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Education Architecture – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

12 Apr 2013
School by the Lagoon, Sri Lanka
Architects: Chinthaka Wickramage Associates
School Building Sri Lanka
photo from architects
Sri Lankan School Building
The Two thousand Four boxing day tsunami was the worst natural disaster to hit Sri Lanka in living memory. For a country already reeling from a two and a half decade old war the timing of the tsunami could not have been worse. The East and South coasts of Sri Lanka were totally devastated with 40,000 human casualities in addition to the colossal damage caused to the road network, bridges, harbours, schools etc.

11 Mar 2013
School Building in Frederikshavn, Jutland, Denmark
Design: Arkitema Architects
Jutland School Building
photo : Kontraframe
Jutland School Building
This building’s star shape gives an optimum background for natural ventilation and easy access to the playground. The school has two floors for the older students and one floor for the smallest children. On top of the lower level we have placed a roof terrace with 750 m2 of solar panels making it possible for the school to reach low energy class 2020 according to the Danish building code (roughly equivalent to LEED gold).

23 Jul 2012
School CEIP Josep Guinovart, Castelldefels, Catalunya, north east Spain
Design: Pich-Aguilera Architects
CEIP Josep Guinovart
photo : Simon Garcia • arqfoto
School CEIP Josep Guinovart
The proposed implementation of the project responds clearly to the specific characteristics of the site. The developed project incorporates favourable solutions and spatial relationships to external and internal requirements for an educational activity. The proposed solution for the whole building is to divide it in two sections each one associated with a teaching activity; the kindergarten is organized in one story building and located in the south part of the site, and the primary school program is distributed in two stories in the north.

31 Jan 2012
Panyaden School, Chiang Mai, Thailand
24H > architecture
Thai School Building
photo © Ally Taylor / Panyaden School
Thailand School Building
In the lush green surroundings of a former fruit orchard, where Thailand’s highest mountains meet the flat rice fields, Panyaden School contracted this Dutch architecture studio to design its environmentally friendly school buildings. This 5,000 m2 primary school consists of an informal arrangement of pavilions, organized along pathways inspired by the shape of the tropical antler horn fern. This original design has since evolved organically to its final form which is still in keeping with its original purpose of creating buildings from earth’s elements and shapes that are an ode to nature’s beauty.

22 Aug 2011
Sølvgade School, Copenhagen, Denmark
C. F. Moller Architects
Sølvgade School
photo from architects
Sølvgade School Building
Denmark’s oldest school, the listed Sølvgade School built in 1847, close to King Christian IV’s famous historic naval barracks, Nyboder, in Copenhagen, has for many years been lacking space and modern facilities. C. F. Moller has carefully renovated the school and done an extension which in its form and colors is true to the surroundings, but also adds a modernistic twist to the school.

29 Sep 2010
Tianjin Xiqing Elementary School, China
Vector Architect studio
Tianjin Xiqing School
photograph from architect
Tianjin Xiqing School
The competition program called for a design of an elementary school of 48 classes. The major functions include regular classrooms, special program classrooms, cafeteria, training gymnasium, administration areas and an outdoor exercise field. Our goal is to establish a unique place within the school that encourages interaction between the students and teachers through their daily learning and teaching life.

29 Sep 2009
Thor Heyerdahl School, Larvik, Norway
Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Thor Heyerdahl School
picture from architects
Thor Heyerdahl School
The Thor Heyerdahl School of Advanced and Further Education in Larvik, Norway has been inaugurated. The 33,400 m2 new school, designed by the Danish architects schmidt hammer lassen, is the largest new school building in Norway. Schmidt hammer lassen won the international competition for the school including a 4000 spectator sports arena in 2005. One year later, the company won the competition for a school building of City of Westminster College. The new school is pointing to the future as a social and educational experiment. The students of the technical educations are deliberately mixed with college students aspiring for later university degrees. Thus the architects have made Norwegian thoughts on educational reform concrete.

Key Educational Architecture Developments, alphabetical:
Paredes School, Portugal
Atelier Nuno Lacerda Lopes
Paredes Building
photographs : Nelson Garrido
Paredes School Building

Peer Per School, Belgium
Bekkering Adams Architects

Peer School Building
picture from architects
Peer Per School

Primetime Nursery School, Brazil
Marcio Kogan
Primetime Nursery School
building photo : Nelson Kon
Brazilian nursery school, São Paulo

School Brug, Belgium
UArchitects + LENS°ASS architecten
School Brug
picture from architects
School Brug

School in Campinas, Brazil
UNA arquitetos

School in Campinas
image : Nelson Kon
School in Campinas, São Paulo state

School in Deutsch-Wagram, near Vienna
franz zt
Deutsch-Wagram School Building
image : lisa rastl © franz zt gmbh
School in Deutsch-Wagram

School in Paspels, Switzerland
Valerio Olgiati
Paspels School
building photo © Archive Olgiati
Paspels School Building

Tellus Nursery School, Stockholm, Sweden
Tham & Videgård Arkitekter
Tellus Nursery
picture : Åke E:son Lindman
Tellus Nursery School

Templestowe Park Primary, Australia
McBride Charles Ryan
Templestowe School
photograph © John Gollings
Templestowe Park Primary School

Wellington Academy, England
Wellington Academy
picture from architects
Wellington Academy Building

Westminster Academy, London, UK
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Westminster Academy
photograph © Tim Soar
Westminster Academy Naim Dangoor Ctr.

Whitehead Building, University of London
A-EM Studio Ltd
Whitehead Building
photo from CABE
Goldsmiths College Building, UK

School Architecture – No Images

Education Buildings, alphabetical:

St Bridget’s Montessori School, Sri Lanka
Geoffrey Bawa with Laki Senanayake

Sculzendorf school redevelopment, Berlin, Germany
zanderroth architekten

Strawberry Vale School, Canada
Patkau Architects Inc, Vancouver

Teresian School / Col-legi de les Tersianes, Barcelona, Spain
Antoni Gaudí Architect

More School Architecture welcome

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picture : Åke E:son Lindman

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