8×8 House: Formentera Residence, marià castelló

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8×8 House Formentera

Residential Development in Balearic Islands design by marià castelló architects, Spain

5 Mar 2010

Balearic Islands Residence

8×8 House

Location: Estany des Peix, Formentera, Illes balears, España
Date built: 2009
Design: marià castelló arquitecte

Pergola white house in Fomentera Island to contemplate the Mediterranean landscape

8x8 House Formentera Residence,

The project is located on a plot of rustic nature at the Portossale band on the island of Fomentera. This is an extension of an existing house formalized as a self-serving refuge for a teacher.

8x8 House Illes balears 8x8 House España

The volumetric project is highly conditioned by the existing building as well as native vegetation which needed to be retained. In this context arises the 8×8 sq meters floor, which is part of a basic program where public areas (living-room and kitchen) act as distribution areas, thus getting larges rooms for the small scale of the building.

The living-dining room is the largest space, which extends outward through to the paving via a large opening in the eastern facade. The kitchen is conjoined to the dining room using large sliding panels. Thus, the only space closed are the bedroom, study room and bathroom.

A portion of the flat roof was made passable to enjoy the spectacular views that open toward the north: Estany des Peix, La Savina port, Illetes beach, Espalmador island and the rugged skyline of Ibiza and Es Verdra in the background.

Being a modest project with a tight budget, the architects opted for a simple construction system and a reduced palette of materials offering austerity and harmony to the complex.

The floor is limestone Capri 60×30 cm format and with almost no joint polished finish inside, natural outside and bush hammering in the shower area. The interior and exterior cladding is finished with cement and white paint. The external joinery is made with solid ‘Iroko’ in the eastern facade, and by painted white aluminium for the remainder. The interior enclosures are executed with DM white waterrepellent coating.

The entrance area features a small terrace with a pergola that provides shade and a longitudinal bench, while directing attention to the best views. The pergola structure has been created with structural white lacquered tubing and webs through anodized aluminium tube.

8×8 House Formentera – Building Information

Location: Vénda de Portossalè, Estany des Peix, Formentera
Promoter: Òscar Portas Juan
Arquitecto / Architect: Marià Castelló Martínez
Collaborators: Sonia Iben Jellal, Albert Yern, Ferran Juan and Jesus Rodriguez
Builder: Julián Nieto, Ferrería Ferreret CB, Carpintería de aluminio “Tití” and Carpintería Carlos
Project: 2005
End of work: 2009
Photography: Lourdes Grivé + Marià Castelló

Formentera house images / information from marià castelló arquitecte

Marià Castelló

Location: Formentera, Spain

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