide

2 July 2022
The Hedberg, Hobart, Tasmania
Design: LIMINAL Studio with WOHA
The Hedberg Cultural Centre Hobart Tasmania
photos : Natasha Mulhall, Dianna Snape Photography and Patrick Bingham-Hall
The Hedberg Cultural Centre, Hobart

20 Jun 2022
Glenorchy Health Centre, Glenorchy, Tasmania
Architects: LIMINAL Studio
The Glenorchy Health Centre Tasmania
photo : Dianna Snape Photography
The Glenorchy Health Centre, Tasmania

27 Apr 2022
Change Rooms, Devonport, Tasmania
Design: Starbox Architecture
The Change Rooms Devonport Tasmania - Australian Architecture News
photo : Native Design Workshop
Change Rooms, Devonport

12 Apr 2022
Kelvedon Park Club House, Tasmania

12 Apr 2022
Newman Catholic Secondary College, Cairns, Queensland
Architecture: TPG Architects
Newman Catholic College Cairns - Australian Architecture News
photograph : Andrew Watson Photography
Newman Catholic College

11 Apr 2022
Bulmba-ja Centre of Contemporary Art, North Queensland
Architecture: TPG Architects
Bulmba-ja Centre of Contemporary Art North Queensland
photograph : Andrew Watson Photography
Bulmba-ja Centre of Contemporary Art, North Queensland
The new Bulmba-ja Centre of Contemporary Art celebrating Indigenous arts in Far North Queensland called for a welcoming public building to showcase the unique stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Existing tenants and start-up Indigenous organisations sought open and flexible spaces to grow, share knowledge and resources.

11 Apr 2022
Smiths Beach Surf Life Saving Tower, Phillip Island

7 Apr 2022
Buchan Point Residence, Palm Cove Queensland

22 Mar 2022
Callignee Community Hub, Victoria
Design: DS Architects
Callignee Community Hub Victoria - Australian Architecture News
photo : Peter Schreuder
Callignee Community Hub, Victoria
The Callignee Community Hub represents the hope and goodwill of a town rising from Victoria’s devastating Black Saturday bushfires. In Australia’s worst bushfire disaster on February 7, 2009, four people were killed in the area and nearly every house was destroyed, along with the original 1885 hall.

23 Mar 2022
Deakin University Indoor Exercise Building, Victoria

21 Mar 2022
Origami House, Hobart, Tasmania
Design: Matt Williams Architects
Origami House, Hobart Tasmania

17 Mar 2022
Somers Modular Home, Somers, Victoria
Design: Modscape
Somers Modular Home, Victoria

17 Mar 2022
Deakin University’s Exercise and Sports Science Teaching Building, Burwood, Victoria
Design: DS Architects
Deakin University Indoor Exercise Building Victoria
photograph : Michelle Williams
Deakin University Indoor Exercise Building, Victoria
A spectacular facility inspired by the dynamic forms of movement, presenting a new vision that disrupts the traditional model for university sports facilities. The new building is a four-floor facility under one roof comprising a mix of indoor and outdoor activities within a sustainable and controlled environment, offering research and teaching amenity to accommodate Deakin University’s world-leading exercise and sports science programme.

10 Mar 2022
Alexander & Albemarle
Architects: Cox Architecture
Alexander and Albermarle Precinct Canberra - Australian Architecture News
photograph : Jakub Besada
Alexander and Albermarle Precinct

25 Feb 2022
National Memorial for Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, Australian Capital Territory
Architects: SPRESSER and Peter Besley
National Memorial Australian Capital Territory
image : Make Models
National Memorial, Australian Capital Territory

18 Feb 2022
Space by Thynk, New South Wales
Design: X+O
Space by Thynk NSW Showroom - Australian Architecture News
image : Felix Mooneeram
Space by Thynk, NSW Showroom
A premium showroom space with the largest range of trusted brands for home interiors and exteriors. Created for home builders, architects and designers to select every finish and fixture for the home.

