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Chinese Building Developments

Key Built Environment Projects in China, Key Contemporary Property Design in Asia

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Building Developments in China

We have 8 pages of Chinese Building Developments selections. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across China.

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New Chinese Building Developments

Sake MANZO, Beijing
Design: Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Sake MANZO - Chinese Building Developments
photograph : Misae HIROMATSU
The exterior is refurbished with wood louver. Through the gaps between each louver, the interior space can be seen from the street. This louver facade helps conveying the lively atmosphere to the outside, while keeping the interior space comfortably hidden.

Samaranch Memorial Museum, Tianjin
Architect: HAO – Holm Architecture Office
Samaranch Memorial Museum Tianjin Chinese Building Developments
image from architects
Samaranch Memorial Museum China
The HAO / Holm Architecture Office + Archiland Beijing design for the Samaranch Memorial Museum in Tianjin, China is under construction. After adjusting the design of the competition scheme, the Samaranch Memorial Museum construction is well under way. The museum is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.

Sanya Block 5, Southern China
Design: NL Architects

Sanya Building
picture from architects
Sanya Block 5, Hainan Province
Block 5 is part of a resort development. The project consists of 8 blocks of 6 stories on top of a ground floor with restaurants, bars and retail. The blocks are placed on a public deck, a new ground level that covers the basement with parking spaces and service. Each block is build up from 15 individual units.

Sanya Hai Tang Bay Hotel
Design: ZNA Architects
Sanya Fairmont Hotel Chinese Building Developments
image : ZNA Architects
Sanya Hai Tang Bay Hotel
The site of this project is intended to be built into a seafront seven-star conference resort hotel, with a area of about 21 hectares, and an overall building area of about 108619 square meters. The lower limit on the height of architecture is 120 m, which is obviously higher than that of neighboring construction.

Scitech Redevelopment, Beijing
Design: UNStudio
Scitech development Beijing - Chinese Building Developments
image : UNStudio
Scitech Redevelopment Beijing

Shandong University of Sports, Jinan
Design: logon Ltd
Shandong University of Sports Jinan
picture from architect firm
Shandong University of Sports

Shanghai Tower Skyscraper Building
Design: Marshall Strabala architect
Shanghai Tower
picture from architect studio
Shanghai Tower

Shanghai World Financial Center Building
Design: Kohn Pederson Fox – KPF
Shanghai World Financial Center - Chinese Building Developments
photo © Andrew McRae
Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanxi Grand Theater, northern China
Design: Arte Charpentier Architectes
The Shanxi Grand Theater in Taiyuan
image from architect
The Shanxi Grand Theater, Taiyuan

Shekou Network Valley Buildings
Design: Swanke Hayden Connell Architects
Shekou Buildings
picture from architects
Shekou Network Valley Buildings

Shennong Valley Resort, Southern China
Design: Broadway Malyan Architects
Shennong Valley Resort Buildings
picture from architects
Shennong Valley Resort

Shenzhen 4 in 1 Tower Buildings Design
Design: MVRDV
Shenzhen 4 in 1 Towers - Chinese Building Developments
image © MVRDV
Shenzhen 4 in 1 Towers

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport
Design: Massimiliano Fuksas Architects
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Chinese Building Developments
image courtesy Studio Fuksas
Shenzhen Bao’an Airport Buildings

Shenzhen Crystal Island Competition
Office for Metropolitan Architecture
Shenzhen Crystal Island Chinese Building Developments
image © OMA / Ole Scheeren
Shenzhen Crystal Island – Building Contest

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art
Shenzhen Museum Chinese Building Developments
picture from architect
Shenzhen Museum Building

Shenzhen Skyscraper Buildings
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Shenzhen 4 Towers Chinese Building Developments
photo from architect
Shenzhen Skyscrapers

Shenzhen Stock Exchange HQ
Office for Metropolitan Architecture
Shenzhen building
image from OMA
Shenzhen building

Shenzhen University Town Library
Shenzhen University building
photo : H. G. Esch
Shenzhen University building

Shenzhen Vanke Center Buildings
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Shenzhen Vanke Center
picture from SHA
Shenzhen Vanke Center : Competition win

Shopping Mall Chongqing, central China
Starlight Place
image from architects
Shopping Mall Chongqing

800SHOW Creative Park
logon Ltd
800SHOW Creative Park China
image from architect
800SHOW Creative Park

Singapore Culture City
logon Ltd
Singapore Culture City
image from architect
Singapore Culture City

Sinosteel International Plaza, Tianjin
Sinosteel International Plaza
image from architect
Sinosteel International Plaza

Songjiang hotel, Shanghai
Shanghai Hotel Building
image © Atkins
Shanghai Hotel Building

Soochow Securities Headquarters
Goettsch Partners
Soochow Securities Headquarters
image from architect
Soochow Securities Headquarters

Suzhou Jin Ji Lake, Jiangsu Province
Swanke Hayden Connell Architects
Suzhou Jin Ji Lake Project
picture from architects
Suzhou Jin Ji Lake Project

Suzhou New District Commercial Plaza
logon Ltd
Suzhou New District Commercial Plaza Jiangsu Province
picture from architect
Suzhou New District Commercial Plaza

Chinese Building Developments – No Images

Major Architectural Projects in China, Q-S, alphabetical:

Serpents Tower, Bin Hai, nr. Beijing
Dates built: 2007-08
Design: Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects
hotel / residential building designs

Shanghai International Expo Centre Building
Dates built: 1998-2001
Design: Murphy/Jahn Architects

Suzhou – Museum Building, China
Date built: 2007
Design: I.M.Pei Architect

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