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Italian Building News from 2017

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28 Dec 2017
Domenico Raimondi Installation, Piazza San Michele, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
Design: Domenico Raimondi thesignLab
Italian Building News - Domenico Raimondi Installation, Piazza San Michele, Lucca
photos : thesignlab, Claudio Tosi, Chiara Santi, Stefania Baldacci
Domenico Raimondi Installation
The installation of Domenico Raimondi in Piazza San Michele is a contemporary nativity entirely covered with mirrors. For the fifth consecutive year the association “Andare oltre si può” (Going beyond it’s possible) illuminate the Christmas of the city of Lucca with lights and colors, inviting the citizens, and the tourists who will visit the city, to a moment of reflection.

22 Dec 2017
Hotel Valentinerhof Building, Kastelruth
Design: noa*
Hotel Valentinerhof Building - Italian Building News
photo from architect
Hotel Valentinerhof Building

21 Dec 2017
South Tyrol House, Kaltern an der Weinstraße (Caldaro) South Tyrol, northern Italy
Design: feld72, architects
Family Home in South Tyrol - Italy Building News
photo : David Schreyer
South Tyrol Family Home

22 Nov 2017
Réglette, Cuneo, Piedmont, north west Italy
Design: atelier qbe3, Architects
Réglette work space Cuneo Piemonte interior design
photo : Fabrizio Scarpi
Réglette Work Space Cuneo, Piemonte
A fun, dynamic and elegant work space: these were the Client’s requests for his new accounting firm. The architectural concept comes from the idea to fill the entire space with numbers, because those are calculation’s basis, the central tool of the study’s work.

9 Nov 2017
Dynamic Seismic Hotel, Napoli, Southern Italy
Design: Margot Krasojević Architects
Dynamic Seismic Hotel Building - Italian Building News
image Courtesy architecture office
Dynamic Seismic Hotel in Napoli

26 Sep 2017
Cittadella Bridge, Alessandria, Piedmont, Northwest Italy – near Genoa
Architects: Richard Meier & Partners
Cittadella Bridge - Italian Building News
Bridge Photography Credit: Hufton+Crow ; Model Photography Credit: ESTO
Cittadella Bridge in Alessandria
Richard Meier & Partners has completed its first pedestrian and vehicular bridge. With a surface area of approximately 4,150 meters and a length of 185 meters, the new Cittadella Bridge is a precast-concrete and painted-steel modern structure designed to connect the city of Alessandria, Italy with the 18th-century citadel across the Tanaro River in northwestern Italy.

30 Aug 2017
Black Eagle Residential House, Selva of Val Gardena, The Dolomites, Northern Italy
Design: Perathoner Architects
Black Eagle Residential House in Dolomites
photo : Arik Oberrauch
Black Eagle Residential House

3 Aug 2017
Reale Group office building, Turin, Northwest Italy
Design: Iotti + Pavarani Architetti Artecna
Reale Group Office Building - Italian Architectural News
photography : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura
Reale Group Building in Turin

26 Jul 2017
Penthouse Interior, Cesena
Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti
Penthouse Interior in Cesena - Italian Architecture News
photography : Cinzia Mondello
Penthouse in Cesena

22 Jul 2017
Luxury Seaside Properties in Italy, Liguria / Tuscany, west coast of Italy
Luxury villa in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, Italy
image Courtesy architecture office
Luxury Seaside Villas in Italy

21 Jul 2017
New Terminal Building of the Marco Polo Airport
Design: One Works + SAVE Engineering
Marco Polo Airport Venice New Terminal Building |
photo courtesy of architects
New Terminal Building of the Marco Polo Airport in Venice
One Works has completed Phase 1 of a major development plan for Marco Polo Airport, with expansive new facilities carefully integrated into the existing fabric of the airport.

7 Jul 2017
vc1 Residential Complex, Cesena
Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti
vc1 Residential Complex - Italian Building News
photo : tissellistudioarchitetti
Residential Building in Cesena

4 Jul 2017
SD Residential Complex, Cesena
Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti
SD Residential Complex
photo : tissellistudioarchitetti
SD Residential Complex Cesena

30 Jun 2017
New Centre to assist Community After October 30th 2016 Earthquake, Perugia, central Italy
Design: Stefano Boeri Architetti
Multifunctional Centre for Norcia, Perugia
photo : Giovanni Nardie
Multifunctional Centre for Norcia, Perugia
The opening ceremony took place today in Norcia of the first Pavilion, part of the Multifunctional Centre for the Norcia’s territory cultural and economical promotion. The building was designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti with funds raised by Un Aiuto Subito – sponsored by Corriere della Sera and TG La7.

29 Jun 2017
Villas CH-O ans CH-S , Torre Squadrata, Todi
Design: LAD
Villas CH-O and CH-S
image Courtesy architecture office
Container Villas Near Todi

26 Jun 2017
Earth sheltered boutique resort, near Monte Rufeno, Tuscany, central Italy
Architects: 70F architecture
Le Ville di Trevinano Boutique Resort in Italy |
image Courtesy architecture office
Boutique Resort in Italy

20 Jun 2017
Buda House, Cesena
Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti
Buda House
photograph : Filippo Tisselli
Buda House in Cesena

7 Jun 2017
Afragola Station, Napoli, southern Italy
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Afragola Station in Napoli
photograph : Jacopo Splimbergo
Afragola Station in Napoli
The first phase of Napoli Afragola Station – the new gateway to the south of Italy – has been inaugurated by prime minister Paolo Gentiloni. The new rail station at Napoli Afragola is designed as one of southern Italy’s key interchange stations serving four high speed intercity lines, three inter-regional lines and a local commuter line.

