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150,000€ Kingspan’s MICROHOME

(29 April 2024: registration deadline)

30 May 2024: submission deadline

The MICROHOME Kingspan Edition is an exciting development in the evolution of the MICROHOME architecture competition, marking the seventh edition of this esteemed event. This special edition is hosted by Buildner in a key partnership with Kingspan, a collaboration that showcases a mutual vision and shared objectives, amplifying the reach and impact of the competition with a substantially increased prize fund of €150,000.

The Buildner-Kingspan partnership embodies a united commitment to drive forward architectural design, particularly in the realm of small-scale, sustainable, and affordable living solutions. The shared ethos rests on the belief that innovative design, quality, and sustainability are of paramount importance, and that they can create transformative solutions without being restricted by size.

The MICROHOME Kingspan Edition invites participants to conceptualize an off-grid modular dwelling that would accommodate a hypothetical young professional couple. This scenario serves as the benchmark family size for the competition. The total floor area of the structure should not exceed 25 m2, thereby encouraging participants to push their creativity and innovate within these parameters.

The competition challenges participants to radically rethink spatial organization, to introduce distinctive aesthetics, and to implement state-of-the-art technologies and materials. The end objective is to propel the micro home from a mere architectural form to a revolutionary genre in its own right.

There are no geographical restrictions on the hypothetical sites for these designs, allowing for unlimited creativity. Whether urban or rural, any location worldwide can be the backdrop for these micro homes. Designs that prioritize sustainability and present solutions to economic, social, and cultural challenges through fresh architectural methods will receive preference.

The MICROHOME Kingspan Edition is an opportunity to contribute to the evolution of residential architecture. It looks forward to uncovering visionary designs and innovative ideas that are poised to redefine the future of micro-living.


– Brent Trenga, Director of Sustainability, Kingspan Insulated Panels, USA
– David Basulto, Architect, Founder & CEO of ArchDaily, Germany
– Ben Van Berkel, Founder and Principal of UNStudio, Netherlands
– Paolo Flores, Director at Zaha Hadid Architects, UK
– Flora Lee, Associate Partner at MAD Architects, USA
– Martina Martino, CEO of Mario Cucinella Architects, Italy
– Silvana Ordinas, Founder and Partner at Peter Pichler Architecture, Italy
– Carlo Ratti, Director of the MIT Senseable City Lab and CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati, USA

Competition is open to all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum). Correspondence with organizers must be conducted in English; All information submitted by participants must be in English.



JUNE 2024

The Home of Shadows / Edition #2

(2 May 2024: registration deadline)

4 June 2024: submission deadline

Buildner presents the second edition of the Home of Shadows architecture competition. This event once again highlights the crucial interplay between light and shadow in creating functional and inviting living spaces.

Natural light is not just a vital aspect in home design for its practicality, but it also transforms spaces into welcoming and comfortable havens. It enables architects to infuse emotion and ambiance into their designs, giving life to structures beyond their physical form.

Similarly, shadows are not to be overlooked. They are essential in adding depth, texture, and mood to spaces. The strategic placement of architectural elements like windows or doors can dramatically affect how light and shadow interact, shaping the overall atmosphere of a home.

The second edition of the Home of Shadows competition maintains its unique challenge. Participants are invited to design a home for a fictional couple, with a special condition – the total elimination of artificial light. Every submitted design is expected to demonstrate a deep understanding of how natural light influences architectural choices, and how it can be harnessed to create fully functional and aesthetically pleasing living environments.

Contestants are free to choose any imaginary location for their design projects, offering a diverse backdrop for the exploration of light and shadow. Buildner looks forward to receiving innovative entries that showcase a harmonious blend of technical skill and creative insight, illuminating the endless possibilities that lie within the dance of light and shadow in architectural design.


– 3No. winning proposals
– 2No. special award recipients
– 6No. honourable mentions

Buildner (formerly Bee Breeders) will award a total of 7,000 € in prize money to competition winners as follows:

1st Prize – 3,000 €
2nd Prize – 1,500 €
3rd Prize – 1,000 €
+ 6 honourable mentions

Buildner Student Award – 1000 €
Buildner Sustainability Award – 500 €


Final registration deadline: May 2, 2024
Closing date for submission: June 4, 2024 (LONDON TIME)
Announcement of the winners: July 15, 2024



LOM’s travel bursary for architecture students

Friday 3 May 2024: deadline

LOM’s travel bursary for architecture students in memory of Karla Roman

Shoreditch-based practice, LOM architecture and design is accepting entries for its annual travel scholarship worth £2,500.

LOM set up an annual travel bursary in memory of Karla Roman, a talented architect and colleague who was killed while cycling to work in February 2017. As well as the UK, Karla worked in Italy and in her native Brazil. She travelled to build her architectural knowledge, and the Karla Roman Travel Bursary was established to enable other architecture students to do the same.

Open to all UK and international students at any stage of their studies, studying architecture or similar as a full or part-time undergraduate or postgraduate student. The bursary gives future architects and interior design students the opportunity to travel as part of their education and apply up to £2,500. It will be awarded to the applicant providing the most creative and compelling case for support, with financial circumstances and need being taken into account.

LOM’s travel bursary for architecture

Farid Abdulla, a previous bursary recipient, expressed that “Experiencing a change of environment facilitated a cognitive shift and a clarity of thought, particularly regarding my career as a designer and urbanist. I discovered layers of imagination that I will continue to nurture, as well as an appreciation for where best to place myself when I finish my studies. The bursary allowed me to have a beautiful experience that has forever changed me.”

LOM Director, Richard Hutchinson added that Karla Roman was “an extraordinarily talented colleague who rapidly became a key member of our team, set on course for a very promising career but was taken far too soon. It was therefore deeply important to us all at the practice to establish this bursary in 2018 in Karla’s name to help expand the minds and experiences of other aspiring designers.”

Another previous winner of the award, Eleanor Hyde, said that “The opportunity to travel to a country with a very different culture from the UK has proved to be an invaluable experience to my thinking as an architect, informing my design approach, broadening my knowledge and helping to shape my way of thinking in the future.”

LOM would like to hear from applicants for the 2024 bursary by Friday 3rd May 2024 with a view to travel this summer, approximately between June and October 2024.

Please apply to:


Marsception Architecture Competition 2024

9 May 2024 2024: Standard registrations deadline

15 May 2024: closing date for Submissions

Marsception Architecture Competition 2024

The participants are to select a location anywhere on the surface of the planet Mars. With interplanetary travel for humans, not a far-fetched idea and innovations made every day to make it a reality soon. It is now time to imagine and create a new civilization.

Marsception Architecture Competition 2024


ADAM Architecture 2024 Travel Scholarship

19 April 2024

The ADAM Architecture Travel Scholarship takes winners far and wide to impressive architectural locations.

March 2024 – Entries are now open for students to apply for ADAM Architecture’s annual Travel Scholarship. The scholarship, which was founded in 2005, offers a £2,000 award to support overseas research in architecture, architectural technology and urban design. It aims to increase access to international travel for students who wish to develop their current research or explore new areas of study.

ADAM Architecture 2024 Travel Scholarship


MOA Design and Build Student Competition- “Land Art: Celestial Architecture”

21 Apr 2024: registration deadline

21 Apr 2024: submission deadline

The Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA) in Greenwood Village, CO seeks conceptual design proposals for its Design and Build Competition from art, architecture, landscape architecture, design and other creatively focused USA based collegiate students, teams, and/or classes. This year’s theme is Land Art: Celestial Architecture. The competition opens January 5, 2024, and closes April 21, 2024. There is no entry fee!


1st place– $10,000
2nd place– $7,500
3rd place– $5,000
Honorable Mention- $1,000
*Prizes will be split evenly amongst all members of collaborative team entries.

In addition to the above prizes, winning entries will be featured on the Competition archive website.

Jury Panel:

–Cynthia Madden Leitner, President and Co-Founder of the Museum of Outdoor Arts
–Robert Ferry & Elizabeth Monoian, Land Art Generator Founding Co-Directors
–Jill O’Bryan, Artist and Land Light Foundation Board Secretary & Treasurer
–Charles Ross, Artist of earthwork, Star Axis and Land Light Foundation Board President


This architecture competition is currently open to any undergraduate or graduate student or student team currently enrolled in any US university. Students should be studying in the field of art, architecture, landscape architecture, design, engineering, and/or other creatively focused programs.

Entries can be submitted by individuals, teams, or as class projects. Collaborative and interdisciplinary designs are highly desired. Past competition winners must observe a one-year sit out period prior to being eligible to enter future competitions.



International Aesthetic Design Competition


Alanya University, Alanya, Antalya, Türkiye

23 April 2024: extended deadline

International Aesthetic Design Competition

Call for Design Projects and Ideas

This is a final call to participate in the transformative “Architectural Alchemy: Aesthetic Design Ideas for a Better World” Competition, proudly presented by Alanya University, Alanya, Antalya, Türkiye.

This prestigious architecture competition is your platform to showcase how aesthetics can not only beautify but also solve critical environmental challenges, enhancing the quality of architecture and urban design across the globe.

Why Participate?

  • Recognition: All projects will be printed and exhibited at Alanya University as an international design exhibition resulting from this competition, and each participant will be awarded an official letter confirming “the exhibition of their projects” within the IADC2024 Architectural Design Competition.
  • Recognition: Each participant will be granted a certificate to acknowledge their participation in the International Aesthetic Design Competition – IADC2024.
  • Publication: All submitted projects will be published in the competition e-book of the conference.
  • Rewards: Cash prizes for the top three submissions, certificates, and publication opportunities await the winners and 40 special mentions.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: You retain the rights to your designs.

