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New Architectural Developments in The Netherlands: Dutch Built Environment Updates

post updated 18 July 2024

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Amsterdam Building News

Major New Dutch Buildings, chronological

18 June 2024
Mahler 1 office building
Design: 3XN GXN
Mahler 1, Amsterdam office building
photo : Binyan
Mahler 1 office building
3XN GXN is proud to announce their vision for Mahler 1, a multi-functional office building in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district. The 15-story hybrid-timber structure targeting BREEAM Excellent, is developed in collaboration with owners Victory Group, Icon Real Estate (part of Victory Group) and Erik Dhont Landscape Architects, and marks the start of the redevelopment of the existing ABN AMRO complex.

3 April 2024
Adagio Psychological Practice, de Nieuwe Sint Jacob chapel building conversion, Plantage neighbourhood
Design: Bureau Fraai
Adagio Psychological Practice Amsterdam NL
photo : Flare Department
Adagio Psychological Practice, Amsterdam, NL
Bureau Fraai designs a psychological practice with a ‘labyrinth’ pattern floor in a monumental chapel in the city centre.

13 December 2023
Apollolaan 171 office building
Design: OMA
Apollolaan 171 Amsterdam The Netherlands
photo : Ossip van Duivenbode
Apollolaan 171 office building
Amsterdam’s latest high-end office building has opened, designed by OMA / David Gianotten on behalf of Kroonenberg Groep. This Dutch office architecture is defined by transparency and tactility, and responds to Berlage’s architecture from the early twentieth century in the neighborhood.

16 November 2023
HNK Amsterdam Sloterdijk
Architect: hd+vk Designers
HNK Amsterdam Sloterdijk, The Netherlands
photo : Chiel de Nooyer
HNK Amsterdam Sloterdijk
This is the first location in a series of renovated offices which fully reflects the new vision of the flexible office concept. As part of office investor NSI, HNK has joined forces with hospitality design studio HD+VK to create a user-centered next generation workplace.

11 July 2023
360 Degrees, IJ river / Grasweg
Design: Studioninedots
360 Degrees Building Amsterdam Holland
photo : Sebastian van Damme
360 Degrees Building Amsterdam
Along the water of the IJ river in Amsterdam lies 360 Degrees, the closing piece of Grasweg. The new building is located right opposite our urban plan Cityplot Buiksloterham.

6 July 2023
DB55, Danzigerbocht 55, Houthavens
Design: D/DOCK
DB55 Building Amsterdam Holland
photo : Niels Vlug
DB55 Building
D/DOCK, a creative studio of thought leaders and design pioneers, introduces DB55, a former timber warehouse in the Houthavens Amsterdam, an industrial area surrounded by new offices and residential buildings. DB55 revolves around four main pillars.

29 June 2023 Amsterdam workplace, Oosterdokseiland
Architect: UNStudio ; Lead Interior Architect: HofmanDujardin Amsterdam workplace building
photo : Matthijs van Roon Amsterdam workplace building
Let’s meet in Tuscany, grab a coffee in Panama City and talk strategy in the Serengeti! All this is possible in the innovative new urban campus of leading travel platform, which opened its doors in Amsterdam. A unique collaboration of multiple interior architects and design firms has resulted in an inclusive workplace that is home to over 6,500 employees.

27 June 2023
Liander, Noordzeeweg, Westpoort
Design: De Zwarte Hond
Liander Westpoort Amsterdam
photo © Jacques Tillma
Liander Westpoort
Design agency De Zwarte Hond proudly introduces its project for Alliander, now housed in its sustainable new premises. The new regional offices designed by De Zwarte Hond on the Noordzeeweg, in Amsterdam Westpoort, are circular and flexible, with a timber construction.

19 June 2023
Design: M3H Architects
Lariks Apartments Amsterdam Holland
image courtesy of architects practice
Lariks Apartments
There are a total of 102 homes, the majority of which will be ‘Friends homes’. A housing concept by Lieven de Key, in which three starters share a home. Each starter rents a room with a private bathroom and toilet.

8 May 2023
Jonas Building, Krijn Taconiskade 1 – 567, Eva Besnyöstraat 1-9, IJburg
Design: Orange Architects
Jonas building IJburg Amsterdam housing
photo : Sebastian van Damme
Jonas building IJburg
This new residential building beside the port of IJburg, contains 273 apartments and a range of public and shared amenities. Forming a sustainable and inviting heart for the neighbourhood, the building enhances social cohesion in the still relatively new urban district.