16 Feb 2022
Summer Place – Architecture Pavilion, Albury, New South Wales
Design: AKIMBO Architecture
Summer Place Pavilion Albury NSW
photos by Jeremy Weihrauch, Rhys Holland and AKIMBO Architecture
Summer Place Pavilion, Albury NSW
The 2021 instalment of the Albury City Council’s annual architecture pavilion has been completed. It can be found in QEII Square, behind the Murray Art Museum Albury from 5 November, 2021 – 27 March, 2022.

6 Feb 2022
Thynk Experience Centre, Beresfield, New South Wales
Design: X+O
Thynk Experience Centre Beresfield NSW
photo : Rohan Venn
Thynk Experience Centre, Beresfield NSW
A showroom experience, located over three levels. Thynk supply tiles, timber, carpet and window coverings to Project home builders and individuals.

29 Jan 2022
Central Park Public Domain, Chippendale, New South Wales
Design: Turf Design Studio with Jeppe Aagaard Andersen
Central Park Public Domain NSW - Australian architecture news
photography : Ethan Rohloff, Murray Fredericks and Simon Wood
Central Park Public Domain, NSW
Turf Design Studio with Jeppe Aagaard Andersen was commissioned by Frasers Property to reimagine the Central Park Public Domain of the Carlton United Brewery site at Broadway in Chippendale. Turf’s first task was to work with Foster + Partners, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Johnson Pilton Walker, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer and Tzannes Associates to review and refine the original masterplan inherited with the project.

23 Jan 2022
Federation Charm
Federation Charm, Hunters Hill NSW

6 Jan 2022
Brookfield Place, Sydney, New South Wales
Design: Make Architects with Architectus
Brookfield Place Sydney NSW - Australian Architecture News
photo : Brett Boardman
Brookfield Place Sydney Building
Brookfield Place Sydney is a mixed-use scheme which includes the revitalisation of the pedestrian Transit Hall on George Street for Wynyard Station. The project demonstrates the true benefits and power of urban densification.

Australian Architecture News 2021

Australian Architecture News in 2021

13 Dec 2021
Horsham Riverfront, Horsham, Victoria
Architecture: Chris Elliott Architects with Tract Landscape and Urban Design consultants
Horsham Riverfront Upgrade Victoria - Australian Architecture News
photograph : Chris Elliott Architects
Horsham Riverfront Upgrade, Victoria
In the heart of the Wimmera wheat belt in Victoria lies the small country town of Horsham. The area near the town was recently featured in the film “The Dry” starring Eric Bana. In recent years there has been a push to activate the Horsham Riverfront and make it more of a destination in Horsham.

16 Dec 2021
Macquarie University’s new central courtyard, Macquarie Park, NSW
Architects: ASPECT Studios and Architectus
Macquarie University new central courtyard, Sydney landscape
photo : Brett Boardman
Macquarie University new central courtyard

7 Dec 2021
The Marys Hope, Rosetta, Tasmania
Architects: Starbox Architecture
The Marys Hope Housing Tasmania
photograph : Adam Gibson
The Marys Hope Housing, Tasmania
The Marys Hope is a project collaboration between the Department of Social Services and affordable housing provider Housing Choices Tasmania. It consists of 26 single level, 2 bedroom units that were designed and constructed with very tight budgets and timeframes.

6 Dec 2021
Penguin Parade Visitor Centre, Philip Island Nature Parks, Victoria
Architecture: Terroir
Penguin Parade Visitor Centre Philip Island - Australian architecture news
photography : Peter Bennetts and John Gollings
Penguin Parade Visitor Centre, Philip Island
As its managers, Philip Island Nature Parks (a not-for-profit organisation) is a pre-eminent authority on care for penguins and their habitat, so this Penguin Parade Visitor Centre must balance the twin ambitions of eco-tourism and conservation. The Centre forms a nexus between the dunes, headland and wetland, linking all three delicate landscapes, while responding specifically to each, both formally and experientially.

