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We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Taiwanese Architecture. We cover completed buildings, new building designs and design competitions across Taiwan. The focus is on contemporary Taiwanese buildings.

An earthquake has toppled buildings in the south Taiwanese city of Tainan, killing at least seven people, reports the BBC.

Rescue teams have been trying to reach people trapped in rubble since the magnitude 6.4 quake struck.

Tainan Earthquake Building Destruction,

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Taiwan Building – Latest Architecture News

Taiwan Architecture News, chronological:

Taiwan Architecture Awards 2013 : winning Buildings + Architects – 15 Nov 2013
Water-Moon Monastery Building
photograph courtesy of Artech Architects
The Water-Moon Monastery building by Artech Architects has won the First Prize of the 2013 Taiwan Architecture Awards. Water-Moon Monastery was established by the commission of the past Buddhist Master Sheng Yen, the founder of the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association. All the selection panelists agreed that in Taiwan it is almost an impossible task to design a religious institution without iconic forms and abundant symbolic objects, and the Water-Moon Monastery has achieved it.

Ritz Plaza Taipei – 8 Oct 2013
Design: Chin Architects
Residential Housing Taipei Ritz Plaza
photograph : Jeffrey Cheng
The ground floor is purposefully raised to redefine the urban public-private edge, and at the same time to visually connect the garden of the lower unit with the parks. The upper unit’s public areas are arranged on the fourth floor which enjoys a splendid 6 meter floor-height that invites the surrounding beautiful mountainous scenery into the building.

Gloria Manor Boutique Hotel, Kenting, Taiwan – 22 Aug 2013
Design: J. J. Pan & Partners + JAHAA Inc.
Gloria Manor Boutique Hotel Taiwan
photo : SAM
The hotel is located at Kenting in the southernmost part of Taiwan. The property was previously used as a retreat by the late Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek in the late 60’s, thus no major structural or exterior openings were allowed to be changed. With the rich history of the property, the client hoped to achieve two purposes: heritage and sustainability.

Taichung City Cultural Center Project – 26 Jun 2013
Design: AllesWirdGut Architektur
Taichung City Cultural Center Building
image from architect
For Taiwan’s third largest city, Taichung, the Austrian architectural office submitted together with the Taiwanese partner keyStone architect this spectacular design proposal for a new City Cultural Center in an international competition. The projected building takes up characteristics of the surrounding landscape to define different usage areas.

Taichung City Cultural Center Design
Design: Santiago Parramón, RTA-Office
Taichung City Cultural Center
image from architect
Taichung City Cultural Center Design – 21 Jun 2013
This architecture competition proposal uses a unitary transparent skin that allows stolen glimpses of the complexity that lies inside. Thus this object becomes a contemporary interpretation of an ancient traditional art and culture. Comprised of thin lines of recycled ceramic elements, the skin gently filters the light that reaches the interior and enhances the shapes of the volume. The skin of the design not only serves to enhance the aesthetic value of the building, but it also reduces the impact on the natural environment by taking advantage of passive technologies such as solar shading and natural day lighting.

Wooden Wave Cultural Center
Design: TheeAe Ltd
Wooden Wave Cultural Center Taiwan
image from architect
Wooden Wave Cultural Center – 20 Jun 2013
The architects state: “We believe change or new is not a sole creation from nothing but rather evolution from the past. Designing the cultural center was a task to reveal what could be the image of modern and contemporary Taiwan Architecture. Cultural center is a good place to express the identity of the Taiwan”.

Taipei Pop Music Center Building
Design: Reiser + Umemoto / ARUP
Taipei Pop Music Center
render courtesy of RUR Architecture, PC
Taipei Pop Music Center Building – 18 Jun 2013
Reiser + Umemoto, RUR Architecture PC, is proud to announce that the groundbreaking of the Taipei Pop Music Center will take place Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at the center’s new site on the edge of Taipei, Taiwan. Envisioned as a coherent environment that challenges the limitations of traditional performances spaces, the innovative new center will consist of several mixed-use spaces woven together into a dynamic, multi-purpose venue that reflects and supports the evolving culture of pop.

Taichung Cultural Center Competition Entry
Design: Pruthiphon Buakaew
Taichung City Cultural Center
image from architect
Taichung Cultural Center Competition Entry – 6 Jun 2013
Taichung Cultural Centre is located in between serene Taichung Gateway Park and bustling Cultural Business District. In such subtropical environment, it constantly absorbs fluid masses i.e. People, Humidity and Heat which flow from surrounding.

City Cultural Center, Taichung
Design: Kukan Architects
City Cultural Center Taiwan
image from architect
City Cultural Center Taiwan – 5 Jun 2013
Changbin Township’s Baxian Caves was our source of inspiration, for the creation of an ecosystem, a dynamic relationship among the environment, topography, structural intensities, and human activities. We use the reference of the Baxian Caves to inspire our inhabitant physically and mentally within an organic and nature-type of landscape.

Taichung City Cultural Center, Taichung
Design: Kubota & Bachmann Architects
City Cultural Center Taiwan
image from architect
Taichung City Cultural Center – 4 Jun 2013
The main purpose of the Taichung City Cultural Center (TCCC) is the integration of the Gateway Park and the best practice implementation of green architectural policies.

