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Kiev Islands Competition : Ukraine Design Contest

Kiev Architecture Contest, Ukraine – designs by various architects

13 Feb 2012

Entry by BudCud, Poland – among 8 finalists

Kievislands competition

Kiev Islands Competition: Ukraine Design Contest
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Kiev Islands Architecture Competition Entry

Kiev Islands on Dnieper River serve now and should serve in the further future as spaces of active recreation, leisure, flora and fauna exploration. The challenge is to develop the missing infrastructure in a sustainable and technologically advanced manner.

Character of our design responds to the ‘genius loci’ – in the wild area it is humble and almost invisible, but where the Kiev Islands make visual connection to the city, our project gets an urban manner. The areas of different nature preservation status were distinguished with implementation of loops, stripes, paths and objects – micro islands, that create networks. We propose three main elements that will bring together development of ‘the Dnieper Pearls’.

Kiev Islands Competition: Ukraine masterplan design contest

These elements are:

1. the loop that surrounds the natural conservation area on Muromets Island which then acts as a single wildlife reserve devoted to nature exploration.
2. the stripe that is laid on the Truhanov, Dolobetskyi and Venetsianskyi islands and acts like a baroque garden axis. This strip is a new sustainable park, which is surrounded by areas of natural preservation and regulated recreation.
3. network of water paths connects the Galernyi, artificial, Vodnikov, Zhukiv, Kozachyi and Olzhin islands and therefore creates a singular small archipelago of islands-objects.

Kiev Islands masterplan design competition Ukraine

The complexity of our masterplan requires its phasing.

First step is to establish simple and direct ways to connect and organize the archipelago. Second step is to preserve natural state of the archipelago (its ecosystem) and connections that were established before.

Third step is to establish clear zoning.

Fourth step is to program those new connections according to newly established zones.

Then, on top layer of the archipelago we propose to establish a matrix of micro islands devoted to different functions that will provide all the needed infrastructure on the islands. We see that as a continuous process starting from the first phase of the development.

The “new” implementations on Kiev Islands should lead us, in the next 40-50 years, to the situation of these islands being space of national importance. Kiev Islands should become a complex landscape, where the latest technology meets the magnificent scenery of perfectly preserved natural landscape with crystal clear water and vast variety of protected plants and species. On other hand it should be place where you can simply have fun!

Kiev Islands Competition Kiev Islands Competition Kiev Islands Competition
images from architects

YEAR: 2012
AREA: 1,840 HA

Kiev Islands Competition Kiev Islands Competition Kiev Islands Competition
images from architects

Kiev Islands Design Competition images / information from BudCud

1 Feb 2012

Kiev Islands Architecture Competition

Entry by Citizenstudio – wins 2nd Prize

Kievislands competition

Winners announced on 1 Feb at a press conference in Kiev.

Kiev Islands Competition Kiev Islands Contest Kiyv Islands Competition KievIslands Competition
images from Citizenstudio

River Links

The Project Divides The Islands Into Several Areas, Provides The Full Range Of Applications Throughout The Year.

Aerial Tramway: Connecting Link And Main Attraction

Islands Truhininov, Dolobetsky, Venecianskiy And The Great Are Connected With The Aerial Tramway. It Goes From The City Center, Connected To Already Designed In Masterplan Branch, Then To Grand Island, Where The Turbine Park Is – Museum Of Wind And Solar Energy And Closes The Circle. Thus, It Unites The Most Active Park Area And Comes To A Remote Area (Island Nevskiy). It Turns To The Main Attraction And Main Transportation Way, It Allows To Move Along The Most Territory, As Well As Observe The Whole Panorama Of The Islands And Kiev Historical Center.

Arriving On The Observation Platform Of The Turbine Park, We Visit The Futuristic Plant Of Clean Energy And Also Can See Kiev From Entirely New Viewing Point, Which Creates A Unique Feeling And A Whole New Image Of The City. When Moving Through The Park, Visitors Can See The Changing Nature Of Islands And Other Thematic Areas. New Aerial Tramway Is To Become One Of The Main Attractions Not Only Of Eco-park, But Of Whole Kiev.

Kiev Islands Competition Kiev Islands Contest Kiyv Islands Competition KievIslands Competition
images from Citizenstudio

Festival Zone

On The Northernmost Of The Islands, On Flood Meadows, A New Zone For Annual Festivals, Performances Is Being Creating. In The Time Of River Spill, Territory

Waste Disposal/technology Museum

Professing Principle Of Territory Energy Self-sufficiency, Food Waste Disposal Plant Becomes One Of The Elements, Providing Green Energy To The Islands. Food Waste From Cafes, Restaurants Becomes A Fuel For Energy Production, Consumed On The Islands

City Confluence

Pedestrian Arc Bridge Becomes The Confluence Of Two Halfs Of The City: Old Parts And Areas On The Other Side Of The Dnieper. City, Public, Commercial Activity Flows From One Part Of The. City To Another. Urban Space Stresm Flows Above The River, Park, Meadows.

Kiev Islands Competition Kiev Islands Contest Kiyv Islands Competition KievIslands Competition
images from Citizenstudio

Public Thermae / Grand Circle

Bridge-ring Ties Three Islands Together, Creating A Single Promenade, New Viewpoints, Opening New Views And Horizonts. Public Thermae With Its Own Beach Are Placed Inside The “big Ring”.

Wind Energy Park

Over The Trees Of One Of The Islands Rises Wind Towers. Wind Will Result In Vertical Movement For Each Of The Metal Strips, Which Allows To Produce Energy, Thus Creating Unique Game Of Planes, Blinking At The Distance. Cableways Comes In One Of The Towers With Observation Deck On It With Spectacular Views On The Islands.

City Nature Reservation

Reservation In City – Place To Reserve And Protect The Pristine Nature. Zone Of Special Nature Use. Here? Citizens Can See The Environment In Its Pristine Form. To See Animals In Their Natural Environment Habitat, Watch The Nests Of Birds, Or To Practise Eco-fishing. The Reserve Attracts The Attention Of The Town People To Importance Of Problems Of Wildlife Conservation, Explains The Features Of Wildlife Registered Therein Flora And Fauna.


CITIZENSTUDIO: Beilin Mikhail, Nikishin Daniil
TSVETY: Staborovskiy Artem, Kitaev Artem, Martynov Nikolay

Kiev Islands Competition Kiev Islands Contest Kiyv Islands Competition
images from Citizenstudio

Kiev Islands Design Competition
Winners announced on 1 Feb at a press conference in Kiev

Kiev Islands Design Competition images / information from Citizenstudio

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

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