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A House for Art in Hohe Wand

Artist Studio Development in Austria design by Veech x Veech Architects

12 Jun 2017

Architects: Veech x Veech

Location: Hohe Wand, Wiener Neustadt-Land, Lower Austria

A House for Art

A House for Art

Photos by Vera Subkus

A House for Art, Hohe Wand

Vienna-based multidisciplinary architecture and design practice Veech X Veech set up a multifunctional artist studio in the environs of Vienna. The combination of studio, gallery space and dwelling provides a unique living and working environment for the renowned artist couple Vadim Kosmatschof, sculptor, and Elena Koneff, visual artist.

A House for Art

The core idea of the multifunctional house is to create an exhibition and living space with an extensive sculpture garden at the edge of a far-reaching valley. The artist-couple’s striking, large-scale works harmonise with the surrounding landscape, the studio with its view over the plain and access to daylight a constant motivation to create further artistic works.

A House for Art

From the house interior the view through the fully glazed front side falls onto the towering, movable sculptures of steel and wood. The straight-lined architecture profiles restraint, thus accentuating the effect conjured up by the art, both inside and outdoors. A system of multiple terraces exploits the different levels of the terrain, creating extra vantage points and space for the sculptures.

The far-flung setting and generous use of glass and transparent materials promote a constant dialogue between building, sculptures and the surrounding landscape.

A House for Art A House for Art

„It is simultaneously open and closed – an energetic and magical location.”
Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof

This effect is enhanced by the widely overhanging top storey, which accommodates the main part of the living area; it simultaneously reduces the sunrays entering the ground-floor exhibition space and also yields a shielded outside area.

A House for Art

The sculptures in and around the building are showcased differently according to vantage point. The versatility of perspective between inside and out enables the airy building to enter into a dialogue between closed and open space and lets the experience of art and architecture fuse into a cogent totality.

A House for Art

About Veech X Veech
Veech X Veech operates at the convergence between digital design, broadcast media, and architecture since 1993.

Veech x Veech is a Vienna based, multidisciplinary architecture and design practice founded by Mascha Veech Kosmatschof and Stuart A. Veech. A leader in linking media and architecture in innovative ways to create new forms of spatial communication, Veech x Veech has 20 years’ experience working with an international client base on various scales, ranging from entire buildings to temporary pavilions, exhibitions, events and product design.

A House for Art

Photography: Vera Subkus

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Location: Hohe Wand, Austria, central Europe

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