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post updated 14 September 2023

Italian Architecture Design – chronological list

Major Italian Hotel Development

Italian Hotels, chronological:

23 October 2021
Aeon, Soprabolzano, South Tyrol
Design: noa* network of architecture
Aeon Hotel, Soprabolzano, South Tyrol - Italian Hotel Buildings
photo : Alex Filz
Aeon Hotel, Soprabolzano, South Tyrol
It is a privilege to have the space to realize one’s own vision, nestled between one’s own meadows and woods, with an expanse that affords views from the Sciliar to the Rittner Horn, all the way to the Merano Alps and the Dolomites. The historic Lobishof, a perfect ensemble of an old inn, residential house, and traditional barn, is now writing the next chapter of its history with the next generation – one in which noa* has created the new, architectural framework.

15 July 2021
Villa Pamphili Hotel, Rome
Architects: Dexter Moren Associates
Villa Pamphili Hotel Rome interior renewal
image © Dexter Moren Associates
Villa Pamphili Hotel Rome
After three years, an investment of over 25 million euros and a complete renovation, Villa Pamphili Hotel in Rome has reopened. Surrounded by a flourishing urban park in the Valle dei Casali, the new interior redesign positions this Italian hotel building as a reference point for an international clientele.

9 Mar 2021
Gfell Hotel, Fiè allo Sciliar, South Tyrol
Design: noa* network of architecture
Gfell Hotel South Tyrol - Italian Hotel Buildings
photo : Alex Filz
Gfell Wellness Hotel, South Tyrol
The Gfell Hotel, which is adjacent to the pre-existing Schönblick restaurant, sits alone just a stone’s throw from the village of Fiè allo Sciliar, on top of a slope that provides views over unspoiled forests and meadows. The owner was aiming to coordinate this restoration project with top quality accommodation, building new spaces able to enhance the distinctiveness of the location.

4 Jan 2021
Hotel Milla Montis, Maranza, South Tyrol
Design: Peter Pichler Architecture
Hotel Milla Montis South Tyrol - Italian Hotel Buildings
photo © Daniel Zangerl
Hotel Milla Montis, South Tyrol
The Hotel Milla Montis is located in Maranza, in the Italian region of South Tyrol. Meadows and fields surround the well-shaped mountain of the small Alpine village, just above Puster Valley, a tourist destination well known for its marvelous hiking routes.

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Italian Hotel Buildings 2018 – 2020

29 July 2020
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof Hotel, Val Passiria, South Tyrol, northern Italy
Design: noa*
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof Val Passiria Italy
photo : Alex Filz
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof in Val Passiria, Italy
As the age-old adage goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In South Tyrol, Saltaus, Apfelhotel’s young new generation of owners are breaking new ground while staying true to their traditional roots.

31 Aug 2018
Hotel Silena, Valles, Bolzano, Northern Italy
Design: noa*
Hotel Silena Vals South Tyrol Wellness Retreat
photograph : Alex Filz
Hotel Silena Building
This new Italian building with its’ swamp-coloured, organically angular and integration into the landscape, it appears to be growing out of the unstable ground as a place of tranquillity, strength and soul, designed down to the smallest detail.

11 Jul 2018
Savona 18 Suites, Milan
Design: architect and designer Aldo Cibic
Savona 18 Suites Milan hotel
photo : Matteo Piazza / Blu Hotels Archive
Savona 18 Suites Milan Hotel
A new expression in designing the relationships between spaces, objects and colors. A typical Milanese casa di ringhiera (a traditional tenement with communal balcony) transformed into a design hotel: this is the Savona 18 Suites, the project that the Italian architect and designer Aldo Cibic has created for the Blu Hotels group.

22 Mar 2018
Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA Penthouse, Dolomites, Northern Italy
Architects: Vudafieri-Saverino Partner
Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA Penthouse in the Dolomites - Italian Hotel Buildings
photograph : Alex Filz
Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA Penthouse

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Italian Hotel Buildings 2006 – 2017

16 Nov 2017
M89 Hotel, via Mecenate 89, Milan
Architects: Piuarch
M89 Hotel Milan Building
photo : Andrea Martiradonna
M89 Hotel Milan Building
Opposite the building, there is the rhythmic series of brick blocks of the Caproni factory, with their shed roof and industrial archaeology charm. This new Italian four-star destination faces the former factory halls which are now home to Gucci.

9 Nov 2017
Dynamic Seismic Hotel, Napoli, Southern Italy
Design: Margot Krasojević Architects
Dynamic Seismic Hotel
image Courtesy architecture office
Hotel Building in Naples
The hotel’s design and programmatic criteria involve the effects of earthquakes, tremors and dislocations in the immediate environment. Italy has a long history of earthquakes and they are increasing in frequency, this design has been commissioned to contain and reduce the building’s destruction and fatality as a result of earthquakes in the western province near Naples.

