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Israeli Architecture Designs – chronological list

Israeli Architecture News

Israeli Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

8 January 2024
Y House, Jerusalem
Architects: Matti Rosenshine Architects
Y House Jerusalem Israel
photo : Ilan Nahum
Y House, Jerusalem, Israel property

Midbarium Animal Park

Maayan Centre, Tel Aviv

Herzliya House, Tel Aviv

29 June 2023
Top Audio, Herzliya Pituach – on the waterfront just north of Tel Aviv
Architects: Hila and Dan Israelevitz, Israelevitz Architects
Top Audio Herzliya Pituach, Israel office / showroom
photo : Oded Smadar
Top Audio Herzliya Pituach
Top Audio, one of Israel’s leading companies in the smart home and audio-video systems field, recently inaugurated the new office and showroom complex in Herzliya Pituach.

21 May 2023
Dead Sea Desert Hotel
Architects: Bar Orian Architects in collaboration with Lambs & Lions Studio
Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel the Middle East
architecture renderings by Bar Orian Architects
Dead Sea Desert Hotel
Bar Orian Architects in collaboration with Lambs & Lions Studio officially announces, Dead Sea Desert Hotel, a new luxury resort planned for Israel’s Judean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea, scheduled to open in 2025. The 109 room-and-suite property will be built on a plot of land with an area of about 20 dunams (nearly five acres) in the Judean Desert overlooking the serene landscape of the Dead Sea.

5 May 2023
Compound For 2 Municipalities, Giv’at Shmuel, Tel Aviv
Architecture and Urban Planning: Y. Lavie Architects and Urban Planners LTD and Erez Shani Architecture
Giv'at Shmuel Compound Tel Aviv Israel
Renders: Rembox
Giv’at Shmuel Compound
The Compound For 2 Municipalities project is planned on two adjacent lots (24,000 sqm total area) owned by one of Israel’s most renowned telecommunications company, within the jurisdiction of 2 municipalities in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area.

14 Oct 2022
Lines Alive, Herzliya, Tel Aviv
Architects: Jacobs-Yaniv Architects
Lines Alive House Herzliya
photo : Amit Geron
Lines Alive House, Herzliya, Tel Aviv

6 Sep 2022
Glassworks, central Tel Aviv
Architect: Alex Nicholls
Glassworks Eyewear Gallery and Optometry Clinic Tel Aviv Israel
photo : Dudi Hasson
Glassworks Eyewear Gallery and Optometry Clinic, Tel Aviv
Glassworks is a new design-centric eyewear gallery and Optometry clinic in a preserved 1920s Art Deco building in the heart of Tel Aviv.

30 Aug 2022
Villa Rothschild Apartments, Tel Aviv
Architects: Bar Orian Architects
Villa Rothschild Apartments Tel Aviv Israel
photo : Amit Geron
Villa Rothschild Apartments, Tel Aviv
Bar Orian Architects, a leading international architecture firm based in Israel and established by Tal and Gidi Bar Orian in 1990, announce its work for Villa Rothschild, an architectural marvel situated along Tel Aviv’s namesake Rothschild Boulevard.

14 Jun 2022
Independence Trail, Tel Aviv
Architects: Ollech + Tol
Independence Trail Tel Aviv Israel
photo : Tomer Appelbaum
Tel Aviv Independence Trail
The Independence Trail is a 1 km long urban installation, spanning the cultural center of Tel Aviv. Through the trail, ten historical sites scattered across Tel Aviv are woven together to tell the story of Israel’s founding.

13 Jun 2022
FOZ, Jerusalem
Architects: Ollech + Tol
Friends of Zion Museum Jerusalem Israel
photo : Assaf Pinchuk
Friends of Zion Museum, Jerusalem
FOZ is a boutique museum situated in the center of Jerusalem dedicated to the story of the establishment of the state of Israel. The museum is designed as a storyboard- a series of spaces, each telling the story of a different period in time, designed in a different atmosphere and conveying a unique message.

