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Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, Damascus, Syria
Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle
picture © AKAA / Alhadi Albaridi
Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle Syria – 3 May 2013
This building has been shortlisted for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2013.

Syrian Architecture

Key contemporary Syrian Building Project:

Childrens Discovery Centre, Damascus
Design: Henning Larsens Tegnestue with Martha Schwartz Landscape Architects

Syrian Architecture

Article about Syria by architect Gordon Murray

Damascus Architecture

Syrian Architecture
picture from architect

“I arrived in Damascus on a cool spring night in 2009 via Air France, one of the few regular carriers into the city and a reminder of that country’s historical relationship with the Islamic edges of the Mediterranean. Unaware of the topography of the city in darkness I stared in awe at the myriad dots of lights in the northern sky. Only revealed in daylight as a thousand dwellings clinging to the steep slope of Jebel Qassioun mountain range which forms the northern rim of the bowl that is Damascus.

Syrian Architecture in Damascus
picture from architect

To the south the Jebel Druze and the Golan Heights beyond. Every urban condition is here in layers of space and time. Ottoman, alongside French Colonial and mid 20th century modernism alongside French and Soviet housing systems from the 1970’s. Damascus is essential for anyone attempting an analysis of the human urban condition – the citizen’s relationship with their city. As the longest occupied city in history it exhibits the scars, few of the areas of destruction satisfactorily restored with any eye to historical accuracy. Yet that is not its purpose. Damascus is a city of history not in history.”

More Syrian Building projects online soon

29th of August 2016

Support For Syrian Restoration
Syrian Architecture - Damascus buildings
photo © Gordon Murray, architect
Responding to a call from Prof Maamoun Adbulkarim, Director-General of Antiquities and Museums, Arab Republic of Syria, Edinburgh World Heritage in Scotland has offered to provide support towards the restoration of several of Syria’s World Heritage sites, including the ancient cities of Aleppo, Damascus, and Bosra.

Support will be provided in the form of on-the-ground expertise and knowledge exchange in urban heritage conservation and restoration as soon as hostilities have ceased.

Syrian Architecture Restoration support news – article by Edinburgh World Heritage

Location: Syria, Middle East, western Asia

Buildings in countries adjacent to Syria

Lebanese Buildings
Beirut Tower Building on Syrian Architecture page
picture from architects

Jordan Architecture
Jordan Airport Building on Syrian Architecture page
picture © Foster + Partners

Israel Buildings
Jaffa Building on Syrian Architecture page
image : Archivio Fuksas

Turkish Architecture
Dogan Medya Center
photograph : Thomas Mayer, Cemal Emden

Iraq Architecture
Basrah Stadium Building
picture from architects

Syrian Building Projects welcome

Middle East Architecture

Buildings in countries close to Syria

Saudia Arabian Buildings
Breakwater Beacon
image : UAP

Egyptian Architecture
Cairo Expo City Building
image from Zaha Hadid Architects

Kuwait Buildings

Yemen Architecture

School Buildings

University Buildings

Key Building in the Middle East

Kuwait National Assembly
Date built: 1982
Architect: Jørn Utzon
Architectural competition 1972

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