Submission Essentials:

  • Theme: We eagerly anticipate understanding how you have shaped a form, place, or space, aiming to appreciate its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, we are interested in your conceptual strategy for crafting architectural space or place. Your project or design ideas should integrate aesthetic solutions to environmental problems in any building category, with no restrictions on the geographical location of your site.

Who Can Enter? Open to both spirited students and seasoned professionals in architecture, urban design, and interior design. We highly encourage students to collaborate with their instructors to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the forefront. Projects or ideas created within the past five years that possess aesthetic value deserving of global recognition are encouraged to participate in the competition.

Do not miss this last opportunity to be part of a competition that values the power of aesthetics in shaping a better, more sustainable world.

For inquiries, email

Department of Architecture,
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Alanya University


European Collective Housing Award

European Collective Housing Award celebrates architectural excellence and social impact

Call for entries:

2 April, 2024: deadline

Basque Country Architecture Institute and Arc en Rêve Centre d’Architecture, with support from the Department of Territorial Planning, Housing, and Transport of the Basque Government, are announcing the first edition of the European Collective Housing Award. Submissions are now accepted for its inaugural edition.

Submissions will be accepted from February 15 to April 2, allowing architects, urban planners, developers, and industry professionals across Europe to showcase their projects and contribute to discussions about the future of urban living. The award will culminate in a prestigious ceremony where winners will be announced and showcased in an exhibition.

Submissions can be made by:

The public administrations are responsible for promoting national, international, provincial, or municipal developments.
The development company, either individually or as a group.
The architects of the development project, either individually or as a team.
The construction companies participating in the development.
Users of the development, either individually or collectively.

The Jury

At the helm of the jury stands Anne Lacaton, a distinguished figure in the architectural world renowned for her ethical and human-centered approach. Lacaton, alongside her partner Jean-Philippe Vassal, has garnered global recognition for their groundbreaking work through their firm Lacaton & Vassal. Their innovative approach, focusing on rehabilitating and enhancing existing structures, earned them the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 2021, solidifying their status as pioneers in the field. The rest of the jury will be made up of international figures and will be announced in the coming weeks.

European Collective Housing Award 2024

Europe’s cities witness a rich history of collective housing, shaping the continent’s identity and values. From historic landmarks to contemporary innovations, collective housing reflects Europe’s commitment to social cohesion and sustainable urban development.

Collective housing is a cornerstone of European architectural heritage, reflecting the continent’s rich history and values. From its roots in centuries-old city development to its evolution through post-industrial eras, Europe’s collective housing exemplifies social cohesion, architectural innovation, and urban sustainability.

Despite challenges such as the stigmatization of social housing and urban crises, the new millennium has witnessed a resurgence of collective housing, aligning with European welfare ideals and contemporary socio-environmental concerns.

Covering 46 countries within the Council of Europe, the European Collective Housing Award offers a unique platform for architects, urban planners, developers, and industry professionals to showcase their collective housing projects. This emphasis on collective housing, a first for such an award, underscores its commitment to addressing pressing societal challenges while fostering sustainable urban development practices across Europe and beyond.

The partnership between the Basque Country Architecture Institute, Arc en Rêve Centre d’Architecture, and the Department of Territorial Planning, Housing, and Transport of the Basque Government underscores a collective commitment to advancing excellence in architectural design and promoting equitable housing solutions. This collaboration ensures that the European Collective Housing Award catalyzes meaningful dialogue and action, shaping the future of urban living on a continental scale.


European Collective Housing Award – Background

The European Collective Housing Award, initiated by the Basque Country Architecture Institute and Arc en Rêve Centre d’Architecture, in collaboration with the Department Of Territorial Planning, Housing And Transport Of The Basque Government, celebrates this resurgence and aims to elevate the discourse on housing policies and architectural excellence.

This prestigious award seeks to recognize projects that positively impact communities and contribute to sustainable urban development while promoting quality architecture. Emphasizing the importance of housing as a fundamental human need and societal asset, the award encourages innovation, inclusivity, and environmental responsibility in collective housing design.

Organized by esteemed institutions, the European Collective Housing Award serves as a platform for showcasing groundbreaking architectural achievements, fostering dialogue among professionals, and inspiring future initiatives. By honoring projects that embody excellence, social consciousness, and contextual integration, the award endeavors to shape the future of collective housing in Europe.


Design Olympiads

31 March 2024: registration deadline

31 March 2024: submission deadline

A Call to the designers all around the earth to become jurors and representatives at the Design Olympiads!

In order to implement the fairest design evaluation and awarding system in the history of humanity, we need designers from all over the world who believe in fair-play to take part in the bodies of the Board of Jurors and Board of Representatives at the Design Olympiads. The conditions for taking part in the Board of Jurors and Board of Representatives are as follows.

Unlike other awarding programs, in the Design Olympiads are determined by a point-based system that is open to everyone’s participation, where academic and practical skills are measured. With the aforementioned point-based system, the top 200 designers around the world who get the highest score in the current period in the design fields they work in are automatically entitled to be a Board of Jurors member in the Design Olympiads.

In order to become a member of the Board of Representatives at the Design Olympiads, It is sufficient to be a member of the academic staff in the design department of any university, and to believe that fair-play should be implemented in the design field.

Designers who want to learn more about the general working system of the Design Olympiads and who want to be a Board of Jurors and Board of Representatives member can access the necessary information from the About page of the page.


2024 World Landscape Architecture Awards

(23 March 2024: registration deadline)

30 March 2024: submission deadline

The World Landscape Architecture (WLA) Awards are a prestigious global awards program celebrating excellence and innovation in landscape architecture. Organized annually, the awards showcase outstanding projects demonstrating exceptional creativity, sustainability, and environmental impact. The WLA awards highlight the diverse range of landscapes, from urban parks and public spaces to residential gardens and ecological restoration projects, fostering a sense of community and connection with nature.


Projects must be a concept or built during 2019-2024. Entrants can enter multiple projects but must purchase a registration for each entry. Built projects must have construction completed. Conceptual projects can be in various stages, such as conceptual, schematic, design development, detailed design, and construction;


Built – Small Landscape Design (less than 1000 sq. m/10000 sq. ft)
Built – Large Landscape Design (greater than 1000 sq. m/10000 sq. ft)
Built – Urban Design
Built – Private Residential Design (including single dwelling gardens)
Built – Commercial Residential Design (including showflats, apartments, residential estates, housing developments, etc.)

Conceptual – Small Landscape Design (less than 1000 sq. m/10000 sq. ft)
Conceptual – Large Landscape Design (greater than 1000 sq. m/10000 sq. ft)
Conceptual – Residential Design (including private and commercial residential landscapes)
Conceptual – Analysis and Planning
Conceptual – Urban Design

The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) Cultural Landscape Award

Professional WLA Awards Entry Registration Fee
$250AUD (approx. 170USD, 160EUR, 1150CNY) per registration.

Entry Registrations can be purchased in the WLA Shop via Credit Card, Paypal, or Credit Card.

Upon purchasing the entry, you will receive an email with links to a zip and rar file that includes the Awards Template, Entry Guide [PDF] Example Layout, and WLA Awards Declaration.




International Furniture Design Competition – Transforming Communities

31 December 2023: registration + submission deadline

Organizer: Ketham’s Atelier Architects

International Furniture Design Competition

Competition Overview: This architecture competition is open to individuals of all backgrounds, including students and professionals. Participants are tasked with designing furniture that is ergonomically sound, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and feasible to build in neglected communities, particularly in slums. The goal is to create furniture that can adapt to the limited spaces in these communities and provide essential functionalities such as storage, seating, sleeping, reading, writing, and more.

Organizer’s Mission: Ketham’s Atelier Architects has a history of creating low-cost furniture and training students, widowed women, and others in neglected communities to make and donate furniture to those in need. Winning designs from this competition will receive support from the organizer to develop prototypes, which will then be donated to the Thinking Hand NGO for distribution to neglected communities.

Architecture Competition Details:

Evaluation Criteria: Innovation, Design Quality, Environmental Sustainability, Structural Integrity, Clarity of Presentation
Awards: First, Second, Third Place, Two Special Mentions
Winning projects will be constructed and shared in neglected communities.
Winners will receive certificates.

Registration and Submission:

Registration Deadline: December 31, 2023: €49.00
Submission Deadline: December 31, 2023
Submission Format: Online submission to
Maximum Text: 500 words, two A3 size sheets (Portrait format), Unique Registration ID required.

Important Dates:

Winners Announcement: January 31, 2024
Winner Detail Drawing: February 5, 2024
Build & Share: February 29, 2024

We believe that this competition not only provides a platform for designers to showcase their talents but also allows them to make a significant impact on the lives of those in neglected communities.


The International Design Competition for the Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall, South Korea

(6 Oct 2023, 17:00: registration deadline)

(20 Nov 2023, 17:00: submission deadline)

Design Competition for the Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall South Korea


  • Since the Gwangju Biennale was first launched in Korea in 1995, it has been held on 14 occasions. As a result, it has taken root as a world culture brand, however it has faced a number of limitations in its development due to the facilities which make it difficult to reflect new exhibition trends as time has passed.
  • So, we have established a new exhibition space which can reflect the flow of contemporary art and provide an exuberant citizen-friendly, cultural delight, and healing space to an urban area as well as strengthening the status and identity of the Gwangju Biennale and preparing for the holding of stable and methodical events as a world culture brand.


