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Major Religious Projects from around the world

post updated 23 Feb 2020

Church Buildings

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Religious Architecture. We aim to include the most interesting and significant Church buildings.

We cover completed Religious buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary Religious buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

We have 4 pages of Religious Architecture selections.

Church Buildings : A-C

Church Building Designs : D-R

Church Architecture : S part 1 (this page)

Church Architecture Designs : S part 2 + T-Z (this page)

Church Architecture Projects

Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Semper Fidelis Memorial Chapel, USA
Design: Fentress Architects
Semper Fidelis Memorial Chapel Building
image courtesy of Ben Rasmussen Photography
Semper Fidelis Memorial Chapel
The name of the chapel echoes the Marines’ motto, Semper Fidelis, always faithful, because even when you leave the Corps, you faithfully remain a Marine for the rest of your life. Among its veterans are US Congressmen and Senators, Olympic athletes, captains of industry, and no fewer than 25 astronauts. The chapel sits in extensive grounds that also contain the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Quantico is also home to the Marine Corps Combat Development Command, the Presidential helicopter squadron, the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s training academy, and the FBI Academy and Laboratory.

St Martin-in-the-Fields Church – building renewal, London, UK
Design: Eric Parry Architects
St Martin-in-the-Fields Church Building
image © Timothy Soar
St Martin-in-the-Fields Church
This is one of London’s most significant recent building projects: the £36 m regeneration of the church and its associated buildings. The renewal project at St Martin’s encompasses much more than the famous church in Trafalgar Square, London. Eric Parry Architects’ response to the brief centres around connecting each of the different elements of the site. A new glazed entrance pavilion located in the widened Church Path to the north of the church provides access to a sequence of impressive, naturally lit spaces below ground – a new foyer, a shop, a large hall, a small chapel, a new rehearsal space, various offices and meeting rooms as well as a reconfigured restaurant in the crypt.

Major Church Building on this page:

St Paul’s Cathedral, City of London, England
Architect: Sir Christopher Wren
St Paul's Cathedral Building
photo © Adrian Welch
St Paul’s Cathedral Building
Summary of key aspects of the building:
– Church of England cathedral
– seat of the Bishop of London
– dedication to Paul the Apostle dates back to the original church on this site, founded in AD 604.
– St Paul’s sits at the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the City of London
– present church dating from the late 17th century
– built to an English Baroque design of Sir Christopher Wren
– as part of a major rebuilding program which took place in the city after the Great Fire of London
– was completed within his lifetime.
– one of the most famous and most recognisable sights of London
– dominating the skyline for 300 years.
– 365 feet (111m) high, it was the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1962

Key Religious Buildings, alphabetical:

St Mary Woolnoth, City of London, UK
Design: Nicholas Hawksmoor
St Mary Woolnoth, City of London
image © Adrian Welch
St Mary Woolnoth

St Vincent Street Church, Scotland
Design: Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson
St Vincent Street Church Architecture
photograph © Adrian Welch
St Vincent Street Church

Sacre Coeur, Paris, France
Architect: Paul Abadie
Sacre Coeur
picture © Isabelle Lomholt
Sacre Coeur Paris

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
Design: Antoni Gaudi Architect
Sagrada Familia
photograph © Adrian Welch
Sagrada Familia Barcelona

San Cristóbal church Tenerife, Spain
Design: Estudio FAM Architects
Canary Islands church building
image from architect
Canary Islands church building

Sant’ Agostino, Rome, Italy

Sant' Agostino Church Architecture
photo © AW
Sant’ Agostino

Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale, Rome, Italy
Design: Bernini
Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale Church Architecture
image © AW
Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale

Sant’ Andrea di Valle, Rome, Italy
Design: Façade – Carlo Rainaldi
Sant’ Andrea di Valle
photo © AW
Sant’ Andrea di Valle

San Carlo ai Catinari, Rome, Italy

San Carlo ai Catinari Church Architecture
photograph © AW
San Carlo ai Catinari

San Luigi dei Francesi, Rome, Italy

San Luigi dei Francesi
image © AW
San Luigi dei Francesi

Santa Maria degli Angeli, Rome, Italy
Michelangelo; Vanvitelli
Santa Maria degli Angeli - Italian Church Architecture
photograph © AW
Santa Maria degli Angeli

Santa Maria della Pace, Rome, Italy

Santa Maria della Pace - Rome Church Architecture
photo © AW
Santa Maria della Pace

More Religious Architecture projects online soon

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Other Religious Building Developments – N-Z, alphabetical:

St John Cathedral, Tampere, Finland
Lars Sonck

St Mark’s Church, Bjorkhagen, Sweden
Design: Sigurd Lewerentz Architect

St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London, UK
Design: James Gibbs Architect
St Martin-in-the-Fields

St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, London, UK
Sir Christopher Wren Architect

St Mary-le-Bow church

St Peter’s Church, Klippan, Sweden
Sigurd Lewerentz

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