6 Apr 2023
Amstel Design District
Design: Mecanoo
Amstel Design District Masterplan Amsterdam Holland
image courtesy of architecture office
Amstel Design District Masterplan
Amstel Design District is a future-oriented mixed-use development that aspires to become significant for the whole city of Amsterdam. This scheme for a living and working community includes social housing, mid-rent residential, private sector homes, collective facilities, creative office space, retail and a design museum.

24 Apr 2023
Architect Rein Jansma Dies
Rein Jansma, founder and partner of architectural studio ZJA, passed away:

12 Apr 2023
Bike Parking IJboulevard, De Ruijterkade
Design: VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism
Bike Parking IJboulevard Amsterdam underground
photo : Ossip van Duivenbode
Bike Parking IJboulevard
The underwater parking for over 4,000 bicycles is a ‘plug-in’ for Amsterdam Central Station, a multi-modal transport hub – making people’s journeys as simple and hassle free as possible. It delivers new public space: bringing bicycles underground to free up space at street level whilst providing a new ‘living room’ for the city, a panoramic pedestrian boulevard on the river IJ.

21 Mar 2023
Hyde Park
Design: MVRDV
Hyde Park Hoofddorp Station District Amsterdam
render : MVRDV
Hyde Park, Hoofddorp Station District
The municipality of Haarlemmermeer approved MVRDV’s urban plan for the new district Hyde Park. Located right next to Hoofddorp station, from spring of 2019, it will be just four minutes by train from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and twelve minutes from Amsterdam’s business district in Zuidas. The outdated office estate Beukenhorst-West will be transformed into an attractive urban district.

19 Feb 2023
M&T, Plantage De Sniep district, Diemen
Design: M3H Architects
M and T Social Houses Diemen Holland
photo : M3H Architects
M and T Social Houses Diemen
M&T is formed from two new residential blocks with more than 200 social houses in Diemen! The Sniepkwartier forms the final piece of the new Plantage De Sniep district.

8 Feb 2023
Dutch Underwater Bicycle Parking
Design: wUrck architectuur stedenbouw landschap BV
Stationsplein bicycle parking Amsterdam Central Station
photo : Aiste Rakauskaite Photography
Stationsplein bicycle parking Amsterdam Central Station
Amsterdam’s newest bicycle parking is not just underground, but also submerged under water. At the end of January, the new Stationsplein bicycle parking facility at the front of Amsterdam Central Station is opened to the public.

16 Dec 2022
De Jakoba, Overhoeks neighbourhood in Amsterdam-Noord
Design: Studioninedots
Amsterdam Overhoeks homes, River IJ
photo : Peter Tijhuis
De Jakoba Amsterdam-Noord housing
De Jakoba brings new energy to the Overhoeks neighbourhood in Amsterdam-Noord. In ‘Manhattan at the IJ’, as the new city district which fronts the IJ harbour opposite Central Station is also referred to, De Jakoba introduces one of two new social housing complexes.

4 Dec 2022
DC Van Hall, Donker Curtiusstraat, Van Hallstraat, Staatsliedenbuurt area
Design: Studioninedots
DC Van Hall Amsterdam Staatsliedenbuurt building
photo : Peter Tijhuis
DC Van Hall Amsterdam Building
At the corner of Donker Curtiusstraat and Van Hallstraat, Dutch architects Studioninedots has created the surprising transformation of a prominent, 1964 office building. In the new DC Van Hall, Studioninedots introduce studio housing for graduates and students, which together with creative workplaces and small-scale entrepreneurs bring new life to the surrounding Staatsliedenbuurt neighbourhood.

7 Nov 2022
Moos, West Amsterdam
Design: Studio Modijefsky
Moos Bar West Amsterdam Holland
photo : Maarten Willemstein
Moos Bar, West Amsterdam
The Goudvisch Family, a group of bars spread across Amsterdam, welcomes a new member in West Amsterdam: Moos. As is now traditional, Studio Modijefsky created the name, brand identity, and interior.

10 Oct 2022
Brink Tower
Architects: Mecanoo
Brink Tower Amsterdam Holland
image : Mecanoo
Brink Tower Amsterdam
Planning permission granted to Brink Tower, set to become an energy positive, green, and inclusive neighbourhood in Amsterdam. Construction of the Brink Tower building in Amsterdam has already started.