  • Host (Ordering Agency): Gwangju Metropolitan City of S.Korea
  • Site Location: Around 400-5 Maegok-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju, S.Korea
  • Area / District: Green Natural Area/ Jungwoe Park (museum district)
  • Use: Cultural and Assembly Facilities (exhibition hall)
  • Site Area: 34,925㎡
  • Total Floor Area: 32,276㎡ (exhibition hall 22,776㎡, Parking area 9,500㎡) ※ tolerances of ±5>#/span###
  • Estimated Construction Cost: 86,396 million KRW (including VAT, renewables construction costs)
  • Estimated Design Fee: 5,117 million KRW (including VAT, all certifications, etc.)
  • Competition Period: Tue. Sep. 12, 2023 ~ Mon. Nov. 20, 2023 (※ current exchange rates : 1 USD ≒ 1,337KRW)



AI Competition – Future Of Cities On Planet Earth

1 Feb 2024: registration + submission deadline

Competition Name: AI Competition – Future Of Cities On Planet Earth
Registration: 1/12/2023
Deadline: 1/02/2024
Competition Type: AI Competition
Language: English
Fee: 30$

AI Competition - Future Of Cities On Planet Earth


In the past year, Al has empowered countless individuals to express their creativity and innovation. Even without traditional artistic tools, millions now use Al to transform their thoughts into meaningful images, sharing compelling stories that were previously untold. Al has truly revolutionized artistic expression for all.

Introducing a groundbreaking Al challenge! Open to architects, designers, artists, and storytellers worldwide. Unleash your creativity, explore captivating topics, and redefine boundaries with Al. Showcase your unique vision and be part of the revolution!

The Al Creative Challenge gives architects, artists and designers an opportunity where they can demonstrate their skills while promoting multidisciplinary cooperation and knowledge sharing. participants will join a thriving community of professionals committed to developing scenarios of the future whether it is utopian or dystopian through Al-driven innovation by taking part in this ground-breaking event.

Competition Brief:

In a world filled with darkness and turmoil, this competition aims to shed light on the power of storytelling and art in rebuilding places, restoring the notion of home, and nurturing hope. Participants are invited to reflect on the profound questions surrounding home and belonging, freedom, justice, and power.

Amidst the ruins and suffering caused by wars, natural disasters, and tragic events, we want you to share your story of the cherished locations that hold significance in your life and how they have transformed.

By exploring the aftermath of loss, uncompleted grief, and the sources of our narratives, participants can examine how their vision and storytelling intersect with reality. This competition seeks to foster inclusivity and respect for diverse perspectives, highlighting the importance of translating these narratives into art as a catalyst for positive change and a path towards a peaceful and safe future.

You will be asked to share:

– Share a story in 500 words or less.
– 2 Al-generated images: one representing the current situation of the city and the other portraying your desired future.
– The trials you made to create these images.

Feel free to be bold, wild, and creative as you explore the true potential of artificial intelligence to influence the future of our built environment, whether it will be sci-fi, high-tech, synthetic nature, biomimicry or even going back to our primitive vernacular earth architecture. The use of Al imagery to respond to the changing parameters of our planet and its reflection on the future city, is something we encourage the participants to do.

We strongly welcome submissions that:

• Fully utilize Al assisted design.
• Push the boundaries of art and design.
• Propose a potential adaption into real-world application.
• React to the competition’s theme.

Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the beauty and power of Al in creating the blueprint of the future.

The challenge aims to spark discussion on the best way to strike a balance between human and artificial intelligence creativity, as well as to foster creativity and innovation in the fields of architecture and design by utilizing tools from artificial intelligence to enhance human creativity.

Evaluation Criteria:

All projects will be assessed anonymously.

When making their assessments, judges will take into account the following criteria:

• Creativity in developing novel and inventive ways of living in the future.
• Criticality in developing new ways of living that are consistent with the suggested scenario.
• Desirability of imagining a future where everyone has access to opportunities and is encouraged.
• Innovation in the application of artificial intelligence tools.
• The design’s conceptual and visual quality, as well as its potential to have an impact on the area of design and its applicability to the contest’s theme.


01/12/2023 – Registration & Submission Starts

01/02/2024 – Registration & Submission Ends
15/02/2024 – Longlist Announcement
20/02/2024 – Finalist & Honorable Mention Announcement
29/02/2024 – Winner Announcement


Early Registration (1 Dec – 31 Dec) – 30$
Standard Registration (1 Jan – 14 Jan) – 40$
Late Registration (15 Jan – 1 Feb) – 50$


1st Prize: 250$ + Certificate + Publication
2nd Prize: 150$ + Certificate + Publication
3rd Prize: 100$ + Certificate + Publication
10 Honorable Mentions : Certificate + Publication

What to Submit?

A total of 4 Jpegs 4000X4000 Pixels, 150dpi

-Jpeg01: A story of maximum 500 words about the city
-Jpeg02: Ai image about the current situation of the city
-Jpeg03: Ai image about the future of the city
-Jpeg04: Add all your progress images

How to Submit?

-Fill in the registration form on our website starts 01/12/2023 – You will receive a registration code via email
-Combine all your jpegs in one pdf with your registration code
-Fill in the submission form on our website and submit your pdf

2A Continental Architectural Awards 2023

2A Continental Architectural Awards 2023 jury
image courtesy architecture competition organisers

2A magazine has been organizing the 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA) for several years under the leadership of Ahmad Zohadi, head of Organizing Committee. Awards aim to recognize exceptional projects that provoke thought-provoking questions about modern architecture and design.

With the global reach of 2A magazine and the international architecture community, participants from around the world have a unique opportunity to share and promote their architectural projects that might otherwise go unnoticed.

2A Continental Architectural Awards 2023


Europan 17 Design Competition

Europan 17 Design Competition
image Courtesy architecture competition organisers

Europan 17 Design Competition

The competition is open to professionals of the architectural, urban and landscape design under 40 years of age. Students with a bachelor degree or equivalent can be associates, yet under the condition that the team representative is a graduated architect.

More information and registration are noted on the Europan-Europe website.


The Drawing Board Competition

The Drawing Board is an international competition for architecture students held every year by Rohan Builders and Mindspace Architects.

What is The Drawing Board Competition?

The fundamental goal of this work is to provide a platform for students to grasp the crucial role played by architecture in determining the way communities grow. It was conceived as an attempt to provide architectural students with real-world design issues in real-world settings.

There are two phases to the competition. Students are required to submit their design presentations online in the first phase. In the second stage, the top eight entries, as determined by a panel of judges, are given the opportunity to present themselves in person to an architectural jury. Soumitra Ghosh, Naresh Medappa, Bijoy Ramachandran, Rahul Kadri, Sanjay Patil, Prasanna Desai, Rahul Gore, Takaharu Tezuka, Bijoy Jain, Neelkanth Chhaya, Peter Stutchbury, and Rupali Gupte have all been a part of this initiative in the previous years.

Response to this competition in the last six years has been very inspiring, with over 5000+ students registering from 500+ colleges from 40+ countries, including India. To learn more about us, please visit or follow us on Instagram at

Why do we do this?

Thoughtful and sensitive architecture has been the soul of all our delivered projects. The goodwill and credibility that ROHAN has built over the past 29 years has been heavily dependent on all our architects. With this initiative, we intend to do our bit to facilitate and encourage young minds in the field of architecture and shall always remain grateful to everyone for their support.

TDB 2022

This year’s design challenge is in honour of Ar. Charles Correa, an architect who is known across the globe.

Rohan Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd.
1 Modibaug, Ganeshkhind Road, Near Agriculture College,
Shivajinagar, Pune – 411016. Maharashtra (India)
Tel.: +91 20 71017362 Cell: +91 703090 7309 |


New Anapa on the Black Sea design competition, northern coast of the Black Sea, Krasnodar Krai, southwest Russia

13 July 2023, applications submission deadline

Anapa Family Resort on the Black Sea, Krasnodar Krai
image courtesy of Tourism.RF

An open call is launched to develop architectural and urban planning solutions for New Anapa Family Resort on the Northern coast of the Black Sea, Krasnodar Krai in the South-West of Russia.

New Anapa on the Black Sea Architecture Competition


EPAC Experimental Puppetry Arts Centre Competition, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

15 July 2023: registration deadline

15 July 2023: submission deadline

EPAC Experimental Puppetry Arts Centre Competition
image Courtesy architecture competition organisers

EPAC Experimental Puppetry Arts Centre Competition

The STATE PUPPET THEATRE in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria and the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, supported by Stara Zagora Municipality are delighted to launch an international Open Architectural Competition for a conceptual design of the EPAC – Experimental Puppetry Arts Centre at State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora. The EPAC – Experimental Puppetry Arts Centre will be an incubator for live theatre – syncretic, originally incepted, unconventional, interactive and bold.


2023 AIA COTE Top Ten for Students Competition

7 June 2023 : submission deadline

2023 AIA COTE Top Ten for Students Competition

Architects play a crucial role in addressing both the causes and effects of climate change through the design of the built environment. Innovative design thinking is key to producing architecture that meets human needs for both function and delight, adapts to climate change projections, continues to support the health and well-being of inhabitants despite natural and human-caused disasters, and minimizes contributions to further climate change through greenhouse gas emissions. Preparing today’s architecture students to envision and create a climate adaptive, resilient, and carbon-neutral future must be an essential component and driving force for design discourse.

Given their long lifespan, new buildings must be designed to address solutions to climate change and to respond to its projected impacts, well into the second half of the 21st Century and beyond. As with the COTE Top Ten award for built work by design professionals, COTE Top Ten for Students allows designs to be characterized in terms of 10 measures ranging from Community to Water to Wellness.

