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ecdm News, chronological:

1 Apr 2020
Mayflower, Nantes, France
Architects: ECDM
Mayflower Apartment Building Nantes France
photograph : Salem Mostefaoui
Mayflower Apartment Building in Nantes

12 Dec 2018
Mixed Operation Binet, Porte de Montmartre, Paris
Design: Emmanuel COMBAREL Dominique MARREC Architectes (ECDM)
Mixed Operation Binet in Porte de Montmartre Paris
image Courtesy architecture office
Mixed Operation Binet Porte de Montmartre
ECDM designed this hotel as a succession of plans and sequences condensing the long traveling shot that leads the traveler to Paris.

15 Oct 2013
Logements et chapelle Zac Seine Arche Nanterre, Paris, France
Zac Seine Arche Nanterre
photo : Benoît Fougeirol
Logements et chapelle Zac Seine Arche Nanterre

ecdm – Recent Designs

6 Jul 2012
Crèche rue Pierre Budin, Paris, France
Crèche rue Pierre Budin
picture : Benoit Fougeirol
Crèche rue Pierre Budin Paris
The project takes place into a heterogeneous district made of buildings of any sizes, of any styles, any periods. It’s an environment slightly old-fashioned, hybrid and disintegrated, typical of the heterogeneous architecture which characterizes the Parisian peri-urban zones. Modernity came to complete this disorder: adjacent to the site, an out of size construction, built in derogation of the property limits forbids any common denominator, any possibility of creating a homogeneous composition.

16 Mar 2012
Gentilly Building, south Paris, France
Gentilly Building
picture from architects studio
Gentilly Building

5 Jan 2012
ZAC Châteaucreux, Saint-Etienne, central – southern France
ZAC Châteaucreux Saint-Etienne
picture from architect practice
ZAC Châteaucreux
Located across from the St. Etienne station on the Esplanade de France, the influence of the intervention at the heart of the BIA Châteaucreux is a link between neighborhoods and horizon lines, a low point in the topography of St. Etienne in front of a preferred route to the city center. Combined with the scale of the project and the symbolic value of the program, This unique location gives the project a special status in the construction of the city.

3 Jan 2012
EDF Campus Saclay, Paris, France
EDF Campus Saclay
picture from architects
EDF Campus Saclay
The completion of a building in the planning project of Saclay Paris is a unique opportunity to be one of the markers of the future center of excellence established on the plateau. The uniqueness of the site, and it’s present and future characteristics, make it an interesting emerging area.

ecdm Architectes – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Emmanuel COMBAREL Dominique MARREC Architects, alphabetical:

Epinay Student Housing, France
Date built: 2009
Epinay Student Housing
photo © Benoît Fougeirol
Epinay Student Housing

RATP Bus Centre – Centre dépôt d’autobus RATP, Thiais, France
Date built: 2007
RATP Bus Centre France
photo © Benoît Fougeirol
RATP Bus Centre

Residence Ladoumegue, Paris, France
Date built: 2008
Paris Student Housing
picture from architect
Paris Student Housing

Social housing – 108 rue de Picpus, Paris, France
Date built: 2008
Paris Social Housing
photo © Benoît Fougeirol
Rue de Picpus Housing

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