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9 May 2018
DJI’s new HQ, Shenzhen, China
Architects: Foster + Partners
DJI’s new HQ in Shenzhen
image : Foster + Partners
DJI HQ Building News
Foster + Partners today unveiled their vision for the new headquarters for DJI, the world leading robotics company, currently under construction in Shenzhen.

2 May 2018
Shekou Sea World Culture and Arts Center
Architects: Maki and Associates
Shekou Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen
photo © Shu He
Shekou Sea World Culture and Arts Center

Prince Bay Development
Design:John Portman & Associates
Prince Bay Development in Shenzhen
image © John Portman & Associates
Prince Bay Shenzhen Development News
John Portman & Associates is happy to announce a first-place finish in the international design competition held by Shenzhen Prince Bay Shang Long Real Estate Co., LTD for the architectural and engineering design of Prince Bay lot DY02-06A in Shenzhen, China.

23 Apr 2018
Interior Design: Kingson Liang | DOMANI
Roaringwild Uniwalk Shop Interior in Shenzhen
photograph © Shaon Liu
Store Interior Shenzhen City
China’s native original Tide brand ROARINGWILD roaring in the 7th year, the brand rooted in Shenzhen which opened the first entity stores. Space designed by DOMANI, consistent of the fierce strokes presented shake the soul of the visual impact and sensory illusion.

20 Apr 2018
Sky Club House
Architects: DOMANI
Sky Club House in Guangdong Province
photograph : Shaon
Sky Club House Shenzhen City
Sky Club House is a production project that DOMANI researched in for Times Property. Architecture, interior and device display are all created by Ann Yu, Director of Creation. As a permanent building, the club has been completed in Time Berlin and Time Sky, and will be presented in Times Property’s flagship plate one after another.

28 Mar 2018
Mawan Mile
Mawan Mile in Shenzhen
image : HASSELL
Qianhai Mawan Mile in Shenzhen
The competition concept for the Mawan Mile is a vibrant new place for Shenzhen to gather, combining lush parklands, new cultural buildings and a winding skydeck in one essential, wellbeing-led destination.

26 Jan 2018 + 27 Oct 2017
Design Society, China’s first design hub
Design: Fumihiko Maki Architects
Design Society Shenzhen Building
photograph © Design Society
Design Society Shenzhen Building
The grand launch of The Sea World Culture and Arts Center (SWCAC), designed by the legendary architect Fumihiko Maki, will welcome the public from Saturday, 2 December 2017, with a curated public program of exhibitions and events over the opening weekend aimed at encouraging audiences to engage in the global debate about the power of design.

31 Dec 2017
Shenzhen Oriental Garden Villa Chamber
Design: Co-Direction Design
Shenzhen Oriental Garden Villa Chamber
photographs : B+M studio, Zhao Hongfei, Wei Yidong
Shenzhen Oriental Garden Villa Chamber
Between city and nature, between fast and slow. The Oriental Garden, located in the Overseas Chinese Town, is the first villa area in Shenzhen and witnesses this modern city’s 30-year developing history from a fishing village.

27 Oct 2017
Sea World Culture and Arts Center: Cultural Design Hub
Design: Fumihiko Maki Architects
Sea World Culture and Arts Center, Shenzhen
photograph © Design Society
Sea World Culture and Arts Center, Shenzhen
The Sea World Culture and Arts Center’s highly anticipated launch this December will signify the opening of the region’s first dedicated cultural design hub, which will be programmed and operated by the new innovative and collaborative platform Design Society.

5 Sep 2017
Shenzhen North Station Urban Design Competition
Design: Mecanoo architecten
Shenzhen North Station Urban Design
image courtesy of architects
Shenzhen North Station Urban Design Competition
With a scheme of twelve staggering skyscrapers, an elevated pedestrian network and a beautiful green urban park, Mecanoo architecten has been named the winner of the urban design competition for the Shenzhen North Station business district. The 1,36 million square metres development encompasses offices, retail space, apartments and a hotel, integrated with Shenzhen North railway and metro station.

17 Aug 2017
White Studio
Design: Bloom Design, architects
White Studio In Shenzhen
photograph : Nie Xiaocong
White Studio in Shenzhen
“White” design is a space full of the color white, which covers white floor, white walls, white glass partitions, white tables and chairs, white linen curtains, as well as white sunshine and ethereal music, making people feel relaxed and calm.