To learn more, please visit:

Organizer: The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)

Category: AIA COTE Top Ten for Students Design Competition

Eligibility: An ACSA member school, faculty sponsor is required to enroll students by completing an online registration form prior to submission by April 5, 2023. The competition is open to students from all ACSA Full and Candidate Member Schools, as well as ACSA Affiliate Members Schools including international member schools. Students are required to work under the direction of a faculty sponsor. Submissions will be accepted for individual as well as team projects. Teams must be limited to a maximum of three students.

Students are invited to submit their studio projects. Entries must be buildings, but can be of any program, at any scale, in any location. Projects can be a remodel or adaptive re-use. Work should have been completed in a design studio or related class within the 2022-2023 calendar year. Projects completed in the Spring 2022 are eligible to submit, due to the competition calendar shift.

Register: by April 5, 2023 via

Awards & Prizes: $13,500 in cash prizes will be distributed among ten winners and their faculty sponsors.

Entries deadline: Submission deadline is June 7, 2023

Venue: Virtual

Price: Free


2023 Concrete Masonry Student Competition

7 June 2023 : submission deadline

2023 Concrete Masonry Student Competition

The challenges of the past few years have demonstrated the need for places for individuals in communities gather. The goal of this competition is to create a functional space within a community for gathering, play and shelter. A multi-functional building that can be used in a variety of ways is the overall goal. Think about how communities will gather in the future and design a building to meet these needs. Concrete masonry is an ideal choice for this type of building. It is durable and long-lasting, providing a pleasing aesthetic, and can be used for security and safety. Designs should identify multiple ways to take advantage of concrete masonry’s benefits to meet the needs of this new community center.

The design competition asks students to use concrete masonry products as the primary material in the design of a state-of-the-art Community Commons. This community center, both indoor and outdoor gathering spaces can be used for education, recreation, networking events and more. The Community Commons must be able to be used as a community storm shelter in case of extreme events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. Concrete masonry is a flexible, resilient and durable material, and provides vast opportunities for form, function and expression.

To learn more, please visit:

Organizer: The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)

Category: Concrete Masonry Student Design Competition

Eligibility: Because the support of NCMA FDN is largely derived from masonry companies whose markets are mainly in the U.S. and Canada, the ACSA/NCMA Student Competition is open to students and/or student teams from ACSA Full and Candidate Member Schools, as well as ACSA Affiliate Members Schools from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico only. All published materials, websites included, associated with the ACSA/NCMA Student Competition will describe eligibility as per above.

An ACSA member school, faculty sponsor is required to enroll students by completing an online registration form prior to submission by April 5, 2023.

Register: by April 5, 2023 via the link:

Awards & Prizes: $20,000 in cash prizes will be distributed among the top three winners and
their faculty sponsors.

Entries deadline: Submission deadline is June 7, 2023

Venue: Virtual

Price: Free


Architectural Competition launched for a new Timepiece for the Railway, UK

13 June 2023, 12.00hrs (BST) : submission deadline

new Timepiece for the Railway UK
photo © Bjoern-Altmann

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Design Museum (London), have launched a design competition, in partnership with Network Rail, inviting proposals for the design of a timepiece to be used across the British rail network.

Anthony Dewar, Head of Buildings and Architecture at Network Rail, explained:
“The British railway was integral to the standardisation of time across the world but unlike other countries, Britain did not implement a standard railway clock. We hope this competition will put that right with the creation of a timepiece that can be adapted for use across the whole rail network – from stations to maintenance delivery units, railway control centres to train depots.

“The winning entrant will need to be an inspired design, which can be cost-effectively implemented at scale and adaptable to a wide variety of settings. This a unique opportunity to create a design that could have a highly visible and enduring legacy.”

Justin McGuirk, Chief Curator, the Design Museum & Director of Future Observatory commented:
“An awareness of time is crucial to the experience of being in a train station. This is an extraordinary opportunity to redesign that experience. Instead of everyone being ensconced in their phones, how can we return time to its central presence in stations, with civic purpose and a strong sense of place? The Design Museum is delighted to be collaborating with Network Rail on this international competition.’’

The competition is open internationally to practitioners within the fields of art, design, engineering and/or architecture. Submissions are also welcome from students from these disciplines. Collaboration is encouraged between individuals and organisations of different size, expertise and experience.

The competition brief has been developed in collaboration with industry design experts including Margaret Calvert, Crispin Jones and Violetta Boxill, who will all form part of an Evaluation Panel.

To view the full architecture competition brief and for details on how to register please visit The closing date for submission of design proposals is 12.00hrs (BST) on Tuesday 13 June 2023.

RIBA Competitions:

Confluence Periurban Park, Prague, Czech Republic

Confluence Periurban Park Prague design competition
photo : IPR Prague

Confluence Periurban Park Prague design competition

The riverscape at the confluence of the Berounka and Vltava rivers in Prague holds enormous potential. However, this area of over 1,000 hectares has no clear landscape concept or development rules. For this reason, the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) has launched an international landscape design competition, the aim of which is to select a team for the design of this riverscape and its long-term development as a periurban park.


Desert Pavilion Architecture Competition, Los Cabos, Mexico

14 April 2023 : registration deadline

29 April 2023 : submission deadline

Desert Pavilion Concursos AG360 Competition

Desert Pavilion Concursos AG360 Competition

Ideas Competition addressed to all qualified architects and architecture students in the world, as long as Spanish is maintained as the official language.

A beach art pavilion will be created as an alternative attraction for tourists to the beach in Los Cabos, Mexico. It will have spaces for temporary exhibitions and events. The Pavilion will have a Beach Club, gazebo and dock for yachts.


Croatia Inspireli Competition for students, Starigrad Paklenica, Croatia

14 February 2023, 23:59 local time

Edu-Project Croatia / Miris Garden competition

Edu-Project Croatia / Miris Garden competition

Entry fee: FREE
Status: OPEN
Deadline: February 14, 2023 at 23:59 local time
Geography: World
Who can participate: Award is open to students (being a student at the time of the competition opening, i.e. Sept 2022) of full-time study and distance learning (bachelor’s or master´s degree) of university of Architecture or similar branches (Engineering, building and artistic)


Design Competition for White Hart Street, Mansfield, Nottingham, central England, UK

15 February 2023, 12:00: deadline

White Hart Street Design Competition, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
photo © Chris Holloway, The Bigger Picture media

White Hart Street Design Competition


Evolution of gantries RIBA Competition, England, UK

24 January 2023, 12:00 midday (GMT) : submission deadline

The look of England’s motorways has evolved in recent decades and now the search is on to redesign one of the network’s most iconic features – the gantry.

As part of its good design initiative, National Highways is seeking concepts for a new generation of highway gantries through a competition to be run by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Evolution of gantries RIBA Competition


Adaptive Reuse: Design Transformations for Community Healthcare

2023 Epidemic Urbanism Initiative Design Competition

Design interventions into pre-existing sites play a critical role in global healthcare. The 2023 Epidemic Urbanism Initiative Design Competition will focus on adaptive reuse, inviting submissions that consider how pre-existing vacant, underused, or currently used sites, structures, and spaces can be transformed into healthcare settings with thoughtful, sustainable design interventions.

2023 Epidemic Urbanism Initiative Design Competition


Eurasian Prize

Eurasian Prize 2022 competition

The mission of the ‘Eurasian Prize’ is to advance the appreciation of architecture as a force that can transform the world, erasing boundaries between states and removing barriers between nations. The slogan of the international competition is ‘Innovation for sustainable architecture for the good of humanity’.

Current season entries will be evaluated by the world-renowned practitioners. Thanks to its reputation, Eurasian Prize has again succeeded in convening a remarkable jury, which includes the world’s best architects and designers from 16 countries: Bangladesh, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, USA.

The membership of the jury for this season’s competition includes 23 world-famous architects and designers:

Eurasian Prize 2022 competition


Notion of Space – Design Competition

8 Jan 2023 : registration deadline

23 January 2023 : submission deadline

Archiol – Architecture Online is a publishing platform, an international architecture resource established in 2019. The website features design projects, competitions, news, and articles written by authors from around the world.

Artuminate is the sister site of Archiol and has been organizing international competitions for the past two years. We collaborate with leading architects, designers, and academicians of international repute to participate as jurors in our competitions.

This new architecture competition aims:

  • To understand the importance of imagination in architecture.
  • To address the issues of the banality of city life and use paradoxical architecture to add excitement to everyday mundane life.

Click here for the brief.

The competition registrations continue until Jan 8th, 2023 and the submission deadline is Jan 23rd, 2023. Jurors are expected to review the shortlisted entries (10-12)  of the competition.


Tendring / Colchester Garden Community Competition, Essex, England, UK

2 December 2022: Stage 2 submissions deadline

Tendring / Colchester Garden Community Competition

Latimer, the development arm of Clarion Housing Group, has begun the search for a visionary design team to masterplan its major new 9,000-home garden community on the Colchester and Tendring borders.

Consultant teams are invited to enter the developer’s international design competition to create an exemplar masterplan for the landmark Essex project – which aims to be the most sustainable and inclusive new community in the UK.

Key programme dates:

1 September 2022: Architecture Competition launch

9 September 2022: Deadline for any queries about this architecture competition

3 October 2022: Deadline for receipt of Stage 1 submissions

17 October 2022: Announce the shortlist, issue Stage 2 brief and ITT

2 December 2022: Deadline for receipt of Stage 2 submissions

January 2023: Interviews with Jury Panel


Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

25 November 2022: late registration deadline

2 December 2022: submission deadline

Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Architecture & Design Collection Awards is an open platform to creativity and talent, where all the participants may showcase their best works, giving them great visibility around the world. We want to celebrate and honor diversity with remarkable works globally.

