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Bijaca Family Estate : Bosnian Residential Architecture

Bosnia and Herzegovina Property design by DVA ARHITEKTA

Location: Bijaca, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnian Residential Property

Herzegovinian House

Bijaca Family Estate, Bosnia and Herzegovina
photo : Robert Les

15 Feb 2013

Family Estate in Bijaca

Theme of scattered Herzegovinian village inspired the composition of the family estate. Multiple facilities are carefully positioned to each gain views according to the client’s wishes. The interrelation between the houses creates fine outside spaces onto which the units expand.

Family Estate in Bijaca
photo : Robert Les

The ambient relies on tradition, memory of the site, where such places provided social contact and events. Architectural language is pure and elementar according to the harsh landscape and adjusted to the hand of the local builders. The houses relate to building heritage also through materials and architectural elements. Pavements and facade are built using the same stone, of the same finishing, from the local quarry, therefore connecting with the existing walls found on the site.

Family Estate in Bijaca Family Estate in Bijaca Family Estate in Bijaca Family Estate in Bijaca
photos : Robert Les

Since the estate is located in remote and poorly inhabitated area, this project is trying to set a positive example of developing a small estate using what nature has given and respecting the local conditions. Site area is 35 000 m2, and total floor area of the houses 950 m2.

Family Estate images / information from DVA ARHITEKTA

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Location: Bijaca, Bosnia Herzegovina, southeast Europe

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