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Ukraine Architecture : Ukrainian Buildings

Contemporary Architectural Developments + Buildings in Eastern Europe

post updated 27 February 2024

Ukraine Architecture links

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Contemporary Ukrainian Architecture.

We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Ukraine. The focus is on contemporary Ukrainian buildings but information on key traditional buildings is also welcome.

Ukraine Building – Latest Designs

Recent Ukraine Buildings, chronological:

8 Nov 2022
ALIPH and Getty Partner to Protect Cultural Heritage in Ukraine
Saint Joan of Myrrh Church Kharkiv - Ukraine Cultural Heritage Grant Award
photo : Emmanuel Durand
Ukraine Cultural Heritage Grant Award by ALIPH and Getty

24 Aug 2022
Ukraine rebuild: Speedstac prefabricated modular units
Architecture: WZMH Architects, Toronto
Ukraine rebuild: Speedstac prefabricated modular units
image courtesy of architects practice
Ukraine rebuild prefabricated modular units

29 Apr 2022
Unit E Adaptive Modular Architectural System for living, working and temporary hosting of refugees
Architecture: Aranchii Architects
Unit E Ukraine Interchangeable Pods
image courtesy of architects practice
Unit E, Ukraine Interchangeable Pods

20 Apr 2022
Kharkiv City Rebuilding
Kharkiv City Rebuilding

12 Apr 2022
Support by Design: Initiative to Hire Ukrainian Landscape Architects Displaced by War
Landscape Architecture firms in the United States are leading an evolving initiative to engage their Ukrainian counterparts displaced by the war. The idea is for US-based companies to hire Ukrainian designers to work remotely, providing them with much-needed income, and also some agency over their lives during this difficult time:
Hire Ukrainian Landscape Architects Displaced by War

Ukraine Architecture Design News

Ukraine Architecture Designs 2006- 2013 – key architectural selection on e-architect below:

Roshen Chocolate Line Museum, Kiev
Design: architectural bureau ”ZOTOV&CO”
Roshen Chocolate Line Museum Building - Ukraine Architecture
image from architects
Roshen Chocolate Line Museum Kiev – 28 Feb 2013
AB Zotov & Co named as a winner of architecture competition – contract to design the world’s first active vertical chocolate line with smart-glass facade.

Sevastopol Railway Station, Black Sea coast, Crimean Peninsula, southern Ukraine
Architect: Arthur Kupreychuk
Railway Station Building Ukraine Architecture
image from architect
Sevastopol Railway Station – 27 Feb 2013
‘Station Under the Cloud’ – The project of the railway station in Sevastopol consists of a passenger terminal building and a hanging in the air cloud-canopy above it.

Roshen Canteen, Kiev
Design: Victor Zotov
Ukraine Canteen Building
photo from architect
Roshen Canteen – 27 Feb 2013
Before reconstruction there was a factory assembly hall in this room in Kiev. The architecture office chose to lower the low ceiling to open the attic space between frameworks and arranged the windows in roof slopes.

Foros Yacht House, Crimea
Design: Robin Monotti Architects
Foros Yacht House
photo : Ioana Marinescu
Foros Yacht House
Unusual, crisply articulated house on the waterside in Ukraine. Elements push and pull like a giant Rubik’s Cube, with the house clearly being orientated to maximise views towards the sea.

CANactions Architecture Competition
CANactions Architecture Competition
The Open International Ideas Competition
organizer: international architecture festival CANactions
support: the National Union of Architects of Ukraine

Ukraine Architecture Event
CANactions 2013 workshop in Kiev - Ukraine Architecture
image from organiser
CANactions 2013 Workshop in Kiev

Arena Lviv
Design: Atelier Wimmer ZT-GmbH ; Arnika Architekten (EM-Stadio Lviv)
Euro 2012 Venue Ukraine Architecture
image © Albert Wimmer ZT GmbH
Euro 2012 Venue Ukraine – 18 Jun 2012
The Stadium „Arena Lviv“ was designed by the Austrian architect DI Dipl. TP Albert Wimmer for the European Football Championship 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine. In the preparation of the construction the Bureau Wimmer also designed the master plan for the area.

Olympic Stadium Kiev
Design: gmp – von Gerkan, Marg & Partners
Kiev Stadium Building
photograph : Marcus Bredt
Olympic Stadium Kiev Ukraine – 4 Jun 2012
The new design for the reconstruction of the building respects the historic fabric with its important filigree prestressed concrete upper tier built in 1968, the frame of the new roof structure being detached and placed clear of the existing bowl. This most distinctive feature is therefore being encased in a new filigree glass façade and will be duly illuminated with appropriate lighting.