4 Oct 2022
Lieven de Key HQ, Hoogte Kadijk
Design: Studioninedots
Lieven de Key HQ, Hoogte Kadijk, Amsterdam
photo : Frans Parthesius
Villa Fifty-Fifty
The corporation’s two branches were efficiently merged into the existing building on the Hoogte Kadijk, additionally creating space for new social housing on the site of the other office. Lieven de Key’s new head office has a BREEAM In-Use rating of Excellent.

19 Sep 2022
Design: MVRDV
Valley Mixed-Use Development Zuidas Amsterdam
image Courtesy architecture office
Valley Mixed-Use Development, Zuidas
Real estate developer EDGE is proud to announce the official opening of Valley, the iconic high-rise designed by MVRDV. The fully leased 75.000-sqm development, which was recently declared the world’s best new skyscraper by the Emporis Awards, is a spectacular addition to Amsterdam’s business district.

15 Sep 2022
Senang Residential Block, inner-city
Architecture: M3H Architects
Senang Residential Block Amsterdam Architecture News
photo : M3H Architects
Senang Residential Block
The residents of the new residential block Senang do not heat their houses with gas, but via a collective heat pump. A sustainable solution in the middle of inner-city Amsterdam.

30 Aug 2022
Proto-ZOÖP Zeeburg, Sluisbuurt, Zeeburgereiland
Architects: VenhoevenCS and DS Landschapsarchitecten
Proto-ZOÖP Zeeburg Amsterdam Housing
image : B1 Design
Proto-ZOÖP Zeeburg
Area developer AM has won the tender for plot 4a in the Sluisbuurt on the Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam with a nature-inclusive plan for an apartment complex with 82 homes and a parking garage. On the ground floor there will be space for shops and businesses.

30 Aug 2022
Extraordinary architecture: The year’s best new skyscraper stands in Amsterdam
Emporis Skyscraper Award 2021 Amsterdam Architecture News
photo © Marcel Steinbach
Emporis Skyscraper Award 2021 news
This year, the world’s most renowned architecture prize for skyscrapers, the Emporis Skyscraper Award, goes to the Valley in Amsterdam. Created by Dutch architecture studio MVRDV, Valley is a mixed-use building complex with three towers and a unique design inspired by mountain sides and valleys.

Updated 15 July 2022
Sluishuis IJburg Landmark Building in Amsterdam
Design: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group and Barcode Architects
Sluishuis Amsterdam Building
photo : Ossip van Duivenbode
Sluishuis IJburg Building
After four years of construction, Sluishuis has been completed, an architecturally iconic landmark. The building forms a bridge between IJburg and the city center. With 442 different types of owner-occupied and rental homes, a public green roof garden with a rooftop walkway, bird and recreational islands, jetties for boats, and catering facilities, Sluishuis is a place for everyone.

15 August 2022
Diamond Exchange
Design: ZJA
Diamond Exchange Amsterdam building
photo © Capital C Amsterdam
Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam

23 July 2022
Canal House, near Amstelveld
Design: i29
Canal House Amsterdam Home
photo © Ewout Huibers
Canal House
Amsterdam based studio, i29, converted a neglected 17th century canal house into a bright home with unexpected views and room for discovery. This Dutch capital property is sited along the canals near Amstelveld, was originally built in 1675.

20 Jun 2022
Red Ruby Apartment Building
Design: Bureau Fraai
Red Ruby Amsterdam Apartment Building
photo © Studio de Nooyer
Red Ruby Amsterdam Apartment Building
For the design of the red uni-coloured building Red Ruby, Bureau Fraai took inspiration from the existing Van Gendthallen, which are characterized by red-brown masonry and gable roofs. For that reason, much attention has been paid to Red Ruby’s masonry with a focus on a balanced composition of masonry patterns, directions and staggered depths.

17 Jun 2022
The Modular, Island Oostenburg
Design: Bureau Fraai
The Modular Amsterdam Office Building
photo © Studio de Nooyer
The Modular, Amsterdam Office Building
With the characteristic robust facade of the office building The Modular Bureau Fraai refers to the ‘rich’ industrial past of the island and the billowing sails of the many VOC ships that were built at this location in the 17th century.