10 June 2022
Gan Yavne Villa, central Israel
Design: Kloom Studio
Gan Yavne Villa, Israel property design
photo : Diego Rossman
Gan Yavne Villa

10 June 2022
Esther Tower, Jerusalem
Architects: HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš
Esther Tower Jerusalem Israel
photos : Ivan Němec and Pavlína Schultz
Esther Tower
Jerusalem is, not only for me, an enchanting city. In 2017, my friend who is the head of the Czech Centre in Tel Aviv, approached me with news that he and Mrs. Francoise Cafri from the Jerusalem Municipality possibly found a way to build an artistic object, a tower, in the center of Jerusalem.

28 May 2022
Office Complex – Jerusalem City Hall District Regeneration
Architects: Chyutin Architects with Jacques Dahan architect
Jerusalem City Hall District Regeneration - Israel Architecture News
image courtesy of architect office
Jerusalem City Hall District Regeneration
The regeneration scheme deals with the overall planning of Jerusalem’s city hall district and its Municipal square. The origins of its construction, may be traced to the emergence of Jewish neighborhoods outside of the Old City Walls during the latter half of the 19th Century.

10 May 2022
Havaya Home, Holon
Design: Roy David Architecture
Havaya Home Holon Office
photo : Itay Benit
Havaya Home, Holon Office
The company specializes in importing living and lifestyle items to Israel and supplying them to stores all over the country. The inspiration for the design of the space came from the client’s vision, a workshop feel and putting an emphases on the company’s product.

31 March 2022
MB CS3 House, Tel-Aviv
Design: architect Raz Melamed
MB CS3 House in Tel-Aviv

27 Feb 2022
RNS1 Apartment, Reines, Tel-Aviv
Design: WE Architects
RNS1 Apartment, Reines Tel-Aviv

2 Feb 2022
The Great Unit Apartment, Florentin, South Tel Aviv
Architecture: k.o.t architects
The Great Unit Apartment, Tel Aviv-Yafo

25 Jan 2022
Mapu 5, Tel Aviv
Interior Architecture: Bar Orion Architects
Mapu 5 Apartments, Tel Aviv

23 Jan 2022
Elma Arts and Hotel complex, Zikhron Ya’akov, Haifa District
Design: Ran & Morris Interior Designers
Elma Arts and Hotel complex Haifa
photo : 181 Photography
Elma Arts & Hotel complex, Haifa
Elma is a hotel and arts complex that uniquely combines luxurious hotel accommodation with the best in international music, plastic and performing arts. The hotel belongs to Mrs. Lily Elstein, and it showcases her personal art collection with works by the best Israeli artists.

14 Jan 2022
Sweetime, Giv’atayim, Tel Aviv
Interior Architecture: OMY DESIGN
Sweetime Shop Giv'atayim Tel Aviv
photo : Gidon Levin
Sweetime Shop, Giv’atayim Tel Aviv
The building designers wanted the store experience to be joyful & playful – this was done by using saturated colors for the façade and wall coverings inside. The designers wanted to maximize selling zones so they used their ceiling as the “power wall”.

2 Jan 2022
layer 2.0 Architecture Design Competition, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
layer 2.0 Architecture Design competition 2022, Tel Aviv-Yafo
layer 2.0 Architecture Design Competition
In the 21st century, most metropolitan areas are characterized by dense construction. Tel Aviv-Jaffa is inadvertently becoming a living lab, where new construction integrates with the conservation of the UNESCO listed heritage zone, located in the heart of the city.

24 Sep 2021
Yiftah House, Jerusalem
Design: Matti Rosenshine Architects
Yiftah House, Jerusalem

23 Aug 2021
Neve Tzedek Patio House, Tel Aviv
Architecture: MGA | Meiarv Galan Architect
Neve Tzedek Patio House, Tel Aviv

11 Aug 2021
Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Design: Foster + Partners
Israel Architecture News Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences in Jerusalem
photo : Studio Harel Gilboa
Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences in Jerusalem
Once the new tram link to the city center is opened, the building will act as a gateway to the university – its dynamic social spaces and laboratory facilities are designed to attract exceptional scientists, as well as to foster an interest in the center’s research activities within the wider community.

