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Strata Hotel Sesto, Italy : Dolomites Architecture

Contemporary South Tyrol Architecture – design by Plasma Studio, Europe

20 Mar 2008

Strata Hotel

Design: Plasma Studio Architects, London, UK

Location: Sesto, Dolomites, South Tyrol, northern Italy

Strata Hotel Strata Hotel Sesto

Strata Hotel Photographs from PDF received 200308 from Plasma Studio Architects

Located on a steep hillside in the Italian Dolomites, this newly-built hotel was developed as a free-flowing topography–indexed and organized by a series of timber strips–and the serial sequence of apartment units perpendicular to it.


Since the overall shape was in part determined by the local planning guidelines, the linear distribution of units and the orientation of the sun and views, it is a result of the constant negotiation between these parameters, as well as a topological answer to the picturesque typologies frequently built in the area. From applying the logic of topographical mapping, ie. the indexing of horizontal sections as continuous lines, the volume is formed as a series of strata: an artificial entity in a dialogue with its natural environment.

In addition, these horizontal sections operate as control lines, generating curved hyperbolic-paraboloid geometry. The bands surround the volume at different scales, peeling off from it, flowing into the landscape and blurring the boundaries of the building. The balconies become liminal zones that negotiate the internal rationale of the apartments, ruled by efficiency and the repetition of parts, with the exterior as an extension of the topography.

Website: Strata Hotel Sesto by Plasma Studio

Location: Sesto, Italy, southern Europe

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