13 Jun 2022
Design: KCAP
Droogbak Amsterdam Office Building
photo © Bram Vreugdenhil
Droogbak Amsterdam Office Building

27 May 2022
IBM’s Headquarters
Design: Powerhouse
IBM Headquarters Building Amsterdam Architecture News
render : Plomp _ RED Company
IBM Headquarters Building Amsterdam
In line with IBM’s philosophy, “Let’s Create”, we designed their new Amsterdam headquarters to function as a living lab with a beating heart – dynamic and open – that works as a vertical city ripe for innovation and collaboration. The bespoke and future-proof vision for IBM’s Headquarters will offer its users a sustainable, vibrant, and healthy workplace.

26 Feb 2022
Design: Powerhouse
Hourglass Office Building Amsterdam Architecture News
image courtesy of architects practice
Hourglass Office Building
During times of Covid-19, Powerhouse finalized the Hourglass office interior for a top tier law firm in Amsterdam. In 2018, the architects won the pitch to design this interior by creating a space that embraces the firm’s values such as transparency, inclusivity and high quality.

16 Feb 2022
Interior Design: M+R interior architecture
Richemont Amsterdam Building Renovation
photo : Herman de Winter
Richemont Amsterdam Building Renovation
Richemont is the owner of prestigious Maisons, recognized for their excellence in jewelry, watches, fashion and accessories, and distinguished by their craftsmanship and creativity. Richemont has been housed in three monumental canal houses in Amsterdam since 2000.

Canal House Amsterdam Building Renovation

Wenslauerstraat Housing, Bellamybuurt

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Amsterdam Architecture News 2021

7 Dec 2021
The Grid, Aan het IJ, Amsterdam North, The Netherlands
Design: KCAP
The Grid Aan het IJ apartments - Amsterdam Architecture News
photo © Ossip van Duivenbode
The Grid Amsterdam, Aan het IJ
KCAP has completed the housing block The Grid in the new residential neighbourhood ‘Aan het IJ’ along the river IJ in Amsterdam North, facing the Central Station. The project is part of the transformation of the former industrial site Overhoeks into a diverse district for living and working.

24 Nov 2021
Dutch Toast: First Robotic Bar Opens In Amsterdam
Robo Bar Leidseplein Robotic Bartender - Amsterdam Architecture News
photo : Riccardo de Vecchi
First Robotic Bar Opens In Amsterdam
The new venue, powered by Makr Shakr, offers a safe, contact-free experience, giving people a glimpse into the future of the hospitality industry; Ed. – but what about important human contact? With loneliness on the rise, our bars, cafés and pubs are more important than ever!

11 Nov 2021
Terrace Tower Amsterdam Zuidas
Design: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group ; Landscape Design: DELVA Landscape Architecture / Urbanism
Terrace Tower Amsterdam Zuidas building
photo : Sebastian van Damme
Terrace Tower Amsterdam Zuidas
The iconic, high-quality architecture of the Bjarke Ingels Group, is enhanced by the generous green roof terraces designed by DELVA. As stated by Het Financieele Dagblad, Holland’s most important business newspaper, to remain attractive, the Zuidas must become ‘friendlier, more diverse and greener’.

8 Nov 2021
Gnodde House, IJburg

20 Oct 2021
The Line, Overhoeks residential building
Design: ORANGE Architects
The Line, Overhoeks, Amsterdam apartmens
photo : Sebastian van Damme
The Line, Overhoeks
Like a moored cruise ship, The Line fronts onto the IJ waterway in the Overhoeks district of Amsterdam. Sitting on private verandas behind the refined grid that wraps the building like a veil, residents enjoy views of the water just in front of them and of the city centre.

6 Oct 2021
Soendablok Apartments
Design: M3H Architects
Soendablok Apartments Amsterdam Architecture News
photograph : M3H Architects
Soendablok Apartments
In the past twenty years, the Indische Buurt in Amsterdam has been radically renovated. From a poorly maintained neighborhood to a lively residential area.

6 Oct 2021
Robin Wood, Centrumeiland, IJburg
Design: Marc Koehler Architects and ANA Architects
Robin Wood Centrumeiland, IJburg, Amsterdam Architecture News
image courtesy of architects practice
Robin Wood IJburg
Centrumeiland in the IJburg district of Amsterdam will soon be home to Robin Wood, the most sustainable and affordable wooden urban block in the Netherlands in the mid-market rental sector. It will include 165 flexibly dividable homes for a wide target group, ranging from affordable mid-market homes to private sector homes for larger families and home/office residences.

