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Indian Architecture News

Contemporary Architecture Developments: South Asian Built Environment Updates 2019 to 2024.

Post updated 24 June 2024

Indian Architecture News

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India Architecture Designs – chronological list

2 June 2024
Narsighar House, Nokha, Rajasthan
Architect: Sanjay Puri Architects
Narsighar House Nokha, Rajasthan India
photo : Vinay Punjwani
Narsighar House, Nokha, Rajasthan
Situated in the arid desert region of Nokha in Rajasthan, India, the Narsighar House imbibes the traditional planning principles of the regional architecture prevalent for centuries in Rajasthan.

27 May 2024
Kempegowda International Airport, Terminal 2 Departure, Bangalore, Karnataka, central India
Design: Interiors by Enter Projects Asia ; Exterior Structure by SOM
Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore India
photo : Hufton + Crow
Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore
Enter Projects Asia has designed, delivered, and constructed the interiors of the 12,000sqm post-security departures area of Bengaluru International Airport. The space which contains retail, hospitality and relaxation areas was designed using over 9km of rattan and features hand-wrought techniques at a previously unimagined scale.

12 April 2024
De-Luxe DXP High Rise Residential, Gurugram, Haryana, northern India
Design: Aedas
DXP High Rise Residential Gurugram Haryana
image courtesy of architects practice
DXP High Rise Residential, Gurugram, Haryana
Signature Global De-Luxe DXP High Rise Residential is a luxury high-rise residential development in Sector 37D, Gurugram, India comprising 8 towers, a 3,200 sq m Clubhouse as well as an integrated commercial block with 21,000 sq m of retail offerings, and a basement carpark within the development. The development caters to a wide range of residents, offering units from 3 bedrooms to 3-storey penthouses.

13 March 2024
Nokha Village Community Centre, Silwa-Mulwas, Nokha, Rajasthan, northern India
Architect: Sanjay Puri Architects
Nokha Village Community Centre Rajasthan
photo : Vinay Punjwani
Nokha Village Community Centre
Sanjay Puri Architects present the Nokha Village Community Centre, located in the desert region of Nokha in Rajasthan. The sweeping curvilinear volume rises up from the northeastern corner, looping around the site and rising up on the northwest corner to create a north facing open courtyard.

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Indian Architecture News in 2023

7 December 2023
Zen Spaces, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Northwestern India
Architecture: Openideas
Link House Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

20 November 2023
Zen Spaces, Jaipur, Rajasthan, western India
Architect: Sanjay Puri Architects
Zen Spaces House, Jaipur, Rajasthan

31 October 2023
Silhouette, Nawanshar, Punjab
Architecture: 23DC Architects
Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home

6 September 2023
Euro School Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Design: Vijay Gupta Architects (VGA)
Euro School Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, India
photo : Andre Fanthome
Euro School Bannerghatta, Bengaluru
In today’s hyper-online age, children have meager interaction with the natural environment, spending more time on their screens than out in the open. The issues the world faces today – of deteriorating resources, and the looming threat of the climate crisis demand young and future generations that are conscious of their impact on the world.

29 August 2023
The Hovering Gardens House, Pune, Maharashtra, western India
Architecture: Niraj Doshi Design Consultancy
The Hovering Gardens House

22 August 2023
Avendia Housing, Rajarhat, New Town (Kolkata), West Bengal
Design: Edifice Consultants
Avenida Housing
photo © Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
Avendia Housing Rajarhat
‘Avenida Housing’ is located at Rajarhat, a planned urban centre at the fringe of the city of Kolkata, with stunning views of the rural landscape in the backdrop. The developer’s brief called for a residential footprint of approximately 1.5 million square feet on 13 acres of land.

22 August 2023
Sharda University Library, Sharda University, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
Architecture: Edifice Consultants
Sharda University Library
photo © Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
Sharda University Library, Greater Noida
Sharda University is the alma mater of over two thousand students pursuing excellence, education, and experiences. The campus is believed to be a self-sustaining township located in the outskirts of Greater Noida, UP.

