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Wiel Arets Architects Profile
Architect studio based in The Netherlands, Germany + Switzerland
Wiel Arets Architects Profiles
image : Wiel Arets Architects
Wiel Arets Architects (WAA) was founded by Wiel Arets in 1983, and today the office has studios in Amsterdam, Berlin, Maastricht, and Zürich – with an international team of architects and administrators globally engaged in architecture, education, product design, publishing, research, and urbanism. WAA’s output is acclaimed for its craftsmanship and hybrid-solutions, both achieved through extensive research.

Madrid, Spain
image from architects
EXIT ARCHITECTS integrates the personal and professional experience of an architects team gathered round their common interest in developing a people-aimed architecture. We intend our architecture to play a role in citizens’ everyday life, making them feel and experience through materials and spaces.

3LHD Profile
Zagreb, Croatia
Zamet Centre - 3LHD Profiles
image : Domagoj Blazevic
3LHD is an architectural practice, focused on integrating various disciplines – architecture, urban planning, design and art. 3LHD architects constantly explore new possibilities of interaction between architecture, society and individuals.

Mikou Design Studio Profile
Paris, France
Mikou Design Studio Profiles
photo from architects
Mikou Design Studio is a place of creation and experimentation in architecture and its inter-disciplinary cross-fertilisation. We design in a continuous workshop spirit with a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, graphic artists, scenographers and town planners from very different cultural backgrounds.

Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura Profile
Venice, Italy
Veneto tollgate - Caprioglio Associati Studio di Architettura Profiles
picture from architect
The Caprioglio Associates Architecture Firm was founded in 1999 as natural prosecution, progress and unification of the offices of veneto and friuli of architect Giovanni Caprioglio whom, with the son Filippo Caprioglio, more gives run to one new professional reality extended not only the national territory, but that expands it’s own possibilities also to international experiences and of the industrial design.

Architect Profiles

Architecture Studio Profiles, alphabetical:

a+j burridge architects Profile
Edinburgh, Scotland
Sheffield Parkway Footbridge
image : Tom Kaneko

Alan Dunlop Architect Profile
Glasgow, Scotland
Commonwealth Games Glasgow drawing - Alan Dunlop Architect Profiles
image from architects

Alfonso Architects Profile
Tampa Covenant Church
photo : Al Hurley

BFLS Architects Profile
London, UK
Strata SE1
photo : Will Pryce / BFLS

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group Profiles
Copenhagen, Denmark
BIG Architects Profiles
photograph : Ulrik Jantzen

Chinthaka Wickramage Associates Profile
Sri Lanka
Belihuloya Mountains House
picture from architect

Ewan Cameron Architects
Beach Concept House
image from architects

logon Ltd
Shanghai, China
logon architects Profiles
photo from architects

Norton Ellis Architects
London, England
Kensington Apartment
photo from architect

rural design Profile
Skye, Scotland
rural design studio Profiles
image from architects

STAR strategies + architecture
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Mirador del Palmeral
picture © STAR strategies + architecture

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Key Buildings featured

Singapore Tower, Singapore
Singapore Tower
Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Burj Dubai Building, UAE
Burj Dubai Building
image from Edelman

Barcelona Pavilion, Spain
Barcelona Pavilion
photo © Adrian Welch

Camp Nou Stadium, Spain
Camp Nou Stadium
picture : Foster + Partners

Guggenheim New York, USA
Guggenheim Museum New York
photo : David M. Heald, © SRGF, New York

Farnsworth House, USA
Farnsworth House
image © gm+ad architects

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