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School Building Designs

Major Educational Architecture Projects from around the World

post updated 16 August 2023

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of School Building Designs.

We cover completed education buildings, new building designs and architecture competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary Education buildings.

We have 5 pages of School Architecture selections.

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School Building Design

Key Education Architecture – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

16 Nov 2012
JDT Primary School, North Kerala, south west India
Design: Collaborative Architecture
North Kerala School Building Designs
images from architect
JDT Primary School
The project is part of JDT Islam campus, the very first Muslim orphanage in India situated in a quaint village in north Kerala, India. Formed in early 50s, the orphanage carried its legacy of philanthropic goodwill to orphans from around the country over the years. Unfortunately the built-environment was not a priority for major part of its existence resulting in highly disparage styles and mediocre buildings on the campus.

30 Mar 2012
Francisco de Arruda School, Lisbon, Portugal
Design: José Neves
Francisco de Arruda School Building Designs
photos : Laura Castro Caldas & Paulo Cintra; João Dias
Francisco de Arruda School
It is a project within the “School Modernization Program” sponsored by the Parque Escolar, for a school originally designed by architect José António Pedroso in 1956. The three bodies that constitute the school are situated on the hillside in the continuity of the Faculty of Agronomy fields, overlooking the district of Alcântara.

Key Educational Architecture Developments, alphabetical:

Fettes Prep School, Edinburgh, Scotland
Page / Park Architects
Fettes Prep School
photo : Renzo Mazzolini
Fettes Prep School

Four-Leaf Clover Kindergarten, Slovenia
Ofis Arhitekti
Four-Leaf Clover Kindergarten
image from architect
Four-Leaf Clover Kindergarten

French School, Tokyo, Japan
albert abut architecture
French School Lycee Franco Japonais
image from architects
French School Lycee Franco Japonais

Fuji Kindergarten, Japan
Tezuka Architects
Fuji Kindergarten Building
building photograph : Katsuhisa Kida
Fuji Kindergarten

Gymnasium Building, Taiwan

Hsindien High Gymnasium
picture : Cheng Jin-Ming
Taiwan Architecture Awards

Hauptschule Rattenberg, Tyrol, Austria
Büro Fügenschuh
Tyrol School Building Designs
photograph :
New Austrian Building

Hazelwood School, Glasgow, Scotland
gm+ad architects
Hazelwood School Building Designs
photo : Andrew Lee
Hazelwood School

Hsinkang Art High, Taiwan

Hsinkang Art High
photograph : Marc Gerristen
Hsinkang Art High School – no link

Joseph Chamberlain School, Birmingham
Nicholas Hare Architects LLP
Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College
photo from CABE
Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College

The King’s School Ely, England
ORMS Architecture Design
King's School Ely
photograph : Kilian O’Sullivan
The King’s School Ely

Krk School Building, Croatia
randic-turato architects
Krk School Building Designs
image from architect
Krk School Building

More School Building Designs online soon

School Architecture

Education Buildings – no images:

German School Building, Beijing, China

Gerkan, Marg & Partners

Ishibashi Junior High School, Tochigi, Japan
Kisho Kurokawa

Nursery School Buildings
Tellus Nursery
picture : Åke E:son Lindman

Better School Design
Monthly Article for e-architect
El-Shaddai school
photo : Article 25

Education Building Developments

Oxford Academy School

Scottish School Buildings

Contemporary Interiors

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