21 August 2023
Monte Carlo Corporate Headquarters, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Northwestern India
Architecture: Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Monte Carlo Corporate Headquarters
photo : Umang Shah
Monte Carlo Corporate Headquarters
Located in Ahmedabad, the cultural and economic centre of Gujarat, the corporate office for Monte Carlo has been designed to embrace the social and ethnic lineage of the city. The striking design of the building encapsulates the essence of the reputed infrastructure company, seamlessly intertwined with the traditionally sensitive design narrative of the city of Ahmedabad.

28 June 2023
SAS Crown Hyderabad luxury residential development, Hyderabad, central India
Design: Aedas
SAS Crown Hyderabad luxury residential development
image courtesy of architects practice
SAS Crown Hyderabad luxury residential development
SAS Crown is a luxury residential development in Hyderabad, featuring 5 towers that rise to 235m and serve one single unit per level. The project includes a 6,830 sq m exclusive Club House, lush gardens with art exhibitions, and sports amenities.

21 June 2023
Darwin Bucky, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Northwestern India
Architecture: andblack design studio
Darwin Bucky Ahmedabad India
photo : Vinay Panjwani
Darwin Bucky, Ahmedabad, Gujarat building

16 June 2023
Ribbon House, sector 82, Mohali, Punjab
Architecture: Studio Ardete Architects
Ribbon House in Mohali, Punjab luxury home
photo : architect Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
Ribbon House in Mohali

8 June 2023
HRM Global School, Pitampura, New Delhi
Architecture: Vijay Gupta Architects
HRM Global School Pitampura New Delhi India
photo © Noughts and Crosses LLP
HRM Global School, Pitampura, New Delhi
Located in Pitampura, New Delhi, the HRM Global School sets a precedent for how internal green spaces in an educational setting can positively influence learning. It is a world-class K-12 institution commissioned by the Gulshan Education Society and has a total built-up of about one lakh square feet.

29 May 2023
Max House, Okhla industrial area, Delhi, northern India
Architects: Studio Lotus
Max House Okhla industrial area Delhi
photo © Noughts and Crosses LLP
Max House, Okhla industrial area, Delhi
Located in Delhi’s Okhla industrial area, Max House is a corporate campus for Max Estates, comprising two multi-tenant buildings designed to accommodate a myriad of workspaces and an existing building to be adapted into a community hub.

19 Apr 2023
Apple BKC, Mumbai
Architecture: Foster + Partners
Apple BKC Flagship Store Mumbai India
photo © Apple
Apple BKC Flagship Store, Mumbai

10 Feb 2023
House of Totem, Bangalore
Design: Studio Bomb
Totem House Bangalore India
photo : Amit Kumar
Totem House Bangalore

28 Feb 2023
Interstellar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Northwestern India
Architecture: Sanjay Puri Architects
Interstellar Ahmedabad Gujarat
photo : Abhishek Shah
Interstellar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Interstellar is a rectilinear composition interspersed with landscaped spaces creates this unique retail and office space project situated within an emerging, centrally located business district in Ahmedabad. 3-level-high retail spaces occupy frontage along the arterial 30M wide city road with sheltered arcades.

17 Feb 2023
MAP Museum of Art & Photography, Bengaluru, Karnataka, southern India
Design: Matthew & Ghosh
MAP Museum of Art and Photography in Bangalore
photo © Iwan Baan
MAP Museum of Art and Photography in Bangalore Building
One of India’s outstanding collections of South Asian art will be revealed with the opening of MAP Museum of Art & Photography, housed in a state-of-the-art building in South India’s capital city, Bangalore, opening to the public for the first time on Saturday 18 February 2023.