6 Aug 2021
Fein 1 Central Apartment Complex, Tel Aviv
Architecture: HQ Architects
Fein 1 Central Apartment Complex Tel Aviv
photo : Dor Kedmi
Fein 1 Central Apartment Complex, Tel Aviv
Located in Neve Shaanan, southern Tel Aviv, in a degraded area experiencing rapid transformations, this Israeli apartment complex introduces much needed housing and street-front commercial spaces, while partially preserving fragments of the existing building on site. The area is part of Tel Aviv – Yafo Municipality’s master plan to transform and uplift the city’s decayed southern district.

22 Jun 2021
Jaffa House, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv
Architects: Raz Melamed and Omer Danan
Jaffa House Tel Aviv - Israel Architecture News
photo : Amit Geron Photographer
Jaffa House, Tel Aviv

4 May 2021
Younes & Sorarya Nazarian Library, Haifa
Design: A.Lerman Architects Ltd.
Younes & Sorarya Nazarian Library Haifa University - Israel Architecture News
photograph : Amit Geron
Younes & Sorarya Nazarian Library, Haifa University
The Younes & Sorarya Nazarian Library project is an intervention project in one of the most iconic sites of modernist Israeli architecture – the Oscar Niemeyer planned campus of the University of Haifa.

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Israel Architecture News 2020

15 Dec 2020
Contemporary Art Gallery, south Tel Aviv
Design: A. Lerman Architects Ltd.
Contemporary Art Gallery Tel Aviv
photography : Amit Geron, Jochum Richard
Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
Contemporary Art Gallery is set in a former print factory at the southern end of Tel Aviv, this intervention within an existing industrial building explores the boundaries and potentials of re-use as a design brief. The building on 117 Herzl Street was a mediocre architectural product in the positive sense of the word.

29 Oct 2020
S House, Rishon Lezion
S House in Tel Aviv

3 Oct 2020
TLV House
TLV House in Tel Aviv

17 Sep 2020
TEO Center for Culture, Art and Content, Herzliya
Design: A.Lerman Architects Ltd.
TEO Center Culture Art Content Herzliya - Israel Architecture News
photo © Amit Geron
TEO Center for Culture, Art and Content, Herzliya
In a beachside residential area of Herzliya, TEO Center for Culture, Art and Content comes into view as a distinct single-story building, eminently lower than the neighborhood’s enclosed private mansions.

20 Jul 2020
ADDICT Clothing Store, Osishkin 54 Ramat Hasharon
Design: ON studio
Addict Clothing Store Ramat Hasharon Israel
photo : Yoav Peled
ADDICT Clothing Store in Ramat Hasharon
When the clients approached ON studio, about ADDICT Clothing Store in Ramat Hasharon, it was in the middle of the first wave of the Coronavirus lockdown. The clients felt that this was good time to re-design the store while it was not working.

5 Mar 2020
First Inclusive School, Tel-Aviv
Design: Sarit Shani Hay Design Studio
First Inclusive School Tel Aviv - Israel Architecture News
photo : Roni Cnaani
First Inclusive School Tel-Aviv
Tel Aviv-based award-winning designer, Sarit Shani Hay’s flagship project, the First Inclusive School in Tel Aviv puts a fresh face on what inclusive education should look like for school-aged children of today’s generation.

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Israel Architecture News 2019

16 Nov 2019
SSY House Tel-Aviv Villa

4 Nov 2019
Lee and Murray Kushner Family Building, Jerusalem
Design: HQ Architects
Lee Murray Kushner Family Building Jerusalem
photo : Lior Avitan
Lee and Murray Kushner Family Building
The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance holds an essential place in the cultural history of the city. Initially established in 1933, the academy is both a school as well as a performance venue.

10 Aug 2019
Community Centre for People with Disabilities, Holon
Design: Golany Architects
Community Centre for People with Disabilities, Holon
photography : Amit Gosher
Community Centre for People with Disabilities, Holon
The building that was designed by Tel-Aviv based Golany Architects serves people who experience disabilities. Therefore, providing accessibility was essential and indispensable. Accordingly, strict measures were employed, in order to cater for people with special needs, including wheelchair users.