22 Nov 2021
Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycle Ramp
Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycle Ramp

21 Nov 2021
African Savannah, Taronga Zoo, Mosman, New South Wales
Architects: Tonkin Zulaikha Greer
Taronga Zoo African Savannah Sydney
photos by Martin Mischkulnig and Tim Shaw
Taronga Zoo African Savannah

17 Nov 2021
Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre, Sydney, NSW
Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre Sydney

11 Oct 2021
Carina Heights, Brisbane, Queensland
Architects: dion seminara architecture
Carrina Heights Property Brisbane - Australian architecture news
photograph : Mark Cranitch
Carrina Heights Property, Brisbane

5 Oct 2021
Delacombe Stadium, Ballarat, Central Highlands, Victoria
Architecture: Kosloff Architecture
Delacombe Stadium Ballarat
photograph : Derek Swalwell
Delacombe Stadium, Ballarat
Delacombe Stadium acts as a ‘front door’ for Delacombe Primary School, the new Stadium provides a contemporary and high quality dedicated facility for competitive sports standards. The design considers the importance of connection, with a shift from a community urban frontage to a smaller campus scale, allowing for a transitions that responds proportionally to its contrasting environments.

30 Sep 2021
Koonwarra House, South Gippsland

9 Sep 2021
Urana Aquatic Leisure Centre, Urana, New South Wales
Design: Regional Design Service
Urana Aquatic Leisure Centre NSW - Australian architecture news
photograph : Nicholas Aylward and Georgie James
Urana Aquatic Leisure Centre
In 2017, a group of community members walked into our studio with an idea to build a new community facility in their town of 350 locals. Initially we undertook a sketch design to determine the size of the project they wanted and a cost estimate equating to around $1m, $500,000 more than what they thought.

7 Sep 2021
Anne Street Garden Villas, Southport Qld

27 July 2021
LA Cool Pool House, Newport NSW

5 Jul 2021
Stealth House, Hunters Hill
Architects: Bijl Architecture
Stealth House Hunters Hill
photo © Tom Fergusone
Stealth House Hunters Hill

20 May 2021
Australian Interior Design Awards 2021
ACMI Renewal interior design - Australian architecture news
photo : Shannon McGrath
2021 Australian Interior Design Awards Shortlist
As Australia’s eminent design program, the industry-based awards acknowledge the exceptional interior design work produced across the residential, commercial and public sectors, both domestically and internationally.

20 May 2021
Paddington Reservoir Gardens
Design: Tonkin Zulaikha Greer and JMD design
Paddington Reservoir Gardens NSW
image courtesy of architects practice
Paddington Reservoir Gardens, New South Wales

13 May 2021
Ballarat East House, Victoria Property

12 May 2021
Morwell TAFE Early Learning Facility, Victoria

11 May 2021
Recycled Ocean Plastic Resort, West Island

23 Apr 2021
Sydney Opera House Projection
Architects: SANAA
Sydney Opera House Projection NSW - Australian architecture news
Aboriginal artist Kaylene Whiskey celebrates Art Gallery of New South Wales’ 150th Anniversary
Sydney Opera House Projection

18 Apr 2021
Barwon Heads House, Victoria Property

18 Apr 2021
Victor Harbor Senior High School, Adelaide

9 Mar 2021
Black Ribbon House, Brisbane

5 Mar 2021
SL House, Canberra Property

1 Feb 2021
Mosaic Hotel, Adelaide

8 Jan 2021
South Coast House, Illawarra Escarpment

5 Jan 2021
AB House, Canberra: Hackett Home

Australia Architectural Updates 2020

Australian Architectural News 2020

17 Nov 2020
Little National Hotel, Canberra

6 Nov 2020
Bridge of Remembrance, Hobart, Tasmania

8 Oct 2020
Kangaroo Bay Pavilion, Hobart

30 Sep 2020
Scarboro Beach Services & Surf Club, Perth

18 June 2020
Two Sheds Retreat in Lorne, Victoria

10 June 2020
Civic Quarter Tower in Canberra

26 Mar 2020
Aurecon Darwin Office Fit-out News, Berrimah, Northern Territory
Design: Hames Sharley Architecture, Urban & Interior Design
Aurecon Darwin Office Fit-out Northern Territory
image Courtesy architecture office
Aurecon Darwin Office Fit-out News
A collaboration between multi-disciplinary design firm Hames Sharley and international engineer, Aurecon has ensured a hugely successful outcome in Aurecon’s own Darwin office fit-out.

