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post updated 28 February 2024

House designs

We aim to select new house designs that are either of top quality or interesting or ideally both.

e-architect have selected what we feel are the key new house designs across the world, but additions are welcome. The focus is on contemporary residential buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

New House Design – Latest Properties

Residential Architecture News arranged chronologically:

24 August 2023
Apartment in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon, southern Portugal
Architects: Estudio Obra Prima; Vasco Lima Mayer
Apartment in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon
photo : Fernando Guerra
Apartment in Cais do Sodré

Sep 13, 2021
Al Capone’s Florida Home, Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Al Capone’s Florida Home Miami Beach
photo : EWM Realty International
Al Capone’s Florida Home, Miami Beach

14 Feb 2021
Aldoar House, Foz do Douro, Porto, Portugal
Architects: Raulino Silva
Aldoar House Aldoar
photography : João Morgado
Aldoar House, Foz do Douro

Oct 13, 2016
Annie Residence, Austin, Texas, USA
Annie Residence in Austin

18 Aug 2014
Aloe Ridge House, South Africa
Design: Metropole Architects
Aloe Ridge House

15 May 2013
Air Villa, Panama
Design: Haiko Cornelissen Architecten
Villa Panama
image from architect
Air Villa
Haiko Cornelissen Architecten was asked to design a new generation vacation house in Cerro Azul, twenty minutes outside Panama City. Together with local architect Casis Arquitectos, the team created the greenest villa in Panama: a house that minimizes energy consumption while maximizing exposure to the wonders of the natural environment.

1 Apr 2013
Alley House, Khiran Pearl City, Kuwait
Architects: M2H Design Studio
Alley House Kuwait
photo from architect
Alley House
Designing the Alley House was a unique challenge because of the restricted site situation and exaggerated linearity of the plot of 16m by 75m. The house is enclosed by two adjacent plots that restrict the main façade to not more than 16 meters at ground level, and not more than 13 meters above that level.

22 Feb 2013
House Aboobaker, Limpopo, South Africa
Design: Nico van der Meulen Architects
New House in South Africa
photo : David Ross + Nico van der Meulen
House Aboobaker
“After careful consideration, the client approached our company to redesign and style their outdated home in Limpopo. It is situated on the Tropic of Capricorn where the heat is excessive, particularly in the summer months, and requires specialized treatment in ensuring an alteration and addition that will take these factors into consideration”.

14 Jan 2013
Alejandra House, Rosario, Argentina
Design: CEKADA-ROMANOS arquitectos
Alejandra House Rosario
photo : Walter Salcedo
Alejandra House
The design strategy by the architects seeks “a compact country house, located on the south side of the lot in order to capture sunlight and to open a large garden area. The shape is the result of a volume subjected to cuts and operations of subtraction. The geometry is defined by orientations, desired visuals and daylight”.

2 Oct 2012
Abbots Way House, Hampshire, England, UK
Design: Architect: Andy Ramus – AR Design Studio
New English House
photo : Martin Gardner
Abbots Way House
This latest creation by AR Design Studio, is a stunning five-bedroom house. Bordered by mature trees and a small lake, this spectacular house creates feelings of ultimate relaxation and privacy, whilst its contemporary design juxtaposes superbly with its beautifully rural location, on the south coast of England.

26 Sep 2012
Almeria House, southern Spain – Spanish text only
New Spanish House
photo from architect
Almeria House

11 Sep 2012 – new photos in 2013
Autofamily House, Poland
KWK PROMES Robert Konieczny
New Polish House
image from architects
Autofamily House
The only access to the plot is from the south, effecting in a conflict between the driveway and the garden to be designed. Therefore, the garden and the house is elevated to the level +1 while the entrance stays at the level 0. For the inhabitants comfort the driveway leads them to the garden, creating easy connection between two floors.

House Designs : A-B

Residential Architecture Designs, alphabetical:

70 Residence, Australia
70 Residence
photo : Clare and Papi Photography

102 house, Poland
102 House
picture : Zalewski AG

A-House, Dublin, Ireland
photo : Verena Hilgenfeld

A Forest for a Moon Dazzler, Costa Rica
Costa Rica House
photograph : Benjamin Garcia Saxe

A house awaiting death, Japan
House awaiting death
photograph : Koichi Torimrua

Aatrial House, Opole, Poland
New Polish House
image from architect

Acasusso´s House, Argentina
Acasusso´s House
photograph : Albano García

Afshar Home, Edinburgh, Scotland
Afshar Home
picture from architect

Ala Moana, Hamilton Island, Australia
Ala Moana Hamilton Island
picture from architects

Albatross Avenue House, Australia
Albatross Avenue House
photo : Remco Jansen

Aldrich Residence, Perth, Australia
Aldrich Residence
photo : Patrick Keane

Amalia residence, Kirchbach, Austria
Austrian holiday house
photograph : Lukas Schaller

Ancient Korinthos Residence, Greece
Ancient Korinthos Residence
picture : Charalampos Louizidis

Archipelago House, near Stockholm, Sweden
Archipelago House
photo : Åke E’son Lindman

Atelier Bardill, Switzerland
Atelier Bardill
picture © Archive Olgiati

Avenel House, Australia
Avenel House
photograph : John Gollings

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Copenhagen Housing, Copenhagen, Denmark
Gemini Housing
photo : Adrian Welch

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