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Roshen Canteen, Ukraine : Kiev Architecture

Factory Assembly Hall Reconstruction design by Victor Zotov architects

27 Feb 2013

Canteen CCF, Roshen

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Design: architectural bureau ”ZOTOV&CO” ltd

Kiev Interior Design

Roshen Canteen - Kiev Building Interior

Before reconstruction there was a factory assembly hall located in this room. The renewal has brought about a dramatic change for the better. The architects requested that the low ceiling be knocked down. This would then open the attic space between structural frameworks and arranged the windows in the roof slopes.

Canteen CCF Roshen Roshen Canteen Canteen CCF
images from architect

Walls and ceilings are painted in white. White furniture and equipment were also specified. The room is now filled with natural light. Coloured interior accents are provided by art panels and of course the food.

Roshen Canteen Ukraine Canteen CCF Roshen Canteen Ukraine Canteen CCF Ukraine
images from architect

Roshen Canteen Kyiv – Building Information

Program: canteen
Country: Ukraine
City: Kyiv
Size: 1,000 sqm
Year: 2010
Stage: already built
Chief architect: Victor Zotov
Chief engineer: Olga Tarasova
Team leader: Maria Pakhomova
Team: Jurij Larionov, Sergey Ferley, Iryna Tsyba

Roshen Canteen Kyiv images / information from Victor Zotov – architectural bureau ”ZOTOV&CO” ltd

Location: Kiev, Ukraine, eastern Europe / western Asia

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