5 July 2019
Rishon LeZion Residence

14 May 2019
The Ada and Tamar House, near Tel-Aviv
Design: Amos Goldreich Architecture
Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence near Tel-Aviv
photograph : Amit Gosher
Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence near Tel-Aviv
Designed by London-based practice, Amos Goldreich Architecture, alongside local firm, Jacobs-Yaniv Architects, this shelter is one of only a handful in the world which has been designed and built in consultation with the staff who will occupy and run it.

20 Jan 2019
Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital, Ashdod
Design: Davide Macullo Architects
Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital in Israel
photographer Architecture: Itay Sikolski
Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital in Israel
The new communal home has been designed through the eyes of all of those who will benefit from its services, who will experience important moments in an atmosphere of harmony and joy.

9 Jan 2019
A Holistic-Phenomenological Approach to Architecture
Design: Nili Portugali, Architect A.A Dip (London)
Residential Building in Tel-Aviv by Nili Portugali Architect
images courtesy of Nili Portugali Architect
Residential Building in Tel-Aviv
The purpose of architecture, as Nili Portugali sees it, is first and foremost to create a human environment for human beings.

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Israel Architecture News 2018

3 Dec 2018
Eco360 Energy Positive Villa

27 Nov 2018
Eco-Tubes – Azriel Faculty of Design’s Workshops Building, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv District
Design: Geotectura Studio
Azriel Faculty of Design Workshops Building, Shenkar
photo : Lior Avitan
The Azriel Faculty of Design’s Workshops building
contains several workshops, classrooms, offices and galleries, as well as the Gottesman Department of Jewelry Design. The building is part of the planned renovation of Shenkar’s campus by Geotectura.

19 Nov 2018
Pitaro Showroom, Holon
Design: Baranowitz& Goldberg Architects
Pitaro Showroom in Holon
image courtesy of architects office
Pitaro Showroom in Holon
Established by artisan Moshe Pitaroin 1962, and run by his daughter and son-in-law, Pitarohas hasbeen one of Israel’s leading office furniture importers for over 50 years.

30 Jul 2018
Optimove Offices, 2nd Ha’Shlosha Street, Adgar Towers, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Interior Design: Studio Roy David
Optimove, Tel-Aviv Offices, Israel architecture news
photo courtesy of architects
Optimove Offices in Tel Aviv
The offices of high tech company Optimove are spread over 2,500 sqm on the 33rd and 34th floors of the Adgar 360 Tower, located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s business district.

10 May 2018
Mount Herzl Memorial Hall
Design: Kimmel Eshkolot Architects in collaboration with Kalush Chechick architects
Mount Herzl Memorial Hal Israel architecture news
photo © Amit Geron
RIBA Awards for International Excellence 2018
A memorial situated at the entrance to Israel’s National Cemetery. The Mount Herzl Memorial Hall is comprised of a terraced hill; a correspondingly terraced sunken entrance court; and large cave-like interior centred upon an undulating light-flooded chamber, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

15 Jan 2018
5 Meters Residence, Tel Mond
Architects: Studio Ron Shenkin
5 Meters Residence Israel architecture news
photograph : Shai Epstei
5 Meters Residence in Tel Mond

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Israel Architecture News 2017

7 Nov 2017
Residence in the Galilee

11 Oct 2017
The Black Core House in Tel Aviv

6 Sep 2017
Rothschild Tower Building in Tel Aviv, intersection of Allenby Street and Rothschild Boulevard, central Tel Aviv
Design: Richard Meier & Partners Architects
Rothschild Tower Tel Aviv Building
photograph : Scott Frances
Rothschild Tower Tel Aviv Building
Richard Meier & Partners has completed its first international residential tower and its first project in Israel. The new Rothschild Tower is inspired by the scale and Bauhaus design principles of its neighbors in Tel Aviv’s White City. The building’s image of lightness and transparency is the result of a double layer façade comprised of clear glass with a delicate white louver screen inspired by traditional Middle Eastern clothing and prominent corner balconies derived from the low to mid-rise neighboring buildings.

