Hotel Panorama, Kaltern an der Weinstrasse Building, South Tyrol Development, Italian Architecture

Hotel Panorama, Italy

Caldaro Building, Northern Italian Architecture design by *noa Network of Architecture

4 Jun 2013

South Tyrol Hotel

Design: *noa Network of Architecture

Location: Caldaro – Kaltern an der Weinstrasse, South Tyrol, Italy

Hotel Panorama Kaltern

noa* take a new look at the traditional “Hotel Panorama Kaltern”

The architects have tried to reinvigorate the traditional Hotel Panorama Kaltern. In January we showed their Hotel Valentinerhof (also in North Italy) and similar devices ae used here – a regular rhythm of timber elements that form pergolas, balconies and unusual framing devices that line the facade edges. This wooden decoration brings life to the building but the overall effect is slightly chaotic, still the warmth of the wood permeates the building making for good interior spaces.

Project Description

The architects and designers collective around noa* has embarked on a journey in search of clues, finding creative contrasts and aiming to rewrite the evolutionary history of the old Panorama building.

Hotel Panorama
photo : Martina Jaider

“…the intervention is a constructive gesture using the contrasts of the existing. Inspiration and commitment resulted from strong links between tradition and modernity, inside and outside, cold and hot, before and after… we worked like archaeologists by interweaving old and new in a very dynamic way.” Lukas Rungger, director of noa*

Hotel Panorama
photo : Martina Jaider

The family hotel “Panorama” in Kaltern has been renewed and adjusted for three generations. The noa* collective developed a very specific design language for the hotel, allowing for a sophisiticated story-telling of the “Old” and giving the possibility of rewriting stories and history towards the “New”.

Hotel Panorama Hotel Panorama Hotel Panorama Hotel Panorama Hotel Panorama
photos : Martina Jaider

Search of clues

The rural context, the local traditions, the hidden things of the past motivated noa* to perform a constructive search of clues. The findings include ancient wallings, hidden mural paintings that can be admired in new lights, and the old wooden roof trusses that have re-used for the new external sauna and spa.

Hotel Panorama
photo : Martina Jaider

Tradition and present

noa* explore the genius loci: the intention is to revive the spirit of the place. The contours of the surrounding vines are projected onto the building, the terrace balustrades made of larch wood interact with pergolas and gable roofs around.

Hotel Panorama Hotel Panorama Hotel Panorama Hotel Panorama Hotel Panorama
photos : Martina Jaider

Dialog between the Inside and the Outside

noa* are seekers with a global vision. An international design language and the genius loci determine style and statement. Panelled ceilings and wrought iron elements of the past now interact with a mediterranean landscape, palms and international design elements. noa* put great emphasis on the contrast between privacy, great mountain views and the lake view, especially regarding rooms, suites and all “public spaces”.

Hotel Panorama Hotel Panorama Hotel Panorama
photos : Martina Jaider

Cooperation across borders brings added value

“the panorama designer’s collective” is the answer to the demands of modernity. noa* uses the power of this specific collective. The view from “the outside” and the power of the local qualities result in exciting contrasts making it easy to discard dusty approaches. noa* are internationally well connected, the joint work with Matteo Thun, the woring experiences in London, Berlin, Graz, Milan and New York and the knowledge of traditions and alpine skills give space for the exploration of new possibilites.

Hotel Panorama images / information from *noa

Location: Bozen, Italy, southern Europe

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