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3LHD News

22 Dec 2017
3LHD Architects News

Finishing works at the construction site of Hotel LN Garden Resort in Guangzhou
The works at the construction site of Hotel LN Garden Resort are near completion. Final works in the interior and the landscaping are currently in progress. The opening is planned in May 2018. It is located in the Nansha Seaside Park, at the Pearl River delta in Guangzhou. LN Garden Resort will be a platinum five-star hotel, which, according to Chinese categorization standards, represents a significantly higher standard than a five-star hotel. The hotel has a total area of 55000m2 and 374 accommodation units.

Bužanova housing block
Construction of the Bužanova Block is in the final phase. The project is located in the center of Zagreb, five minutes walking distance from Kvaternik Square. First tenants of the building, which was developed in cooperation with the client VMD, will move in at the beginning of spring 2018. Young Croatian artists were selected to paint the entrance spaces, individualize them and enhance the living experience.

Hotel Belvedere
The exquisite location of the new Hotel Belvedere is characterized by a Mediterranean landscape, steep terrain and a delicate urban matrix of Ploče area. The hotel building has been designed as a soft terrace structure with a low number of floors considerately and carefully adapted to the topography and relief. The green roof terraces contribute to the full immersion of the overall venue/resort into the surrounding nature. The project is at the schematic design phase, you can find more details on the official web site.

New ACI Marina Rovinj
The new ACI Marina Rovinj includes the waters overlooking the medieval town center; and the land part with a new Marina building designed by 3LHD. The project is characteristically defined by the tourist, sports and recreational offer of the location, and spatially by the new hotel complex in the background. The opening is scheduled in the summer of 2018.

Medal for conceptual project
The exhibition 3LHD Interactions, presented in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb from December 2015 to February 2016, was awarded with the “Medal for conceptual project” by the Croatian Chamber of Architects. The exhibition was conceived to affirm the collective creativity and interactions of all participants in the process of making architecture. The curators were Maroje Mrduljaš and Antun Sevšek.

Reconstruction of Janković Manor
The works at the Janković Manor are rapidly progressing – the basement ceilings are being reinforced and both wings will be under the roof at the beginning of winter. The main goal of the project was to preserve the cultural, historical and architectural value of the manor from decay. The opening is scheduled for July 2018.

One Suite Hotel – a new meeting place of Župa dubrovačka
One Suite Hotel, one of 3LHD projects funded by the EU’s Regional Development Fund, opened in June this year. The four-star category hotel has eighteen accommodation units, commercial and catering facilities and a rooftop swimming pool. Main feature of the interior design is Art in One, a concept of collaboration with prominent Dubrovnik artists developed with Flomaster.

Đurđevac Sports and Recreation Centre
SRC Đurđevac is located near the Old Town of Đurđevac and the Borik park-forest. This phase of the project comprises of a football stadium with an access road. The construction of a wooden roof structure for the auditorium is currently being prepared on the site. Along with the cascade form of the building, the main design element is the yellow concrete inspired by the nearby geographical and botanical reserve “Đurđevečki peski”.

Hotel Park in Rovinj
The cascading shape of Hotel Park, situated on a steep slope, stems from the desire to direct all facilities towards the sea and allow the guests an unobstructed view of the city and the Rovinj waters. Thus, there is access from the highest floor where the entrance lobby is located, and from the lowest floor connecting the hotel with the city promenade. We are working on the project with the well-known Milan office Lissoni Associati, which is responsible for interior design and hotel furnishing. Reinforced concrete structure, masonry and insulation works are being carried out at the site. The hotel’s opening is scheduled for July 2018.

Visiting prof at Cornell University
One of the partners at 3LHD, Saša Begović, is a visiting professor at Cornell University in the United States this year. Cornell University’s architectural program is one of the most prestigious in the world and oldest in the United States.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
An important part of architectural profession is presenting projects to clients, colleagues and to the public. In order to present our projects in the best possible way and facilitate the understanding of project concepts to the wider public, we use new tools and media: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies.

Numerous awards to the Karlovac Freshwater Aquarium
Since October last year, when it was officially opened, the Karlovac Freshwater Aquarium has won numerous awards: two A+Award awards in the Architecture + Landscape category, the ARTUR 2017 award, and the “Blue Flower of Accessibility” plaque for 2017. It was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award, Viktor Kovačić Annual award, the Medal for Architecture and many other acknowledgments. The public also recognized it as a unique tourist attraction – in less than a year since its opening, more than 100,000 visitors have seen it.

Reconstruction of Restaurant L
Several years after Hotel Lone’s opening we were involved in the reconstruction of Restaurant L into a show cooking kitchen that will be used for presenting new techniques to chefs, for cooking schools, teambuilding activities etc. The design and the atmosphere are based on the recognizable hotel design with a somewhat modified material repertoire.

3LHD Catalogue 2.0
This year we published the long-awaited 3LHD Catalogue 2.0. After careful selection and preparation of materials, the second edition covers 28 of our projects and the realization of different typologies. Apart from textual descriptions, photographs and visualizations, each project is presented with conceptual sketches. The set of sketches was visually designed by the Ana Rako.

Integration of BIM system into our workflow
Through continuous work and education of our team in the past few years, 3LHD has fully moved to using BIM system (Building Information Modeling) in our workflow. Our dedication to using new technologies facilitates work and coordination between the professionals involved in project design, leaving more time for creativity. We participate in BIM workshops and conferences in Croatia and abroad and are regularly educated for BIM managers.