29 May 2017
Tritalo Hamburger Restaurant, Palermo, Sicily, southern Italy
Design: Studio DiDeA Architetti Associati
Tritalo Restaurant
photograph : Studio DiDeA Architetti Associati
Tritalo Restaurant in Palermo
The architects have converted a small former clothes shop – 38 square meters – making it special by the unveiling, during the refurbishment works, of some frescoes dating back to the late Nineteenth Century.

1 May 2017
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof, Saltaus, Passiria Valley, Italy – Italian Accommodation in the Alps
Design: noa*
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof
image Courtesy architecture office
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof Saltaus

19 Mar 2017
Tuscan Architectural Award – ‘Premio Architettura Toscana’
Tuscan Architectural Award
This Architectural Award is organised by the Regional Council for Tuscany, Florence and Pisa Orders of Architects and the National Building Contractors’ Association (ANCE) to promote architectural excellence and its culture.
A special section will be dedicated to opera prima work presented by young architects.

15 Mar 2017
San Giovanni Battista di Castenaso, Castenaso, Bologna, north-central Italy
Design: Gian Franco Giovannini / Roberto Tranquilli
San Giovanni Boattista di Castenas
image Courtesy architecture office
San Giovanni Boattista di Castenas, Chiesa di Bologna
A new church complex in the parish of San Giovanni Battista di Castenaso, in the province of Bologna. The recently built religious centre serves a community of 15,000 inhabitants that has seen steady urban and demographic growth for more than 40 years.

15 Mar 2017
Complesso Parrocchiale S Paolo, Foligno, Umbria
Design: Massimiliano Fuksas, Doriana Fuksas / Massimiliano Fuksas Architecture
San Paolo Parish Complex Foligno
photograph : Moreno Maggi
San Paolo Parish Complex of Foligno Building

23 Mar 2017
House A236, Palermo, Sicily, Southern Italy
Architects: studio DiDeA
House A236
photograph © Studio Didea
House A236 in Palermo

14 Feb 2017
New Banca di Credito Cooperativo Auditorium, San Cataldo, Sicily
New Banca di Credito Cooperativo Auditorium
photograph : Filippo Romano
New Auditorium in San Cataldo
The new Auditorium of the Banca di Credito Cooperativo (B.C.C.) “G. Toniolo” in San Cataldo born from the client’s desire to create a public space for cultural events open to the public and for hosting business private meetings. Then, a space for the residents to meet and share new cultural opportunities, and for the bank activities.

13 Feb 2017
Oberholz Mountain Hut, Obereggen, South Tyrol
Design: Peter Pichler Architecture in collaboration with Arch. Pavol Mikolajcak
Oberholz Mountain Hut
photograph : Oskar Dariz, Jens Rüßmann
Oberholz Mountain Hut in Tyrol
Peter Pichler Architecture, in collaboration with Arch. Pavol Mikolajcak, won a competition to design a new mountain hut at 2.000m in the Italian Dolomites in 2015. The new hut contains a restaurant and is located next to the cable station Oberholz in Obereggen with direct connection to the ski slope.

27 Jan 2017
Pinedo Stealth, San Marino
Design: John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (JFAK Architects)
Pinedo Stealth in San Marino
photograph : Benny Chan
Pinedo Stealth in San Marino
Family Compound: Comprised of three new architectural elements, this project by John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (JFAK) is located in the backyard of a typical Mediterranean house in San Marino, a city well known for mandating traditional styles for all structures visible from the public domain. To alleviate the city’s stylistic monotony, the design utilizes contemporary forms that are sculptural, dynamic, and bold – but that still “fit in.”

27 Jan 2017
Punibach Hydroelectric Power Station, Planeiler Alm, South Tyrol, northern Italy
Design: monovolume, architecture+design
Punibach Hydroelectric Power Station
image Courtesy architecture office
Punibach Hydroelectric Power Station in Tyrol
The Punibach hydroelectric power station is conceived as a fracture in the landscape. Harmonically integrated in its surroundings, it suddenly brakes it open and reveals the machines in its interiors, which serve to transform natural powers into useful energy.

25 Jan 2017
Winery in Chianti, central Tuscany, central Italy
Architects: IB Studio
Winery in Chianti
image Courtesy architecture office
Winery in Chianti
In 2009, IB Studio began to develop for a private client a project of a new building in one of the most dramatic Italian landscapes. After more than six years, IB studio finally obtained all the permits to build it.

Italian Architecture News from 2016

Italian Building News Archive for 2017

7 Dec 2016
VCS – Unesco Visitor Center Sexten, Sesto, Dolomites, South Tyrol, northern Italy
Design: AllesWirdGut
VCS - Unesco Visitor Center Sesto
visualitzation © Riviera Morettie
VCS Unesco Visitor Center Sesto
Three edgy structures provide the new iconic entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites. Fanning out along the southern edge of the square, the three volumes frame the square space and, together with the existing buildings (congress center, skiing school, tourist information, and cable railways), add to the new alpine sports center.

10 Oct 2016
Parco Centrale Prato
Design: OBR Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi with Michel Desvigne Paysagiste
Parco Centrale Prato
image from architect
Tuscan Architecture Competition
OBR Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi with Michel Desvigne Paysagiste wins first prize in the international competition to design the new Parco Centrale (Central Park) in Prato, Italy.

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