25 Mar 2020
2020 Australian Interior Design Awards Shortlist

10 Mar 2020
Daylesford 1863 House in Victoria

4 Mar 2020
JCU Central Plaza in Townsville, Queensland

3 Mar 2020
Royal Hobart Hospital Holographic Construction

21 Feb 2020
Forrest Chase Perth Shopping Mall, 200 Murray Street, Perth, WA
Design: Hames Sharley Architecture, Urban & Interior Design
Forrest Chase Perth Shopping Mall, Western Australia
photograph : Douglas Mark Black
Forrest Chase Perth Shopping Mall, Western Australia
The redevelopment of Forrest Chase has positioned the complex as a world-class retail and entertainment precinct that was executed in multiple stages to maintain both the building operation and movement of people along Padbury Walk.

25 Jan 2020
One Subiaco Platinum Residences, Western Australia

24 Jan 2020
Charles Darwin University City Campus Concept, Darwin CBD, Northern Territory
Design: Hames Sharley Architecture, Urban & Interior Design
Charles Darwin University City Campus building - Australian architecture news
image Courtesy architecture office
Charles Darwin University City Campus Building
Elevating the base of the buildings and lowering the carpark creates Darwin’s first proposed “public plaza” – a focal point for students,community events and CBD users.

17 Jan 2020
King Somm Wine Bar & Store in Perth

2 Jan 2020
Tarrawarra Abbey in Yarra Glen, Victoria

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Australia Architecture News 2019

22 Dec 2019
Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre in Western Australia

21 Dec 2019
Highgate Primary School Classrooms Perth Building

25 Nov 2019
Melville Senior High School Theatre, Perth

21 Nov 2019
Hepburn Bath House and Spa, Victoria

15 Nov 2019
Aussies win German Design Award 2020
So Watt have just won “Excellence in Design, Workplace Category for the German Design Council, German Design Award 2020”.

8 Nov 2019
Maitland Riverlink near Newcastle

6 Nov 2019
Longfellow Terraces in Brisbane, Queensland

25 Oct 2019
The Creamery, Bannister Downs Dairy Northcliffe

18 Oct 2019
Smiths Beach Surf Life Saving Tower, Phillip Island

17 Oct 2019
Pridham Hall in Adelaide

8 Oct 2019
High Noon Coffee Saloon in Perth

29 Jul 2019
Bridge of Remembrance, Hobart, Tasmania
Bridge of Remembrance, Hobart

24 Jul 2019
Dezeen Awards – the only Aussies in Workplace

So Watt are so honoured to be the only Australian studio to be long-listed in the Workplace category for the Dezeen Awards in 2019. The studio is only 3 years old. To be listed next to the likes of Flokk, Gensler and Wilkhahn is an amazing achievement for their small team!

So Watt Design Studio, 3 Shirlow Street, Marrickville, NSW, 2204, Australia

21 Jun 2019
The Weekender on Avoca Beach, NSW

15 Jun 2019
Vodka Palace in Cottesloe, Perth

13 Jun 2019
Sustainable Architectural Trends in Australia

22 Apr 2019
Cranbrook School in Wolgan Valley, NSW

4 Mar 2019
Bondi Penthouse
Architects: MHN. Design Union
Bondi Penthouse near Sydney
photograph : Brett Boardman
Bondi Penthouse
This new residential project required a respectful and carefully considered approach in order to integrate an addition to a building which has its own history within the iconic environment of Bondi’s Campbell Parade.