3LHD teambuilding
Visit to the BAU Fair, creative workshops and outdoor picnics – this year we spent a lot time together inspiring each other, and being creative! We look forward to even more teambuilding activities next year!

This year was successful on an international and domestic level, and here are the people responsible for that:

Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Paula Kukuljica, Romana Ilić, Mia Andrašević, Josipa Baričević, Koraljka Brebrić Kleončić, Andrej Filipović, Olja Gešvind, Vibor Granić, Mario Harni, Denis Hrvatin, Ida Ister, Sanja Jasika Lovrić, Vesna Jelušić, Uršula Juvan, Duje Katić, Nives Krsnik Rister, Nevena Kuzmanić, Leon Lazaneo, Koraljka Mandarić, Daša Manojlović, Kristina Marković, Irena Mažer, Ana Mikelić, Maja Milojević, Goran Mraović, Danilo Mrdak, Nikolina Muža, Zorislav Petrić, Marijana Pivac, Davor Plavšić, Ankica Puljić, Jan Ružić, Tomislav Soldo, Krunoslav Szorsen, Ivana Šajn, Dragana Šimić, Vesna Šoić, Zoran Šuša, Branimir Turčić, Ines Vlahović Mazinjanin, Zrinka Vrkić, Mladena Žarković, Jure Živković and Marta Kolar.

3LHD Contact Details


3LHD Architects
Tel +385 1 2320200
Fax +385 1 2320100
e-mail: info(at)3lhd.com
Website: www.3lhd.com
Address: N.Bozidarevica 13/4, 10000 Zagreb

Zagreb Architecture Practice – About us

3LHD partners:
3LHD architects
photograph : Lana Cavar

3LHD Architects : architect practice page

3LHD is an architectural practice, focused on integrating various disciplines – architecture, urban planning, design and art. 3LHD architects constantly explore new possibilities of interaction between architecture, society and individuals.

With contemporary approach, the team of architects resolves all projects in cooperation with many experts from various disciplines. Projects, such as Memorial Bridge in Rijeka, Croatian Pavilion in EXPO 2005 in Japan and EXPO 2008 in Zaragoza, Riva waterfront in Split, Sports Hall Bale in Istria, Centre Zamet in Rijeka, Zagreb Dance Centre in Zagreb and Hotel Lone in Rovinj are some of the important highlights.

The work of 3LHD has received important Croatian and international awards, including the award for best building in Sport category on first World Architecture Festival WAF 2008, IOC/IAKS Bronze Medal Award 2009 for best architectural achievement of facilities intended for sports and recreation, AR Emerging Architecture Award (UK), the ID Magazine Award (USA); and Croatian professional awards Drago Galić (2008), Bernando Bernardi (2009; 2005), Viktor Kovačić (2001), and Vladimir Nazor (2009; 1999).

3LHD Awards

30.05.2010 Annual Vladimir Nazor Award 2009 – Zamet Centre
04.03.2010 ArchDaily Building of the Year 2009 Award for Sport category – Zamet Centre
15.12.2009 CAA Realizations 2009 – Bernardo Bernardi Award – Zamet Centre
15.07.2009 IOC/IAKS Award 2009 bronze medal – Sports Hall Bale
19.01.2009 CAA Realizations 2008 – Drago Galić Award – House J2
30.10.2008 XVII CEMEX BUILDING AWARD 2008 – 3rd Place infrastructural buildings – Riva Split Waterfront
24.10.2008 WAF World Architecture Festival 2008 – category sport – Sports Hall Bale
06.06.2008 XVII CEMEX BUILDING AWARD Croatia 2007 – Riva Split Waterfront
2006 CAA Realizations 2005 – Bernardo Bernardi Award – Croatian Pavilion EXPO 2005
08.2003 I.D. Annual Design Review 2003 – Memorial Bridge
28.12.2002 AR+D Award 2002 – Memorial Bridge
25.04.2001 CAA Realizations 2001 – Viktor Kovačić Award – Memorial Bridge
1999 Vladimir Nazor Annual Award 1999 – Vila Klara

3LHD Projects

Memorial Bridge, Rijeka, Croatia
Memorial Bridge Croatia
photograph © 3LHD
Memorial Bridge Rijeka

Sport Hall, Bale, Istria, Croatia
Sport Hall Bale
image : Damir Fabijanic, Zagreb
Sport Hall Bale

Zamet Centre, Rijeka, Croatia
Zamet Centre
image : Domagoj Blazevic
Zamet Centre

3LHD Staff Information

Partners: Saša Begović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Marko Dabrović, Silvije Novak
Executive director: Natko Bilić
Office manager: Romana Ilić
Public relations: Koraljka Mandarić
Office administration: Olja Gešvind, Mladena Žarković

Project managers: Tin Kavurić, Paula Kukuljica, Koraljka Brebrić Kleončić, Ljiljana Đorđević, Irena Mažer

Architects: Hrvoje Bilandžić, Nevena Kuzmanić, Leon Lazaneo, Dijana Vandekar, Sanja Jasika, Eugen Popović, Vibor Granić, Tomislav Soldo, Ines Vlahović, Krunoslav Szoersen, Nives Krsnik Rister, Dragana Šimić

Janitor: Ankica Puljić

Location: N.Bozidarevica 13/4, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, southeast Europe

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