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Hanko Icecream Kiosk Helsinki

Student Design + Construction, Helsinki, Finland, Europe

10 Sep 2009

Hanko Icecream Kiosk

Wood program 2007: Satoshi Ohtaki + working group

Hanko Icecream Kiosk Helsinki Building

HANKO ice cream kiosk was designed and constructed by students of Helsinki University of Technology Wood Program 2007 as a final task of the program.

The process can be divided into following three phases:-

all participants design own idea for the competition

all participants develop one selected design for a realization

developed idea is built by participants themselves

Hanko Icecream Kiosk Icecream Kiosk Helsinki

City of Hanko is a small summer resort in Finland, and the kiosk is built for selling ice cream only in summer time in a small park near a sea. In addition to a usability of the kiosk in summer, usability in winter and a protection of wooden components against outer environments were also thought important in designing.

To solve these problems, the kiosk is composed of two parts, coloured-core and decorated-envelop. This composition was referred to an architectural characteristics of Hanko. Almost all of the houses and villas in Hanko have beautifully painted wall and balcony with decorated wooden fence.

Therefore, the design of the kiosk is an innovation of the Hanko’s architectural tradition; decorative shape in front and colour behind ( positive and negative ).

Coloured- core is a structural part of the building and guarantees comfortable commercial activities in it. Decorated-envelop is a non-structural part ( hung from the roof), veils coloured-core and protects it from a rain, snow, UV, wind. In the future, damaged boards of the envelop can be replaced easily because it is free from the structure.

There is LED in between core and envelop, therefore whole building works as a big lamp of the town in long dark winter, as a big aesthetic object in the park.

Hanko Kiosk Helsinki Hanko Kiosk Hanko Icecream Kiosk Helsinki

The building has a big terrace facing to a big street running towards the sea. By opening two big doors, the terrace is unified with the street and leads pedestrians into the inside naturally. At the same time, opened doors and steps make spaces to stay around it.

Only boards of the envelop were cut in a company with CNC machine. Three cutting types of board were produced and placed on the facade randomly. This randomness guarantees the flexibility for the expansion or diminution of the building in the design process and the future.

In the construction process, the boards were united as panel with a frame behind. As a result whole building was divided into core, terrace, steps, free-standing wall, roof and envelop panels. Each elements were prefabricated in a workshop and transported to the site. The accuracy of the constraction was increased and the constraction on site became short and easy by prefarication.

Hanko Ice Cream Kiosk images / information from Satoshi Ohtaki

Location: Helsinki, Finland, northeast Europe

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