10 Feb 2023
House of Totem, Bangalore, Karnataka
Design: Studio Bomb
Totem House Bangalore India
photo : Amit Kumar
Totem House Bangalore

28 Jan 2023
Balkrishna Doshi, Modernist Indian Architect, Dies aged 95
The first Indian to receive the Pritzker Prize, he developed a distinctive approach to building for his country:
RIBA 2022 Gold Medal for Architecture

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Indian Building News in 2022

3 Nov 2022
Baardos La Citta, New Delhi
Architects: Studio Dangg
Baardos La Citta, New Delhi Restaurant and Bar
photos : Suryan & Dang
Baardos La Citta New Delhi

31 Oct 2022
Dawar House, Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Architecture: Studio Archohm
Dawar House Agra Uttar Pradesh
photo © Andre Fanthome
Dawar House

17 Oct 2022
Ladhani House, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, northern India
Architecture: Studio Archohm
Hanging House Noida Uttar Pradesh
photo © André J. Fanthome
Hanging House, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

9 Sep 2022
Residence 145, Chandigarh, northwestern India
Design: Charged Voids led by Architect Aman Aggarwal
Residence 145, southern Chandigarh property

18 Aug 2022
This Is The Place, Mumbai
Architecture: Giles Miller Studio
This Is The Place Mumbai Indian architecture news
photo © Edvinas Bruzas
This Is The Place, Mumbai

16 Aug 2022
Amity International School, Mohali, Punjab
Architecture: Vijay Gupta Architects
Amity International School Mohali Punjab
photo : Avesh Gaur
Amity International School, Mohali Punjab
Learning environments play a pivotal role in a child’s life by creating a conducive character for overall growth and development. Spaces can create memories and enhance the learning experience greatly. The innovative approach to design for the Amity International School in Mohali, Punjab, attempts to go beyond the rigid morphology of educational spaces and planning.

22 July 2022
Mehra Residence, New Rajender Nagar, New Delhi
Architects: team3
Mehra Residence, New Delhi

5 July 2022
Mirai, Bhilwara, Rajasthan, western India
Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
Mirai House of Arches Rajasthan Indian architecture news
photo : Dinesh Mehta
Mirai House of Arches, Rajasthan
Designed on a small 622sqm corner plot of a residential villa layout, Mirai is a contextual house in response to the hot desert climate of Rajasthan, India. Based on the location, the southern & eastern sides have minimum open space, with adjacent villas on those sides planned for development in the future.

16 Jun 2022
Narmada Bio Chem HQ, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Northwestern India
Architecture: Openideas
Narmada BioChem HQ Ahmedabad Gujarat
photos : Sebastian Zachariah-Photographix and Panchkon- Harsh pandya
Narmada BioChem HQ, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
The client, Narmada Bio Chem Ltd is engaged in producing fertilizers for the agricultural sector. With an imminent IPO and the need to consolidate operations of three distinct locations into one, this project was seeded in creating an entity that would inspire trust in business partners and embody the company’s growth.

3 June 2022
Lilavati Lalbhai Library, CEPT University, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, western India
Architect: RMA Architects / Rahul Mehrotra
Lilavati Lalbhai Library at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, Indian architecture news
photo : Dinesh Mehta
Lilavati Lalbhai Library at CEPT University
The library acts as a living case study of passive climate mitigation strategies, high on the teaching agenda at CEPT University (formerly Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology). Its materials respect those of the campus’s existing buildings, and placing three of its six storeys underground keeps it within their height datum.

1 June 2022
The Terracotta House, Agra, northern India
Design: Archohm
The Terracotta House, Agra, by Archohm, Indian architecture news
photo © Noughts and Crosses
The Terracotta House Agra

10 April 2022
Educliff Global School, Bihar

1 April 2022
91/4, Panchkula, Haryana, northern India
Design: Studio Ardete
House 91/4 in Panchkula, Haryana, Indian architecture news
image courtesy of architects practice
House 91/4 in Panchkula, Haryana

