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Nova Gorica House : Slovenia Apartment

House Zvezda, Nova Gorica, Slovenia property design by Sadar Vuga Arhitekti

9 Aug 2007

Apartment House Zvezda

Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Dates built: 2004-06
Design: Sadar Vuga Arhitekti, Slovenia

Nova Gorica House - Apartment House Zvezda

Photos: Hisao Suzuki

Type: Housing
Formula: Blown-up Window

Apartment House Slovenia Slovenia Apartment House

The House Zvezda is the first apartment building in Nova Gorica with its own garden, underground parking, attractive façade with French windows and balconies, and penthouses with terraces in the attic.

Its architecture and design assure identification on three levels to its residents: my house – Zvezda House, my garden – the common house garden, and my apartment. The garden of the building is designed between the crooked shapes of the building, the Prvomajska Street and the street on the southern side of the location. The garden represents the common place of the residents to socialize and relax outside the building.

Apartment House Zvezda Nova Gorica House Zvezda Slovenia Nova Gorica House Zvezda

The game of the “windows” and “balconies” openings with emphasized frames on the colour-neutral façade background will become an easy-to-remember image of the House Zvezda and its trademark from the Rejeva Street and the Prvomajska Road.

Nova Gorica House Apartment Zvezda Apartment House Zvezda Apartment House Zvezda

Nova Gorica Apartments – Building Information

Client: Primorje d.d.
Address/Site: Prvomajska and Rej?eva Street, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Site area: 5.182 m2
Building area: 1.315 m2
Total floor area: 4.320 m2 basement + 6.281 m2 above
Storeys: basement, ground floor, 3 storeys, attica
Cladding: coloured metal frames + balconies on plaster façade
Parking: underground 110 + outside 4 cars
Architect: SVA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Beno Masten, Goran Golubi?, Milena Monssen, Miha Pešec, John Paul Americo, Tomaž Krištof, Vid Mozina, Lucijan Šifrer)

Apartment House Zvezda Information from Sadar Vuga Arhitekti 2007

Sadar Vuga Arhitekti

Location: Maribor, Slovenia, central eastern Europe

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