19 July 2021
Reflections of the Past
Design: Firm Architects
Reflections of the Past Apartment Amsterdam Architecture News
photograph : Studio de Nooyer
Reflections of the Past Apartment
The wish of the client was a special private residence in Amsterdam. The aim was to create an honest, masculine, and architectural space with the largest possible usable floor space. No standard home, no compromises.

5 July 2021
PATCHWORK, Sluisbuurt
Design: Barcode Architects / krft
PATCHWORK Sluisbuurt Building Amsterdam Architecture News
image courtesy of architecture practice
PATCHWORK Sluisbuurt Building
The building is the cornerstone in the heart of the Sluisbuurt, at the pivot point where the main axes from the neighbourhood to the city and surroundings intersect. For the purpose of the future and healthy living, the central location of PATCHWORK turned into the inspiration for the architects to design a unique building concept in which physical activity and cycling play a key role.

6 July 2021
Terrazza Building, Zeeburgereiland
Design: M3H Architects
Terrazza Building Zeeburgereiland
photo : Luuk Kramer
Terrazza Building Zeeburgereiland
This sculptural building establishes a connection with the neighborhood on every side. For example, some of the houses are connected to the street by stairs and terraces. But more notable are the courtyards.

5 July 2021
Rozenprieel Building
Rozenprieel Building, Haarlem

28 May 2021
Underground Bicycle Parking Leidseplein, Amsterdam, North-Holland, The Netherlands
Design: architectural studio ZJA
Underground Bicycle Parking Leidseplein Amsterdam Architecture News
photo © ZJA
Underground Bicycle Parking Leidseplein
ZJA, together with Ballast Nedam, was awarded the contract by the municipality of Amsterdam for the construction and design of the bicycle parking Leidseplein under the Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen. By bringing all bicycles underground, a spatial, green square has been created above ground.

13 Mar 2021
Villa MW
Villa MW

13 Mar 2021
Hotel Nhow Amsterdam RAI
Hotel Nhow Amsterdam RAI, North-Holland

12 Feb 2021
New Amsterdam Museum

2 Feb 2021
Het Licht van Jan

11 Jan 2021
Amsterdam Floating Home, Schoonschip
Design: i29 architects
Floating Home Amsterdam Architecture News
photo : i29 / Ewout Huibers
Floating Home
Floating Home by i29 Architects is part of Schoonschip, a new floating village of 46 households that aims to create Europe’s most sustainable floating community. Based on an urban plan by Space&Matter, over 100 residents moved into and revitalized a disused canal and established themselves a living on the water.

14 Jan 2021
The Gustav

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Amsterdam Architecture News 2020

9 Dec 2020
EDGE Stadium Amsterdam – high-tech, future-proof workplace
Interior Design: EDGE
EDGE Stadium Amsterdam office Forum Building
image © Plomp
EDGE Stadium Amsterdam workplace design
The redevelopment of the Forum Building will add 10,000 m2 to the existing 19,000 m2 of office space. EDGE Stadium will be one of the highest performing assets in the Netherlands in terms of wellbeing, innovation and environmental standards.

1 Dec 2020
ABN AMRO Office Foppingadreef, Zuidoost

29 Oct 2020
Architecture Masterprize 2020 Winner
The Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam in the Netherlands has been awarded the Architecture Masterprize 2020, an American architecture award.

28 Oct 2020
European Medicines Agency Building

17 Dec + 28 Oct 2020
Valley Towers in Amsterdam
Valley Towers in Amsterdam
EDGE announce two tenants for new offices in the towers of Valley, designed by MVRDV. The CBD Zuidas development offers 75,000 sqm of offices, apartments, retail and cultural spaces.

16 Sep 2020
Diamond Exchange
Design: ZJA
Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam
The Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has been awarded with a prestigious MIPIM Award 2020 for ‘Best Refurbished Building’ at the Paris Real Estate Week. The historical building, designated as  a national monument, has undergone a major renovation designed by the architectural office ZJA in collaboration with Heyligers design + projects.

14 Sep 2020
BLAUW Observatory Tower in Amsterdam

25 Aug 2020
Johan Cruijff ArenA Parking Garage

17 July 2020
Rembrandt Park One Amsterdam West

2 July 2020
EDGE Amsterdam New Normal Office Design

18 June 2020
Café de Parel
Interior Design: Ninetynine
Cafe de Pare Westerstraat Amsterdam
photograph : Ewout Huibers
The Pearl Café on Westerstraat
Café de Parel was originally a typical Amsterdam ‘brown bar’ with an old-fashioned dark interior and low lighting. The traditional stained-glass windows and monumental tile tableaus create the perfect setting for the new Parel.