1 Apr 2022
Stacked Dwelling, Maharashtra, Mumbai, northwestern India
Architecture: DIG Architects
Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra Mumbai
photo : Phxindia
Stacked Dwelling, Maharashtra Mumbai

28 Mar 2022
Never Never Cube, Sec -82 Mohali, Punjab
Design: Studio Ardete
Never Never Cube Punjab
photo : Ar.Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
Never Never Cube, Punjab Office Building
Never Never Cube is located in sec-82 Mohali, a grooming industrial area, this project is a commercial building owning a major focus on being leased out for offices or display centres in the corporate arena. Confirming to the local building norms, it is an open laid out plan with fixed height which leaves the designer with the facade to romance with.

28 Mar 2022
Sanjaynagar, Ahmednagar, Mumbai
Architecture: Community Design Agency
Sanjaynagar Homes + Neighborhood Mumbai
photo : Rajesh Vora
Sanjaynagar Homes + Neighborhood, Mumbai
Today in a slum called Sanjaynagar, located in Ahmednagar 150 miles from Mumbai, residents are celebrating the move-in day for 33 families into safe, healthy, and attractive new homes. Sanjaynagar is a tight-knit and resilient community of 298 families, living in slum conditions spread over just two acres of municipal land.

14 Mar 2022
Studios 90, Kodla, Karnataka, southwestern India
Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
Studios 90 Housing Kodla Indian architecture news
photo : Ricken Desai
Studios 90 Kodla
A composition of coloured cuboids defines this sculptural residential project. The brief for the Studios 90 mid-rise buildings in Kodla, Karnataka, India was to create studio apartments, a hostel, and a guest house to house workers of a new cement plant, on the perimeter of a housing project for a residential township.

9 Feb 2022
Ladhani House, 153 Sector-15a Noida, New Delhi
Design: Archohm
Ladhani House Noida by Archohm, Indian architecture news
photos by Fantham © Noughts And Crosses
Ladhani House Noida
The Ladhani House is a thoughtful approach towards designing residential spaces for new age clients. The design of the spaces departs from the ideas which focused on the past characteristics of vernacular Indian households and follows rather a contemporary theme.

1 Feb 2022
MAP Museum of Art and Photography, Bengaluru, Karnataka, southern India
Architecture: Matthew & Ghosh
MAP Museum of Art and Photography Bangalore
image : Matthew & Ghoshe
MAP Museum of Art and Photography, Bangalore
MAP Museum of Art and Photography, India’s first museum of South Asian visual culture, will open in the global city of technology, Bangalore, in late 2022. The museum will be housed in a state-of-the-art 44,000 square foot building, designed by the acclaimed Indian architectural practice Matthew & Ghosh, on a landmark site at the heart of Bangalore’s museums district.

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Indian Architecture News 2021

21 Dec 2021
Prestige University, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
Prestige University Indore India architecture news
image courtesy of architects practice
Prestige University Indore
Prestige University is situated within a 32-acre university campus. The main administration offices, along with an auditorium, seminar halls, library & cafeteria, form the functions of this building.

8 Nov 2021
The Camellias Club, Gurugram, Haryana, northern India
Design: Rockwell Group
The Camellias in Gurugram, Haryana, North India lighting
photo courtesy of DLF
The Camellias in Gurugram, Haryana
India’s largest real estate developer, DLF officially unveils The Camellias Club: one of the largest wellbeing and leisure residential facilities in the world: a futuristic urban oasis for residents of DLF’s new super-luxury residence The Camellias in Gurugram.

21 Sep 2021
Prestige Liberty Towers, Mumbai
Architects: OMA / Iyad Alsaka
Prestige Liberty Towers Mumbai
image courtesy of architecture office
Prestige Liberty Towers, Mumbai
Home to the country’s oldest stock exchange, its most important banks, and Bollywood, whose film production far outpaces its American counterpart, Mumbai is the engine of India’s economic growth. Today’s Mumbai is the result of a fast-paced modernization that clearly reflects in its urban tissue.

