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post updated 6 November 2022

logon – Contact Details

logon Ltd.
Unit 3A Building 4, No. 727 Ding Xi Road, Shanghai 200052, China

Tel +86 – 21 6271 3207


logon – About us

logon Architects Shanghai, China
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­ comes along side the client to fully embrace the needs of the end user
­ creates brand new ideas based on contextualization and site analysis
­ Where appropriate, the architecture practice uses the existing elements of the site to bridge the gap between former identity and new design for new purpose
­ Design, though aesthetic, is primarily functional, enhancing user-experience as much as possible
­ believes in high-quality materials, which enhance comfort and save energy
­ intentionally narrows the gap between humans and nature for a harmonious and sustainable cohabitation.


­ Business consulting
­ Architecture
­ Urban design
­ Landscape design
­ Interior design
­ Feasibility study
­ Market research
­ Site Service
­ Quality control

logon Architects – Experience

logon is a German-based international design office that integrates urban planning, architecture and landscape design to respond to our client’s challenges by partnering with them to find extraordinary and comprehensive solutions, perfectly tailored to situation and context.

From our Shanghai office, local and international architects, landscape designers, interior designers, urban designers, engineers, 3D artists, sociologists and marketers partner together on all projects. This guarantees that world-class design ideas respect local building code and regulations. Also, we believe that the knowledge produced by the interaction of multiple disciplines creates not only beautiful design, but holistic design that responds to vehicle & human flows, business concept and the site’s history.

Thanks to extensive experience in China and international expertise along with a number of industry professionals challenging one another daily, logon offers a wide range of services from feasibility study, to quality design, right through to site service and quality control.

In order to ensure a quality full package approach in urban architecture, landscape and design, projects are carried to completion by four main departments.

The Research & Development (R&D) department analyses the site, former building uses, traffic flows or local consumer behavior and socio-economic factors that influence local society. Project Consulting Services refines the business concept based on research provided by R&D, to provide the client with the most profitable solution possible. The Design department ensures the concept is translated into strong direction and an aesthetically compelling design. And the Technical department guarantees structural quality during the design stage and top construction implementation in the building phase.

Architecture Awards

­- 800SHOW Creative Park MIPIM Asia 2010
– 800SHOW, China’s Most Successful Creative Park Design 2009
­- Frank Krueger, creative director of logon received Best Young Designers Award at Shanghai International Creative Industry Week 2009
­- the New Qingpu Wetlands, shortlisted in the Future Projects-Competition entries category of the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards in 2009
­- the New Qingpu Wetlands, 2008 Shanghai Qingpu New City West Region International Competition of Conceptual Urban Design, 2nd prize
-­ logon Ltd, 2008 Excellent Creative Design Company

logon Architects – Projects

Site for the 11th National Sports Games 2009 / Shandong University of Sports, China

Shandong University of Sports Jinan

Key fact: location: Jinan, Shandong Province, China; gfa: 84,000sq.m
Introduction: Following a three round international competition process, logon was selected to design master plan, multifunction training hall, library and teaching & research buildings at the Shandong University of Sports in Jinan, a site that hosted the 11th National Sports Games in 2009.

Shandong University of Sports/a>

Hong Kong Mansion South Area, China

Hong Kong Mansion Shandong Province

Key fact: location: Jining, Shandong Province, China; gfa: 190,100 sq.m
Introduction: The Jining Hong Kong Mansion CBD was designed as a multi-use building complex, the whole area was divided into three main parts, including office building, 5-star hotel, commercial area and residential area.

Hong Kong Mansion South Area

800SHOW Creative Park, China

800SHOW Creative Park China

Key fact: location: Jing’an district, Shanghai, China; gfa: 22,000 sq.m
Introduction: 800SHOW is a 20,000 sqm creative park, formerly Shanghai People’s Electrical Machine Plant right in the heart of Jing’an District, Shanghai.

800SHOW Creative Park

Suzhou New District Commercial Plaza, China

Suzhou New District Commercial Plaza Jiangsu Province

Key fact: location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China; site area: 4 ha
Introduction: The project is located in the core of the new development area next to Suzhou City. The aim was to create an attractive public urban plaza for the emerging center of the new district.

Suzhou New District Commercial Plaza

TUSPARK, Nanjing, China


Key fact: location: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China; site area: 6.9ha
Introduction: The total TUSPARK area of 233.000m² was split into three clusters of tailored office space for corporate, laboratory and research users. The large public function offering makes TUSPARK more than just another office park.


Kunshan Nucleic Acid Science and Technology Park, China

Kunshan Science and Technology Park design by logon

Key fact: location: Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China; site area: 1.1ha
Introduction: The newest building of Kunshan Nucleic Acid Science and Technology Park is the flagship building of the Science Park. It is not only the first site unit to be developed but it is also visible from the public roads and serves to welcome visitors of the Kunshan Nucleic Acid Science Park.

Kunshan Nucleic Acid Science and Technology Park

Yangqiao Greenland Business Centre, China

Yangqiao Greenland Business Centre design by logon

Key fact: location: Jining, Shandong Province, China; site area: 24 ha
Introduction: Instead of being an after-thought, this landscape project was intentionally designed to maintain the spatial dynamic of the construction project, in particular to highlight the majestic red roof.

Yangqiao Greenland Business Centre

Chongqing New World Shopping Center, China

Chongqing New World Shopping Center China

Key fact: location: Chongqing, China; gfa: 701,100sq.m
Introduction: Chongqing New World Shopping Center is located at the intersection of the Jialing and Yangtze River and just opposite the old CBD area in Chongqing.

Chongqing New World Shopping Center

Jining Stadium, China

Jining Stadium building design by logon

Key fact: location: Jining, Shandong Province, China; gfa : 81,744sq.m
Introduction: Jining Stadium is one of the major projects in the process of Jining’s urban planning; Jining will finish its history without large sports facilities upon the completion of the stadium.

Jining Stadium

Singapore Culture City, China

Singapore Culture City design by logon

Key fact: location: Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China; gfa : 177,191sq.m
Introduction: The design of Changzhou Culture Plaza is a high-density residential estate and commercial plaza in Changzhou. The project reintroduced canal culture back into the residential estate through architecture.

Singapore Culture City

German Villas “The World”, Tianjin, China

German Villas The World design by logon

Key fact: location: Tianjin, China; gfa: 6,194sq.m
Introduction: “The World” is emerging in the south-east of Tianjin, the 4th largest city in China, to create a replica of the globe scaled down to the size of 7.3 sq.km. logon Creative director Frank Krueger and his team were selected amongst ten foreign “Master Designers” to design the German villas of “The World”.

German villas

The New Qingpu Wetlands, China

The New Qingpu Wetlands

Key fact: location: Qingpu district, Shanghai, China; site area: 68.6ha
Introduction: In the process of modernization and urbanization, various regions in China, especially those around megacities, are undergoing drastic transformation. Located around 30km south-east of downtown, Qingpu is one of several industrial districts of the urban megalopolis Shanghai. logon’s urban design proposal of the New Qingpu Wetlands.

New Qingpu Wetlands

Architects Staff Information

Owner/partner: Frank Krueger, Wang Fang

Team: 4 key departments
­ Research & Development (R&D) department
­ Business Marketing department
­ Technical department
­ Design department

Location: No. 727 Ding Xi Road, Shanghai 200052, China

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