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Turkish Building Developments

Key Architecture Designs in Turkey

post updated 9 October 2021


Building Developments in Turkey

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Turkish Building Developments.

We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and Turkish design competitions across Turkey. The focus is on contemporary buildings in Turkey.

We have 5 pages of Turkish Architecture selections.

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New Turkish Building Developments

Architecture Developments in Turkey – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Istanbul Telecommunications Tower
Design: RTA-Office / Dome Partners
Istanbul Telecommunications Tower
image from RTA-Office
Istanbul Telecommunications Tower – 17 Jan 2012
The topography of mountains in the Asian side of Istanbul ends in the mountains of Çamlica, the gravitational center of Istanbul. It is the center of population density of more than 15 million, and that revolves around this center.

Renaissance Tower, Istanbul
Renaissance Tower Building
picture from architects
Renaissance Tower – 17 Dec 2011
This new Turkish building is located on the Asian side of Istanbul at the intersection of the two major highways that connect the continents.

Major Turkish Architecture Developments, alphabetical:

Kanyon, Levent, Istanbul
Design: Jerde Partnership / Tabanlioglu Architects
Kanyon Turkish Building Developments
image from Ketchum
Kanyon Istanbul : Turkish retail architecture
An international retail destination, Istanbul is home to two historic bazaars, including Grand Bazaar, which is billed as the world’s oldest and largest covered market, and nearly 30 modern shopping malls that have been built since 1988. More than 15 additional shopping and mixeduse districts are planned for near-term development.

Kuum Hotel, Spa & Residences, Bodrum
Design: GAD Architects
Kuum Hotel Spa & Residences Bodrum
image from architects practice
Turkish Hotel Building, south west Turkey
The KUUM Hotel, Spa & Residences is an innovative concept for boutique lifestyle and resorts. The architecture for KUUM was inspired by the regional beauty, resources and historical legacy of southwestern Turkey and the Aegean Sea.

Levent Loft, Istanbul
Design: Tabanlioglu Architects
Levent LOFT Istanbul property Turkey by Tabanlioglu Architects
image from Tabanlioglu
Levent Loft Istanbul
The existing construction primarily started as an office building; the building is re-designed as a residence within the Loft concept. The existing wall separating the building from the two adjacent factories is refurbished as a green wall creating a natural atmosphere.

LOFT Gardens, Istanbul
Design: Tabanlioglu Architects
LOFT Gardens Istanbul Apartment Building
photograph © Hélène Binet
LOFT Gardens Istanbul
Following the success of first Levent Loft, a transformation project on Maslak-Levent axis, Loft Gardens is designed in the concept of “soft loft”. The 21-storey mid-rise transparent residence block comprised of loft apartments at various size and forms; nature friendly with its vertical gardens designed as private walkout terraces, balconies, garden patios.

Manisa Building, western Turkey
Design: RTA-Office / DOME Partners (Istanbul)
Manisa Building
picture from architect firm
Turkish Municipal Building
The concept design of this Municipality building, Commercial Centre and Market Place has been carried out by the atelier RTA-Office, led by Santiago Parramón with offices in Barcelona and Shanghai, in collaboration with the Turkish atelier DOME Partners (Istanbul). A multidisciplinary team which has worked in the integrated design of the project.

Museum of Troy, Çanakkale
Design: RTA-Office with DOME Partners
Museum of Troy Turkish Building Developments
image from architects
New Turkish Museum Building
The aim is that the building rises in the Turkish area of Çanakkale but aspires to be a global focus through its expression and display of the culture of a civilisation. A project that will act as a generator for social activity, research and culture. Both RTA-Office and Dome Partners agreed to design the building in such a way that it would become an event generator, that a centre for cultural expression would become an international lure.

Palladium Tower Project, Istanbul, Turkey
Design: Swanke Hayden Connell Architects
Palladium Tower Building
picture from architect
Palladium Tower Project
International architectural practice, Swanke Hayden Connell Architects has won the design competition for the Palladium Tower project, in Istanbul, Turkey. The 49,500 sq metre project, located on the Asian side of Istanbul was commissioned by Tahincioglu Gayrimenkul (Tahincioglu Real Estate). It consists of an office tower situated on a 1.7-hectare site.

Regnum Tower, Istanbul
Design: Park Associati
Regnum Tower Istanbul Building
image from architect
Regnum Tower : Design Competition
The Regnum Tower, a new landmark for the eastern side of Istanbul, has been planned according to rigorous environmentally sustainable criteria. The 145-metre high building consists of 36 floors, 9 of which are allocated for offices and the remainder for residential units.

More Turkish Building Developments projects online soon

Turkish Architecture Developments – No Images

Lakeside House, Kaz Mountain, Balikesir Province, Northwest Turkey
Boran Ekinci Architects

Levent Social Club, Istanbul
Sanal Architecture

Meydan-Umraniye retail complex, Istanbul
Design: Foreign Office Architects

More Turkish Architecture Developments projects online soon

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