30 Aug 2017
Google Office in Tel Aviv
Design: Camenzind Evolution, Yaron Tal, Setter
Google Office Tel Aviv Interior Design
photo : Itay Sikolski
Google Office Tel Aviv Interior Design
The new office occupies 8 floors and accommodates 500 workstations within a space of approximately 8000 m2. The new Google Office in Tel Aviv represents a new milestone for Google in the development of innovative work environments: nearly 50% of all areas have been allocated to create communication landscapes, giving countless opportunities to employees to flexibly collaborate and communicate with other Googlers in a diverse and inspiring environment.

10 Jun 2017
Beam House – Israel Residence

19 Apr 2017
Blanco Office, Electra Tower, Tel Aviv
Architects: Roy David Studio
Blanco Office Israel architecture news
photo : Yoav Gurin
Blanco Office in Tel Aviv
Blanco is a fresh and revolutionary advertising company specializing in projects from varied fields. As the team started getting bigger, Blanco partnered with Roy David Architecture Studio to design their new 200 sqm office space located in the Electra Tower in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel.

19 May 2017
TLV House in Tel Aviv

27 Mar 2017
“Brom” Building, Ramat Hovav – industrial zone south of the town of Beer-Sheba, Southern Israel
Design: Miron Sorin, from Miron Sorin Architects, Beer-Sheva
Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel building news
photo from architect
Brom Building, Neot Hovav
Built on a very limited plot inside the huge industrial compound of “Brom” company, (a subsidiary of “Israel Chemicals” company), the building is delimitating itself from the close plant installations.

20 Jan 2017
Round Robin HQ, Stock Exchange District, Ramat Gan
Architects: Roy David Studio
Round Robin HQ Israel architecture news
photo from architect
Round Robin HQ in Ramat Gan
Round Robin is a fresh technological innovation hub specializing in software. They partner with leading companies and co-found promising start-ups. From games to websites, the studio functions like a tightly knitted platform where the customers get way more than what their bargained for.

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Israeli Architectural Updates 2016

28 Dec 2016
Cloud Seeding Plaza Pavilion Holon, south of Tel Aviv
Design: MODU with Geotectura
Cloud Seeding Plaza Pavilion in Holon - Israel Architecture News
photo : Aviad Bar Ness
Cloud Seeding Plaza Pavilion in Holon
The multi-use plaza pavilion welcomes both museum visitors and the general public to engage with its public space. “Cloud Seeding” creates boundaries between sun and shade that are dynamic, responsive, and fragmented. These boundaries are the result of thousands of lightweight balls, or “seeds,” in motion on a fabric mesh ceiling.

17 Nov 2016
The Norman Hotelm Nahmani Street 23-25, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Design: architect Moshe Cerner ; refurbishment by Yoav Messer Architects Ltd.
The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv
photo from architect
The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv
This is a corner structure with great size and beautiful proportions. It was originally designed for the Friedman family by architect Moshe Cerner in the eclectic style popular in the 1920s. Over the years only minimal changes were done on the building, which housed many illustrious residents and often served as a film location.

15 Nov 2016
Windward HQ in Tel Aviv, 360 Adgar Tower, HaShlosha 3, Tel Aviv
Architects: Roy David Studio
Windward HQ building - Israel architecture news
photo from architecture firm
Windward HQ in Tel Aviv
The global company, Windward is best known for their data and analytics on the maritime domain. The company is a pioneer in the business as they have created the first maritime data platform, The Windward Mind.

14 Nov 2016
Academy of Advanced Studies in Jerusalem
Design: Chyutin Architects Ltd
Academy of Advanced Studies in Jerusalem
photo from architects office
Academy of Advanced Studies in Jerusalem
The Polonsky Academy of Advanced Studies for the Humanities and Social Sciences is part of the Van Leer Institute campus in Jerusalem. The building is situated on a cliff facing South towards the Jerusalem Theater.

14 Oct 2016
ToHA Towers, Tel Aviv
Design: Ron Arad Architects
ToHA Israel architecture news
photograph from architecture practice
ToHA Towers in Tel Aviv
The large-scale office development, a joint venture between two large investment and development companies, involves the conversion of a rarely available 1.8 hectare city-centre site, into 2 office towers with an area in excess of 160,000 sqm, extensive commercial facilities and a generous landscaped public space, across 3 levels.

