World Architecture News – May 2007: Buildings across the Globe, New Property Design

Global Architecture News May 2007

Architectural Design Developments in May 2007 – World Built Environment

Global Architecture News – May 2007

World Architectural Highlights in May 2007
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Argyle Hotel : Ian Simpson

Taiwan building : Mecanoo
The design for the Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Performing Arts was inspired by the Banyan trees on site in the Wei-Wu-Ying Metropolitan Park. It will include a concert hall and an opera house and has a total capacity of 6,150 seats: a 2,000 seat Concert Hall, 2300-seat Lyric theatre, a 1250-seat Playhouse, a 450-seat Recital Hall and an open air theatre for thousands of visitors. Construction is planned this year with the theatre complex opening its doors in 2013.

The Opus : Zaha Hadid
Reflexive fritting patterns in the form of pixilated striations are applied onto the glass facade of this building to provide a degree of reflectivity and materiality to the cube. They will also assist in reducing solar gain inside the building.

Milanofiori North – Erick van Egeraat
The development area will be a self-contained entity comprising 218.000 m2 and offering a variety of functions including offices, housing, commercial, retail and leisure facilities, a cinema and a hotel. Special attention was paid to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

Jesuit Residence : Elder & Cannon

Colliery building : RMJM

Sheffield building : Bond Bryan

Paramount building : gm+ad

London architecture photos : key building images by Adrian Welch

Holburne Museum of Art : Eric Parry

UNStudio : recent projects

Limoges Concert Hall : Bernard Tschumi

Royal Ontario Museum : Daniel Libeskind

Key Buildings featured:

Barcelona Pavilion

Camp Nou Stadium

Slovenian Buildings

South African Architecture

Chinese Architecture

Spanish Architecture

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