19 Feb 2019
Lune de Sang Pavilion in Byron Bay

13 Jan 2019
The Oasis on Hawley Beach, Tasmania

1 Jan 2019
Tasmanian Buildings

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Australia Building Updates 2018

14 Nov 2018
Church Street Butcher in Brighton

7 Nov 2018
The Playful House in Brighton

7 Nov 2018
Cairns Innovation Centre, James Cook University
Design: Wilson Architects and Clarke & Prince Architects
Innovation Centre in Cairns Australia
image Courtesy architecture office
Cairns Innovation Centre
JCU unveil new $30M Cairns Innovation Centre.

16 Aug 2018
Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia
Design: Woods Bagot Architects
Adelaide Convention Centre Australian Architecture News
photo : Trevor Mein
Adelaide Convention Centre Building

15 Aug 2018
Southbank by Beulah Melbourne, Victoria
Design: UNStudio, Architects
Southbank by Beulah Tower Competition Winner - Australian Architecture News
image : Norm Li, courtesy of UNStudio
Southbank by Beulah Melbourne Winner

7 Aug 2018
Quarry House, Brighton, Victoria
Design: Finnis Architects
Quarry House in Brighton - Australian architecture news
photograph : Tom Roe
New Home in Brighton, Victoria

30 Jul 2018
The Recyclable House, Beaufort, Victoria
Design: Inquire Invent Pty Ltd
The Recyclable House in Beaufort
photograph : Nic Granleese and Inquire Invent Pty Ltd
The Recyclable House in Beaufort
The striking external facade is exceptionally low maintenance and durable using Yakisugi, a traditional Japanese charred timber technique on the north side and heritage Z600 galvanised steel across an unbroken ridgeline and three sides of the building.

30 Jul 2018
The Stack for Southbank, Melbourne
Architects: MVRDV and Woods Bagot
The Stack for Southbank by Beulah in Melbourne - Australian Architecture News
image courtesy of architects office
The Stack for Southbank

29 Jul 2018
Southbank by Beulah, Melbourne, Victoria
Design: MAD Architects
Southbank by Beulah Melbourne Tower Competition
image by MIR
Southbank by Beulah in Melbourne

23 Jul 2018
Mount Macedon House, Victoria
Design: Field Office Architecture
Mount Macedon House in Victoria
photograph : Dan Farrar
Contemporary House in Victoria
The client and his family desired a slower pace of life: they needed a site surrounded by nature in a secluded setting, yet still within a commutable drive to Melbourne.

11 Jul 2018
The Doss House, Sydney, New South Wales
Architects: buck&simple: doers of stuff
The Doss House in Sydney Australian Architecture News
photograph : Tom Ferguson
New Whisky Bar in Sydney

9 Jul 2018
Tarrawarra Abbey, Yarra Glen, Victoria
Design: Baldasso Cortese Architects
Tarrawarra Abbey in Yarra Glen Victoria Australian Architecture News
photograph : Peter Clarke
Tarrawarra Abbey

5 Jul 2018
Hide and Seek House, Point Lonsdale, Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria
Architects: Bower Architecture
Hide and Seek House on Point Lonsdale
photograph : Shannon McGrath
Hide and Seek House on Point Lonsdale
This new beach house follows the local vernacular of gently gabled houses.

30 Jun 2018
Emanuel Synagogue Sydney
World Architecture Festival Awards 2018 Shortlist

20 Jun 2018
SAHMRI 2 Building, Adelaide, South Australia
Design: Woods Bagot Architects
SAHMRI 2 Building in Adelaide
image courtesy of architects
SAHMRI 2 Building

12 May 2018
Adelaide Contemporary Designs, South Australia
Adelaide Contemporary design by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group & JPE Design Studio
image courtesy of architects
Adelaide Contemporary Designs

8 May 2018
Optus Stadium, Perth, Western Australia
Architects: Cox Architecture / HASSELL / HKS
Optus Stadium in Perth Australian Architecture News
photo : Peter Bennetts
Optus Stadium Building in Perth

7 Apr 2018
Dining Precinct at Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Queensland
Architects: The Buchan Group
Oasis Shopping Centre at Broadbeach, Gold Coast
image courtesy of architecture practice
Oasis Shopping Centre at Broadbeach

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