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Belgian Building Developments

New Architecture in Belgium: Key Property Designs, Europe

post updated 9 Nov 2020

Building Developments in Belgium

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Belgian Building Developments. We cover completed buildings, new building designs and competitions across Belgium. The focus is on contemporary Belgian buildings.

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Belgian Building Design Developments

Architecture Developments in Belgium – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Ice Rink Liège, Wallonia, southern Belgium
Design: L’Escaut – Weinand (Momentary Association)
Ice Rink of Liège Belgian Building Developments
photo © Marc Detiffe
This building appears to be’ all about the exterior’: shaped like a whale, very eye-catching but why? The pursuit of the icon has led much large-scale architecture of the last decade and has been criticised for producing stunning but ’empty’ architecture lacking the consistency and depth of say the International Style. Non-architectes lap it up, flocking to the latest exciting building such as Bilbao’s Guggenheim and can’t understand why architects don’t relax a bit and enjoy more colour and exuberance in their architecture. But like any discipline, once you have been educated professionally you learn to appreciate the nuances and rigour of certain approaches to your chosen profession whether you are playing the violin or a fashion designer.

Major Building Developments in Belgium, alphabetical:

Library of the Future, Kortrijk
Design: REX
Kortrijk Library Belgian Building Developments
image © Luxigon courtesy REX
Kortrijk Library
REX and Principal in Charge Joshua Prince-Ramus have been named the winner of the BibLLLiotheek competition to build a “Library of the Future” for the city of Kortrijk, Belgium. REX partnered with landscape architects Bureau Bas Smets in entering the competition, which included both a building and master plan.

The Maisin Centre, Brussels
Design: sca Architectes Associés
Maisin Centre Belgian Building Developments
photograph : Marc Detiffe
Maisin Centre Brussels, Quartier Léopold
The Maisin Centre is established on a small allotment, 15 metres in width, in the heart of the “quartier Léopold” in Brussels. Its conception is, in essence, a re-interpretation of the traditional patricianʼs lay-out with its characteristic passageway entrance open to pedestrians, encompassing some ten-odd meeting rooms and offices.

Mormont House, Ardenne forests
Design: PIQUE
Mormont House Ardenne forests Property Home Belgium
image from architect firm
Mormont House
This house is located outside the small village of Mormont in the Ardenne forests of Belgium. Designed for a young family of four, the home will start as a summer house and expand into the lower floor to ultimately function as a permanent residence.

National Theatre Brussels
Design: sca Architectes Associés
National Theatre Brussels Belgian Building Developments
photograph : M-F.-Plissart
National Theatre Brussels
The entirety of these technical premises, from the –3 level all the way to the 5th level, is organised along a spinal column which runs along the rue Saint Pierre down to the cafeteria and meeting room, both situated on the 5th level, on par with the urban terrace. Concerning the specifics of the dressing rooms, there are 4 private and 5 shared dressing rooms, accommodating 32 artists.

Oostduinkerke Office + Apartments
Design: BURO II
Oostduinkerke Apartments Belgian Building Developments
photo : Kris Van Damme
Oostduinkerke Apartments

Oostduinkerke Swimming Pool
Design: Dierendonckblancke architecten
Oostduinkerke Swimming Pool Belgian Building Developments
image from architect practice
Oostduinkerke Swimming Pool

Production Studios, Ghent
Design: Jan De Vylder architecten
Ghent Production Studios
photograph : Filip dujardin/OWI
Ghent Production Studios

Parliamentarium Brussels – Visitor Centre
photograph : Rainer Rehfeld
Parliamentarium Brussels

Peer Per School, north east Belgium
Design: Bekkering Adams Architects
Peer School Building
picture from architects studio
Peer Per School

More Belgian Building Developments online soon

Belgian Architecture Designs – no images

Major Architecture Projects, N-Z, alphabetical:

Louvain-La-Neuve Museum
Kisho Kurokawa

Media City development, Liège
Ron Arad Associates
Organic-shaped 65,000 sqm shopping mall

Menen town hall – Restoration & expansion, Menen
noA architecten

Motorway Lavatory Pods

NOX – Lars Spuybroek

Private House
Alvaro Siza Architect

Private house, Deurle, Sint-Martens-Latern
David Chipperfield Architects

Production Studios for Contemporary Dance Company, Ghent
Jan De Vylder architecten

More Belgian Architecture Developments online soon

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