ADC Awards is open to entries from all over the world.

Either you are a well established studio or just started your career, ADC Awards will value all your talent.

Our online platform has been carefully planned and programmed to provide all the entrants with a prestigious, innovative, diverse, accessible, and most of all, an honest award.

Architecture & Design Collection Awards is working hard to become one of the most prestigious and recognized awards in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, and Product Design.

This year we organized:

• 120 Prize Places
• 40 Winners
• 10 Glass Trophies

Your benefits:

• Certificate of Achievement for all Winners & Awardees
• Personalized Award Logo for all Winners
• Award Trophy for the 10 Platinum Winners
• Publication in the ADC Winners list
• Your project will be featured on our homepage and get its own landing page
• Your project will be posted on ADC’s official Instagram and Facebook feeds
• The best projects will get on the covers of future ADC Awards
• A selection of projects will be included in ADC’s newsletters

Your project will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people!

Registration for the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Architecture categories: Commercial | Corporate | Cultural | Educational | Healthcare | High Rise Architecture | Hospitality | House Design | Household | Housing | Industrial | Institutional | Mixed Use | Office building | Pop-ups and Temporary | Private Residence | Public Building | Residential | Sports & Recreation | Transportation and more…

Interior Design categories: Commercial Interior | Corporate Interior | Healthcare Interior | Hospitality Interior | Hotel Interior | Housing Interior | Office Interior | Public Building Interior | Residential Interior | Retail Interior | Workplace Interior | Interior Design Elements

Landscape categories: Private Landscape Design | Public Landscape Design | Urban Design | Urban Planning

Product Design categories: Product Design | Furniture Design | Lighting Design | Pop-Ups Design

Grand Jury Members:

• Danilo Petta – Founding Partner, MASK ARCHITECTS / Italy
• Kristina Loock – Head of Business Development, gmp von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects / USA & Germany
• Irene Kronenberg & Alon Baranowitz – Founders, Baranowitz + Kronenberg / Israel
• Sonsoles Vela Navarro – Architect and Co-founder, studioVRA / Spain
• Öznur Pınar ÇER – Founding Partner, MASK ARCHITECTS / Italy
• Valerie Schweitzer – Principal, Valerie Schweitzer Architects / USA
• Françoise N’Thépé – Founder, F FRANÇOISE N’THÉPÉ ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN / France
• Hans Jakob Wagner – Research associate, University of Stuttgart / Germany
• Gonzalo Lopez – Partner, knitknot architecture / United Kingdom
• Stephanie Bower – Architectural Illustrator, Author and Educator / USA
• Florian Seidl – Design Manager, Lavazza / Italy
• Rubén García Rubio – Architect and Co-founder, studioVRA / Spain

Award Schedule:

• 12th August 2022 – deadline for early registration (fee per project is $100 instead of $200).
• 7th October – standard registration deadline (fee per project is $150 instead of $200).
• 25th November – late registration deadline (fee per project is $200).
• 2nd December – deadline for submitting projects.
• 30th December 2022 – announcement of the winners.

* The prices are inclusive of all taxes.
** There is 50% discount for students.
*** For companies, invoices are provided after payment.

Registration for the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022
About the ADC Awards – (inactive when checked on 5 April 2024)
Instagram –
Facebook –


Blue Rendering Challenge 2022

20 November 2022: registration deadline

22 November 2022: submission deadline

Blue Rendering Challenge, Architecture Competition 2022

Presentation skills are just as important as designing; one of the best mediums to present your architectural designs is through rendering. Architectural rendering aims to create life-like experiences of the buildings before they are built.

Blue Rendering Challenge 2022 Competition


Miami Floating Housing Competition 2022, Florida, USA

November 8, 2022: $95 Regular Entry deadline

November 9, 2022 (11:59pm EST): submission deadline

Miami Floating Housing Competition 2022

Miami is facing two major emergencies.

First, it has become the least affordable US city to live in. Its housing stock has been depleted by its quickly growing population, accelerated by more people moving during the recent pandemic. Recent reports suggest nearly 1000 people are moving to Florida each day. New developments are pushing rental rates and costs of housing higher, making areas now unaffordable, and pricing people out of their neighborhoods.

Miami Floating Housing Competition 2022

Oceania Nature-based Urban Adaptation driven by Indigenous Knowledge Design Competition

18 November 2022: entry deadline

NUWAO design competition


1) Professional
2) Student
3) Youth / General Public


For more information and registration details for the NUWAO design competition please visit:

We invite design professionals and practitioners, university students, youth / rangatahi and the general public to participate in envisioning how to develop innovative nature-based urban design solutions, rooted in Indigenous knowledge that support climate change adaptation and individual and community wellbeing. If you could imagine a happier and healthier way of living that supports the resilience of community and our ecologies, what would that look like and how does that work?


18 Nov 2022

PRIZE MONEY | per category:

1ST Prize NZ$1500
Runner up (X2) NZ$500
Special mentions up to NZ$300


1) Rebecca Kiddle
2) Huhanna Smith
3) Lama Tone



Mountain Spa Architecture Competition

18 November 2022: registration deadline

2 December 2022: submission deadline

Mountain Spa Concursos AG360 Competition

Mountain Spa Architecture Competition

The MOUNTAIN SPA is presented as a real and different option for all those who wish to be in balance with the natural ecosystem, in a relaxing environment and in the midst of contemporary architecture. A Mountain Spa with a pool of thermal waters, jacuzzis and a coffee shop will be created, as an architectural element of contemplation for tourists and skiers in the area, in the middle of the snowy landscape of the Swiss Alps.

1st Prize US $4,000

Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide, and virtual booklet of the best proposals.


The Cuban Square Architecture Competition

21 October 2022 – 11.59 AM CET: Standard registration

The Cuban Square Architecture Competition, Havana, Cuba

18 November 2022 – 11.59 AM CET: Late registration

Location: Plaza de la Revolución, Vedado district, west side of Old Havana, Cuba

The Cuban Square Architecture Competition


2A City-Architecture Movie Awards 2022

15 August 2022: registration deadline

2A City-Architecture Movie Awards 2022


Port of Beirut Renewal Competition – international

14 July 2022: deadline

Port of Beirut Renewal Competition 2022

The Inspireli Competition to Renew the Port of Beirut has extended its duration.

The aim is to offer humanitarian aid to the city of Beirut through the unique designs and innovations of students’ projects.

Port of Beirut Renewal Competition


Inspireli Awards 2022 – international

14 July 2022: deadline

Inspireli Awards 2022, Young Architects and Designers

Students can compete in three categories – Architecture, Interior Design & Urban Design. Individuals as well as teams can participate.

Entry fee: Free

Inspireli Awards 2022


Off The Grid Architecture Competition

30 June 2022: Registration deadline

15 July 2022: Submission deadline

Off The Grid Architecture Competition 2022

Our lives are dependent on the systems that complete our housing requirements, what happens if these grid systems fail? The sustainable approach to housing is important for human survival. Can we design our dream home within the limit of 37sq.m. and off the grid? With spaces that fulfill all the basic functioning of the house most innovatively and effectively. Explore your capacity to come up with ideas that can fit within the limited space, mainly focusing on sustainability.

Off The Grid Architecture Competition

Into The Rabbit Hole Design Competition

31 May 2022: Standard registration level 4

15 June 2022: Late registration

30 June 2022: Countdown registration

15 July 2022: Submission deadline:

Into The Rabbit Hole Architecture Competition

The pandemic has proven to be a test for relation between human and architecture, lockdown – The experience of living within the four walls. How architecture affected your mind in the lockdown? What are stressed architectural spaces? What was the state of your mind as you were locked down? This pandemic has created an increased urgency to strengthen mental health care. We also realised the importance of role of architecture in mental health.

Into The Rabbit Hole Architecture Competition

Aural Architecture Competition

30 June 2022: Registration deadline

15 July 2022: Submission deadline

Aural Architecture Design Competition

Using the sense of sound to design architectural space, depicting emotions and humanising the habitable volume encompassed by walls. Use your auditory sense to develop abstract architectural space which exhibits an emotion of itself.

Aural Architecture Competition


ACSA Student Competitions

5 April 2023 : registration deadlines

Registration deadlines are not until April 5, 2023 and the submission deadline is June 7, 2023 – so plenty of time for these architectural contests by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

They also encourage students to submit studio course work.

2023 Steel Design Student Competition

More details:

2023 Steel Design Student Competition

2023 Steel Design Student Competition

Project Description:

The 2023 Steel Design Student Competition will offer architecture students the opportunity to compete in two separate categories:

Category I – Spiritual Space

Design “A Place for the Spirit” on a campus, welcoming to all, where members of the campus community and visitors can learn about and express spirituality. Program spaces include places for worship, meditation, learning, and fellowship. Steel is the primary material.

Category II – Open
Category II offers architecture students the opportunity to select a site and building program using steel as the primary material. This competition category permits the greatest amount of flexibility for any building type.

Organizer: The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)

Category: Steel Design Student Competition

Eligibility: Because the support of AISC is largely derived from steel companies whose markets are mainly in the U.S., the ACSA/AISC Steel Design Student Competition is open to students and/or student teams from ACSA Full and Candidate Member Schools, as well as ACSA Affiliate Members Schools from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Register: by April 5, 2023 via the link:

Awards & Prizes: $20,000 in cash prizes will be distributed among three winners and their
faculty sponsor(s).

