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School in Campinas, Brazil

São Paulo Education Building, Brasil Architecture Information design by UNA arquitetos

14 Jan 2009

Campinas School Building

New School, Brasil
Date built: 2004
Design: UNA arquitetos

Photos: Nelson Kon

School in Campinas, Brazil: São Paulo building

The School in Campinas integrates a pilot program of the São Paulo state government for the construction of schools using structural systems of pre-moulded concrete, as an alternative to the present low quality system of standard schools.

School in Campinas, Brazil: São Paulo building

With a very strict budget, the building costs were 235 € per square meter.

School in Campinas, Brazil: São Paulo building

Situated in a big housing complex, destitute of any urbanistic or architectonic quality, in the surroundings of Campinas, the site, with two corners and quite meager dimensions for the proposed program, was essential to determine the compact and vertical plan.

School in Campinas, Brazil: São Paulo building

The two accesses correspond to the two corners and are marked by the gaps which separate the volume of the classrooms from the side gables.

School Campinas School in Campinas School in Campinas School in Campinas

The indoor sports court was incorporated to the volume on the top of the building, allowing for the almost totality of the ground floor to be liberated for the gardens and entertainment facilities. The plan is organized by a central corridor articulated in its two extremities with open stairs which interconnect the four floors.

School in Campinas School in Campinas School in Campinas School in Campinas

The closing of the sides of this court, done with translucent plastic shutters, was extended to the façade of the classrooms in the format of brise soleil. It was, thus, possible to adjust a large volume which becomes white and opaque during the day and luminous during the night, a remarkable reference amongst the vast homogeneity of the housing complex.

School Campinas
photo : Carlos Kipnis

School in Campinas Brazil – Building Information

Project: 2003
Conclusion: 2004
Architects: Una Arquitetos (Cristiane Muniz, Fábio Valentim, Fernanda Barbara, Fernando Viégas)
Collaborators: Ana Paula de Castro, Apoena Amaral e Almeida, Jimmy Liendo,
José Carlos Silveira Jr., José Paulo Gouvea, Ricardo Barbosa Vicente, Sabrina Lapyda
Location: campinas | sp
Land area: 3.104,30 m2
Built area: 3.779,56 m2
Execution: Construtora Hoss.
Structure project: Ruy Bentes Engenharia de Estruturas
Installations: Histec Commercial
FDE projects coordinator: Mirela Geiger de Mello
FDE site inspector: Nelson Geraldo de Paula Salles
Foundation consultant: Cepollina Engenheiros Consultores

Photos: Nelson Kon

Campinas School images / Information from Una Arquitetos School, 140109

Location: Campinas – São Paulo, Brazil

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