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E2 Competition, Finland : Finnish Buildings by BIG

E2 Competition Development in Finland, Europe design by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group

16 Mar 2011

BIG Wins The International E2 (Ecology + Economy) Timber Competition In Finland

Design: BIG + Pirmin Jung Engineers for Wood Constructions + AOA Anttinen Oiva Architects Ltd + Vahanen Engineers + Stora Enso

E2 Competition Finland

BIG (DK) + Pirmin Jung Engineers for Wood Constructions (CH) + AOA Anttinen Oiva Architects Ltd (FI) + Vahanen Engineers (FI) + Stora Enso (FI) is the winning team to design a prototype wooden construction system for a pilot project in Kouvola, Finland that will serve as a showcase for the sustainable use of timber construction worldwide.

E2 Competition Finland Kouvola buildings design
image from architects

To meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements of Finnish industrialized construction, the E2 Ecology & Economy timber development competition aims to find a conceptual design solution for large-scale production of wooden multi-story buildings. A 15.000 m2 prefabricated wooden development in Kouvola, Finland will serve as a showcase for replicable and locally adaptable cost- and energy efficient housing.

E2 Competition Finland Kouvola buildings design

BIG’s proposal PUU-BO is today announced as one of two winning entries of the two-staged invited competition totaling 26 international proposals, which included wood construction specialists Hermann Kaufmann from Austria and wood producer Finnforest among many others.

“PUU-BO was the only proposal to truly acknowledge the aspiration of the E2 Competition: to look at the surroundings of the build¬ings and the spaces in between as potential opportunities for green development”, Jury, E2 (Ecology + Economy).

E2 Competition Finland Kouvola buildings design

Wood as construction material brings a double benefit: remarkably reduced emissions in its production and fabrication and im¬proved energy efficiency of the buildings where it is used. Currently, only a fragment of multi-story buildings utilize timber construc¬tion in Finland, a country known for its timber production. BIG’s PUU-BO is a comprehensive prefab solution designed to be both extremely flexible and materially efficient.

PUU-BO’s conception as a system based on best practices and not predefined standard elements, gives it an embodied intelligence and ensures its viability for the future. The system’s easy adaptability to a variety of building typologies and uses, opens up new possibilities for prefabricated wood systems beyond the residential market – the very same elements in the residential pilot project could be used in an office building or even a wood skyscraper with no loss in material efficiency.

E2 Competition Finland Kouvola buildings design

“BIG’s point of direction was to design an innovative system that can fit any built environment for any type of use. Rather than devel¬oping a system based on current market demands, we wanted to make a system so flexible it can embrace as many building typolo¬gies and functionalities as possible. Instead of making the most carbon neutral system at present; we develop a system that evolves into the future. This way the system respects the ever increasing key drivers for sustainability while being competitive with other building systems”, Thomas Christoffersen, Partner-in-Charge, BIG.

A site with generous views towards public green areas and the city’s river has been specifically selected for this pilot project by the city of Kouvola. The location allows the volume of the proposed building to push from one side to the other side to integrate the park and parking along the development.

BIG’s proposal follows the contours of the landscape creating semi-private pockets directly con¬nected to the park while the height of the building is manipulated to peak towards the open areas. The pockets are surrounded by lower housing creating an intimate space where all units are connected to the ground. The areas with the best views have the most floors and the most apartments while all roofs are partially accessed by the penthouse apartments and all units at ground floor have access to private gardens to both sides.

E2 Competition Finland E2 Timber Competition E2 Timber Competition Finland E2 Competition
image from architects

“Le Corbusier’s DOMI-NO system was developed to industrialize construction with the new technologies of concrete structures, and improve living conditions for the many. Decades later concrete housing has become synonymous with boxy and boring. By crossbreed¬ing state-of-the-art building technology and wood construction PUU-BO provides endless variability with infinite renewability” Bjarke Ingels, Founder and Partner, BIG.

BIG’s E2 proposal combines a variety of housing typologies – from 8-story apartment buildings to low townhouses with a shared courtyard space. Along both sides of the building a pedestrian path connects the private gardens to parking and park. The path blends with the existing network, integrating the building with the park, river and city. Playgrounds, sports fields, and a community sauna in the river are strategically placed in order to activate the site. All activities are available to both the PUU-BO inhabitants as well as the citizens of Kouvola.

About E2
The city of Kouvola in cooperation with the Finnish Forest Industries association, the Finnish Forest Foundation, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation SITRA, KSS-Energia Oy and the Regional Council of Kymenlaakso aims at fostering new solu¬tions for industrial production of wooden multi-story buildings through the launch of E2 Timber Development Competition and a future Centre of Competence in Timber Construction, “Wood-Inno”. The concept competition is expected to offer energy efficient solutions which reduce the carbon foot print, and could help Finland to take leadership in the field of timber construction worldwide.

About BIG
BIG, founded in 2005 by Bjarke Ingels, is an architectural office currently involved in a large number of projects throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark and with a newly opened office in New York, USA the office is led by six Design Partners, including Bjarke Ingels, Andreas Klok Pedersen, Finn Norkjaer, Thomas Christoffersen, Jakob Lange, David Zahle and two Management Associate Partners, Sheela Maini Sogaard and Kai-Uwe Bergmann. BIG’s architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes, not least due to the influence of multicultural exchange, global economic flows and communication technologies that together require new ways of architectural and urban organization.

About Pirmin Jung
PIRMIN JUNG Ingenieure für Holzbau AG is a leading engineering specialist for multiple-storey timber constructions. For the past 15 years, Pirmin has worked closely with designers and architects, creating efficient sustainable and long-lasting wooden solutions worldwide.

E2 Competition Finland – Building Information

Name: E2 Ecology and Economy
Program: Housing
Type: Prequalified Competition
Size: 15,000m2, 8 storey prefabricated wood construction

Client: City of Kouvola, Finland
Collaborators: AOA, Pirmin Jung Holzbauingenieur, Vahanen, Stora Enso
Location: Kouvola, Finland
Partner in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen
Project Leader: Brian Yang
Team: Krista Meskanen, Jelena Vucic, Alina Tamosiunaite, Alessandro Ronfini, Cecilia Ho, Elisha Nathoo, Sunming Lee, Long Zhuo, Mads Bjorn Christiansen

BIG Architects

BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group

E2 Competition Finland images / information from BIG

Location: Kouvola, Finland

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