26 Jul 2017
Mind the Sea Sales Gallery
Design: BLVD International
Mind the Sea Sales Gallery
photograph : Ouyang Yun
Mind the Sea Sales Gallery in Shenzhen
With white as the background color, the whole space conveys a pure aesthetics of minimalism. White is open to all possibilities and it embraces future to the largest extent. Touched up by the abstract artistic ambience, the space is overwhelmed with a deep and delicate aesthetic perception.

10 Jul 2017
Tangchao Wharf Restaurant, πmallShopping Center, Zhongzhou, Shenzhen, China
Architects: Weini Design
Tangchao Wharf Restaurant
photograph : Ouyang Yun
Tangchao Wharf Restaurant in Shenzhen
Teochew people are called Oriental Jews for their traits of shrewd, tenacity, and concentration, while the Teochew cuisine is popular at home and abroad for its exquisiteness, daintiness, and neutralization.

1 Jul 2017
A breathing cake shop — Marier Wagashi, Shangmeilin, Shenzhen, China
Architects: BloomDesign
MarierWagashi Cake Shop
photograph : Nie Xiaocong
MarierWagashi Cake Shop in Shenzhen
“Only by planting the roots of design into the earth can we harvest its towering trees.”
— Yu Ping, Chinese designer

9 Jun 2017
Guangzhou East Railway Station – Public Square and Passenger Facilities Renovation
Design: Architectural design and Research Institute of SCUT
Guangzhou East Railway Station
photo : Liky Lam
Guangzhou East Railway Station in Shenzhen
Located at the north end of the central axis, Guangzhou East Railway Station is one of the biggest railway terminals in China. The old station building, constructed in the Mid 90’s, was suffered from poor organizations of circulations, light and ventilation.

6 May 2017
Shenzhen Design Week 2017
Hu Gengxiang
image from organisers
Shenzhen Design Week 2017
On April 29th, 2017 the first “the Silk Road” international design forum was held in 2013 Culture Maker Park in Longgang district, Shenzhen. As the core activity of Shenzhen Design Week, the forum was strongly supported by governments. About 300 Leaders, outstanding design experts, entrepreneurs and media representatives from 14 countries along the Silk Road has participated.

17 Apr 2017
Gateway One Shekou
Design: SPARK Architects
Gateway One Shekou in Shenzhen landscape
photograph : SKPhoto
Gateway One Shekou
Gateway One is a 71,600-sqm mixed-use development and transportation hub for China Merchants. Located in Shenzhen the 110-metre-high, 27-storey office tower and five retail pavilions are connected by landscaped terraces that combine to create a unique naturally ventilated retail and business destination for the lively Skekou district of the city.

12 Jan 2017
Gmond International Building, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Design: Aedas, Architects
Gmond International Building in Shenzhen
image from architect
Gmond International Building in Shenzhen

14 Aug 2016
Bao’an Urban Design Competition in Shenzhen
Design: MLA+ Felixx
Bao’an Urban Design Competition in Shenzhen China
picture from architects
Bao’an Urban Design Competition in Shenzhen

4 Feb 2016
Ping An Financial Center
Ping An Financial Center in Shenzhen
image from architect
Ping An Financial Center in Shenzhen

23 Jan 2016
MOCAPE Museum Building in Shenzhen
Design: Matteo Cainer Architects
MOCAPE Museum Shenzhen Building
image from architects
MOCAPE Building in Shenzhen
The Museum of Contemporary Arts and Planning Exhibition is a symbolic cultural institution that confirms the importance of the Shenzhen region, as well as providing an intimate and meaningful public building for the Futian Center District.

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Museum of Contemporary Art Planning Exhibition Shenzhen
image : SILKROAD Digital Technology Co. LTD
Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning

Shenzhen 4 in 1 Towers Design
Design: MVRDV
Shenzhen 4 in 1 Towers
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Shenzhen 4 in 1 Towers

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport – Third Terminal
Design: Massimiliano Fuksas Architects
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
image courtesy Studio Fuksas
Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport : Design Competition win

Shenzhen Skyscrapers
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Shenzhen 4 Towers
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Shenzhen Skyscrapers

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Design: Steven Holl Architects
Shenzhen Vanke Center
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Shenzhen Vanke Center : Architecture Competition winner

Shenzhen Museum Building – Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition
Shenzhen Museum Building
Shenzhen Museum Building

Shenzhen Airport Design Competition entry
Design: Reiser + Umemoto
Shenzhen Airport Design Competition
image from architects

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