Dean of Students’ Building
Design: YBGSNA Architects
Dean of Students Building - Israel architectural news
photograph : Ilia Kruvorechko
Dean of Students’ Building in Be’er Sheba

8 Aug 2016
Shipping Container Bridge Tel Aviv
Design: Yoav Messer Architects
Shipping Container Bridge Tel Aviv
image Courtesy Yoav Messer Architects
Shipping Container Bridge Tel Aviv
The 160m structure will be placed in Ariel Sharon Park, and will have two observation decks located on top of the containers, linked by a rooftop walkway.

Its modular units can be adapted to include additional features. For example, shutters will be added to increase shade and it will be fitted with solar panels to generate electricity.

Bespoke Lighting 22 Rothschild, 22 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv
Design: Rona Meyuchas Koblenz, rmkdesignoffice
Lighting 22 Rothschild Building
The building sees the merging of the original Bachar House, designated for meticulous conservation, and the new 24-story office tower, overseen by the award-winning architects Moshe Tzur and Orly Shrem. Joining the two buildings is a modern glass atrium bringing together the old and new aspects of this build and where Rona’s light is housed.

5 May 2016
Tel Aviv University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Competition Winner
Tel Aviv University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
image Courtesy architecture office
Tel Aviv University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Competition
Tel Aviv University has chosen the winning project of the Open International Competition for the new Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Centre. The project of French studio Atelier d’Architecture Michel Remon famous for its works for research centers in France was selected as a result. One of the most technological and cutting-edge buildings in the Middle East will be completed by 2020.

22 Mar 2016
The National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev, Ben-Gurion University, Southern Israel
Design: Chyutin Architects
National Institute for Biotechnology
image Courtesy architecture office
National Institute for Biotechnology: BGU University Building
The building for the research laboratories of the National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev (NIBN), is situated at the southwestern corner of the Ben-Gurion University campus. The edifice is a part of the university’s laboratory buildings complex and is connected to it by a covered walkway.

17 Feb 2016
Google Office Tel Aviv
Architects: Evolution Design
Google Tel Aviv
photo © Itay Sikolski
Google Office Tel Aviv
Google Israel, spectacular 8,000 sqm office in Tel Aviv, is an incredibly inspiring and innovative work environment for Google’s ever growing teams of engineers, sales and marketing.

28 Jan 2016
Askal Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv
Design: Roy David Studio
Askal Boutique Hotel
photo from architects
Askal Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv
The greatest challenge in our intervention inside Jaffa was having a consistent architectural discourse. One that approaches the problem with the outmost respect toward the traditional architecture, specific to the area while still having its own integrity attracting a broader public.

11 Jan 2016
Kofinas Information Centre, Tzur Moshe
Design: Ron Shenkin Studio
photograph : Shai Epstien
Kofinas Information Centre in Tzur Moshe
For many years, the Documentation Committee of Tzur Moshe sought to create an honorable exhibit of its history. It was an old, abandoned building that sparks the idea. A group of local entrepreneurs had a special feeling about this specific building, they were born and raised in Tzur Moshe, and felt it has a great potential.

Israeli Architecture Updates 2015

17 Nov 2015
Kol-Tzivion Residential Project, Kfar Shmaryahu, Tel Aviv District
Design: Studio de Lange, Architects
Kol-Tzivion Residential Project
image Courtesy architecture office
Kol-Tzivion Residential Project
Located in one of central Israel’s earliest communities, and sitting on a hilly 1000 m² plot, this home was created for a young family of 5.

The Pyramid Tower in Jerusalem by Libeskind

Apester Co-Cycles Offices in Tel Aviv

Jelly Button Games and Hamutzim Studio

Open Sided Shelter in Pardesia

Shelter for Battered Women in Israel

Serpantina in Tel Aviv

Porter School Tel Aviv – PSES Building

BGU University Entrance Square & Art Gallery, southern Israel
Design: Chyutin Architects
BGU University Building
picture from architects
BGU University Art Gallery

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