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post updated 3 October 2021

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e-architect select key examples of Architecture Interiors. We cover completed buildings and new interior designs across the world. The focus is on contemporary interiors.

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Famous Architecture Interiors

Interiors, alphabetical:

Neues Museum, Berlin, Germany
Design: David Chipperfield Architects
Neues Museum Architecture Interiors
photograph : Ute Zscharnt
Mies van der Rohe Awards 2011 Winner
Stirling Prize shortlist 2010
Built between 1841 and 1859 by the architect Friedrich August Stüler, extensive bombing of Berlin during the Second World War left the building in ruins, with entire sections missing completely and others severely damaged. Few attempts at repair were made after the war, and the structure was left exposed to the elements.

Roca London Gallery, London, south east England, UK
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Roca London Gallery Architecture Interiors
image from architects
The interior is fabulous, functional and flexible, featuring cutting-edge, modern, audiovisual, sound and lighting equipment. This technology provides interaction with the brand and the opportunity to discover the company‟s history, its landmark achievements and the values on which all of Roca‟s work is based: the commitment to sustainability and particularly to innovation, design, wellness and saving water.

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, south east Scotland, UK
Design: EMBT / RMJM
Scottish Parliament Architecture Interiors
picture © Adrian Welch
Stirling Prize + Andrew Doolan Award for Architecture, 2005
Controversial Issues such as choice of site, timing, architect (non-scottish), followed by escalating costs (from an unrealistic benchmark), left the design of the Scottish Parliament Building often neglected in the Press. Sir David Steel, Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament claimed “This building is the most important to be built in Scotland for 300 years“. Architect Louis Kahn was a strong influence on architect Enric Miralles, the Kimbell Museum building’s vaults specifically for the three tapering vaults of the Debating Chamber ground floor.

Vila Tugendhat, Czech Republic
Design: Mies van der Rohe Architect
Tugendhat Villa Brno Architecture Interiors
image : Colin Eaton
Fritz and Grete Tugendhat in commissioning Mies and such a piece of architecture showed a great deal of bravery and intelligence. Theirs was a house which at the time of its creation met with much interest and enthusiasm and even scandal. The idea of the house involved a denial of the traditional concept which regarded the house as functional units distinctly separated from one another. Here emphasis was placed on the significance of space and those spaces inter linking and of their relationship with each other and their outside spaces.

Key Architectural Interiors

Interior Designs, alphabetical:

Las Arenas Barcelona, Spain
Design: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Las Arenas Barcelona Architecture Interiors
picture : Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
“We set out to re-establish Las Arenas – a late 19th century bullring – as a 21st century landmark for the city. This involved retaining the entire existing façade as well as re-integrating what had become an isolated traffic island into the city fabric.”
Richard Rogers

Birmingham Library, England
Design: Mecanoo – Topping Out
Birmingham Library
courtesy BCC

London Aquatics Centre, UK – photographs of the interior
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
London Olympics Pool Architecture Interiors
photograph © Hufton + Crow

Los Angeles Cathedral, USA

Crystal Cathedral
photograph © Andrew McRae

M.N.ROY Club, Mexico City
Design: Chic By Accident
M.N.ROY Club Mexico City Architecture Interiors
photo : Ramiro Chaves

Madrid office, Spain

Madrid office space Architecture Interiors
photo from architect

Museo Soumaya, Mexico – new photos
Design: FREE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE
Soumaya Museum
photograph : Adam Wiseman

Museum Cafe interior, Germany

Museum Cafe Architecture Interiors
photo © architect Adrian Welch

Museum interior, Frankfurt, Germany

German Museum interior
photo © architect adrian welch

Nightclub Interior, Scotland

Nightclub Interior
photo : Paul Zanre

OASIS voestalpine, Linz, Austria
Design: xarchitekten
Oasis voestalpine building
photo : David Schreyer

Office Interiors, Glasgow, Scotland

office interior
picture from BDPOki House, Japan

Oki House
image from architect

The Plant Café, San Francisco, USA
Design: CCS Architecture
San Francisco cafe
photo : Kris Tamburello

Rehovot baber shop, Israel

Israeli interior
image from architect

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Design: Antoni Gaudi
Sagrada Familia
image © Adrian Welch

Salon du Fromage Hisada, Paris, France

Salon du Fromage Hisada Paris
image from architect

Schindler Offices, Manhattan, USA

Schindler Office interior
image from designer

Siemens Restaurant, Zurich

Siemens Restaurant
picture from architect

Spanish interior, Barcelona, Spain

Spanish interior
image © Thomas Boczko

Swiss Restaurant Interior, Zürich

Swiss Restaurant Interior
photograph : Heinz UngersTheatre Interior, Scotland

glasgow tramway
photograph © AW

Villa Roces, Bruges, Belgium
Design: Architectuurburo Govaert & Vanhoutte bvba
House Roces
photo : Tim Van de Velde

Viva La Lima interior, Maroussi, Greece
Design: omadarchitecture
Greek Beauty Salon
photograph from architect

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Furniture Design
picture from architect

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