Entries deadline: Submission deadline is June 7, 2023

Venue: Virtual

Price: Free


Future Materials Pavilion Design Competition

10 June 2022: Submissions Close

As we know that a majority of upcoming constructions largely relying on one primary building material:concrete.

Are you looking for alternatives that might be more economical, durable, and environment-friendly than concrete?

The competition aims to design a striking and thought-provoking pavilion to start a nationwide dialogue on the urgency to explore sustainable building materials.

Total prize Money – 2,00,000 INR + certification + publication.


Team Archdais

Important Dates & Fees:

(22 Feb – 10 Apr 2022: Early Bird Registration – Indian National: INR 1500 ; Foreign National: USD 45)

(11 Apr – 15 May 2022: Standard Registration – Indian National: INR 2000 ; Foreign National: USD 60)

(16 May – 5 June 2022: Late Registration – Indian National: INR 2500 ; Foreign National: USD 75)

10 June 2022: Submissions Close

15 Aug 2022: Announcement of Winners

Essay Writing Contest, 4th Cycle

2 June 2022: Registration deadline

3 June 2022 (11:59 pm IST/8:29 pm CEST): Submission deadline

Essay Writing Contest, 4th Cycle competition

Essay Writing Contest, 4th Cycle is the twentieth initiative of the Architectural Journalism & Criticism Organization founded by architect Pappal Suneja to spread awareness about this subject and sow the seeds of inspiration to explore and write about Architecture and allied fields from an explorer’s perspective.

Essay Writing Contest

24h Competition – noWar

28 May 2022: Late period of registration

28 May – 29 May 2022: competition days

24h competition 39th edition - noWar

Recently we have witnessed a global escalation of violence worldwide, the most mediatic case being Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. War has always been present in human history because it seems to be part of the human condition. The lust for power!

Like pandemics, wars are always a great scourge for some and a great opportunity for others. It is in the midst of this perversity that we find ourselves. We are like lawyers. We serve both parties.

24h Competition – noWar

Dedalo Minosse International Prize For Commissioning A Building

16 May: submission deadline

Dedalo Minosse Prize 2022 News

Exceptional and unique, this is the only architecture award that recognizes the positive and stimulating role of the Client in the creation of great architectures and rewards the efforts of those clients who have worked harmoniously with their architects to create successful and worthy projects in the last 5 years.

Dedalo Minosse International Prize 2022

Kaira Looro Architecture Competition 2022 – Children’s House, Senegal, West Africa

28 February 2022: closing of early registrations

10 April 2022: closing of normal registrations

15 May 2022: closing of late registration

Kaira Looro 2022 Competition, Africa

a non-profit event by Balouo Salo Humanitarian Organization

The architecture, of maximum 250 square meters, will need to host the following activities: administration, storage, hospitality, and recreation.

This Senegalese architecture competition is organised by the Balouo Salo Non-Profit Organisation, engaged in charitable projects in Africa, and all proceeds (obtained from the registration fees) will be donated to the construction of the winning project in a village in southern Senegal, where the organisation itself operates.

Kaira Looro 2022 Competition

International Architecture & Design Awards 2022

30 April 2022 : late registration deadline

16 May 2022 : submission deadline

International Architecture & Design Awards 2022

Architecture & Design Community encourages designers and architects, construction workers, and engineers to share their best projects with the rest of the world so as to inspire the next generation and gain global recognition.

Are you proud of your project? Then share it with us! Whether it’s the architectural design of a shopping mall or a luxury villa project, the design of a metro station or a bus stop, a private or public landscaping project, the interior of a modern apartment, or just a designer chair. What matters is the distinctiveness and uniqueness of your project.

International Architecture & Design Awards 2022

Q-City China Plan International Young Designers Competition

30 April 2022, 24:00 (GMT +8) : Registration Deadline

5 May 2022, 18:00 (GMT +8) : Submission Deadline

Q-City China Plan International Young Designers Competition

We announce the first Open call of International Competition in 2022:

Location: Yulin, China

This competition is open to all the students and young designers, and it is free to register, no registration fee is needed.

The following are the highlights of the competition:

Competition Theme: Urban Aesthetics Recreation

Registration: log in to the competition website:, click “registration” to register and fill in the information;

Submission: submit the digital edition of drawings and other documents to qcitycompetition(at)


Best Creativity (5 teams) – Bonus 30,000 RMB (before tax, around 4,700 USD) +Certificate
Honorable Mentions (12 teams)- Bonus 10,000 RMB (before tax, around 1,600 USD) +Certificate
Finalists (20 teams)- Bonus 5,000 RMB (before tax, around 800 USD) +Certificate
The prize-winning projects might be implemented on-site and the organizing committee has the final say.

Interpretation of Theme

“Urban Aesthetics Recreation”

Q-City International Young Designer Competition (Yulin, China) “Urban Aesthetics Recreation” as the theme and lets Yulin Acropolis, the fresh national historical and cultural city, as the base, which aims to lead people to find an urban aesthetic carrier of harmony in diversity, establish an exclusive aesthetic system of Yulin Ancient City, and create a beautiful urban life benefiting to both residents and tourists.

Urban aesthetics is a significant part of urban renewal, which is not only connected to the public’s aesthetics of the city but also related to the creation of urban vitality. It involves all aspects of urban life, which is not only reflected in landscape art and public facilities but also in the enduring urban spirit, the air filled with the breath of life and the humanistic atmosphere of various places. Therefore, the construction of an urban aesthetic system needs to be rooted in the exploration and understanding of local people’s livelihood, industrial economy, cultural genes, environmental elements, urban administration and operation, use of systematic and comprehensive thinking, get rid of the development mode of large-scale demolition and construction, repairing the old as the old and industrialized production, and adopt the concept of acupuncture transformation to refine and create works with condensed wisdom, so as to activate the urban business form and respond to the core theme of urban renewal: high-quality urban development.

Taking the diversified forms of urban furniture, landscape& floral art, public art and visual system as the carrier, this international competition invites young designers as well as college teachers and students, from home and abroad, in architecture, landscape, environmental art, digital media, public art and visual design to participate in the research on reconstruction of urban aesthetic system, and solicits new urban functions, new forms and new modules with both urban functions and ancient city style. The competition hopes that the participants will break the professional boundary, think about current public life and activities of “new residents” in the ancient city in the future, stimulate the regeneration of urban vitality, form the unique character and cultural tone of the ancient city, and finally jointly create a dynamic historical and cultural city with tastes of both contemporary life and aesthetics.

The competition is chaired by Mr. Zeng Hui, who is a famous design scholar and art curator in China. Mr. ZengHui is the planning director of Beijing International Design Week, the master of Baihuazhou Traditional Handcraft Workshop, the deputy secretary-general of Architecture and Culture Society of China, the president of the Hostel Industry Branch and the CBC chief expert on urban aesthetics.


Sponsor: CBC (China Building Centre)(Urban Regeneration (Beijing) Holding Group Co., Ltd.)

Organizer: CBC Urban Regeneration Research Institute

Urban Garden Award 22 Competition

Urban Garden Award 22 Competition

3 April 2022, until 6:00 pm Lisbon time – application and submission deadline

When cities reinvent themselves based on sustainability and urban mobility, there are more and more proposals and solutions in terms of equipment, architecture, street furniture, lighting, and many others.

Urban Garden Award 22 Competition

Tactical Urbanism Now! 2021 Competition

28 December 2021: Early Registration deadline

4 March 2022: Standard Registration deadline

18 March 2022: Late Registration deadline

18 March 2022: Submission Deadline

Tactical Urbanism Now Competition 2021
photo © Kokemor Studio

TerraViva Competitions launches TACTICAL URBANISM NOW! 2021, a new edition of the architecture competition that puts the focus on the transformation of public space all over the world. Prizes up to 7.000 € will be awarded to the winners selected by an international jury panel composed by, among others, Arturo Mc Clean (Miralles Tagliabue EMBT), Liz Wreford (Public City), Francesco Garofalo (Openfabric), Hannah Klug (Intuy Lab);

Tactical Urbanism Now 2021 Competition

Riyadh Dream Villas Competition, Saudi Arabia

13 March 2022, 23.59 GMT: late registrations deadline

16 March 2022, 12.00 GMT: materials submission deadline

Riyadh Dream Villas architecture competition

YAC – Young Architects Competitions launche RIYADH DREAM VILLAS, the second competition located in Saudi Arabia and inviting architects to write a new chapter of living at the edge of Riyadh’s desert by designing two immeasurably valuable architectural interventions.

The cash prize of € 25, 000 will be distributed to the winning proposals selected by an international jury panel composed of some of the most world-renowned architects: Sou Fujimoto, Ben Van Berkel and Benedetta Tagliabue.

Riyadh Dream Villas Competition

Retreat Centre | Healing Architecture – Design Competition

28 February 2022: registration deadline

10 March 2022: submission deadline

deadlines are 11:59 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Retreat Centre: Healing Architecture Design competition

This architectural competition intends to understand spaces of the built environment and its effect on human mind and behavior. Every space has some effect on our mind depending on the quality of that space. We as human beings have an inner connection with our environment by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual means. Architecture that fosters various levels of controlled interaction between people and space.