12 June 2020
Bonnie Bistro Bar

27 May 2020
Hotel The Craftsmen

14 May 2020
Masterplan Marktkwartier, Amsterdam, North-Holland, The Netherlands
Architects: Mecanoo
Masterplan Marktkwartier Housing Amsterdam
images : GVd Werff, Bank Amsterdam and Mecanoo
Masterplan Marktkwartier Amsterdam
The Masterplan Marktkwartier Amsterdam will be a neighbourhood for all Amsterdammers; families, singles, students and seniors will be accommodated in a varied residential programme of around 1700 units.

16 Mar 2020
Zaanstad Sports Centre
Design: UArchitects
Sports Centre Building Zaanstad Zuid Holland
photograph : Daan Dijkmeijer
Zaanstad Sports Centre
The city of Zaanstad in The Netherlands does have high ambitions in the field of sports. Playing sports should be possible for people of all ages, cultures and religions.

9 Mar 2020
The Core Office

27 Jan 2020
Restaurant Felix
Design: i29 interior architects
Restaurant Felix Amsterdam architecture news
photograph : Ewout Huibers
Restaurant Felix Interior
Restaurant Felix opened its doors on January 30th 2020. Located in the Historical Felix Meritis building in Amsterdam, it is a one-of-a-kind setting.

14 Jan 2020
Karavaan, Kwakersplein, Amsterdam West
Design: Studio Modijefsky
Karavaan Restaurant Kwakersplein Amsterdam
photograph : Maarten Willemstein
Karavaan Restaurant in Kwakersplein
The architects have translated the ‘journey of a caravan’ into a bar and restaurant concept in the brightest corner of Kwakersplein.

post updated 12 Jan 2020
European HQ for Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger
Design: MVSA Architects
European HQ for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger - Amsterdam architecture news
image © MVSA Architects/Ronald Tilleman
European HQ for Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger Building

10 Jan 2020
Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center Design
Design: Wiegerinck
Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center Building
photo © William Moore
Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center Building
Wiegerinck won a design competition in 2010, organised by what was then known as VUmc. This Dutch design contest sought a building where all activities associated with medical imaging techniques, a laboratory for scientific research and a production facility for medical isotopes and tracers would be brought together in one location.

7 Jan 2020
ING Cedar Bank HQ, Cumulus Park, Amsterdam Zuidoost
Design: Benthem Crouwel Architects and HofmanDujardin
ING Cedar Bank HQ Amsterdam
photo © Jannes Linders
ING Cedar Bank HQ in Cumulus Park
This is the new office for the Netherlands’ largest bank. The transparent and sustainable new home for 2,800 ING employees embodies the client’s new preferred way of working: agile, flexible and innovative, and inspires people to meet, connect and be creative.

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Amsterdam Architecture News 2019

3 Dec 2019
The Traveller
Interior design: Powerhouse Company
The Traveller Culinary Pavilion Amsterdam
photograph © Sebastian van Damme
The Traveller Culinary Pavilion
A bold architectural statement at the heart of new Amsterdam innovation district Cumulus Park in the up-and-coming Zuidoost area.

4 Dec 2019
Trippenhuis Arts and Sciences Complex

31 Oct 2019
General Aviation (GA) Terminal, Schiphol
Design: VMX Architects
VVIP Terminal Schiphol Airport Amsterdam
photograph : Jeroen Musch
VVIP Terminal at Schiphol Airport
This new building is where the private and business flights of Heads of States, members of the Royal Family, CEO’s, pop stars and top football players are handled.

1 Oct 2019
Hotel Casa

26 July 2019
Blauwe Theehuis Vondelpark – Blue Tea House, Vondelpark 5
Architects: Studio Modijefsky
Blauwe Theehuis, Vondelpark Amsterdam by Studio Modijefsky
photo : Maarten Willemsteinn
“Blue Tea House” – 1930s Modernist pavilion in the most well-known park in Amsterdam: the Vondelpark. Brouwerij ‘t IJ adapts a unique monument: Blauwe Theehuis, Vondelpark

28 June 2019
HofmanDujardin Office Villa, Verrijn Stuartweg 34, Diemen
Architects: HofmanDujardin
HofmanDujardin Office Villa Amsterdam architecture news
photo : Matthijs van Roon
HofmanDujardin Offices Amsterdam
So the team conducted a collaborative ‘in-house’ design project to create the HofmanDujardin Office Villa inside an old warehouse. The space is already energising the team, inspiring visitors and proving that an office can be much more than just a place to work.

