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Contemporary House Architecture Images – New Property : C Part 2

post updated 7 Nov 2020

Contemporary Residential Properties

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of new Residential Designs. We aim to include Residential Properties that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

19 Mar 2013
New House in Buenos Aires, Argentina – ‘Casa Agua’
Design: Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas
New House in Buenos Aires - Residential Design Properties
photo from architects
The site is 2,000 sqm, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. It has 450 sqm and it is designed for a couple without kids, with, in the ground floor, a program of very large reception areas, that open and closes by very big wooden sliding doors that hide into the walls.

26 Feb 2013
Casa El Pangue, Patagonia, Chile
Design: Elton+Leniz Arquitectos asociados
New House in Patagonia - Residential Design Properties
photograph : Natalia Vial
This house stands on a steep sloping site, facing the ocean. It is developed towards a central vertical circulation, connecting the 4 levels and 3 terraces in which the house is organized, in order to get as much of the view of the Pacific Ocean as possible, taking advantage of the height offered by the natural slope of the site.

20 Feb 2013
Casa Entre Arboles, Yucatan, Mexico
Architects: Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados
New House in Mexico
photo : Rolando Córdoba
The residence “Entre Arboles” (amongst trees) is the result of a deep analysis of the site. The lot is in a golf course, it is a regular rectangle of 20 by 80 meters and has 52 trees in it all of different sizes and heights.

11 Sep 2012
Canary Islands House, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
Architect: Alejandro Beautell, Beautell Arquitectos
New Canary Islands House
photograph : Efraín Pintos
The renovated single family house is situated in the historic city centre of La Laguna, declared by UNESCO in 1999 the cultural heritage of humanity. The building is situated between party walls and is designed as a single-family house, with two floors above ground level. Its composition is simple and represents a worthy exponent of traditional domestic urban architecture of the eighteenth century in the Canary Islands.

14 Aug 2012
Clifton House, Cape Town, South Africa
Design: SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects
Clifton House - Residential Design Properties
photo : SAOTA & Adam Letch
The clients, a British couple living in Cape Town, requested a six-bedroom, seven-level home that makes the most of the site, the views and the mountain. The lower levels of the existing structure were totally remodelled while the upper level was demolished to allow for two new levels.

23 Jul 2012
Cloud House North Fitzroy, North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Architect: McBride Charles Ryan
Cloud House - Residential Design Properties
photo : John Gollings
The Cloud House is an addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North. Over the course of close to a century, this house has received several additions and modifications. McBride Charles Ryan’s work for the house is designed in three parts. This allows for a sequence of distinct and unexpected episodes, with glimpses previewing oncoming spaces and experiences as you move through the home.

19 Jul 2012
Country House in Suffolk, England, UK
Design: Jerry Tate Architects
Country House in Suffolk
image from architects
Planning received for a 500m2 country house on a greenfield site in Easton. The contemporary design integrates the building and landscape in both form and function. The form of the house is inspired by the shape and structure of a sycamore seed, and the building links physically with the proposed parkland to achieve a co-dependent self-sufficiency in terms of energy, water and food. This functionality is a traditional part of county house design, reinterpreted for 21st Century requirements.

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Residential Designs – C

Casa LH, Jalisco, Mexico
Casa LH Jalisco Residential Design Properties
picture from architects

Casa La Semilla, Mexico
The Seed House
photo © Luis Gordoa

Casa Las Arenas, Peru
Casa en Playa en Las Arenas Residential Design Properties
photo : Alexander Kornhuber

Casa M, Barcelona, Spain
House M Residential Design Properties
photograph from architects

Casa Mallorca, Spain
Casa Mallorca
photograph : José Hevia

Casa Materka, Mexico
Materka House Residential Design Properties
photo © Luis Gordoa

Casa MB, Portugal
Óbidos house Residential Design Properties
photograph : Brito.Rodriguez Arquitectura

Casa Mexilhoeira-Grande, Portugal
Casa Mexilhoeira-Grande
photo : Joao Morgado

Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain
Spanish home Residential Design Properties
image © Adrian Welch

Casa Negra, Argentina
Argentine house
image from architect

Casa Negra, Mexico
Casa Negra
photograph: Rafael Gam

Casa Orquídea, Argentina
Casa Orquídea Residential Design Properties
photo from architect

Casa Oliveira de Frades, Portugal
Casa Oliveira de Frades
photo : Fernando Guerra (FG+SG)

Casa Pedro Lira, Chile
Casa Pedro Lira Residential Design Properties
picture : Carlos Eguiguren

Casa Pitch, Madrid
Casa Pitch Residential Design Properties
picture from architects

Casa Possanco, Portugal
Casa Possanco
photo : FG + SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

Casa San Damian, Chile
Casa San Damian Residential Design Properties
image from architect

Casa Syntes Pinto, Spain
Casa Pinto
photograph : Miguel de Guzmán

Casa Wakasa, Japan
Casa Wakasa Residential Design Properties
picture : Koji Nagasawa

Cascade House, Canada
Cascade House
image : Ben Rahn

Cavendish Avenue house, England
Cavendish Avenue house - Residential Design Properties
photograph : David Butler

Cedar Park House, Seattle, USA
Cedar Park House Seattle
picture : Lara Swimmer Photography

Charcoal House, Toronto, Canada
New Toronto House
image : borXu Design

Claremont House, USA
Claremont House
picture : Christopher Barrett, Hedrich Blessing

Cloud House, Colorado Plateau, USA
Cloud House USA - Residential Design Properties
image : Axis Mundi

Column and Slab House, Japan
Column and Slab House
photograph : Koichi Torimura

Comano house, Switzerland
Comano house Residential Design Properties
image : Enrico Cano

Concrete Home, Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Home
image from architect

Concrete House II, Madrid
Concrete House Madrid
photo from architects

Concrete Moon House, Australia
Concrete Moon House
image from architect

Contador-Weller House, Chile
Contador-Weller House
photograph : Carlos Eguiguren

Contour House, Australia
Contour House
image : Shannon McGrath

Corinth Street home, New Zealand
Corinth Street house
photo © Simon Devitt

Corten House, Brazil
Corten House
picture : Nelson Kon

Country House Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza Country House
photograph : Peter Cook

Country House in Suffolk, England
Contemporary Country House in Suffolk
image from architects

Country House S, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina Property
photograph : Robert Les

Cove 3 House, South Africa
Knysna Property
photo : Micky Hoyle COURTESY OF VISI

Cox’s Bay House, New Zealand
Cox's Bay House
photo © Mark Smith

Craignish House, Scotland
Argyll House
photo © Keith Hunter

Crystal Brick Home, Japan
Crystal Brick House
Atelier Tekuto, Photo : Makoto Yoshida

Cuiabá House, Brazil
Cuiaba Residence Brazil
photo : Éder Bispo

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