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Swiss Building Developments

Key Contemporary Architecture in Switzerland, central Europe Built Environment

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Switzerland Building Developments

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Swiss Building Developments.

We cover completed buildings, new building designs and design competitions across Switzerland. The focus is on contemporary Swiss buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

Swiss Architecture : news + major projects

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Swiss Buildings : alphabetical list of buildings not included in main city list below.

Building Developments in Switzerland

Major New Buildings by city, alphabetical:

Laufen Buildings

Sports Complex Lausanne, north west Switzerland
Design: gmp • Architects von Gerkan, Marg & Partners
Sports Building Lausanne
picture from architect
Swiss Sports Complex Building
A single circular building combines all functions needed for the sports complex under one roof. The round structure accommodates not only an UEFA football stadium for 13,000 spectators as well as a competition swimming pool, but also a boarding school with special sports facilities, the municipal sports administration and a P & R parking facility for the city of Lausanne.

Lucerne Buildings

Shopping Center Schönbühl redesign
Design: Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Shopping Center Schönbühl Swiss Building Developments
photo © Holzer Kobler Architekturen, photo Francisco Paco Carrascosa
Shopping Center Schönbühl
At the main entrance, the protruding roof helps create a concise urban space. The wide edge of the roof curves down to create a funnel-shaped volume which draws visitors into the building.

St Gallen Architecture

Canobbio House, Lugano
Design: Davide Macullo
Canobbio house Switzerland
photo : Enrico Cano
Canobbio House
Nestled on the Alpine slopes north of Lugano, this house is characterised by a volumetric architecture that emerges from the terrain and follows the natural contour of the land. Its constructed volumes embrace the land in an organic and fluent sequence of spaces, each relating to each other and to the surrounding landscape.

Carabbia House
Design: Davide Macullo
Carabbia House - Swiss property
photo : Pino Musi
Swiss house
Carved in a clear square geometry, the spaces meet the slope and extend in a spiral – fluent movement that constantly changes the perception of the space and its relation with the exterior, offering privileged views towards the beautiful landscape of the region.

Casa Larga, Incella, Lago Maggiore
Architect: Daniele Claudio Taddei
Casa Larga
Bruno Helbling,
Casa Larga

Comano House
Davide Macullo
Comano House
photo : Enrico Cano
Swiss home
The construction stands on the lower part of a steep slope; it organically integrates with the landscape thanks to the verticality of two volumes built according to a strict regulation and bearing in mind the building height in order to preserve the view on the historical village on top of the hill.

House in Arosio, near Lugano
Arosio Residence -Swiss Building Developments
image from architects office
Arosio House

House in Lumino, Swiss Alps
Davide Macullo Architects
Lumino house
photo : Enrico Cano
Lumino House, just north of Bellinzona
Located in the Swiss Alpine village of Lumino, just north of Bellinzona, this house stands as a monolithic element, quietly complementing and echoing its context. The surrounding area is characterised by traditional stone built houses, many of which date back centuries and are marked by their use of this single construction material.

House in Ticino
Davide Macullo
Ticino house
photo : Enrico Cano
Ticino house
This contemporary Swiss home design is characterized by small monolithic volumes standing on the natural slope of the land and it is surrounded by nature. The new construction reminds the pre-existences by four volumes that follow the edges of a 14 meter-square ground and by displaying a carved roof.

Rossinelli House, Lugano
Architect: Nicola Probst, Lugano
Rossinelli House
photo : Lorenzo Mussi, Milan
Rossinelli House
The main feature of the house are the dynamic system of slopes (defined by earthworks and retaining walls) and the shifts and folds in the concrete structure. This system creates its own topography and defines both the living spaces and the spatial relationships between interior and exterior.

Zurich Buildings : Zurich

Cocoon EMEA Engineering Hub
Camenzind Evolution
Cocoon Offices Swiss Building Developments
picture : Camenzind Evolution, Zurich
Cocoon Offices
Cocoon is located in Zurich’s Seefeld district on a beautiful hillside, which enjoys excellent lake and mountain views. The location’s distinctive flair stems from the exceptional park-like setting – a green oasis into which Cocoon snugly nestles.

Community Center Aussersihl
EM2N Architects
Zurich building
photograph © Hannes Henz
Aussersihl Zurich
In parliament the architectural project degenerated into an ersatz battlefield where a struggle between widely divergent political positions was fought. Finally, in a typically Swiss compromise, the budget was practically halved from 5.4 to 3.0 million Swiss Francs.

Conversion Theatre 11
EM2N Architects
Zurich theatre Swiss Building Developments
photograph © Hannes Henz
Zurich theatre

Google Engineering Hub of Europe
Camenzind Evolution
Google Offices Switzerland
image from architect
Google Offices

Kunsthaus Zürich extension
David Chipperfield Architects
Kunsthaus Zürich
picture © David Chipperfield Architects
Kunsthaus Zürich Extension

Railway Station Hardbruecke
EM2N Architects
Swiss Railway Station
photograph © Hannes Henz
Swiss Railway Station

Residential site Cattaneo, Dietikon/Zürich
Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Residential site Cattaneo Swiss Building Developments
image Jan Bitter © Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Residential site Cattaneo

Rigiblick Hotel and Theatre
Burkhalter Sumi Architekten
Rigiblick Hotel Swiss Building Developments
photograph : Heinrich Helfenstein
Rigiblick Hotel

Seewurfel, Mixed-Use Development
Camenzind Evolution
Seewurfel Building
image from architect
Seewurfel Building

Sempacher Loft Apartments
Camenzind Evolution
Sempacher Apartments - Swiss Building Developments
image from architect
Zurich apartment building

Siemens Restaurants
Camenzind Evolution
Zurich Restaurant Swiss Building Development
picture from architect
Zurich Restaurant Building

Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne
Gigon/Guyer Architekten
Swiss Museum of Transport
image from architect
Swiss Museum of Transport Building

Tyre Shop / Art Exchange
Camenzind Evolution
Tyre Shop / Art Exchange Swiss building design
image from architect
Swiss building design

More Swiss Building Developments online soon

New Swiss Architecture

Buildings, no images, alphabetical:

La Congiunta Foundation, Giornico

Peter Märkli

Letzigrund Stadion, Zürich – FC Zürich Stadium
Bétrix & Consolascio with Frei & Ehrensperger

Liner Museum, Appenzell

Rossinelli House, Lugano
Nicola Probst

Rüschlikon – Housing
Gigon Guyer

St Benedict Chapel

Peter Zumthor

St Jakob-Park – Basel United Stadion, Basel
Herzog & De Meuron
FC Basel Stadium : Switzerland’s first multipurpose stadium

Schatzalp Hotel Extension
Herzog de Meuron Architects

Schaulager, Münchenstein
Herzog de Meuron Architects

Spa Tschuggen Berg Oase, Arosa
Mario Botta Architetto

Thermal Baths at Vals, Graubünden
Peter Zumthor

Tower, Schatzaep Davos, Grisons
Herzog de Meuron Architects

Tschuggen Bergoase, Arosa

Mario Botta

Üetliberg apartments, Zurich

Andrea Fuhrimann Gabrielle Häckler Architekten

Wädenswil – Housing
Gigon Guyer

Worb railway station, nr Bern

Modern Swiss Buildings

Maison Clarté, Geneva
Le Corbusier

Heidi Weber Pavilion, Zurich
Le Corbusier

Koerfer House

Marcel Breuer

More Swiss Architecture projects online soon

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