8 May 2019
Freebooter Apartments

13 Feb 2019
Hyde Park Residence
Architects: Manuelle Gautrand Architecture
Hyde Park Residence Amsterdam architecture news
images © Romain Ghomari + © LMNB
Hyde Park Residence
A large residential development comprising 400 housing units located in the Hyde Park district, to a master plan developed by celebrated Dutch architecture office MVRDV.

11 Feb 2019
Nhow RAI Hotel, Europaboulevard, Amsterdam Zuidoost
Architects: OMA / Reinier de Graaf
nhow Amsterdam Rai Hotel
image courtesy OMA
Nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel Building
This major new building – to be the largest hotel in the Benelux – has reached its highest point of construction at a height of 91 meters. It has 650 hotel rooms located adjacent to the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center, and connected via an underground concourse.

29 Jan 2019
Wolford Flagship Store

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Dutch Capital Building Updates 2018

26 Sep 2018
Lebkov & Sons Café
Design: Studio Akkerhuis
Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam
photograph : Ronald Smits Photography
Lebkov & Sons Zuidas
In continuity with their existing cafés, the new location is conceived as a kitchen-living space where customers and baristas share the same table or counter designed for them to rest, enjoy a meal as well as prepare good coffee.

21 Jul 2018
REBEL A10-Kop Zuidas Building
Design: Studioninedots, Architects
REBEL A10-Kop Zuidas Amsterdam building design
image : 3D Studio Prins
REBEL A10-Kop Zuidas Amsterdam
A smart framework enables spatial flexibility for a mixed-use building; green, collective and aiming at an ambitious international audience. REBEL is not the winning entry but with great pleasure the team, comprising of Synchroon, Studioninedots, DELVA Landscape Architects, Skonk, Techniplan and Eigen Haard, proudly presents the concept and design for the tender.

16 Jun 2018
IJbaan Cable Car
Design: UNStudio, Architects
IJbaan Cable Car by UNStudio - Amsterdam architecture news
visual : Plompmozes
IJbaan Cable Car in Amsterdam
Design unveiled for Amsterdam’s future cable car, commissioned by the IJbaan Foundation (Stichting IJbaan).

10 Jun 2018
De Key, Hoogte Kadijk
Design: Studioninedots, Architects
De Key Hoogte Kadijk Amsterdam architectural news
image courtesy of Studioninedots
De Key Office Building
Today, Dutch housing association De Key announced that its head office in Amsterdam is going to be transformed based on a design by Studioninedots.

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Dutch Capital Building Updates 2017

5 Sep 2017
Valley Towers at Amsterdam CBD Zuidas
Architects: MVRDV
Valley Towers by MVRDV at Amsterdam CBD Zuidas
picture : Vero Visuals
Valley Towers at Amsterdam CBD Zuidas
A 75,000m2, green-terraced, mixed-use building located on the Amsterdam’s Central Business District Zuidas. The competition-winning design for OVG Real Estate was selected by the Municipality of Amsterdam in 2015 and will include apartments, offices, an underground parking, a sky bar and various retail and cultural facilities.

21 Jul 2017
Jonas IJburg
Design: Orange Architects
Jonas Plot 42A IJburg building design
image courtesy of architects
Jonas Kavel 42A IJburg Building
With this winning scheme, called ‘Jonas’, the city has chosen a highly innovative residential building that has achieved the highest possible level of sustainability: BREEAM Outstanding.

12 May 2017
Kleiburg: Amsterdam Apartment Building News
Design: NL architects and XVW architectuur – Mies van der Rohe 2017 Awards winners
Mies van der Rohe 2017 Award Winner - Amsterdam architecture news
photo : Marcel van der Burg
Kleiburg: Amsterdam Apartment Building by NL Architects
De Flat is a renovation of one of the largest apartment buildings in the Netherlands, a bent slab with 500 apartments, 400 metres long, and eleven floors high. A consortium rescued the building from demolition by turning it into a ‘Klusflat’ where residents renovate their apartments by themselves.

1 Dec + 29 Nov 2016
Sluishuis IJburg Building in Amsterdam
Design: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group and Barcode Architects
Sluishuis IJburg Amsterdam building by BIG
image courtesy of architects
Sluishuis IJburg Building

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