Taipei 101, Taiwan – elevators currently the fastest in the world
C.Y. Lee & Partners
World's Fastest Elevators
photo : Daniel Shih
Taipei 101 – 24 Jan 2013

New Harbor Service Building, Keelung
23 Jul 2012 – Mecanoo shortlisted to design New Harbor Service Building in Taiwan
New Harbor Taiwan
Courtesy of Mecanoo architecten
Dutch architecture practice Mecanoo has been shortlisted to design the New Harbor Service Building in the major Taiwanese port city of Keelung. The building will accommodate the office of Keelung Port Authority, a passenger cruise terminal and cargo terminal, a bus transfer station and commercial space. With the new maritime landmark for second largest seaport in Taiwan, the Port of Keelung Taiwan International Ports Corporation, aims to create a new ‘Gateway to the Nation’. In the coming months the five shortlisted teams will work on finalizing the design. The winner will be announced on September 15, 2012.

National Library of Public Information, Taichung, central Taiwan
J. J. Pan & Partners, Architects & Planners
NLPI Taichung Building
photograph from architects
National Library of Public Information Taiwan – 5 Mar 2012
Situated in the middle of the island of Taiwan, the National Library of Public Information occupies a site that is both geographically and metaphorically the confluence of information exploration and urban evolution. The striking form of the building features a “horizontal flow” theme recalling the early irrigation canals in the city’s settlement since the 18th century, as well as symbolizing the fluid data interface in the internet age.

Taipei Performing Arts Centre – breaks ground
Taipei Performing Arts Centre
image from architect
Taipei Performing Arts Centre – 16 Feb 2012
The design of the TPAC building – a 1,500-seat theatre and two 800-seat theatres – is the result of investigation into the internal workings of theatre. Plugged into a central cube clad in corrugated glass, each theatre shares backstage space and mechanical facilities. Two of the three theatres can be combined into a ‘Super Theatre’.

Taiwan Building – Recent Designs

Yuan Ze University Buildings
Santiago Calatrava
Yuan Ze University Buildings
rendering courtesy of Santiago Calatrava, LLC
Yuan Ze University Buildings – 12 Feb 2012
The project will consist of a Performing Arts Center, a new Art and Design school and the Y.Z. Hsu Memorial Hall, which is dedicated to the university’s founder, Mr. Yu-Ziang Hsu. The Performing Arts Center will house a 1,200 seat concert hall and a 500 seat theater that can be used for both traditional and experimental performances.

CICADA – Urban Acupuncture, Taipei City
Casagrande Laboratory
Bamboo Structure Building
photo : AdDa
CICADA – Urban Acupuncture – 20 Jan
The Cicada is an open form based organic space inside the mechanical reality of Taipei City. The simple bamboo structure reaches a 12 meter span with 8 meter height and is 34 meters long in total. The construction method is local knowledge from South China and Taiwan. By time the structure will be covered with vines, which seem to explode from the ground. The urbanized river basin of Taipei is extremely fertile.

Taiwan Office Buildings

Architecture in Taiwan

Major Taiwanese Buildings, alphabetical:

Ching Fu Headquarters
Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners
Ching Fu Shipbuilding HQ
photo : Katsuhisa Kida
Ching Fu HQ : shipbuilding company HQ

Hsinchu City
Mole Architects / Gianni Botsford Architects
Hsinchu City
picture from architects
Taiwanese Architecture : latest design

Kaohsiung Exhibition & Convention Centre
Cox Architecture
Kaohsiung Exhibition and Convention Centre
image from COX Architecture
Kaohsiung Convention Centre

Kaohsiung Library Contest Design
Mak Architects Inc.
Kaohsiung Library Competition
picture from architect
Kaohsiung Library Competition

Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center Competition Winners
Design: various architects
Kaohsiung Maritime Culture & Pop Music Center
image from organisers
Kaohsiung Maritime Competition

Kaohsiung Urban Port Station
Competition Winners

De Architekten Cie.
Kaohsiung Port Station
image from architect
Kaohsiung Urban Port Station

Taipei Pop Music Center Contest
Architecture Competition
Taipei Pop Music Center
picture from architect
Taipei Pop Music Center

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control
Studio Nicoletti Associati
Taiwan Centers for Disease Control
picture from architect
Taiwan Centers for Disease Control

Taiwan National Performing Arts Centre
Mecanoo architecten
Taiwan arts centre building
image from architect
Taiwan arts centre building

TED Taipei
TED Taipei
image : BIG
TED Taipei

More Taiwanese Buildings online soon

Location: Taiwan, Eastern Asia

Chinese Building

Taiwan Architecture Awards
Taiwan Architecture Awards
photograph : Cheng Jin-Ming

Taipei Design Competition : Performing Arts Centre

Ruin Academy Taipei
Ruin Academy Taiwan
photograph : AdDa

Taiwan Library Architecture Contest
Mecanoo entry
Taiwan Library Architecture Competition

International Design Competition: Taiwan Hakka cultural Center
Budget $40m, Fee $3.6m
Deadline for Stage 1 Tender submission: 16 Oct 2007
1st Prize: Right of first refusal on contract, 2nd-5th Prizes: $50,000
Website: www.hakkamuseum.com.tw

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