26 Jun 2017
Earth sheltered boutique resort, near Monte Rufeno, Tuscany, central Italy
Architects: 70F architecture
Le Ville di Trevinano Boutique Resort in Italy |
image Courtesy architecture office
Boutique Resort in Italy
70F architecture and Le Ville di Trevinano will soon start the build of an earth-sheltered boutique resort in one of Italy’s most beautiful areas. Underground building has not only energetic but also aesthetic benefits; the resort is hardly noticeable from the overlying hills.

1 May 2017
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof, Saltaus, Passiria Valley – North Italian Accommodation in the Alps
Design: noa*
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof - Italian Hotel Buildings
image Courtesy architecture office
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof in Saltaus
It is all about the apple in the ‘Apfelhotel Torgglerhof’ in Saltaus in the Passiria Valley in Northern Italy. The agricultural farm and the hotel extend on 3 buildings and form the farm ensemble – surrounded by numerous apple trees and nature.

31 Mar 2017
New Hotel Tofana, St. Kassian / S. Cassiano, Bolzano, South Tyrol, Northern Italy
Design: noa*
Hotel Tofana design by noa
image Courtesy architecture office
New Hotel Tofana Building
The dynamic personality of the two Yoga and Pilates instructors, mountain bikers, ski and snowboard instructors and mountaineers has led the new Tofana to adapt to these two athletic powerhouses: the “mountain” becomes an abstract conceptual inspiration for the entire architecture. The hotel acts as a “base camp” for the guest.

30 Jul 2014
CalaCuncheddi Hotel, Li Cuncheddi, Sardinia
Interior Design: Molteni&Co
CalaCuncheddi Hotel Sardinia Wellness Escape
photo : Antonio Saba
CalaCuncheddi Hotel Sardinia
A few meters away from the beach Li Cuncheddi, on the granitic headland of Capo Ceraso in Northern Sardinia, CalaCuncheddi 4 Stars Superior Hotel reopens its doors to the public completely renewed.

9 Jun 2016
Fiat Tower, Viale Lungomare di Ponente, 22, 54100 Massa MS, Italia
Design: Vittorio Bonadè Bottino
The Balilla Tower - Italian Hotel Buildings
photo : Luca Arena
The Balilla Tower in Massa
The Balilla Tower, main building of the complex of the marine colony “Edoardo Agnelli” was built in 1933. The tower is conceived as a single, endless dormitory with helical development, able to accommodate about 800 children of employees of the company FIAT. The building is perfectly preserved, and over the years has maintained its hotel function.

Key Recent Hotel Designs in Italy

Italian Hotel Architecture

This page contains a selection of major Italian hotel building designs, with links to individual project pages. We’ve selected what we feel are the key Italy Buildings, but additions are always welcome.

1 Jul 2013
Hotel Pupp, Brixen, South Tyrol
Design: bergmeisterwolf architekten
Hotel Pupp Brixen
photo : Jürgen Eheim
Hotel Pupp
A withdrawal in the middle of the city, away from the hustle and bustle, is made possible. From the outside the tripartite interlocked structure is supplied with a special plaster (in German called “Besenputz”), like the residences close to the city, but is pushed to the fore with the colour pure white.

4 Jun 2013
Hotel Panorama, South Tyrol, northern Italy
Design: *noa Network of Architecture
Hotel Panorama Building
photo : Martina Jaider
Hotel Panorama
A reworking of a traditional hotel – but has the redevelopment gone far enough? Once could imagine a more dynamic intervention, but here is what the architects say: “…the intervention is a constructive gesture using the contrasts of the existing. Inspiration and commitment resulted from strong links between tradition and modernity, inside and outside, cold and hot, before and after…we worked like archaeologists by interweaving old and new in a very dynamic way.”

Italian Hotel Architecture

Italy Hotel Architecture, alphabetical:

4 Jan 2013
Hotel Valentinerhof, Kastelruth, northern Italy
Design: noa*
Hotel Valentinerhof
photo : Daniele Iodice / Lorenz Sternbach
Hotel Valentinerhof
The hotel is located in the village of Kastelruth next to the well-known Seiser Alm at approx. 1200 meters above sea level. The family establishment was enhanced and enlarged with a new wellness area and a new lobby with attached bar and restaurant.

Klima Hotel, Bozen, northern Italy
Architects: Matteo Thun & Partners, Milan
Klima Hotel Italy hotel building
image by architects
Klima Hotel
The certification of accommodation facilities is based on the three pillars of sustainability: ecology, economy and socio-cultural aspects. ClimaHotel is the instrument to be introduced within the hotel facilities as the necessary technical and strategic management.

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