Retreat Centre | Healing Architecture – Design Competition

layer 2.0 Architecture Design Competition, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

27 February 2022: submission deadline

International Architecture idea contest

layer 2.0 Architecture Design competition 2022, Tel Aviv-Yafo

In the 21st century, most metropolitan areas are characterized by dense construction. Considering both the forecasts of population growth and the limited land reserves, future urban renewal projects will inevitably involve new building additions above existing structures, creating a new urban layer. Tel Aviv-Jaffa is inadvertently becoming a living lab, where new construction integrates with the conservation of the UNESCO listed heritage zone, located in the heart of the city.

layer 2.0 Architecture Design Competition

TECU Architecture Award

28 of February 2022 : submission deadline

Lisbon Harbour Tower, Portugal:
Lisbon Harbour Tower building Portugal


Awarded by: KME Germany GmbH

Requirements: Realised buildings and project work by students using TECU® products manufactured by KME (copper and copper alloys for façades, roofing and interior applications)

Realisation phase: 2016 – 2021

TECU Architecture Award Switch building

– Diane Heirend, Diane Heirend Architecture & Urbanisme (Luxembourg)
– Jette Cathrin Hopp, Snøhetta (Oslo)
– Jan Kampshoff, modulorbeat (Muenster)
– Bernd Köhler, Senior Architect @ Werner Sobek Design (Stuttgart)
– Charlie Sutherland, Sutherland Hussey Harris (Edinburgh)

TECU Architecture Award 2021

Submission: from now until 28 February 2022

Documents: Download from the Award website

Jury decisions: April 2022

Information: /

Statements: The projects and works submitted must have been created between 2016 and 2021 using TECU® products or must have been designed as a student project with a reference to copper as a material. In any case, the overall architectural concept is just as decisive for the assessment as the specific use of materials.

New London Architecture King’s Cross Design Competition, North London, England, UK

28 February 2022: deadline for initial submissions

NLA King's Cross Competition 2022 London One Housing Group building

Free to enter

King’s Cross, London’s 67-acre creative neighbourhood, has today launched a competition in partnership with New London Architecture (NLA). It is inviting individuals, community groups, established and emerging enterprises and organisations to put forward ideas and proposals for how they could transform an existing premises on Beaconsfield Street into a new community offer.

New London Architecture King’s Cross Design Competition

Wilcox Road South Lambeth Competition, London, England, UK

17 February 2022: submission deadline, midday on Thursday

Wilcox Road South Lambeth Competition London
photo courtesy of LFA

Wilcox Road South Lambeth Competition

The London Festival of Architecture and the Neighbourhood Regeneration Team at Lambeth Council have launched a new design competition, which invites architects, landscape architects, designers, artists, and creatives from across London, to develop and submit a proposal that animates Wilcox Road in Lambeth and transforms it into a welcoming gateway to the newly opened Nine Elms Tube Station.

Weissenhof in Stuttgart open urban planning ideas competition, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, south west Germany

11 February 2022: registration deadline

Haus Le Corbusier / Museum Weissenhof Stuttgart modern building
photo courtesy of IBA’27

Weissenhof Stuttgart open ideas competition

The City of Stuttgart and the State of Baden-Württemberg are organising an open international ideas competition in cooperation with the International Building Exhibition 2027 (Internationale Bauausstellung 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart, IBA’27). In 2027, the Weissenhof Estate in Stuttgart will be 100 years old.

International Competition for New Agricultural Resources Management Institute in Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

Call For Submission

International Competition for the (New) Agricultural Resources Management Institute in Gyeongsangbuk-do

  1. Title

International Competition for (New) Agricultural Resources Management Institute in Gyeongsangbuk-do, S.Korea.

  1. Background of Competition:
    • Followed by the relocation of Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Office from Buk-gu of Daegu Metropolitan City to Gyeongbukdocheong New Town in Andong and Yecheon in February 2016, the direct institutions in Gyeongsangbuk-do and business places will be relocated as well to promote work efficiency.
    • The Gyeongsangbuk-do Agricultural Resource Management Institute produces and supplies high quality local seeds based on the relevant research. It consists of the main institute in Daegu, the branch institute in Uiseong, and Sericulture Insect Institute in Sangju.
    • The newly established Gyeongsangbuk-do Agricultural Resource Management Institute will become a new government office building that is established on the expanded site of the current Uiseong branch and integrates the main and branch institutes.
  1. Competition Descriptions
    • Site Address: 898, Hyoje-ri, Danbuk-myeon, Uiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
    • Site area: 544,937㎡ (current competition site: 39,555㎡)
    • Total Floor Area: (1) New building 6,040㎡ (allowable within ±5%)

(2) Remodeling 216㎡

  • Estimated design fee: 735,400,000 KRW (VAT, certification costs, licensing costs, guaranteed liability insurance included)
  • KRW (VAT included)] 1us dollar = 1,200 KRW
  • Competition Period: 26 (Fri), 2021 ~ Mar. 14 (Mon), 2022
  • Design Period: 7 months from the commencement date (licensing period and holidays included, and is subject to change depending on the situation)
  1. Purpose
  • The purpose of this design competition is to draw and select a creative design to develop optimized facilities and spaces for the production and supply of high quality seeds in the region, prepare potential for advanced and scientific agriculture, and establish a new and future-oriented Agricultural Resource Management Institute.
  1. Eligibility
    • Korean and foreign architects who are qualified architects pursuant to the relevant law.
    • If the participants are not qualified for ① until the participation registration date, then they should form a joint group with an architect who is qualified for ①. If so, the representative of the joint group shall be the person who is qualified for ①.
    • Someone who has established and declared an architectural firm according to Article 23 Paragraph 1 of the ‘Certified Architects Act’ of Korea and is free from any disqualifications and carries out normal architecture related businesses.
    • The representative of the joint group shall direct and mediate over the design development, construction document, design implementation and perform building permissions, etc.
    • For the joint application, the list of joint participants shall be completed until the submission of the entry. All of the joint participants shall be Korean or foreign architects, and they should be 3 people (architectural firms) or less. The representative of the joint group won’t necessarily satisfy the conditions given in ①, but any legal rights, responsibilities, and liabilities related to the competition belong to the representative.
    • Participants in the Design Competition, registered as a representative or participant, shall not join any other design.
  1. Schedule
Classification Schedule Remarks
(Website Registration) Nov. 26 (Fri) ~ Dec. 28 (Tue), 2021 By an official website
(Answers) Dec. 23 (Thu), 2021 By an official website
Entry Submission Feb. 9 (Wed), 2022 at 17:00 By an Official E-mail
Technical Review Feb. 15 (Tue), 2022
1st Main Review Feb. 17 (Thu), 2022
Model Submission Mar. 08 (Tue), 2022
2nd Main Review Mar. 11 (Fri), 2022
Result Announcement Mar. 14 (Mon), 2022 By an official website
  1. Winner and Awards: Competition winners will be awarded as follows;
Rank Awards and Proceedings with the Design Project (Taxes and duties included)
1st Place Winner

(1 entry)

Certificate of award and the priority negotiation rights for the design development and construction document
2nd Place Winner

(1 entry)

Certificate of award and 28 mil KRW
3rd Place Winner

(1 entry)

Certificate of award and 21 mil KRW
4th Place Winner

(1 entry)

Certificate of award and 14 mil KRW
5th Place Winner

(1 entry)

Certificate of award and 7 mil KRW
  1. ORGANISERS DETAILS: Korea Institute of Architects
  2. Official website:
  3. Official E-mail: gba-compe@

Concursos AG360: Sea Micro Hotel

27 December 2021: First registration stage ends

8 February 2022: End of registration period

22 February 2022: Deadline for submission of proposals

Concursos AG360: Sea Micro Hotel Architecture Competitions

Ideas Contest aimed at all graduate architects and architecture students in the world, as long as Spanish is kept as the official language.

The SEA MICRO HOTEL, is presented as a real and different option for all those who want to be in balance with the natural ecosystem, but with the comfort of modern life.

7 lodging units of one or two levels with terraces will be conceptualized. Its presence will become an architectural reference added to the natural landscape. The entire reservation system will be “smart”. There will be no annexed administrative buildings. There will be a mobile maintenance system at all times that will preserve the buildings and take care of the beach.

Concursos AG360: Sea Micro Hotel Architecture Competition

1º PRIZE US $ 3,000
+ Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide.
+ Virtual booklet of the best proposals.

+ Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide.
+ Virtual booklet of the best proposals.

29 November 2021: Call to announcement
29 November – 5 December 2021: Pre registry

6 December 2021: Start of inscriptions
27 December 2021: First registration stage ends
10 January 2022: Add members of the Jury
16 January 2022: End of consultation period
17 January 2022: Second stage of registration ends
8 February 2022: End of registration period

22 February 2022: Deadline for submission of proposals
7 March 2022: Judgment of the jury

9 March 2022: Dissemination of results
11 March 2022: Awards

Variable rates according to scheduled date. Check the registration periods and the complete RULES at:

arch8 Santa Design Competition 2021

10 February 2022: registration deadline

15 February 2022: submission deadline

arch8 Santa competition 2021

Submission deadline for all the participants who registered from 20th October to 10th November: 22 February 2022

Every year, this time around, Santa’s factory’s lights are turned on… the jingles of the little bells on their shoes fill the factory, as the elves will be working there for the next few weeks alongside Santa deciding on what gifts need to be delivered to children across the globe.

arch8 Santa Design Competition 2021

Prefab 2030 Design Competition

12 January 2022: registration deadline

ArchiFrame Prefab 2030 design competition

ArchiFrame is looking for a residential building that will serve as the basis for a new kind of prefabricated community, eschewing common issues endemic to prefabricated buildings (lack of creativity, monotonous designs). The goal is to create a livable and innovative house design that makes the most of available building materials, embracing their creative and sustainable potential.

