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Slovenian Buildings : Architecture

Key Contemporary Architectural Developments in Central Eastern Europe

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Buildings in Slovenia

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Slovenia Buildings. We aim to include good quality Slovenian buildings / projects.

We cover completed Slovenian buildings, new building designs and architectural exhibitions. We also post architecture competitions across Slovenia. The focus is on contemporary buildings but information on traditional Slovenian buildings is also welcome.

Slovenian Architecture – A-L

Slovenian Buildings – M-Z (this page)

New Slovenian Buildings

Architectural Designs – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Ptuj Archaeological Museum, north east Slovenia
Design: Enota
Archaeological Museum Slovenia
picture from architect
Ptuj Archaeological Museum
This new Slovenian building is designed so as to fill the gap in the natural edge of the town and recreate the green belt along the entire northern edge of the town. The establishment of the contiguous green belt articulates the transition from the old town core by creating a clear divide between the historical and the later urban structure.

Sports Park Stožice, Stožice, Ljubljana
Design: Sadar Vuga Arhitekti
Sports Park Stožice
picture from architects
Sports Park Stožice Building
The 187,500sqm complex is located north of the city and combines a football stadium and a multipurpose sports hall with a large shopping centre covered by a recreational park landscape. The park, visibly the largest open space, links the landscape by the river Sava, across the northern sections of the outer ring road, with the green urban space in the city centre.

Podčetrtek Sports Hall Building
Design: Enota
Podčetrtek Sports Hall Building
photo : Miran Kambič
Podčetrtek Sports Hall
Due to its size, which greatly exceeds the outlay of traditional constructions, it is impossible to look for similarities with indigenous surrounding architecture, but it seems logical to seek the design resemblances with larger facilities of the thermal complex. Especially the Termalija building, which is also located directly by the regional road. A specific dialogue is established between the two facilities.

Pegan Petkovšek National Gymnastics Centre, Ljubljana
Pegan Petkovšek Ljubljana
image from architects
National Gymnastics Centre Slovenia
The National Gymnastics Centre Pegan Petkovšek is part of the comprehensive renovation of Svoboda Sports Park in Ljubljana. It is the first of the three sports halls that are to be built. The building of the gymnastics centre is placed on the northernmost part of this belt. The northern and western edge of the building reference the building line regulated by the spatial acts, which also stipulate the greatest built ratio and the height of the building.

Major Slovenian Building Designs, alphabetical:

Maribor Project, Pobrežje district
Design: ecosistema urbano Architects
Maribor Project Slovenian Buildings
picture from architect
Maribor Project
The site in the Pobrežje district of Maribor contains the municipal waste dumping area, currently in the phase of ecological re-naturalisation and rehabilitation, which will take several years to be consolidated. We take this temporary feature as the project’s leit motif, since temporary processes are very close to architecture.

MC Murgle office building, Ljubljana
Design: Groleger Architekti
MC Murgle Office building
photograph : Miran Kambic
Slovenian office building
The neighbourhood of Murgle is characterized by the predominant use of single-family atrium houses in a green, quiet and traffic separated suburban part of Ljubljana. A distinctive feature of the new part is the dynamic inner division contrasting the orthogonal structure of the existing one.

Microcop Office Building
Design: Groleger Arhitekti
Microcop Office Building
photo : Miroslava Andric
Microcop Office Building
Repeating the horizontal division of the neighbouring buildings the facade shows horizontal layers in two different colours avoiding the monotony of the large glass surface. The east and south facades are covered with a diamond grid, which, like a giant fishing net protects the interior against heat and glare.

Mivka Hotel Resort, Bled, west Slovenia
Design: Enota Arhitekti
Mivka Hotel Resort Slovenian Buildings
image from architects
Slovenian Resort Building
The concave design of the sections envelops the different programmes and defines the space intended for them. It ensures privacy to the users and prevents the views from crossing with the activities of adjacent programme cluster.

Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova
Design: Groleger Arhitekti
Museum of Contemporary Art Slovenia
picture from architect
Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova

New court building, Ljubljana
Design: Groleger Architects
Ljubljana court Slovenian Buildings
picture from architects office
Ljubljana court building : Slovenian contest

Office building Stegne
Design: Groleger Arhitekti
Ljubljana Office Slovenian Buildings
image from architect practice
Slovenian Office

Office, Store & Shop Building
Design: Ofis Arhitekti
Skofja Loka Slovenian Buildings
photo © Tomaz Gregoric
Skofja Loka Building

Shopping Roof apartments, Bohinj. Bistrica
Design: Ofis Arhitekti
Shopping Roof apartments Slovenian Buildings
photo from architect studio
Shopping Roof apartments

Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana
Design: Groleger Arhitekti
Slovene Ethnographic Museum
photo : Miroslava Andric
Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Terme Olimia Kranjska Gora Spa
Design: Enota Arhitekti
Kranjska Gora Spa
picture from architects firm
Kranjska Gora Spa, north west Slovenia

Tetris Housing, Ljubljana
Ofis Arhitekti
Tetris Housing Slovenian Buildings
photo from architecture office
Tetris Housing

Vila Grad, Ljubljana
Groleger Arhitekti
Vila Grad Ljubljana Slovenian Buildings
photo : Miran Kambič
Slovenian Apartment Building

Wellness Orhidelia
Wellness Center Podèetrtek Slovenian Buildings
photo : Miran Kambič
Wellness Orhidelia

More Slovenian Architecture Designs online soon

Location: Slovenia, central eastern Europe

Architecture in Slovenia

Slovenian Architecture Designs – chronological list

Slovenian Architects

Slovenian Office Buildings

Ljubljana Office building

Slovenian Buildings List

Slovenian Buildings – no images, alphabetical:

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Ljubljana
Bevk Perovic arhitekti

Farewell Chapel, Teharje Cemetery, Teharje
Arhitektura Krusec

Kindergarten & School Extension, Kidricevo
Mojca Gregorski, Ajda Vogelnik Saje

Lake Bled villa

Videcnik & Oman

Metal Recycling Plant, Odpad Pivka
dekleva gregoric arhitekti

School of Economics Murska Sobota
IZTR d.o.o.

Shopping centre, Ljubljana
Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner

Two Villas Koseze, Ljubljana
Sadar Vuga Arhitekti d.o.o

Location: Slovenia, southeast Europe

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Sarajevo skyscraper, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Groleger Arhitekti, Ljubljana
Sarajevo skyscraper
rendering : Rok Vettorazzi
Sarajevo skyscraper

Jože Plecnik : Slovenian Architect

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