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Archetypes Architecture Contest, Romania

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Archetypes Competition

Architecture contest for the urban public space Archetypes

Bucharest, August 31st 2011

Archetypes announces the winners of the 2011 edition! The 2011 edition of the international architecture contest for the urban public space Archetypes is close to its end, the winners will be announced on the 3rd of September 2011 in an Awarding Ceremony that will take place in Bucharest, at the Palace of Patriarchate.

The contest continues its ambitious mission to improve the urban public space in Romania, both by the activation of ignored or misused public spaces and by creating a cohesion between the professionals in architecture, design and urban planning, the local authorities and the public institutions responsible for the management of the public spaces and the private companies that can support the sustainable development of the Romanian towns.

Archetypes was developed in two stages, the first being ended on the 30th of July 2011 in Sibiu when there were announced the 10 finalist projects and the 4 towns that continue the race for the big prize, in total maximum value of 100.000 euro. The second stage, that carried on in August, involved the development of the finalist projects in accordance with the specifications from the jury in order to increase the feasibility of each project proposed.

The organizers assume the building of at least the project ranked on the first place. Thus the contest assumes its mission that is to bring tangible benefits to the local communities by the creation and promotion of a high-quality architecture for the urban public space in Romania, with an impact in the quality of the life of the Romanian communities of every town.

The finalist towns of 2011 edition are Bistrita, Bucharest, Cluj Napoca and Iasi. The 10 projects submitted for these towns are distributed as follows: Bistrita – one project for the emplacement on Liviu Rebreanu street – Wooden Gate, Bucharest – 7 projects, 4 of these for George Enescu Square and 3 for Podul Calicilor, Cluj-Napoca – one project for the emplacement near Sala Sporturilor and Iasi – one project proposed for Rapa Galbena.

This competition provides a real opportunity to make a dramatic intervention in urban space design in Romania – not only in the location where the winning project will be built but also by providing ideas for other towns and cities across the country. The jury faced the difficult task of separating potential winners from a large submission of very high quality entries that proposed exciting projects on a wide range of different sites.

It was only after lengthy involved debate and discussion that we were able to select the shortlisted entries, declared Mr. Robert Kronenburg, Professor and Architect Doctor at the Architecture University in Liverpool, UK and also President of the Jury of Archetypes 2011.

Archetypes announces the winners of the 2011 edition in a series of events that will take place on the 3rd of September 2011 in Bucharest. The most expected event of this edition, the Awarding Ceremony will be preceded by a Conference of Sustainable Architecture, a debate on the sustainable architecture from the perspective of 4 international experts: Jacques Allard (Belgium), Kai Uwe Bergmann (Denmark), Carlos Jimenez (United States) and Robert Kronenburg (Great Britain). The Conference and the Awarding Ceremony will take place at the Palace of Patriarchate from Bucharest, starting with 16:00.

The closing of 2011 edition of Archetypes will happen on Saturday, September the 3rd at Atelierul de Productie starting with 22:00 and will include an exhibition of the 50 semifinalist projects and a series of video projections of the finalist projects. The evening will be closed by the performance from Norzeatic and Khidja and Charlie Dundeen set. Atelierul de Productie is an unique venue in Bucharest, that takes over the European old factory locations transformed into cultural centers, an alternative space for ideas and projects with creative potential.

The partners of the 2011 edition of Archetypes are: Raiffeisen Bank as official partner, Hewlett Packard, Cosmote, Apanova, Loteria Romana and Villeroy&Boch as main partners and Sika, Lafarge, Abzac, Ytong, Velux, Apolodor, Holver, Class Living, Audi (official car), Rompetrol as partners.

Carmen Dragan
Project Manager
Archetypes 2011
Tel.: +40743-450.777

Location: Bucharest, Romania

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