20 September 2021
Museum of Art and Photography (MAP), Bangalore
Architect: Mathew & Ghosh Architects

The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP), located in the heart of the museum district of Bangalore, the capital city of the southern state of Karnataka in India, is scheduled to open to the public in late Spring 2022. The new five-storey building is designed by the acclaimed Indian architectural firm, Mathew & Ghosh Architects, based in Bangalore.

The founding collection of MAP, one of the largest in India with over 18,000 works, has been donated by philanthropist and collector, Abhishek Poddar. Developed over the past three decades, the collection includes paintings, photography, textiles, graphic art, illustrations, sculptures and installations.

The collection will now be made available to the public for the first time, revealing the riches of India’s visual culture from the 10th century to the present day. This pioneering initiative, with extensive education programmes, aims to make a significant contribution to the revival of the cultural landscape of the city of Bangalore and beyond – encouraging young people and families to enjoy museum-going as part of their daily lives.

16 July 2021
Gurudwara Nirmal Kutiya, Jalandhar, Punjab, northern India
Design: Space Race Architects
Gurudwara Nirmal Kutiya Building, Karnal
image courtesy of architects practice
Gurudwara Nirmal Kutiya Building
Gurudwara Nirmal Kutiya by Space Race Architects in India has won the WA Award, 34th Cycle for the realized category. The contemporary take of this Gurdwara creates its presence internationally and is visited by a good number of pilgrims having ardent faith in Sikhism from across the globe.

2 July 2021
Architecture competition Siemens Healthineers Campus, Bengaluru
Design: Eller + Eller Architects – 1st prize
Siemens Healthineers Campus Bengaluru Competition winning design
image courtesy of architects practice
Siemens Healthineers Campus Bengaluru Competition
Furthering its enduring commitment to India, Siemens Healthineers plans to hire additional 1,800 skilled digital tech experts to expand its digital capabilities in the next 10 years. The innovation hub will be housed in a new campus that will combine R&D and manufacturing to make India a center of competence for the design and development of entry-level products.

2 July 2021
The Infinite Frames, Surat
Design: interior WORKSHOP
The Infinite Frames Surat

24 June 2021
The Manjeri Residence, Kerala
The Manjeri Residence

16 June 2021
An Idyllic Escape in Manjeri, Malappuram district, Kerala, southwest India
Design: Simone de Gale with Arshak Architects
House in Manjeri

14 June 2021
Residence 1, Ansal Sushant, city of Panipat, Haryana, northern India
Design: 23DC Architects, Jalandhar, Punjab
House in Ansal Sushant

25 May 2021
Bliss County Amusement Park, Nashik

24 May 2021
KPIT Office Interior, Pune Maharashtra

6 May 2021
La Midas Wellness Centre, Gurgaon, New Delhi
Architects: Creative Designer Architects
La Midas Wellness Centre Gurgaon New Delhi
photo Courtesy architecture office
La Midas Wellness Centre
The architects office have refurbished a twenty-year-old residential dwelling into a wellness centre. The design expression is envisioned to be viewed as bold street furniture amidst its residential surroundings, making it a contributor to the skyline of Gurgaon.

9 Apr 2021
The Cantilever House, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, northern India
Design: ZED Lab Architects
Cantilever House, Ghaziabad Indian Architecture News
photo Courtesy architecture office
The Cantilever House, Ghaziabad
A recently completed project by ZED Lab – The Cantilever House, Ghaziabad, India. ZED Lab are a Delhi-based, research-driven and interior design studio specializing in net-zero energy buildings since 2009.

13 Feb 2021
Boys Hostel Gurugram, Haryana

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Indian Architecture News 2020

6 Nov 2020
Fusion Villa Jalandhar, Punjab

25 Oct 2020
Maya Somaiya Library, Sharda School, Kopergaon, Maharashtra
Design: Sameep Padora & Associates
Maya Somaiya Library, Sharda School building
photograph : Edmund Sumner
Maya Somaiya Library Building
Alluding to the impetus that children have towards landscape over a building we imagined the library building to be a formal extension of the ground plane. A place inside for study and a place above for play.

