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post updated May 4, 2021

US House Design

This page contains a selection of major American house designs, with links to individual project pages. We’ve selected what we feel are the key American Houses, but building additions are always welcome.

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of American House Design. We aim to include projects that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

We cover completed US residential buildings, new property designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the USA. The focus is on contemporary US properties but information on traditional houses is also welcome.

We have 5 pages of American Residential Architecture selections with links to many individual project pages.

American Houses : main page with key residences + new residential designs

American Homes : projects from A-F

American Residences : projects from G-M

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American House Designs : projects from S-Z (this page)

New American Houses – Recent Designs

US Residential Designs, chronological:

Saperstein Residence, Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, north of Los Angeles, CA – added Jan 8, 2012
Enclosures Architects
Saperstein Residence American House Designs
photo from architects
Hollywood Beach Residence – added 9 Jan 2012
This 3,000 sqft three story residence is meticulously designed and detailed to make the very most of its privileged ocean front setting on only 2,625 square feet of beach property.

Jan 8, 2012
Stoddard Residence, near Los Angeles, Southern California
Enclosures Architects
Stoddard Residence Thousand Oaks American House Designs
photo from architects
Stoddard Residence
Designed by Quincy Jones for builder Joseph Eichler, the house was one of about 125 that were built in this tract in the early 1960’s and have only recently been recognized for the elegance and economy they effortlessly exhibit. The entry to the home is through the central courtyard which provides light and ventilation and acts as an outdoor gathering place for family and friends. In order to repair damages and to modernize the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets, we needed to add only 235 sqft to the footprint of the house.

Dec 19, 2011
The 747 Wing House, Malibu, Los Angeles, Southern California
Studio of Environmental Architecture
The 747 Wing House USA
photo : Carson Leh & Laura Doss
The 747 Wing House
This project exists on a 55-acre property in the remote hills of Malibu with unique topography and panoramic views looking out to a nearby mountain range, a valley, and the Pacific Ocean with islands in the distance.

UR22, Dallas, Texas
Design: Vincent Snyder Architects
UR22 Dallas American House Designs
photo : Chuck Smith Photography

Tucson Mountains Residence, Arizona
Design: Ibarra Rosano Design Architects
Tucson Mountains Residence American House Designs
picture from architect

New American House Designs

US Residence Designs, alphabetical:

Santa Monica house, CA
Design: XTEN Architecture
image from architects

Solar Umbrella Residence, Venice, CA
Architects: Pugh + Scarpa
Solar Umbrella Venice
photo : Marvin Rand

Step Up on Fifth, Santa Monica, CA
Architects: Pugh + Scarpa
Step Up on Fifth
photograph : John Edward Linden

Suncover Residence, Phoenix, Arizona
Architects: blank studio, Inc
Suncover Residence
image : blank studio, Inc

ViILA NM, New York
Design: UNStudio Architects
ViILA NM New York
image © Christian Richters

West Hollywood Residence, California
Design: Studio Pali Fekete architects (SPF:a)
Oberfeld Residence
photograph : John Linden

Wirtschafter Residence, Santa Monica
Design: Enclosures Architects
Santa Monica Residence
photo from architects

Zimmerman House, New Hampshire, Northeast United States of America
Design: Frank Lloyd Wright Architect
Frank Lloyd Wright Home USA
photo : Noah Fleischer

More US House Designs online soon

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American House 08, Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
New American House
image from CAA
Contemporary American House Design

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