Ukraine Architecture Competition

13 Feb 2012
Kiev Islands Design Contest
Architecture Contest Entries
Kiev Islands Competition Design - Ukraine Architecture
image from architects
Ukraine Design Competition

Recent Ukraine Building Design

11 Jan 2012
Kiev Football Stadium – Olimpijski National Sports Complex
gmp – von Gerkan, Marg & Partners
Kiev Stadium
photograph : Oleg Stelmach
Football Stadium Ukraine
The “Red Stadium” was built on the grounds of Alekseevsky Park in Kiev in 1923 for the second All-Ukrainian Olympic Games. Over the decades, it was to be rebuilt and renamed several times. This Ukraine sports venue, which is now called the Olimpijski National Sports Complex, has since been completely renovated for the Euro 2012.

Chernobyl Architecture

The Chernobyl disaster (locally, Chornobyl Catastrophe) was a nuclear accident that occurred on 26 Apr 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine (officially Ukrainian SSR), which was under the direct jurisdiction of the central Moscow’s authorities.

Chernobyl Photos
Photographs by Radu Gulie, freelance photojournalist from Romania, about the Chernobyl accident and it’s effects. “Considering the last events that took place in Japan I think this is the best moment for the world to understand the problems regarding the improper use of nuclear energy”.

The photographs were taken at the Chernobyl plant (what’s left of it) and in Prypiat (dead city – where plant workers lived).

Chernobyl Building Chernobyl Ukraine Architecture Chernobyl Building
photos © Radu Gulie

An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe. It is considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, and is one of only two classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale (the other being the Fukushima I nuclear incident, which is considered far less serious and has caused no deaths). The battle to contain the contamination and avert a greater catastrophe ultimately involved over 500,000 workers and cost an estimated 18 billion rubles, crippling the Soviet economy.

The disaster began in reactor number four of the Chernobyl plant, near the city of Prypiat. There was a sudden power output surge, and when an emergency shutdown was attempted, a more extreme spike in power output occurred, which led to a reactor vessel rupture and a series of explosions.

These events exposed the graphite moderator of the reactor to air, causing it to ignite. The resulting fire sent a plume of highly radioactive smoke fallout into the atmosphere. This plume drifted over large parts of the western Soviet Union and Europe. From 1986 to 2000, around 350,000 people were evacuated and resettled from the most severely contaminated areas of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

Chernobyl Building Chernobyl Building Ukraine Architecture Chernobyl Building
photos © Radu Gulie

The accident raised concerns about the safety of the Soviet nuclear power industry, as well as nuclear power in general, slowing its expansion for a number of years.

Further information in ‘Arsenals of Folly’, an informative book by Richard Rhodes [Adrian Welch, e-architect editor].

Ukraine Architecture

Major Ukraine Buildings, alphabetical:

Country house, nr Kiev
Design: M2R Architecture

Garden Restaurant, Kiev
4a Architekten
Garden Restaurant Kiev
photo : beproactiv
Garden Restaurant Kiev

Il Ponte Buildings, Kiev
Studio & Partners, Milan
180m high tower; Developer: Terra Development
Mixed-use architecture development: offices, leisure, hotel, retail

Kiev Hospital
bdpgroupe6 architects
Kiev Hospital Ukraine Architecture
image from architects
Kiev Building

New stadium building, Donetsk, Donetsk Oblast, eastern Ukraine
Architects: Arupsport
50,000-seater stadium : European Championship 2012 Arena

Sennoi Market Buildings, Kiev
Sennoi Market Ukraine Architecture
picture from architects
Kiev Development

Zaporozhe Radisson Hotel Building, southern Ukraine
Zaporozhe Radisson Hotel
image from architects
Ukraine Hotel

More Ukraine buildings online soon

Location: Ukraine, Weastern Asia

Eastern European Developments close to Ukraine

Russian Architecture
Russian skyscraper
image : Foster + Partners

Romanian Building
Dorobanti Tower
image from architect

Slovakian Buildings

Belarus Developments

Polish Architecture
Zlota 44 Warsaw
picture © Aldinger & Wolf

Hungarian Architecture
Pannonhalma Visitors Center
photo : Tamás Bujnovszky, János Szentiváni, Hans Molenkamp