22 Oct 2020
Sangini House, Surat, Gujarat
Design: Urbanscape Architects and Utopia Designs
Sangini House Gujarat - Indian architecture news
photo : Noughts and Crosses LLP | Andre Fanthome
Sangini House, Gujarat Offices
The architecture and design of Sangini House explores ways in which it can respond to the context and spirit of the heritage in which it stands. This office building for the Sangini group characterizes new strategies for a flexible, column-free office space that creates a new urban venture in the city’s dense business district.

6 Oct 2020
SIS Primary School, Gurugram, New Delhi
Design: Urbanscape Architects
SIS Primary School Gurugram Indian Architecture News
photo courtesy of architects
SIS Primary School, Gurugram
SIS Primary School was designed as a primary institution that aims to promote the overall development of a child, the school seeks to immerse children in a creative milieu, building new relationships and ways of engaging with the external environment.

22 Sep 2020
Taj Rishikesh Spa Resort Complex, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, Northern India
Design: yh2
Taj Rishikesh Spa Resort Complex Uttarakhand
photograph : Maxime Brouillet
Taj Rishikesh Spa Resort Complex
The Indian Himalayas, a steep mountain landscape through which the sacred Ganges River meanders, is a nature that supersedes all human construction.

10 Sep 2020
Akshaya 27, Chennai
Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
Akshaya 27 Chennai Indian Architecture News
photos Courtesy BRS Sreenag, Sreenag Pictures
Akshaya 27 Chennai Office Building
Cantilevered cuboid volumes create a sculptural office building, Akshaya 27. Located in the old business district of Chennai in South India, the plot had multiple challenges to be overcome. The design is by Sanjay Puri.

3 Sep 2020
18 Screens House in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

31 Aug 2020
Life CMF Primary Healthcare Building

6 Aug 2020
Garden Bay Township in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

4 Aug 2020
B23 House in New Delhi

17 July 2020
The Discovery Centre in Bangalore, Karnataka

5 July 2020
Barrier Free Abode in Jalandhar

2 July 2020
Excellenseaa 126 Apartments in Surat, Gujarat

9 June 2020
Hive House in Surat, Gujarat

28 May 2020
Office for Urbanscape in New Delhi

7 May 2020
Hotel Devi Ratn in Jaipur, Rajasthan

7 Apr 2020
Aarya Club Resort in Rajkot, Gujarat

31 Mar 2020
The Screen House New Delhi Residence

28 Mar 2020
Overlapping Volumes Apartment, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Design: Urban Zen
Overlapping Volumes Apartment Hyderabad India
image courtesy of architects practice
Overlapping Volumes Apartment Hyderabad
If one could define this state-of-the-art project by Urban Zen, magnum opus is the only definition for it. Overlapping Volumes Apartment is a sprawling 22,000 sqft apartment.

27 Mar 2020
Swarna House in Vijayawada

23 Mar 2020
Aria Resort Hotel, Nashik, Maharashtra, western India
Architecture: Sanjay Puri Architects
Aria Resort Hotel Nashik Maharashtra Indian Architecture News
photograph : Dinesh Mehta
Aria Resort Hotel in Nashik, Maharashtra
The site for the Aria Hotel is gently contoured rising up 9M towards the south with the entry at the lowest level in the north. Situated in the wine-growing region of India, the north faces a large river and a dam with hills beyond.

21 Mar 2020
Kolkata Building News – West Bengal Architecture

18 Mar 2020
The Rajasthan School, Nagaur, Rajasthan
Rajasthan School building design - Indian Architecture News
photo : Dinesh Mehta
The Rajasthan School in Nagaur
Imbibing the organic character of Indian villages & old cities, this is a low-rise three-level school building with open, enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces of various volumes.

