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Alley House, Kuwait : Khiran Pearl City Home

New Kuwaiti Residence, Middle East – design by M2H Design Studio

1 Apr 2013

Alley House – Khiran Pearl City

Design: M2H Design Studio

Khiran Pearl City, Kuwait

Alley House Kuwait, Khiran Pearl City house

Khiran Pearl City Property

Designing the Alley House was a unique challenge because of the restricted site situation and exaggerated linearity of the plot of 16m by 75m. The house is enclosed by two adjacent plots that restrict the main façade to not more than 16 meters at ground level, and not more than 13 meters above that level.

Alley House Kuwait, Khiran Pearl City residence Alley House Kuwait, Khiran Pearl City property
photos from architects studio

Within the given dimensions the architects were asked to design five individual suites with maximized views to the beach from living spaces, and master bedrooms for the owner, his three sons and daughter. The resulting strategy was to split the building into two interconnected volumes with bridges on the upper levels and an angled alleyway in between, and construct coordinated components that open yet give multiple shaded spaces as a very appealing passage in the heart of the complex.

Alley House Kuwait, Khiran Pearl City waterfront home Alley House Kuwait, Khiran Pearl City home

However, such a form would offer revelation and enigmatic moments of exploration and discovery for visitors. The propositions resemble an alleyway in which the services and public facilities are situated in the front (street) side, and the private components are located in the sea side, with anchoring views to the sea.

Alley House Kuwait Alley House Kuwait Alley House Kuwait
photos from architect

Moreover, this arrangement could create sufficient privacy for the family and visitors. This layout liberates the centers to create multiple shaded courtyard spaces, permitting inner views that provide a visual connection and natural lighting between the rooms at all levels. Furthermore, the narrow passageway in between becomes a pleasant shaded space with great wind-tunnel effect, to be utilized year round for various activities.

Alley House Kuwait Alley House Kuwait Alley House Kuwait
photos from architect

The resulting insight of the design stems from a mesmerizing gentle and rapid movement imitating the dynamic of a natural alley. The angular turns in the building’s volumes maximize sea views. The front, sea-facing patio contains a sleek overflow pool and an attractive grass lawn.

Khiran Pearl City House – Building Information

Architects: M2H Design Studio
Location: Khiran Pearl City, Kuwait
Principal architect In Charge: Saman Maleknia
Design Team: Madhusha Wijesiri, Esra Dashti, Abdulhafez Almujaibel, Noorah W. Hadeed
Area: 1,400 sqm
Year: 2012

Photographs: Courtesy of M2H Design Studio

Alley House Kuwait – Building images / information from M2H Design Studio

Location: Khiran Pearl City, Kuwait

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