St. Petersburg Gorskaya Territory Open International Competition, north west Russia

19 January 2022: registration deadline

St. Petersburg Gorskaya Territory Competition, Russia
image courtesy of architecture contest organisers
St. Petersburg Gorskaya Territory Open International Competition

An Open International Competition for the development of architectural and urban planning solutions for the Gorskaya territory was launched today at the Press Center of the Russian News Agency TASS in St. Petersburg. The customer is Megaline LLC, with the support of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP), the Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC), and the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia.

Home Competition by arch out loud 2021

Total Awards $8,000

12 October 2021: advanced registration deadline

14 December 2021: early registration deadline

7 January 2022: final registration deadline

8 January 2022: submission deadline

2021 Home Competition by arch out loud

Home Competition by arch out loud 2021

How do we define “home”? Although our ideas about home are constantly being rethought, the careful examination of “home” has recently come to the attention of architects and nonarchitects alike. In recent times, almost everyone has had to confront their perspective of “home” as these spaces have evolved to incorporate so many aspects of our daily lives.

Ro Plastic Prize 2022

20 January 2022: deadline for submitting application

10.000 Euro Prize for each category

Rossana Orlandi Gallery
Via Matteo Bandello 14
20123 Milano
Tel. +39 02 4674471

LSE 35 Lincoln’s Inn Fields design competition, London, England, UK

21 January 2022, 14:00 GMT: deadline for receipt of applications

LSE 35 Lincoln’s Inn Fields design competition
photo courtesy of the Royal Institute of British Architects

The Design Competition is a two-stage process. Expressions of Interest will be sought at the first phase, following which a shortlist of up to six design teams will be selected and issued with the competition brief and from the design submissions the winning team will be selected. All shortlisted teams will be paid an equal honorarium of £20,000 +VAT.

LSE 35 Lincoln’s Inn Fields design competition

The Maltings Cultural Venue Design Competition, Berwick-upon-Tweed, England, UK

24 January 2022, 2pm GMT: applications deadline

The competition is seeking a multi-disciplinary design team to deliver a landmark cultural attraction at the heart of Berwick-upon-Tweed, creating a new focal point for visitors and residents’ and acting as a key driver for the culture-led regeneration of the town.

Applications are invited in accordance with the requirements set out in the brief and selection questionnaire. Further information can be found on the competition webpage at including a link to the competition documents from Northumberland County Council.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 14.00hrs on Monday 24 January 2022.

The Maltings Cultural Venue Design Competition

Drawing of the Year 2021 – Archisource

31 January 2022: submission deadline

Drawing of the Year 2021 Archisource Competition

Free for Students

£5 for Professionals

Archisource presents the Drawing of the Year 2021, our annual, international drawing competition – is open-to-all and completely free-to-enter for students! With over £10,000 GBP ($13,500 USD) worth of prizes, the Drawing of the Year celebrates the very best outstanding drawings created by professionals and students around the world each year. This year’s Drawing of the Year competition is brought to you in partnership with Enscape to bring our biggest, most accessible and inclusive competition to date.

Drawing of the Year 2021 Archisource Competition

Blue Badge Access Awards

7 November 2021: Deadline to raise questions

14 November 2021: Memorandum issued in response to questions

1 February 2022, 17:00 GMT: Deadline for submission of design proposals

The Blue Badge Access Awards (BBAAs) is the only dedicated global award scheme promoting stylish accessibility across hotels, restaurants and all hospitality venues. The Awards presentation will go ahead on 28th April 2022 (Subject to COVID 19). We want hospitality industry bosses, architects and designers, to consider ways in which they can address the current and future needs of disabled people.

Blue Badge Access Awards 2021

Treehouses at Kew Design Competition, London, England, UK

(7 February) 2022, 12 noon GMT: Stage 1 Expressions of Interest submissions deadline

‘Treehouses at Kew’ will be a spectacular outdoor architectural exhibition of seven treehouses set across Kew Gardens’ iconic 320-acre landscape.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is a world-leading plant science institute and UNESCO World Heritage Site and are pleased to be partnering with the Museum of Architecture to create this inspiring project. Treehouses at Kew will be Kew’s main exhibition running from April to October 2023 and provide one of the most enticing and unmissable visitor experiences in the 2023 London cultural calendar.

This impressive project will include seven Treehouses, a gallery exhibition, and an accompanying visitor programme.

Treehouses at Kew Design Competition from Museum of Architecture on Vimeo.

The Brief:

RBG Kew and the Museum of Architecture invite you to design a spectacular treehouse as part of this programme for one of three selected trees in the Gardens’ 320-acre site. Each treehouse should respond to one of the accompanying themes:

• Treehouse 1: Celebrating play

• Treehouse 2: Highlighting nature’s architecture and biomimicry

• Treehouse 3: Showcasing pioneering sustainable materials and innovative design

The exhibition will communicate the value of good design and the role architects can play in addressing some of the most pressing problems we face today – how can we use materials sustainably, how can we respond to the climate crisis and how can we build for the needs of people and the planet.

Each treehouses design should be accessible to all our visitors (see Accessibility appendix). Designs should champion Kew’s beautiful and important trees, and be inspired and informed by Kew’s vital scientific research into plants and fungi. With an informal, playful approach we will allow our narratives to be told in an understandable yet compelling way.

We support inclusivity and diversity within the selection process and encourage responses that draw on unique cultural perspectives to tell stories that connect with our visitors from more diverse backgrounds. We are bringing together a juried panel of experts who will choose three competition winners, and in the Summer of 2023, visitors will be able to experience the landscape from a completely new vantage point – your treehouse.

This is an exciting opportunity to use creative and architectural thinking to design in and around Kew’s living collection and produce inventive, accessible, and innovative designs. This very special project needs exceptional teams to design it. The competition is open to UK-based and international architectural practices, and we welcome submissions from collaborative groups.

The chosen Treehouses should incorporate the following within the design:

• Be architecturally interesting and playfully appealing (Kew Gardens is a visitor attraction)
• Demonstrate boldness
• A focus on sustainable practice, materials and design
• Engaging and accessible for people with diverse access needs (physical, sensory, cognitive)
• Alignment to key themes – See Section 5 for details
• Be informed or inspired by RBG Kew’s pioneering scientific work into plants and fungi
• Have a legacy life after Kew Gardens and be able to be re-assembled elsewhere
• With teams made up of practitioners from diverse backgrounds

The successful winning entrants will be required to work with RBG Kew and Museum of Architecture to realise the Treehouse onsite as well as to provide information for project components such as the gallery exhibition, programming, publications, marketing and press and commercial activities associated with the project.

Key Dates & Renumeration

This will be a two-stage competition run by The Museum of Architecture in partnership with RBG Kew. Stage 1 is an Expression of Interest including a standard Kew Questionnaire for review by the jury, and key members of Kew and MoA. Stage 2 will be a submission and presentation to the Jury and key members of RBG Kew and MoA.

Expressions of Interest will be judged, and a shortlist of nine practices (three per treehouse) will be chosen to proceed to stage 2.

Nine practices will be awarded £2,500 plus vat for the second stage of the competition. If chosen as a competition winner, practices will receive £10,000 + vat and up to £4,500 + vat for travel and accommodation to complete the project. Total £12,500 + vat.

Stage 1 Competition Launch Wed 5 January 2022
Self-directed site visits to Kew Wed 5 January to Sun 6 February
Free site visit day (sign-up required by 14 January: info on Mon 17 January

Stage 1 Expressions of Interest submissions deadline Mon 7 February 2022 at 12 noon GMT

Shortlisted architects will be notified w/c 14 February 2022
Feedback provided to all non- shortlisted entrants March 2022
Group Site Visit Week of the 21st of February
Stage 2 Submissions deadline Mon 14 March 2022 by 12.00 noon
Presentations to the jury Tues 22 March 2022 (online or in-person)
Winners Announced Week of 28 March 2022
Project Development March – June 2022
Planning Submitted for Review July 2022 – September 2022
Fabrication October 2022 – February 2023
Installation January-March 2023
Open to Public April 2023

Treehouses competition

Render Challenge 3

31 December 2021: Registration Deadline

10 January 2022: Submission Deadline

10 February 2022: Result Announcement

All deadlines are 11:59 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Theme: ‘beyond Imagination’

Create one rendered architectural graphic design that says it all. As this competition aims at exploring and understanding rendering (a medium of conveying designs) to an unimaginable extent, so you are free to choose the type, location, scale. The Rendering can be hand-drawn or digital.

Archiol’s 2021 Render challenge 3

Experiential Architecture, Architectural Essay Competition 2021

31 December 2021: registration deadline)

10 January 2022: submission deadline

Experiential Architecture, Essay Competition

What is your understanding of Experiential Architecture? How can Architecture heighten Human Experience? What is your definition of this space that positively affects human senses? And many more such questions.

Experiential Architecture Essay Competition 2021

Tutor Call for MEDS Cierzo 2022 Competition, Zaragoza, Spain

10 January 2022 11:59 pm: deadline competition

Tutor Call for MEDS Cierzo 2022 Competition

Title: Tutor call for MEDS CIERZO 2022
Language: English
Type: Open competition
Team: MEDS (Meetings of Design Students)

Location: Las Fuentes, Zaragoza

Registration fee: Free

During every summer since 2010, MEDS (Meetings of Design Students), an international workshop of architecture and design that takes place in different countries of Europe. This year, the workshop will be held in Zaragoza (Spain).

Tutor Call for MEDS Cierzo 2022 Competition


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