22 Jan 2020
#7, Southlands, Mumbai
Design: SquareWorks
Retrofitting Art Deco Apartment Mumbai Indian Architecture News
photo Courtesy Fabien Charuau
Retrofitting an Art-Deco Apartment in Mumbai
Southlands is an integrative endeavor aiming to rejuvenate an old 1930 Art-Deco Apartment in Mumbai, to accommodate the postulated requirements of a modern-day multiuser collective. The project intends to celebrate the inherent quintessence of a sangfroid ‘Bombay-ish’ precedent with distinct incorporation of consciously designed alterations.

23 Jan 2020
Office @ 63, Navi Mumbai
Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
Office at 63 Navi Mumbai Indian Architecture News
photo Courtesy Vinesh Gandhi
Office in Navi Mumbai

21 Jan 2020
The Orient Restaurants reflecting Feng Shui & Taoism
Architects: Salient
Orient Chain Restaurants Kolkata
image courtesy of architects
The Orient – Chain of Restaurants in Kolkata

16 Jan 2020
Stellar, Bavlu, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Architecture: Sanjay Puri Architects
Stellar Mixed-Use Building Ahmedabad Gujarat
photo : Abhishek Shah Abhishek Shah
Stellar Mixed-Use Building in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

15 Jan 2020
Bavlu Weekend House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Architecture: UJJVAL FADIA
Bavlu Weekend House Ahmedabad
photograph : Subhash Patil
Bavlu Weekend House in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

13 Jan 2020
Corporate Headquarters for East India Hotels in Gurugram

4 Jan 2020
Sapovilla 116 in Rajnagar, Ghaziabad House

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India Architectural Updates 2019

19 Nov 2019
Greenwood Sonata, Rajarhat, Kolkata
Architects: Maniramka & Associates
Greenwood Sonata Towers Rajarhat
photograph : Mr. Biswanath Dasgupta
Greenwood Sonata Towers in Rajarhat, Kolkata

14 Nov 2019
62 Jorbagh Apartments Building New Delhi

7 Nov 2019
Amaltas House, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Architecture: SquareWorks LLP
Amaltas House Vadodara Indian Architecture News
photograph : Fabien Charuau
Amaltas House in Vadodara, Gujarat Real Estate

21 Oct 2019
18 Screens House
Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
18 Screens House Lucknow
photograph : Dinesh Mehta
18 Screens House in Lucknow

15 Oct 2019
The White Haven in Mumbai, Indian Home

18 Sep 2019
Queensline Sea Yah – Floating Restaurant Mumbai

SDM Architects, Mumbai, complete the project Queensline Sea Yah, images below, architectural info online soon:

Floating Restaurant Queensline Sea Yah interior

Queensline Sea Yah Mazgaon Mumbai Indian Architecture News

Queensline Sea Yah Mumbai, Indian Architecture News
photos courtesy of architects

2 Aug 2019
British Council in New Delhi Building Renewal, New Delhi
Architects: Morphogenesis
British Council New Delhi Building renewal
photo © Randhir Singh
British Council New Delhi Building Renewal
The British Council located in the heart of New Delhi, is a design collaboration of grandmasters, Howard Hodgkin, Charles Correa and Mahendra Raj.

19 July 2019
Verandah House in Ranchodpura, outskirts of Ahmedabad
Architects: Arpan Shah Architect, Modo Design
Verandah House in Ranchodpura, Ahmedabad - Indian architecture news
photo : Bharat Aggarwal
Verandah House in Ranchodpura, Ahmedabad

21 June 2019
Mehrangarh Fort Visitor and Knowledge Centre in Jodhpur

16 June 2019
Flor-do-Mar Restaurant in Goa

12 June 2019
ITO – Skywalk in New Delhi

27 May 2019
Karle Town Centre Bangalore Masterplan

India Architectural Updates 2018

India Architecture News 2018
Punjab India Architecture News
photo : Ar.Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
India Architecture News 2018

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