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Country House S : Bosnian Residential Architecture

Bosnia and Herzegovina Property design by DVA ARHITEKTA

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Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnian Country House, Bosnia and Herzegovina Residence
photographs : Robert Les

1 Sep 2011

Country House S

House in West Herzegovina

The approach of the proposal was to develop a residential complex in strong connection to the context. Located in a remote, poorly inhabited part of West Herzegovina canton, the site stretches over 35 000 square meters of wild landscape, bounded by strong stone walls. Design was decided to be of a small „settlement“, very much alike lonely villages of Herzegovina, broken into three units; six buildings altogether.

Country House Bosnia

Guarding the entrance, the house for the steward and auxiliary facility are located. Further along, the terrain climbs steeply towards the highest point where main unit is found. The location offers control of the whole site as well as exceptional views of the surrounding mountains. Towards the sports facilities the terrain descends in number of terraces planted with olive trees and grape vines. The football and basketball court together with dressing rooms form third unit.

Bosnia and Herzegovina House Bosnia and Herzegovina Property

The main unit contains the house for the owner, guest house and summer house with vine cellar and place for barbecueing. The interrelation between the houses creates fine outside spaces, protected from the wind, suitable for enjoying time spent on fresh air.

Houses are mainly two- storeyed, with daily life happening on the ground level, having contact with the outdoor. Houses are focused both on outside and inside, due to climate conditions, harsh winters and hot summers.

House in Bosnia House Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Home Bosnia and Herzegovina Residence
photographs : Robert Les

According to the traditional building of the area, all buildings are very basic. Concrete construction is cladded in stone from the local quarry. Stone frames around the openings in facade, also traditional elements, are here made in plaster and emphasized to achieve the playfulness of basic stone element. Connections between units are paved in same local stone. Houses are heated by heat pumps using air and very well isolated which makes them low energy.

Bosnian Country House Residence Bosnia and Herzegovina
photographs : Robert Les

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