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Italian Buildings : Architecture

Architectural Developments in southern Europe: New Built Environment Designs

post updated 27 Feb 2020

Buildings in Italy

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Italian Buildings. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Italy. The focus is on contemporary Italian buildings.

We have 5 pages of Italian Architecture selections.

Italian Architecture in major cities : news + key projects

Italian Architecture Designs in major cities : A-F

Italian Building Developments in major cities : G-P

Italian Building Designs in major cities : Q-Z

Italian Buildings : Projects outwith major cities (this page)

Italian Buildings

Italy Architecture Designs – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Cesena Apartments
Design: tissellistudioarchitetti
Cesena Housing Italian Buildings
image from architects
Cesena Apartments
This is a building for 28 residential units, the first phase of a intervention which expects the realization of two buildings. The aim of the project was to revitalize a dismissed industrial area with a residential building. The challenge was to work within the parameters of good design and a low budget to provide the city with quality architecture while respecting the commercial space requirements of the client. The resulting project provides a substantial architectural impact with respect to the smaller buildings of thearea that are characterized by a broad range of building styles.

Domus Technica, Brescello, Reggio Emilia
Iotti + Pavarani Architetti
Domus Technica Italian Buildings
photo : Roland Halbe
Domus Technica Brescello
The Renzo Piano Foundation selected the project Domus Technica: the new Immmergas Center for Advanced Training by Iotti + Pavarani Architetti as the winner of the first edition of the prize (2011), promoted by the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism (AIAC) and chaired by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, which is awarded to up-and-coming architects under 40. Approximately seventy applications from all over Italy were examined, and evaluated by a single judge, who is one of the greatest professionals in the field: Renzo Piano.

Cesena Housing
Cesena Housing - Italian Buildings
image from architects
Cesena Housing
Cleanliness and compactness of the prospects are the aims always pursued and happily reached through the use of a simple and direct language, particularly evident in the formulation of the principal prospects: ample balconies extend themselves along the front whole length, but an single graphic sign coordinates the complexity of the system-prospect of the openings, synthesizing the single elements in an unique dominant motive, in the identification profile of the whole architectural body.

Hydroelectric Station, north east Italy
monovolume architecture+design
Hydroelectric Power Station Winnebach
photo from architects
Hydroelectric Power Station Winnebach
The hydroelectric power station is located near Winnebach brook in Dörfl (municipal territory of Vintl), at 800 m. above sea level. It’s partly built into the slope, since the building area was extremely reduced. The project consists in a simple but polygonal volume, which is formally adapted to the landscape and the local conditions. The station is conceived as an artificial rock quarried out of the slope. This sensation is underlined by a very reduced use of materials (concrete, glass and steel) in their rougher form, as well as by the “veins” which cross the volume.

Pescara Church Building, eastern Italy
Architetto Angelo Campo
Pescara Church Building
photograph from architects
Italian Church Building
The parish complex of S. Giovanni Battista and S. Benedetto Abate, realized by Angelo Campo’s project on Colle di Mezzo, whose name comes from its position on the hill strip between Colle Innamorati and Colle Marino in Pescara, must be understood with the awareness of this scenery: which means that we must judge whether it is capable of taking part in a perspective of transformation and new urban quality or if it is not. The complex is articulated in various levels which adapt to the morphology of strongly sloping ground by means of a terracing system.

Multifunctional Center, northeast Italy
estudio ETB
Sappada Building
picture from estudio ETB
Multifunctional Center in Sappada
The building is part of the eastern edge of the village Bach, in the the ancient village of Sappada. On one hand the ratio measured with the scale of the village, on the other the relationship with the valley and mountain ranges, powerful scenery of the intervention. The new complex is a system composed of three similar architectures generated by the same type, the same form, three contemporary and silent architecture, sitting on the topography in a natural way.

Italian Building Designs, alphabetical:

Albisola Superiore Promenade, Liguria
3S studio
Albisola Superiore Tunnel
photograph : Daniele Voarino
Albisola Superiore Promenade, Savona

Arezzo Law Court, Tuscany
Studio Nicoletti Associati
Arezzo Law Court Italian Buildings
photo from architect
Arezzo Law Court Building

Bathing building, Lake Segrino, nr Como
Marco Castelletti
Bathing building Italy
photograph : Filippo Simonetti
Lake Segrino building

Cadorago Civic Center, Como
Marco Castelletti architetto
Civic Center Como Italian Buildings
photo : Filippo Simonetti – Brunate
Cadorago Civic Center

Casa a Morchiuso, Como, northern Italy
Studio di architettura Marco Castelletti
Casa Morchiuso Italian Buildings
photograph : Filippo Simonetti – Brunate
Casa a Morchiuso

Casa del Masso, Lake Como
Studio di architettura Marco Castelletti
Lake Como house
photo : Filippo Simonetti – Brunate
Casa del Masso

Cava de’Tirreni Building, Campania
Architecture Competition
Cava de'Tirreni Competition
picture from architect
Cava de’Tirreni Building

Cultural Center Ranica, northern Italy
DAP studio / Paola Giaconia
Ranica Cultural Center
photo : Alessandra Bello
Cultural Center Ranica, Bergamo

LightNing Tower, Maranello
LightNing Tower Maranello Italian Buildings
image from architect
LightNing Tower Maranello

Lomazzo Office, Como, Lombardy
Studio di Architettura Marco Castelletti
Lomazzo Office Building
photo : Filippo Simonetti – Brunate
Lomazzo Office

Lonate Ceppino Library
DAP studio architetto
Lonate Ceppino Library Italian Buildings
photo © Luigi Filetici
Lonate Ceppino Library Building

Ravenna Harbour Apartment Building
Zucchi & Partners
Ravenna Building
photo from Zucchi & Partners
Ravenna Building

Rimini Waterfront Buildings
Foster + Partners
Rimini Waterfront - new Italian Buildings
picture : Foster + Partners
Rimini Waterfront

Sensational Garden, Frosinone, central Italy
Nabito Architects and Partners
Sensational Park Italy
image from architect
Sensational Garden Italy

Strata Hotel, Sesto
Plasma Studio
Strata Hotel
picture from architect
Italian hotel building

Villa ad Alzate
Studio di architettura Marco Castelletti
Villa ad Alzate
photo : Filippo Simonetti – Brunate
Villa ad Alzate

Villa con piscina
Studio di architettura Marco Castelletti
Villa con piscina
photo : Filippo Simonetti – Brunate
Como Villa

Villa Menaggio, Como
Studio Alhadeff
Menaggio House - contemporary Italian property
image from SGLA
Villa Menaggio

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